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Neopets Poems

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Quiggle Day Special

Quiggles and Nimmos
by calculusclub

Quiggles and Nimmos
Squat and lanky
Thinking of amphibians makes me cranky

I hear you by the lake
Splashing and singing
Dirtying my boat with endless mudslinging

Quiggles are loud
Their shouting is vile
Couldn't they just go away for a while

Nimmos act peaceful
But it's just a disguise
Noisily smacking their tongues out at flies

I think that I might move away from this lake
Where it's serene and quiet
Where my eardrums won't ache

But whenever I leave
I come back again
Because Quiggles and Nimmos
Are my only friends

A Quest for a Diamond
by akahades

There once was a quiggle from Roo Island
Who wanted his very own diamond
He trekked and he trawled
And found nothing at all
Til he found a sapphire in the highlands

Though the sapphire was not his desire
The colour he really admired
He took it back home
Swapped it for the stone
Which he had been thinking of prior

Ealyn Hawshanks: An Extraordinary Quiggle
by _brainchild_

Ealyn Hawshanks is a frog
Whose plays are great enough to hog
All attention from the fans
For his goals so very grand.

This Quiggle plays for Kreludor.
You will want to see some more
Of his awesome playtime antics.
Enemies are surely frantic!

He grabs the Yooyu, throwing it
Past the goalie. Foes throw fits!
This score will give his team the game.
It will bring Ealyn to fame.

The other team shall frown in shame.
They cannot take a loss so lame.
Ealyn's teammates cheer him on.
"Good job, mate! You've surely won!"

Ealyn shall perpetually
Score the goals impressively.
His teammates call him MVP,
As every player dreams to be.

Valentines Quiggle Plushie
by indulgences

This item makes me laugh out loud!
Its face is filled with glee!
It smiles so wild and crazily,
So fun and fancy-free!

Festooned with crazy, colored hearts,
The body is the best!
The hearts are sewn from softest felt.
They cover this toy's breast!

The eyes are large and bulging, as
Befits all Quiggle ilk.
The fabric is so velvety,
As fine and soft as silk!

I hug the Plushie close and near.
It squeaks with happy joy.
I love this thing so mightily,
This special, gorgeous toy!

It's Quiggle Day! Please give your pet
This lovely Plushie toy!
It's something she will cherish, and
It's something she'll enjoy!

Ditty of Morris
by dewdropzz

I wanna be a knight someday
Go on adventures far away 
Trials'll be tough, but I'll do my best
Just like the guys from NeoQuest!

Heroes don't have to be brave Draiks and Lupes
A Quiggle like me could save Neopia too!
I'm just a kid, but my willpower's strong
I'll stand up for right, and I'll fight off the wrong!

With my sword, I'll keep swinging
T'protect my friends and me
With my shield, I'll keep bringing 
A new en-er-gy

To the field... of battle
Young hope, heart, new light
Next to Lisha, Kayla, Boris
You'll see me dubbed "Morris, the knight!"

(From 'Neopian Songs')

Quiggle Day
by she_chose_love

Today we celebrate,
one of the smallest neopets around.
With big googly eyes,
and hardly ever wearing a frown.

A neopet with a very long tongue,
who likes to walk on two legs.
Who loves to spend time on land and in water,
and is a huge fan of neggs.

A neopet who loves to laugh,
play in puddles and have tons of fun.
A social species,
who hangs with friends until the day is done.

A neopet who loves veggies,
and lots of healthy snacks.
And one who loves collecting Quiguki Dolls,
and keeping them in big stacks.

This neopet I speak of,
is one of my favorites by far.
Today we celebrate Quiggle's,
today they are the star.

Happy Quiggle Day Neopia,
enjoy this special day.
Enjoy the new quiggle colors
and themed items that got released-hooray!

Beauty Queen Quiggle

by livforpeace

Beauty Queen Quiggle

Such style, such grace

Winning smile and draped in lace

You’ll find her lounging by the pond

With her lipstick on
And not a single hair out of place

Beauty Queen Quiggle

Such pizazz, such flare

Her beauty is truly beyond compare

Though she’s fashionable, she’s also sweet 

From her head down to her feet

The perfect neopet, extremely rare
When you see her, try not to stare

Quiggle Colors
by kayahtik

Two eyes but no nose,
Four fingers, three toes--
Our Quiggle friends all look alike,
Only small changes for each type.
The Pirate Quiggle has a tattoo,
But is otherwise the same as Blue.
Dimensional got see-through eyes,
Invisible beat that by miles. 
Desert, Royal, and Halloween
All come with clothes on which I’m keen.
8-Bit and Mutant are most unique, 
But they still just don’t quite compete.
We all await with baited breath,
And put TNT to the test.
For Year 19’s Quiggle Day
Our fearless leaders will show the way.
Marble, Candy, or something new?
Maraquan and Stealthy great options too!
Which color will be next?
Surely it will be the best!

