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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Kau Day Special!

Everyone Moo for Kau Day!
by charlesvane

They have horns on their head
And grass is how they’re fed
They come in a bunch of colors like green, blue and red
But my favorite color for them is starry instead!

You may know a famous one, her name is Kauvara
She wears a pointy hat, not a tiara!
She’s very magical and may just tell your fortune
Just make sure you call ahead to make an appointment!

Another one you may know is Kalora
And she wears a headband, not a fedora!
Some people say she really likes to Cheat!
So be careful if you two ever should meet!

If you didn’t know by now,
The Neopet I’m referring to is the Kau!
They are a wonderful Neopet, oh yes it’s true
So sing along to their song and everyone MOOOOOO!

Baby Kau Haiku
by stmarshall

Bright eyed with soft gaze,
Sweet natural expression,
Genteel in manner.

Round nose sniffs the ground,
Eating and seeking some more,
Fresh greenery here.

Hungry everyday,
Munches on the odd clover,
A life on the field.

Baby Kau follows,
Her mother leads the way,
Teaching her to graze.

The herd together,
One for all and all for one,
Family comes first.

How Now Water Kau
by starwars_035

I never thought I'd have one, but now
I love my little water Kau.

She used to be a red Gnorbu,
But then the lab ray turned her blue.

At first I thought, I'll zap again
But while my page was reloading

I saw her eyes and gentle smile
And decided I'd keep her for a while.

What makes a Kau so great, you ask?
She's always up to any task

She'll come with me to the Snowager
You can see she's not afraid of danger.

I love her personality; 
Her color really speaks to me.

Happy surprise friend, for now
I'll just enjoy my water Kau.

A Kauvara Haiku
by tinafromsa

When grazing the land,
Kauvara knows where to head,
the field of magic

she knows where to seek
all ingredients so pure,
a shopkeeper's dream

ideas for new stock
of all magical potions
inviting all realms

dimensions and more
rainbows, woodland, clouds and fires
ghosts and faeries, too

of all the lands here
the finest of all provides
happiness and cheer

Kauvara the Shopkeeper
by emdubileu

In a tiny shop, you can find a fabulous kau,
but she may be furrowing her bright blue brow.
It's quite hard to make large galloping motions,
because her shop is packed with sparkling potions.

Selling rare items in her wonderful shop,
nobody who wishes to buy these wares can stop.
Potions of essence and sweet wildflowers,
some give you strength of the mightiest powers.

If you don't have the money, don't feel too solemn,
she's known for her kindness, so there should be no problem.
Kauvara is quite often kindness personified,
though don't get on her nerves or she'll make you transmogrified!

A Sonnet for Kaus
by jaeconde

Down in the flowing fields of flowers blue,
Surrounded by grass green as shards of jade,
There stands not just one grazing Kau, but two!
They feed on grass and eat it blade by blade.

The flowers are as sweet as they can be,
Like honey, soft and gentle is their scent,
The blue fields stretch out like a dazzling sea
The Kaus do munch and munch to heart's content. 

Now sunset has arrived on this fine day,
Casting a golden glow upon the field,
The Kaus must wander home, and down they lay
Their heads, with happy hearts and hunger healed.

Rest well, dear Kaus, tomorrow is anew; 
And Happy Kau Day now to all of you!

To be a Kau
by pinksrainbow

To be a Kau must a wonderful thing
Free to roam the vast valley
Grazing on grass and grains
Or Napping under a shady tree

Wouldn’t it be grand to be a Kau
To bath in the glow of the sun
Drink from the clear pond
And chew the cud with your herd

Although there are some disadvantages
Unable to use a fork or knife
No swinging from swings
Or going ice skating

Still I’ll all wonder
what it’s like to be a Kau

Oh Kau!
by silver_spot

Oh, Wow!
Look there! I see a Kau!
I want to Adopt her now.
Oh, please tell me how.

I'll save my neopoints,
her old owner was a disappoint.
Medicine to her wound I will anoint
Because forever we will be joint. 

To the pond I will go, 
To fetch my Kau, I know. 
My attention I will bestow,
Through the high and the low. 

I've just adopted my first Kau.
Happiness becomes me now.
All my neofriends shout, "WOW!"
As I Prance around with my Kau.

The Kau And The Moon
by jumptoit24

Now, dear reader, may I ask a simple question to you?
How should one Kau go about reaching up into the moon?

Of course, it is no easy feat to reach up to Kreludor.
Then again, some pets think that grey place is just a snore.

But not this Kau. She thought to herself, "I know just what to do!"
"I'd go up and up if I would just use a balloon!"

So yonder this Kau went to get a balloon for her chore.
Over at the Toy Shop did she think she'd truly score.

