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Neopets Poems

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Kau Day Special

Kalora the Cunning Kau
by _brainchild_

Kalora is a stylish Kau
Who bears a rosy hue.
Her hat and dotted shirt scream, "Wow!"
She's prettier than you.

However, awesome vanity
Is not her only strength.
You, my friend, will surely see
When watching Cheat! at length.

She doesn't have a legal play,
So therefore, she must lie.
Her poker face is great, I'll say!
Opposing trust it buys.

Next, it's time for Chuffer Bob
To make a most amusing play.
"You're cheating! What a silly slob!"
Dishonesty is kept at bay.

A few turns pass. Later, it seems
That our pink Kau has won.
A joyful, grand Kalora beams—
The game is surely done.

Kalora the Kau shall always
Rule the games of Cheat!.
She'll play on for many days
And score wins oh so sweet.

Matador Kau Outfit
by indulgences

It's quite unique to see a Kau
Become a matador.
A bull that is the bullfighter?
It's something I adore!

The Top is woven from the best
Of sparkling scarlet threads.
Some threads of gold make patterns bright.
The gold mix with the red.

The Pants are also scarlet hued.
They're brilliant and cropped short.
They're dapper, trim, and elegant,
As does befit this sport.

The Hat is made of fabric black.
It's stiff and stands up straight.
It looks so grand, and suited for
A matador so great.

And finally, the Shoes complete
This lovely fighter guise.
They're topped with socks of whitest silk
And fastened with silk ties.

This outfit's so ironic, and
It truly makes me smile!
Thank TNT for making this...
They went the extra mile!

The Kau as gallant matador
Is gorgeous in my book!
I love its paradoxic looks
With love that can't be shook!

Kau Day
by she_chose_love

They have traveled far and wide,
From Terror Mountain to Kiko Lake,
In search of a place to settle down,
and a home to make.

They are very social,
and love to spend time with their own.
They love making others happy,
the kindest Neopet that is known.

They love being around friends,
and spending time in their herd.
They also love to sing,
even when they don't know the words.

They are gentle,
but know how to fight.
Though they are tiny,
a hit by their horns may cause quite a fright.

Today we celebrate,
Kaus everywhere.
With new paint brush colors,
to make Kaus look rare.

Kau themed items,
are released today.
New wearables and plushies,
maybe even an avatar, yay!

Happy Kau Day Neopia,
I hope your day is filled with fun.
I hope you enjoy Kau themed everything,
while you celebrate in the sun!

Ode to Kaus
by butterflybandage

Kaus of many colors
Famous as all the rest
Today is just for you
To see that you're the best!

Don your nicest overalls
Pick out your favorite tune
Stuff your face with lots of cake
Today's the best part of June!

Let's discuss our heroes
From Detheda to Kalora
Maybe we'll find a Kau
Who discovered some new flora!

There's Mooki who is Spotted
And always feels ashamed
But there's no color that's too awful
Your differences should be claimed!

Who could forget Kauvara
With all her potions in a row
She's a master at her profession
And can give you a special glow!

Now Martha is a brute
With strength that proves she's alpha
She's the hottest of the fighters
But after all, she's made of magma!

If you visit Akhten-Ka
You'll find the Desert Protector
NeoQuest II is really fun
But with Kaus it's even better!

Kaumuflage was removed
But he'll never be forgotten
He can disappear wherever ...
Even blending into cotton!

So let's celebrate the Kaus
Who do more than sing and dance
(But if those are your favorite hobbies
Then shake your groovy pants!)

Today is for all you Kaus
And you Kau lovers to bot
Happy Kau Day from me
I hope today's a hoot!

Kau Day Special
by 9boogirl9

A small, blue Kau
Sat in grass
Thinking about his family
And his fortunate past

He watched Kauvara's hat
Bounce up and down the horizon
He thought she was making a potion
It wouldn't be surprising

The Kau sauntered over to Kauvara's pot
Where, in a net, some bugs were caught.
He thought she would use them for an Elixir
As she watched the fireflies flicker

Kauvara caught the Kau's red eye,
Colored by the light of a firefly
The Kau wished for something great,
As he had nothing to lose.
Nothing except his old red shoes.

Kauvara greeted him with a warm smile,
Which to the Kau seemed quite vile.
He asked for a magic spell, please
So Kauvara waved her hooves with ease
And made the Kau the king of the seas,
the king of the oceans of motions, the king of the beautiful bay up ahead.
As this day hadn't filled him with dread.

'Maraquan, yes?', She said with a smile
And now the Kau could swim for a mile.
He bid her thanks, as she walked to her pot
Predicting the times for the next plot.

The small Maraquan Kau 
jumped into the ocean,
admiring the loud and noisy commotion.
He didn't know Asparagus grew down there,
but he did now, he thought with a stare.

The Starry Kau with Kauvara as a name
Had granted the small, once blue Kau some fame.
The Maraquan Kau swam into the bay,
thinking one great thought: Happy Kau Day!

Kau, Kau, What do you want to be?
by jonnymountainman

Kau, Kau, what do you want to be, 
Kau, Kau, It’s you and me, 
What brands us as one? 
Which color has won?

