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Neopets Poems

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Master and Techo By Gaberrari

Focus now, friends, on a singular tale
A tale of woe, a sometime betrayal
A sinister plot
Sheep with spot
On blackboard poised, the nail

As most stories start, there once was a time
When all birds did sing, and all words did rhyme
The wind was soft
With kites aloft
The land called Neopia: sublime

Blue was the sky, green was the grass
Games and frivolity the only task
Life ambled on
And as this song
The days, sans trouble, did pass

Sunny the hill on which characters creating
Techo and Master sat there debating
Neither knew
What to do
For activity, patiently waiting

How 'bout a game? did Techo suggest
The pet thinking Deckball sounded the best
But dubloons did no more
Come from that store
So Master put that line to rest

All suggestions from the Pet came to naught
While diversion they both ardently sought
Let's go to the Shrine
Did Techo Opine
But for Master the sand was too hot

I know what we'll do, said Master, instead
Revealing the thought heretofore in his head
To the Wizard we'll go
And type in 'Techo'
Finding treasures for you, he said

To this the Techo surely agreed
Though, to him, a game sounded
Much better indeed
The query was sent
A-shopping they went
And of many rare items they did read

Items for fighting, bloody and gory
Items for nothing other than glory
'Back' and 'Return'
With these did they learn
As they read each item's story

An hour had passed, possibly more
When Techo and Master came to the store
That had the thing
Of which I here sing
The thing that spawned this lore

The item that caused this sad revelation
A bottle, with label, Transmogrification
On the shelf it sat
As simple as that
Of it's power there was no contemplation

Master, seeking to find some notion
Wondering now, the growing emotion
The cursor it sped
The caption it read
Uggh, what a foul smelling potion

The uneasy Techo, What's next? he squeaked
But now, the Master's interest was piqued
The colours were churning
There would be no turning
He wanted this potion that reeked

I think we should try this Transmogrification
Said Master to Techo, who urged moderation
But the price was right
The vial in sight
Master clicked his way to elation

We don't know what it does, the urgent objection
To which Master offered this reasoned reflection
I'm sure it's alright,
No reason for fright
As he held up the vial for inspection

The Techo, he was a dutiful pet
His will, against Master, would not be set
He took in his hand
The loathsome demand
The potion, his lips, did wet

The foul elixir did cause him to choke
His eyes went dark for all the black smoke
The Master then heard
No single word
But vial hit floor, and broke

As Master looked on with greedy expectation
Knowing not what comes from Transmogrification
In horror he saw
The tooth and claw
Not a Techo, t'was a mutation

Oh what have I done, pierced with sadness
Said the Master, now gripped with madness
This is not right
I've caused this blight
I've been given over to badness

Tis not too late, the Mutant replied
From courage summoned from deep inside
If you wish undone
This thing begun
Your quest will not be denied

There is a potion of ancient art
That works it's way to a mutant's heart
To morph instead
To color red
It's healing power t'will impart

Master looked and found this healing derivative
But alas, the stuff was cost prohibitive
Many games he played
Many Neopoints he saved
Of Transmogrification, no longer inquisitive

So with all thought towards his Techo bending
The Master, gladly, his Neopoints sending
Through valley they came
But can now proclaim
Master and Techo, and happy ending

Punchbag Bob By Floored

Good Bob waits for the next fight,
He isn't excited at all
Because he was beaten only last night,
Straw, string, glasses and all.

In walks a young but tough looking Kau,
In colours lilac and blue
Bob thinks, "I'm gonna get it now,"
As he stares at the stripey hue.

The Kau is polite and as he bows,
Says, "I'm Sugarbassie, what's up?"
Bob thinks he's an unusually well-mannered Kau,
Until he produces his stuff...

Cannons, wands, gems bright and blue,
Bob knows it's not going to be fun
There's even a Bluna named Icy, too,
To take turns beating Bob up!

'Biff'! 'Pow!' Bob closes his eyes,
as he's pounded into the sand
it's really so sad to hear his weak cries,
"I wish I also had hands!"

