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Neopets Poems

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Fetch! By Sja4890

Master has sent me,
In this quest I must succeed,
Or else suffer the consequences,
Of not finding Sack Plant Seeds!

Which way to go?
Should I go left or should I go right?
I'm stuck in this spooky little maze,
In this place where it is always night!

I look around,
But those elusive seeds are not near,
I've stumbled into yet another dead end,
My spine is tingling with anticipation and fear.

I find myself,
In the end of this elaborate maze,
But I have not found the seeds,
I turn back to search more,
Though I am in a daze.

My health is dwindling,
As the maze twists and turns,
But I feel that I'm almost there,
Though for some food my stomach does yearn.

Oh happy day!
I have found Sack Plant Seeds!
I must hurry back to the exit that I found,
I must take this to my owner,
For it is what he needs!

Oh my gosh!
My health is down to five!
Now four, now three, now two, now one


A Great Warrior's Rule By Noremac9

A clash of power that rocks the dome.
A Chia from a land where warriors roam.
Never before have I seen such might.
An unstoppable force in every fight.

His rugged face blue, with an ancient paint.
When he comes 'round, even the bravest faint.
No one can challenge his brutal aggression.
An amazing show in every battling session.

A wasteland of ruin he leaves in his wake.
There is no armour he cannot break.
I fought him, but lost in many a bout.
He finished me off and dragged me out.

His hammer blunt and his sword like fire.
A friendly match can quickly turn dire.
He's walked many a path to get to here.
And start his crusade of victory and fear.

No laughing matter, like the last of his kin.
He'll fight anyone, and he's sure to win.
In the end, did he show me a warrior's way?
Raging, brutal, harsh, without time for play.

I guess I'm just not the warrior-type pet.
I've helped every injured one that i've met.
Maybe a great warrior has to be cruel?
Is that really the "Great Warriors Rule"?

Petpet Limericks By Keroberosclow

The Airax is a silly thing.
It flies through hoops and bally rings.
It chirps when it's glad
And roars when it's mad,
But windows crack when it sings.

There once was a Splyke whose chin
Resembled the point of a pin,
So he had it made sharp
And purchased a harp
And played oddly tunes and hymns.

The Eustabee, used to be
A horrible monster from the sea.
But one unlucky day
He said hi to Sloth's ray
And hated his cuteness did he.

Never ever call a Sludgy
The insult word "Pudgy."
For if you do dare
You'll be sorry to every hair
Because you'll be head to toe fudgy!

There once was a Felly named Kelly
Who was mistaken for jelly!
A Skeith took some bread
And the Felly he spread.
She was never seen again,
the poor little Felly.

Coltzan's Shrine By Luckyladybug01

With tentative, silent steps
Her paws sinking into the warm sand
My Shoyru approaches the shrine
Anxiously, cautiously
Waiting and listening.

"Was Coltzan a good king?"
She wonders aloud
And her voice seems so small
In the vastness of the desert.

*Come, my young Neopet*
She hears a voice say
It is almost like a whisper
Almost like the wind
Almost like a song

She approaches the pillar
Looking at the engravings in the stone
Worn by time and weather
She closes her eyes
Hears a rushing sound
Feels a surge of power all around
*I hope this helps*
Says the voice
And now she is stronger

She casts her gaze upward
Catches a glimpse of a face
A noble face
A phantom face
Then it fades from sight

"Thank you," she whispers
And turns in the sand to come home.

The Golden Dubloon By Cutelilfrog101

There is a new restaurant in town,
It's rated so well, it won't let you down.
But if you can't get into The Golden Dubloon,
Don't count on eating there anytime soon.

The only problem with this fine place,
Is occupancy, their biggest case.
This building is very tiny,
So no one has room for their hiney!

No more than forty will be able to dine,
So no wonder there is a line.
There are many food items
That you can choose from,
And The Golden Dubloon
Is the only place you can get some!

So travel by plane, car, or boat,
To the place where the staff can gloat,
About their job at The Golden Dubloon,
But get there fast, or you won't get in 'til June!

Dance Of The Faeries By Sonsofwar

In a silent glade, in Neopia fair,
All good and magic prospers there,
Lies a circle of enchanted stones,
Enhanced by tiny, crafted thrones,

When night lies near, and the moon is bright,
Each stone glows in its ghostly light,
When darkness flows, and the day is done,
A noble array of guests will come,

An eerie red glow looms quite near,
And small Foobugs scatter with fear,
The emblem of strength, whom all desire,
A Faerie who is formed in fire,

And from a cool lake, still and calm,
Come ripples of queer alarm,
Emerging from her aquatic lair,
The Water Faerie brave and fair,

And from the most beautiful spreading flower,
Comes a force of immense power,
Bringing hope, light and mirth,
The Faerie ruling over earth,

