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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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2000th Poetry Contest

2000th Poetry Contest
by vinnicbat

Two thousand poetry contests,
where goes the time?
Where many have put their verses
and their sentences of rhyme.

Every since the first contest,
about the pets that they own,
with each new entry given,
the gallery has surely grown.

Their poems are about anything
from pets to games to faeries
from shopping in Neopia
to a Turmac eating berries.

Some Neopians
have entered clever haikus
into the contest.

Have sent
Pyramid shaped
Poems that give the
poem a Lost Desert feel.

Acrostic poems have been
Sent to send secret
Phrases made by
Aspiring poets that
Really gives the poem
A really 
Unanticipated and sometimes
Silly twist.

Limerick poems have been sent
to show the their poetry talent
to make up a story
and show all its glory
and still in rhyming verse it went.

There have been 2000 contests
a feat that's rather great
and I anticipate 2000 more
and I can hardly wait!

The 2000th Poetry Contest
by sophieninetyfive

With bated breath the poets wait, 
Their spirits high, their hopes yet great, 
It’s coming soon – they want to scream – 
Page 2000, the poet’s dream. 

They've scribbled hard, they've racked their brains 
For sonnets, couplets, and quatrains 
And now at last it's time to see 
If they'll be picked by Alstaf P. 

The wise old Poogle's on his way 
(From celebrating Poogle Day) 
To pick and choose the greatest bard: 
A task that's sure to be quite hard. 

He reads their poems – every one – 
He nods, takes notes, and says, "Well done!" 
And then it's time for him to judge; 
He hopes they will not bear a grudge. 

"All right!" The Poogle clears his throat. 
"My winning list is here to quote. 
But first – some of my own advice. 
I think that you might find it nice. 

"'Advice?' you say. 'I don't need that! 
I know just where my poetry's at!' 
But I was in your shoes once too 
And wish that this back then I knew. 

"Here's my advice, young poets-to-be: 
You need no special prize from me! 
If you're enjoying what you write, 
Then that is that, and that's all right. 

"A trophy's nice, a trophy's fun, 
But when all this is said and done, 
Your worth is measured not in gold, 
But by the stories that you've told." 

2000 Contests, A Celebration!
by indulgences

For every hundredth printing of
The poem competition,
The contest judge awards a card
That's really quite amazing!

It's Alstaf Poogle TCG,
A card that's worth a kingdom.
A lot of people crave this card
To add to their collection!

I hope to get the card as well.
I'm writing poems gaily.
My room's chaotic, dirty too,
With paper ripped up daily!

I want to write about my pets.
I'm really so inspired
To write about a Mara Draik
I've only just acquired!

I'm playing games to earn np.
I have so many favorites!
I use the cash to dress my pets --
They have so many outfits!

My bank account is growing now.
I'm saving all my cash funds.
I'm looking forward to the day
I'll have some awesome weapons!

My avatar collection's grown.
It's gorgeous and I love it.
My goal right now is twenty more.
It really is exquisite!

But what I really want to do
Is celebrate this website!
I want more friends to join this place...
I gave them all an invite!

So here's to all the winning rhymes
The competition's chosen!
The writers all had lovely poems
That really were ambrosian!

And thank you to the contest judge!
Please know that we adore you!
You value all the things we write...
You are our poem guru!

And as for all the poets that
Would like to publish verses,
I give you all applause and praise
And hope you're lyric whizzes!

2000 pages of Poems!
by alyndasgallery

While browsing around the Neopets site,
I came across a most spectacular sight.
A milestone of the fairest sort,
Where writing is the involved sport.

The Poetry Competition is the best,
Publishes more regularly than the rest.
2000 pages of Poems have been cast,
Epic words and fables that will always last.

The subjects vary from week to week,
And the poems always read so sleek.
From funny limericks to special odes,
There's always room for your type of prose.

If you haven't yet managed one of your own,
Why not have a try - you're not alone.
There are so many prizes that can be won,
And your poem might make page two thousand and one!

by laurellynn

Trades, Auctions, Shops galore...
What else is Neopets for?

Contests, Games, Prizes and more...
What else is our Neopets for?

Neopoints, Neocash, Up for Trade...
Only on neopets can our deals be made.

A whole new world to Explore and see...
Where else would you want to be?

Wizards and magic we have that too...
They help us with a search or two.
Quests and missions granted to thee...
Some only passed after a day or three...

Bobbing for apples maybe seeing a clown...
What other place then our little haunted town?

Care for a dip? How about a trip?
Beaches and shores... even underwater tours!

Volcanoes and Mines... heck even Medieval times...
Who wouldn't want to see us go back through time?

Our neohomes have changed... some games have died...
Ohh but a time, Neopets provides!

Some of our trees come alive you see! 
Some are scary and others are free!

 Neopets ... Neopets... Oh what a game...
Neopets... Neopets... Never a shame!!!!

