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Kacheeks: The Incredible Species
by Painted_dreams87

Kacheeks are truly amazing.
With their pointed floppy ears
and their long fluffy tails,
they have been around for years.

One of the original fourteen species,
Kacheeks have gathered a fan base.
Over fifty color choices to choose from,
you can pick one to take a special place.

Four avatars are graced with the Kacheek,
from default to Extreme Herder and
Kacheek Seek plus Kacheek Swim;
you can collect them all, it's grand.

Let's not forget the three most famous:
Eliv Thade with his never-ending anagram,
Albert who can't escape the doom,
and Samrin, who saves the Petpets in a jam.

As you can now tell,
Kacheeks are incredible creatures,
that's why they are so deserving
of a day to be featured.

The Darling Kacheek Clown
by Sugarypixiestix2

Birthday parties are his speciality,
they fit in well with his personality.
Having a knack for making others laugh,
especially when he poses as a giraffe.

In Neopia he is a very popular clown;
he hosts parties in most every town.
Just today he introduced a new act,
which made quite a positive impact.

The Kacheek had gotten a new Petpet,
who came out with him singing a duet!
It's a Birthday Warf who's got heart,
he's entertaining and is really smart.

Being a clown can be highly demanding,
but this Kacheek is just outstanding.
He knows exactly what a party needs
to keep everyone as lively as steeds.

This is one clown who is never sad --
even his favourite colour is plaid.
So, whenever he puts on his costume,
a smile rests on him like a perfume.

Helpful Hoka
by Dr_tomoe

You have to love Tyrannians,
They just want to help.
They might seem backwards or scary
When they make loud yelps.

Take Hoka, for example,
A Tyrannian Kacheek.
He might seem odd,
But he knows what you seek.

He helps the Island Faerie
With all that he's worth
When she left the Trading Post
for her vacation April first.

And, sure, he might not be able
To count higher then a thousand.
But think of how much you save
When that's all that you can spend.

And yeah, all the items to trade
Had to be made of dung,
But think of all the tales
Of dung that could be spun?

Now, Hoka spends his time
Back in his Tyrannian home,
Helping sell shiny things
That are second to none.

Just think of how helpful Hoka is
And you'll see he's hard to top,
Especially since his store
Made more room in the Gift Shop.

The Ballad Of Eliv Thade
by Rielcz

A Kacheek obsessed with puzzles
Of disordered words and rhymes,
He sat atop his castle's throne,
Engrossed in the sublime.

Hours he spent creating, solving
Anagrams, and what they involved,
Though one he was presented with
He found too tough to solve.

The Kacheek stared for hours on end
At the arcane and cryptic clue.
He realized he could not pretend:
Thade hadn't an idea what to do.

It was then that he decided
To document his "fun."
He released his book, "Grimoire of Thade"
And decided he was done.

He fell among the deluded,
The criminally insane,
Though he never could quite pass
Into the dead's domain.

Without solving that puzzle,
That disordered word and rhyme,
He still sits on his castle's throne
Engrossed in the sublime.

But he'll never solve that puzzle,
He knows it in his now-cold heart.
So, instead, he forces others (like Gilly)
Whom he knows lack the smarts

Into solving his anagrams,
He wants them driven insane,
So he's not the only one
For which wordplay was their bane.

The Ballad Of Baffington
by Rainerbug

In the glowing twilight of Neovia,
All is mostly calm.
The distant barks of Beulah
Echo 'round Baffington’s lawn.

Another day is ending,
But Baffington’s work begins,
He is never done with tinkering,
He is rummaging in his bins.

His special day is nearing,
When Kacheeks from near and far
Will all be ever-wondering
What he has made and placed in a jar.

Each year he has surprised them,
Each year they are amazed,
He has a funny system,
But he is rarely ever fazed.

He secures his special goggles,
He sets down to his task,
Many gears and levers he toggles
As he pulls a mirror from a flask.

He smiles as he thinks of the vaults
Where 'pets and their Petpets explore,
Kacheeks will have no faults
Using his Anti-Curse Projection Mirror!

Kacheek Flour
by Secant

In the shadows of the darkest 'dome,
Two opponents side-by-side;
One carries a mighty sword
And a haughty pride.

The other carries a duffel bag
(or a backpack; we can't tell),
And stands slyly to the right
Quietly awaiting the bell.

One-two! Three-four! 
The fight commences.
The crowd gasps with eager eyes;
How good are the defenses?

