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Neopets Poems

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The Unnamed Ruki
by Our_teardrops

I don't go by any given name,
Nor do I seek wealth or fame,
I'm just a Ruki who loves to share, 
Giving good old fashion for you to wear.

All Neopians who are poor 
Are welcome through my open door.
I collect clothes for those in need,
So please donate as a good deed.

What's old to you is new to them;
I can even add a little twist to the hem.
Needing help and being broke is no shame, 
Especially since you already came.

So, take a look through these racks --
Take what you need and so desperately lack. 
Maybe you'll find some comfortable tops
In my packed Second-Hand Shoppe?

The Noblest Noble Ruki
by Sugarypixiestix2

His crib was pure white gold,
with rubies topping the mould.
The first Petpet he ever owned
was a Royal Ukali that groaned.

Each one of his wants and needs
were cared for without things that did impede.
As he continued to grow older
he began to be visibly bolder

In his taste and his demeanour,
which was couture and cleaner.
Only wearing lavish silk robes,
designed to be as fun as snowglobes.

You'll never catch him unkempt,
or being indolent and with contempt.
Every day his shoes get shined --
this keeps him feeling refined.

Even kings ask him for advice
on how to look and act so nice.
Proudly, the Ruki will give tips,
which he writes down in scripts.

The Twisted Tales Of The Mutant Ruki
by Dr_tomoe

When you think upon it,
mutant 'pets have it rough;
their eyes are all over
and their fur isn't soft.

As one Ruki discovered
in their mutated way,
they put their story in print
so we could read it today.

The author is unknown --
the only thing we know
is that they were born a mutant Ruki,
no transmogrification potions on this go.

Twisted Tales Of The Mutant Ruki
is the title of this tome,
a fitting book to read out
or for a quiet night at home.

The tale of his life is twisted
from experiences he's lived,
from fitting in the Haunted Woods
and admitting the Lost Desert is too arid.

The encounters and meetings
go from interesting to surprising,
as a mutant Ruki's life
could be so amazing.

The end of the book tells the line
which, when it is read in full,
lets you know that when you're mutant
life is never dull.

Merry Early Christmas
by Chavo_guerrero

The Christmas Ruki raised his head
And gave a tiny sigh.
Christmas was so far away
He felt that he could cry.

It's different for the other shades,
The colours red and white,
Pirate, mutant, Maraquan, or grey;
They always feel just right.

But a Christmas 'pet needs holly,
And the celebrations full of fun --
The snow that sleeps upon the ground
When we've said goodbye to sun.

This Ruki felt discomfort
At his colour all year 'round,
When it's not winter, Christmas pets
Often end up in the pound!

Then he heard some bells ring
From somewhere quite close by,
Someone called his name out
And he gave a dazed reply.

Suddenly, into the room,
Burst several happy friends,
Carrying tinsel, stars, and lights,
And other odds and ends.

They handed him some presents
Wrapped up in bright red bows,
"Merry Early Christmas!" they yelled,
Wearing festive, pretty clothes.

"But how did you know?" the Ruki gasped
When the party was in swing,
"How did you know I needed this;
I wanted this whole thing?"

"Because you're our friend," the others replied,
"And we knew just why you felt bad.
We wanted to make you feel happy,
You looked so terribly sad."

Thus, the Ruki was merry
With Christmas come so soon,
Even if it only lasted
That special afternoon.

The Brown Ruki Morphing Potion
by Martia_elior

“I am bored!” Saleicha complains, and then, 
“I don't like my appearance anymore!”
Looking at her own reflection again and again.

She loved being a stealthy Krawk before,
But something made her change her mind.
That's why she's going toward the main door.

“Let's see what Kauvara will be able to find
To change my claws and my narrow snout;
I still want to feel like I am one-of-a-kind!”

So, she puts money in her purse and goes out,
Directing her steps toward the Magic Shop.
There she'll find what she wants 
Without any doubt!

Behind the counter, Kauvara serves non-stop,
Trying to satisfy every customer's request.
She wears a pointy hat with a star on the top,
A black cape and a starry, light green vest.

With a gaze, she's able to get what the Krawk
is looking for. “Is it something 
About your crest?”

Saleicha nods. “What do you have in stock?”
She asks. “A Brown Ruki Morphing Potion
Can interest you, I think,” replies the warlock.

“It will cost you 12,000 NP. It's a real bargain!”
Saleicha thinks about it for a bit, then agrees.
“Becoming a Ruki sounds like it'll be very fun!”

She tosses off the potion and everyone sees
How graceful and elegant a brown Ruki can be.
She now has a pair of antennae, 
Very large eyes,

Two thin arms, four legs, 
And a tough plated skin.
Saleicha leaves the Neopoints on the counter
And exits the door happier 
Than she's ever been.

So, Happy Ruki Day 
To every brother and sister!
And, if you thought of how you would look like
If you were a Ruki, 
It's a good day to find the answer!