Adventure Awaits
by mihoshii

A time ago when I was young,
"Adventure awaits!" My heart had sung.
I entered into a world of wonder, 
Where my pet, my partner, my friend would slumber.

As we chose her favorite shade, 
Green like the sea where she often played,
A friend so smart and full of pride,
The prettiest Kau was now at my side!

Horns so tough, and hooves so strong,
Now it wouldn't be very long, 
Before we took over the Battledome scene,
But then again we weren't very mean!

We would read books, and uncover riches!
We would help the Faeries and even the witches!
We explored Neopia and all its lands,
From the icy peaks to its hottest sands.

And of course we chose to make many new friends,
Inside this world where magic happens!
We played some games, and wrote some poems,
About the land where we built our home.

The Faeries of Neopia
by spukl1

The faeries of Neopia are all great,
They help the community to make it work
The ladies are busy, but try not to make you wait.
There is one who stands out, she’ll make you smirk

Oh Taelia, famous for living in the snow
She protects the pets that live in the cold
When she asks for your help you cannot say no,
You know you can help, & her awards are like gold.

Marina is a healer,
She has that special power,
She is a potion dealer,
And blesses every pet through her showers.

Then there’s the Soup Faerie, surely the most kind
She gives away her food to those who are penniless
Working hard all day but she doesn’t even mind
Ask her for anything...she will say “Yes!”

Jhudiah is that island girl,
In control of that popular Cooking Pot
She owns the trading post, give it a whorl 
But don’t visit her if you don’t want to get hot.

Illusen, the sweet earth faerie 
Meridell is her home from now to forever
Her greatest foe is Jhudora who IS quite scary
No one knows what happened; we’re not that clever

We won’t forget all the others,
Bree, Psella, Bexi, and Ember… 
The list goes on but not to my druthers
Certainly more than I can remember. 

But the best of all I can confidently say
Is Miss Fyora, the Queen of all Faeries, 
She runs that crazy Hidden tower everyday 
If you want to please her give her some berries

We love this purple and pink Queen,
We need many days to commit to her praising. 
Her looks are so sparkling, she is so sheen 
So, we thank her for being so absolutely amazing!

by sdavidson915

Sometimes when I'm all alone
and it feels like no one cares
I log into my neopets
And she is always there. 

The first thing we do is spin the wheels
then we watch the Poogles race
and although we rarely win
we lose with the upmost grace. 

We have a snack and read a book
Sometimes we decide to play games
It doesn't matter what we do
the outcome's always the same. 

It delights her so to be with me
and it makes me happy too
to spend some time with my neopet
when I'm down and feeling blue.

Squiggles, you're the best
and I'm glad to be your friend
I hope that we can play each day
until the very end.

Fun Things to do in Neopia
by flustre

The world of Neopia is a wondrous place,
Come to the Games Room to play Meerca Chase
Or you can visit Roo Island and play Dice-A-Roo,
I’m telling you there are so many things to do!

Stop by the plaza and feed a Kadoatie,
So they can stop crying and feel very bloaty
Destructo-Kad would like a Rainbow Chia Pop
Found at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

There’s also the Snowager up in Terror Mountain,
Or complete a quest and visit the Rainbow Fountain
Speaking of quests you can also do Illusen’s,
Better be fast or there may be some confusion

While in Meridell come visit the Grumpy Old King,
A very funny joke is all you will have to bring
Or why not stop by Kayla’s Potion Shop,
I’m sure you’ll find some great items in stock

You might also want to complete the Altador Plot,
It offers valuable lessons which you may be taught
The long list of things to do goes on and on and on
So now I’ll leave you to it or we will be here till dawn!

Search for the Hidden Tower
by lilangel4582

I’m looking for the Hidden Tower,
It’s been over half an hour
I went right, left and once more right,
I think I’m gonna search all night

I’m trying to retrace my steps,
Hold on a second I’m quite perplexed
I started my journey from Terror Mountain,
Then I ended up at the Rainbow Fountain

As soon as I thought I’ve had enough,
I came across Jhudora’s Bluff
I asked her if I should go east or west,
She said first I have to complete her quest

I asked the faerie what I must retrieve,
She hastily said ‘Chia Ballerina Sleeves’
I ran really quickly all around,
And luckily enough they were on the ground

I swiftly returned and got a reply,
And in that moment I wished I could fly
I couldn't believe the journey I’ve pursued,
I almost gave up until I saw Faerie Foods

I walked to a building and up creaky wooden stairs,
Then further east past some mahogany chairs
With all that exhaust I could only think of my gloom,
Then I tripped and stumbled into a very purple room

I looked up and couldn't believe what I saw,
My lips curled up as I stared in awe
She smiled so kindly and handed me a flower,
The Faerie Queen said ‘I see you’ve found the Hidden Tower’

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