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Discovery of Meridell Day Special

Meridell Entrance Background
by indulgences

So dark and dank, this background is
A type of dungeon lair.
A  pair of melted candles grace
A room that's drab and drear.

The walls are dripping with foul slime.
The stones are fractured rocks.
The banners are quite stained and ripped.
The sight will make you balk.

A wooden door is reinforced
With bolts of rusted steel.
This door cannot be jimmied loose.
This door is locked and sealed.

And finally, your errant pet,
When wearing this dark thing,
Will change in mood, will be morose,
Will cease to play or sing.

Be wary of this background, for
Your pet is bound to change.
Your pet will feel unfortunate.
Your pet will feel quite strange.

The Knight's Song (Jeran and Tor)
by dewdropzz

She asks him what he does it for
Looks up in wonder, eyes alight
How can he stand the trials of war?
Oh, why did he become a knight?

He looks on her with loving eyes
Takes his sister on his knee
His face, though solemn, shines with pride
"Lisha, let me tell you what it means to be..."


She casts her friend a sidelong glance
He knows that earnest gleam in her eye
She says, "I know what I fight for,
But Tormund, what's your reason why?"

The question catches him off guard
But, to the friend that he adores, 
He answers: "You know why, Roberta.
My reason is the same as yours."


"I want to do what's right," they say
Two Lupes, two heroes miles away
"I want to do what's good," they claim, 
"To do what any person should."

A knight fights for Right:
For all that's just and honest, fair and kind
A knight fights for People:
For all the weak and lost and left behind

A knight fights for Peace:
For the safety of our fairest land
A knight fights for Valour:
Something many do not understand...

Is that in real life, 
A 'knight in shining armour'
Is not what it's made out to be
We're not perfect Neopian beings; we get frightened too

But as knights we must push on
And cast our fears aside
For the kingdom's sake, we must be strong
So off toward battle we ride

For those who can't protect themselves
As they say,'for king and country'
For freedom, love, and liberty
For Meridell's prosperity."


A knight fights for Right

"I want to do what's right," they say
Two Lupes, two heroes miles away

An Ode to Meridell
by x_ohman

It is called Meridell
because its residents are 'Meri',
from the lazy Turmaculus
to Illusen, the kind faerie.
In addition to this,
the land brings much 'dell'-ight
there is so much to do
from sunrise until night.
You can visit Meri Acres Farm
or count potatoes, if you wish
If you're brave, visit "Turmy"
and give a couple Mortogs a kiss!

Today is regarded in Meridell
as the happiest each year,
that even the Grumpy Old King
has a reason to grin and cheer.
On an ordinary day,
Meridell is filled with peace
and the the only shouts heard
are from those rolling cheese
Today is very special though
everyone's happy as can be
and how could they not?
It's Meridell's anniversary!

A Meridell History Rap (Dedication to Knight Jeran)
by xvermillion_justicex

Nowww here's a little story I like to tell
About a quaint little kingdom called Meridell.
It started back in Neopia's history
With Knight Jeran, Lord Kass, and we, The Three!

We found a forceful Eyrie with a serious power thirst,
And lured him in with invasions completely well rehearsed.
Crushing all the land, combat hand-to-hand.
Meridell knew Lord Kass was in demand.

Some bored, spectral beings we'd be.
Control of the Neopian world so bleak.
The sun in Neopia Central slowly going down,
But just by chance, guess what we had found?
A bored little Neopet with courage strong and round!

We were looking for a Skarrl, instead we got a Lupe.
He said his name was Jeran.
We said "Hey there".
He kept starin'. 

He told a little story about his dreams well versed.
Four days packed with boredom and he's stifling from thirst.
The stew was in our hands, his hunger just gets worse.
And at this very moment we just knew we had a plan!

He asked if he'd get some, we said he would get none
Unless he wanted to join us in a game we thought was fun.
We grabbed him by the tail, and he began to wail.
And this is where our story begins to become a crazy tale.

"Now look here, Jeran. We traveled here through time. 
We sent you here to Meridell and now's your time to shine.
Lord Kass may be in power, but it's time for you to be louder.
Chase your dreams, plan up schemes, but make sure his army's powder."

How The Discovery of Meridell Happened
by sparkleeze

The discovery of Meridell was a bright day,
one might say it was fate.
It started with a Kougra that wanted to play,
but couldn't find a mate.
The Kougra searched far and wide,
for someone to play with.
But everyone seemed to just hide,
and the Kougra felt like a myth.

Then along came a mysterious leaf,
that tickled his nose.
He felt the urge to follow this leaf,
who knows where it goes?
Across the field,
and past Brightvale castle.
There was a strange shield,
he tried to get it, but it was a hassle.