And from a cloud, above the scene,
When all is quiet, still, serene,
With a patient, noble sigh,
Comes the Faerie of the sky,

And riding on a moon-beam bright,
Twinkling with an eerie light,
The sign of prosperity, making all feel safe,
The Faerie of light, and all good faith,

And from a shadow, cast long and wide,
A movement comes from deep inside,
As something begins to appear,
The Faerie of darkness, queen of fear,

As each joins hand, in slender arm,
They sing a rhapsody, of astounding charm,
Slowly they begin to dance,
Filling the sky with sacred chants,

And as they sway slowly, moving round
A rainbow bridge arches to the ground,
The music raises to the skies,
They summon the all-knowing one, so wise,

And from the depth of every star,
Singing of forgotten lands, afar,
The ultimate beauty braces the scene,
The immortal one, the Faerie Queen,

And finally a council begins,
And they talk of many secret things,
But finally at the end of night,
Each fades slowly out of sight,

This happens every week, in the dark,
Do not make some snide remark,
I tell the truth, I do not jest,
This is the story of the Faerie Quest!

Asparagus Adventures
By Brotherthor

Together we battled Chives in the Battledome
Both lesser and greater varieties.
Chocolate covered Brussel Sprouts
Ambushed us on Mystery Island.

Ummagine Battle Muffins
Exploded all around us
In a skirmish at the Space Station.
Never have I seen
Grundo Warriors more terrified
In all of my Neopian travels.

In the Spooky Woods
Mutated Celery stalked us
Yet you were unflappable
In the face of the menace.
Edna the Witch
Cast a Lima Bean spell at you
But you jumped in her kettle
And stirred up your own nasty brew.

You are the king of the vegetable kingdom.
And when the NeoHome Gardens
Are finally planted
No self-respecting Neopet owner
Would leave his plants
Without the leadership
Of the noble Asparagus.

The Trouble With Gnomes By Bunnygirl1987

The trouble with gnomes is a long, long, list
They have many a fault
Their memory is like the mist
Combined with a cup of salt

They pretend to watch your flowers
But they fall asleep instead
They doze for hours and hours
As worms eat every cabbage head

They promise to do some weeding
But they say that they forget
They say they need more feeding
Like I've not given them enough food yet

Gnomes walk in muddy puddles
Then they come into the NeoHouse
They bring their filty friends in muddles
They've got a scorpion, lizard and mouse

They lie, they cheat, they steal, they scream
Gnomes are useless, gnomes are dumb
You act kind, they say you're mean
They pinch you heels until they're numb

They once stole my NeoSocks
They also drank my tea
They gave my pets the NeoPox!
They really do scare me

The trouble with gnomes are as follows
They are not what they seem
Any thing they find, they swallow
With froth their mouths do teem

They're expensive, ugly, useless things!
Get rid of yours before
One tries to dance or sing!
Sell them, and lock your door!

Yes, sell them to me... for cheap
I'll dispose of them right away!
I'll burn them on the trash heap
It'll take about a day!

Or maybe I will sell them, too
And make a profit for me!
I'll sell them for more to him and you
Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee!

A Day For Fruit By Jonahfab

On a magical day in Running--after the snow,
The fruits that this year
We had all come to know,
The flavors which graced the mysterious isle,
All on one day disappear with some style.

Dancing occurs in the streets all the time,
And the sounds all around
Fills with music and rhyme,
The people say good-bye
To their apples and grapes,
And find new ingredients to stuff in their crepes.

The cooking pot fizzes and light fills the sky,
The world is introduced to some new kinds of pie,
The populous then will begin to rejoice,
Kacheeks, Poogles and Usuls all sing in one voice:

"The festival comes, Gadgadsbogen is here,
The fruit will taste good, we shall have no fear,
Come and make merry, the party has begun,
Gadgadsbogen is here, it's time to have fun."

Everyone tastes the new delicacies,
The people are happy
with brand new juices and teas,
When it is all over they realise, oh dear!
These tastes will be gone at the end of the year!!

Mystery Pic By Otaku_4_life

It's a barn, it's a cup, it's a leek, it's a brick!
I just can't solve this week's mystery pic!
It's blurry and sketchy and bland as can be,
But in this light it looks like a vacuum to me.
Where did it come from?
Where can it be found?
Is it the pant eating devil or the Neopian Pound?
With so many options and so little time,
(I'm afraid this pic just might be a pile of slime),
How can I solve it?
Will I find it out of the blue?
If this was your poem, what would YOU do?
I've searched and I've hunted,
I've honestly tried,
Now I think that it's time
That I broke down and cried,
I can't solve this mystery!
Oh, wait!
Maybe I can!
Yes that's it!
This week's mystery is a bottle of sand!
Now if you'll excuse me I really must run,
To enter my name and get this crazy thing done!

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