Wiggly Squiggly Quiggle Day
by butterflybandage

Wiggly squiggly Quiggle
With eyes as wide as pearls
You’re the greatest Neopet—
Coolest boys and prettiest girls!
We celebrate you today!

What’s your favorite color?
What foods do you enjoy?
We want to know everything—
We’ll buy you the newest toy!
We celebrate you all day!

The sun will rise with joy
The sun will set with parties
Quiggles are the best species—
Full of cuties, braves, and smarties!
We celebrate you this day!

Wiggly squiggly Quiggle
With a face as sweet as candy
We love you, each and every one—
For Quiggles sure are dandy!
Happy Quiggle Day!

Celebrating Quiggle Day at Coconut Shy
by painted_dreams87

On the 13th day of the month of Relaxing,
Neopians far and wide gather around
to celebrate the species called Quiggle
but one in particular is known around town.

For deep within the Haunted Woods,
beyond the twisting paths and trees
lies a location so spooky, so terrifying
that it could make anyone fall to their knees.

The Deserted Fairground is a creepy carnival
that is not for the faint of heart.
Those who enter typically do so by mistake.
Leaving immediately would be smart.

If you can brave the horrors within,
and you choose to stay for a while,
why not check out Coconut Shy?
It just might make you smile.

"Step right up! Step right up!"
The Quiggle beckons you to come close.
You catch sight of his pale green
complexion as he steps from the shadows.

With a gasp, you take a step back
as he introduces himself as Leeroy.
He smiles a crooked smile in your direction,
clearly filled with joy.

Despite everything, you smile back.
It's funny to wind up here on Quiggle Day,
playing a game with a Quiggle named Leeroy.
You wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Quiggle Day!
by 9boogirl9

Hey there Quiggle,
What's your name?
I'm a Quiggle too,
So we're almost the same.

You're green,
I'm blue.
But hey, 
I love picnics too!

We both have two stripes 
and a small tuft of hair.
Who cares if us Quiggles just met?
We're both still willing to share.

As I woke up this morning, I thought 'Oh, Quiggle Day!'
I knew that a new adventure was on its way.

Hey, I did too!
I could have sworn I'd dreamed of you.

You're so great,
We're becoming friends at a rapid rate.

And the only thing stopping us is...

Nope, not today.
Happy Quiggle Day!

The Flycatcher Quiggle
by dr_tomoe

Off on a sunny pond
Where the flies gather in a bunch
comes a very hungry Quiggle
looking to get some lunch.

Now all he has to do
is flick out his tongue
and gobble up the flies
one by one by one.

To make it easier
they gather in a bunch
Making it simple to catch one
to snack on and munch.

But watch out for bees
for while they of some worry
getting stung will send
the Quiggle leaving in a hurry.

But fast tongues can get
a bunch of tasty flies
And even if he misses
there's still more tries.

Quiggle Celebrations
by _interrupted_

Hopping in the distance, 
The Quiggles come out to play. 
With fun and excitement building, 
On this very special day. 
With big beautiful eyes, 
And a cheeky little grin. 
They bask in the sun, 
With her silky smooth skin. 
They love to be by water, 
And play out in the rain. 
Having fun and splashing, 
These quiggles are insane. 
Quiggles are the best, 
At telling funny jokes. 
They like to entertain, 
This really is no hoax. 
So gather one and all, 
And help us celebrate. 
The giggles we all love, 
On this very special date.

Happy Quiggle Day!!!
by lil_reef

My Quiggle is green,
And giggles all day,
He is always clean,
From baths after play.

He jumps in puddles,
And hops in much mud,
But hopes for cuddles,
After bath time's flood.

His eyes are quite grand,
He is never stressed,
Across all the land,
My Quiggle is best!

No other pet here,
Is quite like Quiggle,
But do not fear,
For their cute giggle,
You too can soon hear!

For today is great,
And we celebrate,
On Quiggle Day now,
Our now long kept vow,
To always love Quiggles and Quiggle Day!

Happy Quiggle Day!!

The Quiggle and their characters
by dinha_reeves

If you are a Quiggle
There is nothing you can't be
Like the Morris
He is very nice, let's agree

For those who like to fly
The Quiggle Scout is a nice character
He worked for Meridell during the Kass war
And he is a very good traveler

Quiguki Warrior is another Quiggle
Very famous and brave
He appeared in the April Fools
Doing his job to keep Quigara save

When you go to the Deserted Fairgrounds
in the Coconut Shy
You can found Leeroy
And drop a coconut you can try

How about the Wheel of Monotony Quiggle?
Go spin that wheel
And stare him for a long time
The time it's spinning is surreal

The Quiggle is a very cool specie
And they are into our hearts
With those big eyes
They are all smarts!

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