The shield had a mystical power,
but it would not move.
It glowed like a beautiful flower,
and made a path so smooth.
The Kougra followed the path to the end,
and saw a village that seemed so mellow.
He continued on and soon saw a trend,
of colors: red, blue, and yellow.

What next he saw was a sight,
a big castle towered.
Then he met a fearless night,
who seemed to be empowered.
He took him to see the grumpy old king,
That said, “This is the kingdom for which I dwell.”
The Kougra asked, “For what is this place in which I see everything?”
The king then said, “This wonderful place is called Meridell.”

by she_chose_love

Today we celebrate the Discovery of Meridell,
a kingdom so fair.
Full of Knights and kings,
this quaint medieval village is almost to much to bare.

Meridell is full of many fun things to do,
you can do archery or complete a quest.
You can attempt to wake The Turmaculus,
or head to the farm to pick berries that taste the best.

If you go inside the castle,
you can play many fun games.
You can buy potions from Kayla,
many with unpronounceable names.

If you head over to the farm,
you can spend your time counting potatoes.
You can go to the rubbish dump,
and find treasure in a pile of tomatoes.

Meridell is ruled by King Skarl I,
a Skeith who is always wanting food.
You can tell him a joke,
to try and brighten his mood.

Meridell is wonderful,
it is a land full of so much history.
Why we don't celebrate it more than once a year,
is very much a mystery.

by _brainchild_

In Meridell, I "Picked My Own."
I was expecting loot,
Yet objects found just made me groan—
I wasn't there for boots!

The shaggy footwear and the dung
Just made me want to heave.
The rancid smell displeased my lungs,
So it was time to leave!

The tasty fruits eluded me,
If they even exist.
No Aquaberries—just half-eaten
Garbage met my fists!

The wool is useless, and the wire
Was sharp! It cut my hand.
Don't "Pick Your Own," since junk is dire.
It's smelly and quite bland.

Happy Discovery of Meridell!
by 9boogirl9

Meridell, Meridell.
The land where legends grow;
It's where all of the best Neopian knights
Really love to go.

While you're there, why not go see the Faerie?
I'm talking about Illusen, and she isn't scary!
See if your Petpet can wake the great monster,
But be sure to run before he eats them, that chomper!

Go bet on some Turdles, for you may win a lot!
Or you may possibly lose some and get caught.
Next, go to Cheese Roller, and roll some cheese,
You may be able to win some NP with ease!

After that, if you dare, play Kiss The Mortog,
But beware...
One's right, one's wrong -
And if you win, don't sing a song.

For the Petpets will come chasing after you, 
From Ye Olde Petpet Shop.
But if you want to visit, 
Just know there won't be a Meowclops.

So many things to do in this land,
I cannot list them all.
But whatever you do,
Make sure you make a call.
To me, for I would love to hear about your day,
And once you call, I'll shout hooray!

For today was the Discovery of Meridell,
And though it's almost over,
Here's some luck - 
Here's a four-leaf clover.

Happy Discovery of Meridell!

A Trip to Meri Acres Farm
by panda_girl555

Today we commemorate Meridell’s discovery
A land of kings and knights and faeries
But why not celebrate with the common folk?
Hang out with the farmers and pick some berries

Stroll on over to Meri Acres Farms
And celebrate this historic day
Grab a basket and put on a hat
It’ll only cost you 400 NP to play

There are berries of all different sizes and shapes
Hunt through the bushes and take your pick
Be sure to roam around the entire farm
Just be careful you don’t get pricked

Maybe you’ll pick a pusberry 
With a greenish glowing hue
Or maybe a juicy bomberry 
With stripes of violet and blue

You may be lucky enough to find a delicate aquaberry
As delicious as it is rare
Don’t be alarmed if you feel something is watching you
The eyeballberry has a tendency to stare

Pick the best berries in the Meridell fields
And be sure to discard the rest
Throw away that dung, pieces of wool and old boots
So you’ll end up with only the best

From cheeserolling and turdle racing 
And trying to make the grumpy king laugh with your charm
There’s fun aplenty to be had in Meridell
But nothing beats a day at the farm!

To Meridell
by dr_tomoe

Today marks the discovery
of the olde-style kingdom
full of knights and swords
and also a Turdle run!

The land that Illusen calls home
Where downhill, cheese can roll
where there's a big dump for rubbish
and a very small hole for a Symol

A peaceful land where the air
is clear and Buzzars fly
aside from some flaming arrows
that were missed in Ultimate Bullseye

There's a thriving farm
and a bustling petpet business
that always gets new customers
thanks to the Turmaculus.

Where the only thing that
the serfs have to dread
aside from their king's anger
is the Darigan Citadel floating ahead.

But come visit and
rest for a spell
if you get sick
then Kayla can make you well

for Meridell has much to offer
like a land from a dream
(Though, perhaps never
a winning Altador Cup Team)

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