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Neopets Poems

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Disco Aisha Day By luckyladybug01

As the morning sun shone in my eyes,
I remembered it was Saturday.
Time to finally claim the prize!
So to the mall I made my way.

My kiddies came out with me too,
In the stroller so I could be fast
In reaching our local Limited Too
And get that Disco Aisha at last!

It's for my daughter, I told the lady
As I got my money from my purse.
She looked at me like I was crazy,
Or a Neo-addict, even worse!

It was plain to see I don't get clothes there
For me or my 5-year-old son;
They gave me the doll and tried not to stare,
For my daughter, you see, is only 1!

I got it home all safe and sound,
In love with my plushie so pink.
If I asked real nice in an e-mail sent round,
Would they make those matching hats,
Do you think?

A New World By ticketytock2kay

A new world is coming soon to Neopia!
A wonderful new place to take your Chia,
Will it be like Tyrannia, ancient and old?
Covered with rock, moss and some mold?
Or, like the Lost Desert, which is now found,
With countless wonders, made to astound?
Could it be an island, like Mystery and Krawk?
With a training school, to teach pets to talk?
Or better yet, like Faerieland, high in the clouds!
That's sure to attract many Neopians in crowds!
Will it be like Terror Mountain, covered in snow?
Yet another place with snowballs to throw?
Maybe it'll be dark,
Like the Virtupets Space Station
With a villian who wants to control the nation!
I hope it's not like the Haunted Woods,
Full with weird and spooky, gross foods!
Could it be Medieval,
With knights in shining armour?
Upon defeating the bad guys, you'd be a Martyr..
Underground would be fun,
Though it could cause a fright,
With twisting, dark tunnels
And flickering, dim lights.
It could be futuristic, with modern new machines!
And possibly Robots, to keep your Neohome clean!
Volcanic would be frightening,
With hot lava everywhere!
Both the big and little pets
Would be given quite a scare!
A Jelly World with sweet things to eat,
Going there would be indeed a treat!
Which shall it be? I haven't a clue!
Though I do know one thing, so do you:
The new world is sure to be great!
Let's just sit back and await our fate...

When i was poor... By mimme22

Not a neopoint in sight
At the end of the tunnel
There just wasn't a light

I just couldn't seem
To get anywhere
The fruit machine said
He had nothing to spare

I tried the money tree
But I was too slow
Everytime I tried to grab something
I'd have nothing to show

The shrine showed no mercy
The quests were too hard
Every time I got something
That hand made it chared

So on and on
My poverty went
My pets had no food
For my neopoints were spent

But then one fine day
A neofriend told me
That I shouldn't give up
She had something to tell me

And that's when she told me
About this fine game
It was fun and fast full of action
And this was its name

Meerca chase was its name
It got me quite rich
I got plenty of neopoints
Without a single hitch

So if you are down
With no neopoints to spend
I have some advice
That I mean to lend

Play Meerca Chase
and you will soon see
Rich with neopoints
You will soon be!

May the Faeries be Free By princessgwen27

When you see a Faerie in the sky,
Please just let her pass you by.
Or release her from her jar,
For she's been captured by Balthazar.
He is a Lupe that is greedy,
And is not the least bit needy.
He captures Faeries one by one,
The most beautiful creatures under the sun.
Then he sells them for you to use,
They are Faeries, how can you refuse?
Once in your shop, the Faerie is sold,
But she doesn't complain, she's not very bold.
Or maybe she is then put up for trade,
So you can get more than what you paid.
Yes Faeries often get passed around,
Not very sure if they're safe and sound.
And in their jars they're locked up tight,
Becoming too weak to put up a fight.
Faeries are used to flying up high,
Not sitting in jars where they only can sigh.
They wish a kind soul would let them out,
Their pets will blessed in return, no doubt.
Next time you see a Faerie, let her be free,
And you'll get a reward, just wait and see.
She will come and bless your pet,
So when Battledome comes, your pet will be set.
People treat Faeries as if they are things,
Not the very most magical beings.
Let Faeries be free, if you care,
Let them soar happily through the air.
Do unto others as you would them
Have then do unto you,
Remember this, and you'll always be true.