"Excuse me, miss!", the Kau cried out. "I need your biggest balloon - please don't think I'm a loon!"
"I just think a balloon for my mission would be such a grand boon."

The shopkeeper there looked down at her with a smile, "The biggest balloon, you adore?"
Then shopkeep handed a large one down and said, "Now here you go, it's yours."

"Thank you!", the kau said, and handed over a doubloon.
The shopkeep was incredulous. "This isn't even the right currency! - Ah, well. Come back soon."

So then the Kau went back and, with great effort, blew up the 'bloon on the floor.
Until finally, after an hour, any flatness was no more.

The kau tied the 'bloon's string 'round her body and left the ground, in the afternoon.
Up and up she sailed, ever closer to her treasured moon.

But then the grey clouds piled up - alas, it was a storm!
The balloon couldn't handle any more, when it started to pour.

Down the kau careened - but before her journey ended soon,
An air faerie caught her, and suddenly to gravity she was immune.

The Faerie said, "I've never seen you in the air before!"
"Who are you? I'm sorry, but I simply must implore!"

"I'm a Kau, and I'm here so I can go up to reach the moon!"
The Air Faerie was shocked. "That's ridiculous! Don't be such a buffoon!"

The Kau started weeping and said, "Do you mean my dream's done for?"
The Faerie sighed, ashamed, and said, "No, there's just much more in store."

She elaborated. "You'll have to do lots of training so that you can become attuned
To flying in a space shuttle, that'll take you there and true."

So the air faerie put the Kau down back onto a sandy shore.
And to this day, the Kau trains, and gazes up at Kreludor.

Kaussants: A Cute and Tasty Delicacy
by _brainchild_

O'er fields of Neovia
I wander 'round, intrigued.
I have no silly phobias—
There are no ghouls so mean.

Into the Pastry Shop I rush
In search of scrumptious treats.
There's bread coated with sugar dust,
Creating food so sweet.

Which grand item shall I eat?
I love this cute Kaussant.
It's shaped just like a pet so neat—
Exactly what I want!

The swell Shopkeeper grins at me.
"Hey, may I interest you
In a great variety
Of bread with chocolate goo?"

This Chocolate Kaussant is so grand!
The flavor dances o'er my tongue.
It's the sweetest in the land!
I'm super sure my heart has sung.

These Kau foods are awesome bread;
They're also very cute.
I'd eat nothing else instead—
I love this flavored food.

Kau Song
by aksydent

Have you ever heard such a beautiful sound?
That voice is the best in the entire town!
Where is it coming from? Look all around-
There! That's it! It's the Kau that's brown!

How now, Brown Kau? Do you sing any other tune?
You are the best at that one note, that's true,
And you love to sing for the big blue moon,
But the only noise you make is "MOOOOOOOOOOOO"

I'll watch you move from place to place,
For the best pasture in which to play,
You're so cute from your tail to your face,
I much prefer you over Macy Gray...

Do you know Kalora? She's an amazing Cheat!
What about Kauvara, and her magical brews?
The Kau Defender is also really neat,
One of the few female members of the Defenders Crew.

In the Altador Cup, running the Lost Desert team,
Kau captain Leera Heggle leads the way;
He is proof that Kaus are more than what they seem,
And they're friendly, as long as you keep the Buzzes away!

The Halloween Kau
by skro

Sturdy hooves for stomping ground,
sharpened horns for looking tough
no one acts up when the Kau's around
or things just might get rough!

Strong legs to hold a hefty frame
a tail just like a whip
no one can say this pet is tame
no "sit" or "stay" or "flip!"

A blood red tuft of hair on top
and matching eyes to boot,
whether chef or clerk or coach or cop
the differences are moot

everyone knows to stay away
when the Halloween Kau 
comes out to play
Happy Kau Day!

The Mystic Kau's Fortune
by catchinglights

Come closer, my child, don't be afraid,
Of the secrets revealed to my gaze.
The whims of fate cannot be swayed,
Please sit so I may look beyond the haze.

I have traveled far and wide,
From deep desert to cursed town.
Many's futures I did confide,
Your secrets are in the safest hooves around.

Ah yes within the crystal ball I can see,
Through the fog and dark shadows,
To me they are no mystery,
And your fortune I shall now disclose.

The whims of fate have told me now,
Good times shall soon come your way,
Because to you I can surely vow,
That you will have a fabulous Kau Day!

No Kau Left Behind
by i_choose_you_pikachu

Proud colors glisten off the prism hit!
off that very Kau that screamed and was kicking with.

Oh, cryptic bliss..

The Kau that nobody understood - but listened with.

A proud bearer, out there a, potion swishing Kauvara imprisoned with
his kind that pay no mind to his bitterness
they just hit 'em with
"such a nice day.. isn't it?"

Such a wasted vision mixed with his wisdom is
what makes him the one he is, weather or not 
he's the Kau they've gone fishing with.