So, our Bob waits for the next fight,
And he's really not happy at all
Because he was beaten only last night,
Straw, string, glasses and all...

The Wild Lupes By Lillyana16

It was gloomy and the slender trees,
Did shake and grumble in the dark,
All glittering were the twisting leaves,
And the waves swished; left marks.

Years before a moon-streaked horse
Rode in with a Shoyru called Knight -
Always did he fight by force,
And the future looked bright.

Watch out for the Wild Lupes my Knight,
Watch their teeth and claws that scratch,
Watch out for the Wild Lupes, and fight
the Grarrls with hands that catch!

Knight took his Icy Glove in hand;
Years valiantly evil he slayed,
He stood vigilantly and still,
And thought noth of feeling afraid.

Hours trail but the Wild Lupes came,
They growled, breath quick and fast,
Their evil eyes glowed in a angry flame,
Knights grand battle may be his last.

Knight shot with his Icy Glove,
The Wild Lupes growled and fell,
He ran home to his son and love,
If it has perished - none can tell.

So it was gloomy and the slender trees,
Did shake and grumble in the dark,
All glittering were the twisting leaves,
And the waves swished; left marks.

From East to West and North to South
By Recent_angel

In the depths of the everglades
Where strong moon light slowly fades,
Beneath the towering Ancient Tree
In the East as far as can see,
In the late Tyrannian hue
Lives the distinct Tonu.
Veiled beneath the sparkling sea
Where aquatic life tends to be,
Hidden in the ocean deep,
Where little light tends to creep
Swimming majestically with little din
Lives the magical Peophin.
At the peaks of mountains high,
That seem to reach towards the sky,
Amongst the long sweet dewy ground,
Where tasty grasses can be found.
Somewhere in the mountain's fog
Lives the tasteful Moehog.
Within the walls of Fungus Cave,
Nearby the stream where reptiles bathe,
Around the caverns so long and old
Amongst the water dark and cold,
Enclosed with thick magical rock
Lives the notable Krawk.
Amongst this lush tropical place,
That stares endlessly up in space,
Enclosed in foreign greenery,
Adding to its splendid scenery,
Humid from the nearby sea,
Lives the playful and ferocious Eyrie.
Where long and luscious flowers grow,
Amongst sweet smelling meadows,
Beneath the bright blue morning sky,
And radiant sun way up high,
Where morning blossoms start to peak,
Lives the friendly Kacheek.
Amongst the stars up in space,
In a rather desolate place,
Where it's neither cold or hot
And any reassurrance can be sought,
And after centuries that has been so,
Lives the mistreated Grundo.

A Garden Green By Child_of_epona

I'd like to grow a garden green,
Next to my Neohome
With flowers, herbs, and vegetables
And perhaps a Chia gnome.

I'd plant some young cookie trees
And watch them grow up tall
Casting shadows wide and long
Changing color in the fall.

The border would be white lulus
Against an edge of brick
Next some sponderolas
Planted close and rather thick.

I'd have a little walkway
Made of stones white and red
And a couple of garden benches
Next to the potting shed.

One bed I'd devote to roses
Black ones and those made of glass
I'll weed them faithfully everyday
So there is no Neo crabgrass.

A box of lilies would be nice
Some coloured and some white
And with them I would maybe plant
Yolkalia, what a sight!

In a separate corner by themselves
All prickly in defense
There would be floating cactus flower
Behind a large thorn growth fence.

Perfume mallows and zobamints
Would delicately scent the air
While lazydels and bluebells
Spread with room to spare.

For a dash of vibrant color
Gardenias are quite bright
And maybe even a snake rose
(be careful of the bite).

I would plant just one bad seed
To keep the bugs away
From my little mordongos
And my chick-a-daisy.

The last plant I would add
Would be song flowers in perfect tune
To sing a joyful, happy song
Every day 'round bout noon.

Eyrie statues could guard the gate
And keep the plants from harm
I wish the was a Neo fountain
Or a faerie garden charm!

Then my precious pet and I
Could sit among the blooms
Instead of spending every day
Inside our Neo rooms.

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