Around Neopia By doomwolf98

Follow the sun where scorching sands lie,
To the Lost Desert with air hot and dry.
Visit the palace, or visit the shrine,
Study with Sutek, on desert fruit dine.
Osiri's Pottery is known far and wide,
And the Battle Shop is spoken of with pride.
Where Selkets scamper, and Anubis's race,
You aren't likely to find a much nicer place.

Follow the shadows where dead trees stand tall,
If some day you should hear
The Haunted Wood's call.
There's quests to be done for Edna the Witch,
Though the Esophagor may not make you rich,
The Brain Tree's gifts may help you in battle,
Though the Haunted House
May make your bones rattle.
Stories are told in the mouth of Scary Cave,
This is a land best suited to the brave.

Follow the snow where mountains rear high,
In Terror Mountain where the northern winds lie.
From the tame lower levels of slushies and gifts,
Into the Ice Caves where a great chasm splits.
Bring your Neggs to trade
For Neggs of great power,
Or see the Snowager,
They say he sleeps through some hours.
Up to the Garage Sale, with deals to be found,
Grundos with snowballs and bruces abound.
The Snow Faerie bids you to go brave the cold,
She'll reward you with gifts
If you do as you're told.
For those who wear parkas
Against the harsh chill,
This wintery land can be quite a thrill.

Follow the tracks through prehistoric mud,
To the land of Tyrannia
Where Grarrls thirst for blood.
Tyrannian Furniture, Mediocrity Wheel,
Or the Giant Omelette for those wanting a meal.
Chombys and Fungus Balls who don't get along,
Or the grand Arena for those who stand strong.
A game of Pterattack, or trip to Concert Hall,
Home for those who feel the ancient time's call.

Follow the breeze to where warm beaches lie,
Mystery Island where colored birds fly.
Natives escort you on tours of the land,
Goods at the trading post pass hand to hand.
Visit the Training School to improve your defence,
Battles in the arena are often quite tense.
The Island Mystic will read you your fate,
A Kougra writes Haikus you can contemplate.
Try your luck with the Tombola man,
At sun soaked escape, you can work on your tan.

Follow the tides where lone seabirds call,
Over to Krawk Island for a game of Deckball.
Daring pirates abound in Smuggler's Cove,
In the Golden Dubloon they come in droves.
Old Cap'n Threelegs will teach you to fight,
Or you can stay up playing Armada all night.
The rare Krawks can be found here, it's told,
In a land for the savage, the brave and the bold.

Follow the sky where warm winds still blow,
Up to Faerieland where the Faeries all glow.
Spin the Wheel of Excitement if you will,
Great blessings it brings,
Though it can make your pet ill.
The wealthy can visit Fyora's Hidden Tower,
And Jhudora's Quests may bring you great power,
The Library Faerie needs help on the crossword,
Gamblers off to the Poogle Races are lured.
Find a new job at the Employment Agency's post,
Those that visit claim to love this land the most.

Follow beyond to the cold starlight glow,
The VirtuPets Station where few people go.
From the loud speaker announcements will boom,
And great evil fuzzle swarms can seal your doom,
But sweet Grundos here look for new homes,
There's space weapons and armor
For the Battledome.
Have some dehydrated food at Grundo's Cafe,
Codebreakers is a great logic game to play.
Dr. Sloth's evil Commander, Garoo
Is still said to wander these halls too.
But if you find peace in the vaccume of space,
Away from the crowds, then this is the place.

Follow your heart wherever you walk,
Though Neopia's wonders can be quite a shock,
A lifetime of memories will be yours to keep,
Wether you go up to Faerieland,
Or Maraqua down deep.
Good hearts you'll find among each different land,
High snowy peaks or rolling dunes of sand.
You'll never be lost wherever you may roam,
For a wanderer, all of the world is just home.

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