The day has come, to be one with the who he is and who they thought he isn't, is.

He told them of his acquittal, all the kids' kau's dads and their misses' kids.

Spilled his heart into big jars with little lids.

Expelled all the the dirty spells and cleaned out his dirty shelves that he was riddled with..
Until he realized, this was the beautiful way of the Kau that he has risen with.

Kau Fortune Teller
by doomreturns

The Kau Fortune Teller reads her spells
And whispers incantations
Coloured shells and Kau bells
She beckons for donations

You spare one of your coins, or two
And watch her wave her hooves
She says “I see…I see… the colour blue”
And suddenly something moves

You feel a tingle down your spine
As the gypsy’s eyes close shut
She says “I see…I see…a golden shine”
Impatiently you ask “What??”

Suddenly, a flash of light
And the gypsy kau’s evaporated
You feel that something’s not quite right 
But still you’re fairly fascinated

Just as you’re about to leave
You reach into your blue coat pocket
And to your very disbelief
You find you’re missing a gold locket

O-Re, the Kau Oracle
by miraday

Endless walking, a break then resume.
A hum like a lyric sings in the dunes
As you traverse the desert in pursuit
Of the renowned oracle, O-Re the Kau.

The sky darkens. The sun will set soon.
Then, before you like a mirage, a certain
Blue tent appears in the light of the moon. 
A voice beckons through the curtain,

“Enter, child of the Dreamer stars,
For it is me that you seek for advice.
Yes, your arrival was in the cards.
I felt you coming before sunrise.”

You sigh with relief. It is evident now:
The distinct humming in the sands
Emanates from inside the tent. You bow
As you enter and she clasps your hands.

“You are worried. I sense your heart
Pulse without pause. Do not fear,
My child, because as fate imparts,
The answer comes as my mind clears.”

The oracle shuffles her cards, then
With a blink of her eyes, the inside
Of the tent where you had been 
Vanishes, and her voice amplifies:

“Stars, bells and insight align
To allow me to help this kind soul.”
As she speaks, a crystal ball rises
From the light mist that unrolls.

“I see it all now. A nomad roams.
He comes across a scared lost girl.
It's your sister. She will return home.
This, my mind foresees unfurl.

She got lost while looking for her Seti.
You will be reunited in one day's time.
The nomad will lead her to safety.
She will return from the village nearby.”

The room swirls to the tent again.
The oracle extends her navy shawl
To wipe your misty eyes like a friend.
You muster a thanks as your tears fall.

You extend a trembling handful of money.
“No, my child. Thank you for coming.
I am happy to help your family.
Now go, be with her in the morning.”

The crystal ball, swirling in its place,
Reflects inside a gleaming image
Of you and your sister embracing.
You hug and thank O-Re for her vision.

You return home guided by moonlight,
The hum in the dunes reaching an uproar.
You rest assured the Oracle's foresight
Predicts a future of safety once more.

Kau Day: Maraquan Shieldmaiden
by kaddisti

The sound under the ocean is a much calmer beast.
The feelings that surround our state are but silent assassins.

Shieldmaidens. Proud and True.
Maraquas finest in times of peril and defenders from pirate hate.

What shields do they fate
what strength they might break

For Maraqua, shieldmaidens.
We salute you.

Kau Celebration
by rock_urworld

A day for celebrating Kau is what we need, 
They surely are a special breed.
With horns on their head, 
And eyes that often shine red.
Tails that flick, 
And hooves that click. 

They are fierce and strong,
And with sweet eyes, can do no wrong. 
You cannot stop a Kau once in motion, 
They are often associated with the making of potions. 

You may never get the chance to meet such a wonderful breed, one that roams on grass,
But if you do, find milk- and pour them a big glass!

Have a Kau, man.
by dr_tomoe

Kau day is upon us
There's no time to have a rest
that does many things in Neopia
Some you might not have guessed

Kaus are responsible for
bringing all the milk to our tables
from their home within
the Kau Kau Farm stables

But Kaus also create
all our magic items daily
Kauvara is responsible
for every potion you see

A kau is also responsible
in the Lost Desert set
for making sure that
they guard the Yooyoball Net

So have a Kau, man
they'll serve well in a crisis
On this Kau Day
we celebrate this species.

The Eventide Kau Herd
by guddi6

In herds of ten or twelve they move
In coats both sharp and cool
They trot among the open meadows
Where evening shadows pool.
They hide during the daytime hours
And sleep away the day
And emerge in evening's glow
To meet the departing rays.

Their horns are like a night sky
Their eyes an ocean's blue,
A coat that shines like a galaxy
And hooves of sunset hue.
A dusky tail swishes with
A little drop of sun
With bells ringing 'round their necks
They watch as day is done.

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