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Blumaroo Day Special

Blumaroo Battle Staff
by indulgences

It hums with ancient, mystic force.
It glows with aqua light.
This weapon meant for Blumaroos
Is used in brawls and fights.

It’s topped with ears of pink and blue.
Its tassels, white as snow.
When held tight in a warrior’s fist,
This item vibrates, glows.

Beware the Blumaroo who’s armed
With this quite mighty staff.
The power in this weapon will
Work on his fierce behalf.

Please treasure this most sacred thing
That makes its owner strong!
This weapon is quite mighty, and
Will bless you with its song!

Blumaroo Fair
by rebeccagirl

Got to jump here, got to leap there.
Hopping through the great Roo fair.
Bouncing up and in the air.
Win a giant teddy bear. 

Play a game of Blumaroll.
Having fun is the goal.
Have a break and take a stroll.
The fair truly takes its toll.

What a feeling to be free.
Frolicking around with such glee.
So much fun for all to see.
I just love being me.

Celebrating Blumaroo Day
by sparkleeze

It's time to celebrate, it's Blumaroo day,
where all the Blumaroo's come out to play.
They all gather here and there,
they all come from everywhere.

Bouncing along with their tail,
they're hardly slow like a snail.
They love to bounce high in the tree's,
they can even bounce across the sea's.

They spring out like the Spring flowers,
they can loom overhead like big towers.
How high can they even go?
How can anyone even know?

The Blumaroo is a unique Neopet,
they like to gift out flowers that they collect.
Oh, how sweet a Blumaroo can be,
they smell of honey like a little bee.

But don't get on their bad side or you will see,
how ferocious they can really be.
To them, their friendship is important,
and gifting their friends a lovely present. 

So celebrate with us this special day,
by shouting loudly, “Hip, hip, hooray!”
We love you Blumaroo's and your cheer,
we can't wait for next year.

The Legend of Count Von Roo
by xvermillion_justicex

Kois and Grarrls, it is nighty-night time,
But first gather around for a nursery rhyme. 
It's about an evil blumaroo,
Who's urban legend is way too true.
Come on, little Neopets, and don't be scared,
This tale may make you lose your hair.

This fellow lurks in the shadow realm
With piercing eyes that overwhelm.
A long, black cape to shield him from the light,
That is also fashionable, with a side of fright.
He has long, sharp teeth that are quicker than a knife.
If you ever see him, you better run for your life!

But if he doesn't make you dinner
And you are feeling like quite the winner
Challenge his to a game of might,
A game that only happens at night.
His pride and joy are a pair of dice!
And if you win, the prize would be twice as nice.

This game is nothing like Dice-a-Roo.
Maybe it will cost you a level or two.
Go on, you know you wanna roll those dice.
Just make sure that you can pay the price.
For if you lose to ole Count Von Roo,
He may make you into a yummy stew.

Oh please, young ones, settle down.
Why do you all have such big frowns?
Is it the tapping on the window?
Or maybe it's the way the wind blows?
Either way, it's bedtime for you.
Hopefully you won't dream of Count Von Roo.

Count Von Roo
by lnrae_

In spite of his name,
the Count is not
your typical Blumaroo
He can happily bounce
just like the rest,
but has much better things to do. 

Count von Roo
has no friends
And no minions
but possesses 
deadly dice
Are you feeling lucky
at this hour?
Are you willing to pay the price?

I tremble as I enter 
his dark, chilly lair
The Count grins evilly,
he knows why I'm there. 

He hands me a creepy dice
which I roll with closed eyes and fear,
When I hear the Count cackle, 
the outcome is clear. 
I drop a whole level
I try my best not to cry
but it is Blumaroo Day;
Count von Roo can 
win this time.

A Blumaroo's a Faithful Friend
by neon161

A blumaroo's a faithful friend,
who always loves to sway and bend
in rhythm to the gentle beat,
you'll find them dancing down the street.

They frolic in the seaside sun
and chase the waves 'till daylight's done.
They bounce and flounce from here to there,
they seem to live without a care!

But blumaroos all hide away
when darkness takes the place of day, 
for in the shadows lurks a foe,
akin in shape, but bringing woe.

A Count who counts on hapless fools
to stray outside, to break the rules!
They seek to roll the dice of fate
in hopes of winning riches great.

The wealth will tempt, we won't deny.
The dice, though deadly, do supply
treasures beyond your wildest dreams,
but nothing's simple as it seems.

The blumaroos avoid his tomb,
they know the risks, they fear the doom
that waits for those who roll and lose.
The Count will always claim his dues.