Acrostic Haiku For The Ruki
by Scouting

Rustling under sand,
Up rises his tough pincers,
Keeping watch till night.

Insightful Anshu,
Remember the ship's healer?
Unfazed, he strives on.

Keep in mind Jurin!
In-born fitness and true strength,
Respect from the crowd.

Unused hats or shoes,
Keen to pass to the Ruki?
In Second-Hand Shoppe!

Rukis do behave,
Using Ruki Legends well,
Knowledge to the young.

Indeed, we should say,
Rukis are adventurous,
Ultimate warrior!

Keying their places
In Neopia's history books,
Rattling their hard claws.

Under their hard shells,
Kindness, warmth, and cheer resides.
It is the Ruki.

The Remarkable Ruki
by Milestrong

You and your 'pet are hiking
Along the steep mountains of Shenkuu,
When, suddenly, he gets Achy Head!
Oh no! What are you to do?

A passing yellow Shoyru
Wielding a long, sturdy spear,
Says, "You should bring him to Anshu
And you will have nothing to fear."

You ask him for directions
And he points to you the way,
Around this mountain and across this bridge,
"Be careful not to stray!"

You pick up your sick Neopet
And carry him on your back.
You rush to where the Shoyru pointed,
Running along this old dirt track.

In almost no time at all
You arrive at the place.
You knock on the door
As your heart begins to race.

The wooden door slowly opens
And an elderly Ruki comes out.
He looks carefully at your 'pet
And says, "Achy Head without a doubt."

He asks you to come in
And lay your 'pet upon his bed.
He says, "I have just the thing
To cure this pesky Achy Head."

He grinds some black cherries
And prepares them into some tea.
He gets your Neopet to drink it
And your eyes fill with glee.

Your 'pet's feeling all better
Thanks to this Ruki named Anshu.
You stand up to thank him,
And he just nods his head at you.

Ode To Anshu
by Battlefreak420

The plane of desert sands
Casts a ruthless shadow over these lands,
Many a traveller traipses the desert, 
Thirst incessently nipping,
Sweat seeping from their brows, 
Constantly dripping. 

But from this beacon a hero grew,
Forever he reigns in infamy 
For all those who knew, 
The tale of Anshu, a Ruki so brave,
Countless lives he managed to save. 

Aboard the deck of The Cyodrake's Gaze,
When doom entrapped the vessel 
In a mid-storm's haze,
Although the ship's doctor was his job,
Legend has it that he navigated 
The crew from the murky fog.

Now, elderly in age,
Anshu works for a modest wage.
In the hills of Shenkuu he peddles his wears,
Restorative items to alleviate 
Whatever pain the costumer bears. 

When given time to dwell alone, 
For his mystical stamps he is known,
Amassed in books brimming in every design,
His collections prove to be 
Among the most fine. 

Nearing the yearly celebration of the Ruki kind,
Many a 'pet find themselves 
Pleasantly intertwined,
Relatives of Anshu, 
They hold their heritage proud,
And anxiously await to proclaim Ruki Day loud.

An Ode To Change?
by Jagaleigh

My new faerie Ruki with mauve-tinted wings,
Your species so marvelous I want to sing.
An inspiring creature! She just looks so sweet!
And now all my “Neo-goals” 
Feel quite complete.

But... what did I see after “customize,” “save”?
I’d gone to the homepage 
And quite nearly raved!
For, featured top right a gorgeous thing sat...
A wonderfully frilly, striped-painted KORBAT!

This pink-lined 'pets’ flight 
Was so awesome to see,
And her small yellow toes 
Seemed to curl up with glee.
How could I have been so Ruki-obsessive
When a Korbat like THIS 

So, shopping I went, 
And with new potions bought?
I changed my sweet Ruki, 
A hard lesson taught.
But still, my new 'pet was a winner, I found! 
That is, ‘til I took 
A short trip through the Pound.

I saw a 'pet staring with eyes wide and bright! 
The species? A Lenny! 'Twas love at first site.
“One more time” I said flatly. 
I meant it! But then?
I stopped and felt silly to be here again.
“Your 'pet was just fine, and still is!” 
My mind mused.
I smiled and I nodded, no longer confused.
The lesson I’ve learned I now pass on to you:
Love your 'pet how it is and...

The Lone Ruki
by Heartsnothaters

The lone Ruki
in her solitude
is often found
in a chipper mood.
She prefers to read
beneath a tree,
to soak up
new discoveries.

This 'pet has friends
like others do,
but is content
with those few.
Alongside other Rukis
this one's the same,
but no one seems
to know her name.

I see the lone Ruki
almost every day,
when my owner and I
walk down the plain.
Maybe one day
I'll find the strength
to approach her,
make her my new friend.

But, alas, this one is quite unique.
Perhaps, even, rather meek,
and so I give her 
the space she needs
and pass by the tree
where she calmly reads.

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