If Rudolph was your name, 
We would be colored Christmas, 
That red-nose shines bright, 
I do believe it would be right, 
Will other Kaus let you play their games?  

If Mythos was our theme, 
We would be colored Maraquan, 
That fish’s tail gives you grace, 
You would be top of your race, 
Are you what you seem? 

If I was sad and down, 
We would be colored Plushie, 
Soft and cuddly, you’d rise my spirit, 
Pant Devil, who could fear it, 
There would be enough love to go around! 

If we were together, both mythical, 
We would be colored Maractite, 
The stuff of lost legends, 
We could enjoy everyone’s expressions, 
I’d rather enjoy those that were quizzical. 

Kau, Kau, what do you want to be, 
Kau, Kau, Its you and me, 
Our brand is our bond,
Which color shall we don?

Celebrating Kauvara on Kau Day
by painted_dreams87

Kau Day comes but once a year.
It is a celebration that many hold dear.
As you honor Kaus throughout the land,
remember Kauvara the grand.

To meet Kauvara is such a delight.
You won't meet another who is so bright.
Gifted in the art of brewing,
you never know what she is stewing.

Kauvara is a potions-making master,
able to make intricate potions without disaster.
To experience her potions firsthand,
visit the best Magic Shop in the land.

Just make sure you go without delay.
With such high demand, sell out, they may.

Wonderful Kau Day
by rrhymenoceros

A pink Kau in the fields of Neopia
was wandering and grazing around.
I walked up to him and gave him a fright.
He said, "You didn't even make a sound!"

"You are all alone, do you want a friend?" I said.
He shook his head no, and continued grazing.
I ignored his response and lay down beside him.
"I can't leave you be, you seem so amazing."

He heard my sarcasm and ignored it anyways.
"Whatever you say, just leave me be."
We sat in silence as the day went on.
Nobody else showed up, from what we could see.

Every once in awhile, I felt him look at me.
I could tell he was happy to have some company.
Even though it was silent for most of the day,
"Thanks for being here," he said comfortably.

The day turned to night, and still we sat alone.
The stars were shining when he lay down beside me.
"You are a beautiful Neopet, no matter what others may think."
"I am only beautiful because I am free."

I sat and pondered until I finally fell asleep.
When I awoke, there was no field, no kau, no place to stay.
I stood and walked over toward the mirror. It was then that I realized.
I was a beautiful pink Kau on wonderful Kau day.

Kau Day Invitations
by sailorini_1

A little white Weewoo flies across Neopia with a bulging bag
Because inside of it are lots of invitations for Kau Day.
First Stop: Neopia Central where a Baby Kau plays tag.
His kindly teacher reads it to him; he shouts "Hooray!"

Next is a mailbox leaning over the shores of Kiko Lake
Belonging to a very sleepy Maraquan Kau who will check it later.
One to the Kau in King Skarl's kitchen with so many cakes to bake,
Another to the Faerie Kau at the Poogle Races - "Comon Eighter!"

An invitation for the Halloween Kau losing at Coconut Shy,
The Desert Kau showing tourists around loses his at the Shrine.
Off to Krawk Island to find the pirate Kau who doesn't lie,
A skip and a jump to Mystery Island for the Kau in the conga line.

All these Kaus and many more besides
Are all invited to the Kau Day festivities.
Who knows, there may even be a surprise!
On Kau Day, there's always lots of activities.

Kau Day
by faerieprincesspink84

In a big pot, concoctions were stirring
"This time should be special", her mind started whirring
So many colours, how could she choose?
The liquids combining, for her special brews.

"This bottle's just right, for coming up soon...
we celebrate Kau day", Kauvara did croon
A magical potion, to change up your pet,
the horn of a Kau, a little sweat,
throw in a branch, can you guess what I'm making?
Add some sweet blossoms, the liqud starts shaking.

She placed some Kau horns 'round the bottle with care.
"That ought to do it, a nice bit of flair!
Come one and come all, it's time to reveal..."
Neopian's delighted and started to squeal.

A woodland Kau potion! The newest selection
from Kauvara's shop, please show some affection!
We can't wait to see if this dream will come true,
so cross all your fingers and whisper a "moo"

Kau Kau farm
by dr_tomoe

For most dairy products
that arrive in the store
come from a farm that
keep producing more.

At Kau Kau Farms
The Kaus can freely graze
and dream of luxurious
sunny days.

Whether the pet is looking
for some sort of meals
as chocolate and soy milk
is made, and cheese wheels.

Chocolate and soy milk
as well as organic milk
go down fresh and smooth
as a fine silk.

And all this is thanks
to the many working Kaus
down at Kau Kau farm
so have a treat now.

Kau Celebrations
by _interrupted_

Today is Kau day, 
Lets gather and cheer. 
As we celebrate the Neopet, 
That we hold dear. 
With a cute little tuft of hair, 
Stood on top of their head. 
And a wide mouth, 
To keep them fed. 
They have four legs, 
So they can run and play. 
And large ears, 
So they can hear their prey. 
They have large horns, 
So they can spar in battle. 
They travel in herds, 
And look like cattle.  
So today we celebrate,  
And have lots of fun. 
Remembering the great Kaus, 
Until the day is done.

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