But in the end the gloom will fade,
the day will break, the dawn parades
a joyous march of light across
this island paradise, night-tossed.

And the blumaroos awake to find
their island safe, the threat resigned
to dimly sleep the day away.
The sun is high, come out to play!

So if you'd like to make a friend,
I recommend you visit them
on their island, bright and free,
you'll find them rolling dice with glee.

But tarry not, when daylight ends,
and ware the night when moon ascends.
For blumaroos are good and true, 
except for one-- I'm warning you.

The Blumaroo Who Bakes Great Pizza
by _brainchild_

At Pizzaroo, you'll find a treat
That's hot and tasty, fresh to eat.
Who makes this food? A Blumaroo
Bakes pizza, pleasing me and you.

His pizza is "uniquely flavored,"
As he says, since all will savor
Pizzas that exude great taste.
I rush and grab my slice in haste!

Vegetarian? Okay—
Cheese and veggies, straight your way!
Vegan, friend? Don't be afraid—
Fruit pizza's here, and freshly made!

Regardless of the food you seek,
The Blumaroo serves awesome treats.
I thank him for the tasty food
That puts me in a better mood.

Blumaroo Day
by fullonparanoid

If you ever see a Blumaroo
Make sure you see him before he sees you

If he should happen to spot you first
He'll bounce to you in a playful burst

It does not matter where you're going
You'll be joining him boing boing boinging

You'll be bounced to and fro
You'll have no voice in where you go

He'll make you play his bouncy games
To tire you out is one of his aims

When you find you're sucking wind
It is just then he begins again

On and on the play continues
Bouncing you through his favorite venues

Just when you think you will collapse
The bounces are slowing...perhaps?

He'll finally release you and announce with glee
"Thank you so much for bouncing with me!"

Even as you wheeze you won't help but smile
It'll be the most fun you've had in a while

It's Blumaroo Day and all across the land
Neopians will be bouncing hand in hand!

Happy Blumaroo Day
by rrhymenoceros

Blumaroos, so happy and lovely.
Blumaroos, so bouncy and proud.
Everyone should have one,
They're just a joy to have around!

With their bouncy tails
and floppy ears,
Their smiles shine bright
through all the years!

They're more special than you think.
There are famous Blumaroos, like King Roo!
Count Von Roo, AAA, Bonju,
there are many others too!

With all of their pep
in everything they say,
they would just like to wish you
a happy Blumaroo Day!

Blumaroo celebrations
by _interrupted_

Today is that day we have all been waiting for. 
To celebrate the Neopet that we all adore. 
They have a springy tail, which they just to jump. 
In-between bounces they land with a thump. 
Blumaroos love to sing and hum a merry tune, 
All the day through, until they see the moon. 
Gathered in a huddle, they start to chatter and rhyme, 
Blumaroos are great at singing, it is their favorite pass time. 
This species of Neopet is very easy going, 
They like to play and make friends. 
Running, Jumping and dancing in the meadows, 
Until the day ends. 
So today we wish a happy birthday to the Blumaroos, 
We will celebrate with excitement and glee. 
Partying in the glorious sun, 
Making the day the best it can be.

Ode to King Roo
by a_ramsell

In honor of this wonderful day,
There is something I simply must say.
There's no other 'roo I'd rather run into
Than the benevolent, friendly ruler, King Roo.

No other Blumaroo exists that's cooler
Than this fun-loving Roo Island ruler.
He is one other leasers should look to
Because of his admirable virtue.

It's no secret King Roo's main claim to fame
Is his enjoyment of all games,
But (and everyone knows this is true)
His favorite game is Dice-a-Roo.

This simple game's creation
Was the bored King's salvation.
For hours all he would aim to do
Was roll that red die 'til it turned blue.

King Roo then thought to experiment
With the idea of a tournament
Because what else could he do
But share his love for Dice-a-Roo?

I tip my hat to this great King
And his praises I will sing
Who, since it's mysterious debut,
Has shared the joy of Dice-a-Roo!

by dr_tomoe

Over the mountains
in mystical Shenkuu
there is a Blumaroo
by the name of Bonju

He considers himself
to be the best
A master chest
a culinary artist.

But perhaps his reputation
is a bit bloated
for cooking things in his pot
often causes an explosion.

Not to mention the
rest of the crew
thinks his food is a joke
and makes them go 'ew'

But most notably from him
is his notorious anger
as he tossed over the navigator
putting them all in danger.

So Bonju the Blumaroo
in truth has anger issues,
isn't the best cook about
since his food is hard to chew

He'd have to start somewhere
that's what we're all told
but if his misbehaves again
just lock him in the hold.

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