As the sword carrier begins his final move,
A sprinkle of glitter fills the room,
And as the gasps fade, laughter resides:
A Kacheek replaced the warrior, 
Transformation implied.

The Kacheek Of Imperial Exam
by Martia_elior

On the misty peaks of Shenkuu's mountains, 
near a very lovely and glistening waterfall,
there's often a long queue of Chias with buns,
Myncis and Bruces waiting for their call.

The Imperial Examination is about to start,
and all of them desire to be the best scholars.
They first have to prove that they are smart
and give the examiner the correct answers.

This inspector is an inflexible green Kacheek,
sitting at a desk full of scrolls 
and a bottle of ink.
His task is to decide 
who are the applicants to pick,
with a nod or a shake of his head, 
without any blink!

He wears a red robe 
with white cuffs, a blue neck,
and a big, black hat 
with two odd brims on the sides. 
Sometimes it can happen that, 
during his check,
he lets some unqualified scholars 
enter the gate.

It only occurs when 
he's tired and needs a break;
but there's a watchful guard 
right behind his seat
who carefully points out 
the Kacheek's mistake,
so he can avoid admitting 
other applicants who cheat.

If you want to give a hand 
to this respected judge,
just start a game 
and read what's in the bubble.
Be careful, though, because, if you misjudge,
you risk the green Kacheek 
to be instantly fired!

by Trubiekatie

I have to stop reading this
Or I might just go insane.
This book full of anagrams
Is too much for my poor brain.

The author went mad himself,
So he wrote this book instead.
It’s a collection of anagram puzzles
Written by someone now undead.

Ah, the great Eliv Thade,
Whose name is scrambled, too.
But, is it really “Evil Death?"
I hope that it’s untrue!

When I’m in the Haunted Woods,
I steer clear of this Kacheek.
It’s hard not be spooked
When his castle looks so bleak.

It’s right in the middle!
How can you get around?
Poor Gilly once sought shelter,
But she regretted what she found.

On this Kacheek Day, I do advise
That you stay clear of Eliv Thade.
You could try to solve his puzzle,
But me? I’m simply too afraid!

Kacheek Of The Dump
by Chavo_guerrero

Sometimes forgotten,
And often ignored,
This Kacheek who's called Charlie
Sure knows how to hoard!

He collects all the rubbish
At the Meridell Dump,
But those who've met him
Will say he's a grump.

He has not a bother,
He has not a care,
He really doesn't mind
The foul-smelling air.

He lives at the Dump
With his piles of dung,
And all of the rubbish
That others have flung.

There are flies all around him
And he smells quite "gone-off,"
But if you mention these troubles
Old Charlie will scoff.

He likes his strange lifestyle,
Though it's sure not for me,
But that Kacheek is so happy
Among his debris.

The Story Of Squire Meekel
by Flufflepuff

A timid peasant went about
His life in Meridell,
Tending to his stern lord’s land
And caring for it well.

No one expected him to be
Summoned to the king.
He combed his hair, entered the lair
Within the northern wing.

Apparently, the knights had seen
Along their dull patrols,
The promise shown by his hard work	
Out in the fields alone.

Such promises of fortune, fame,
Did Skarl give to the boy.
Enraptured by the future, his
Pure face lit up with joy.

Yet his eyes were filled with fear,
His want for life increased.
He’d best agree to Skarl’s demands,
Or he’d end up deceased.

And so the little Meekel trained
Like none had seen before
Or since. The king was pleased with him,
Eager to see more.

The squire was deemed prepared at last
And was sent off to fight.
No sooner had he stepped outside
Did he at once take flight,

Scurrying across the plains,
Clasping to his heart
The promise of prosperity
That would set him apart

From other knights. He’d stopped running,
But felt his small feet leave
The ground. The scared Kacheek looked up,
Promptly began to grieve

His own life that would terminate	
As surely as the claws
That clutched at him were real,
Which would lead him to their jaws.

The land he had once worked did shrink
Before his very eyes,
As two Skeiths that had carried him
Led him to a surprise:

The dank dungeons in Darigan’s
Citadel up high.
Peeking from a window, Meekel
Saw naught but earth and sky.

The confined squire looked back on
Skarl’s promise with disgust.
“Glory after victory's yours, 
So battle hard you must!”

Nowhere in King Skarl’s kind words
Had Squire Meekel seen
The possibility of being
Taken, but not seen.

As time went by, he learned to bide
His time and play a game.
Cellblock was, among inmates,
The way to build a name

Within the dungeon. So he played,
Seeing no point to games.
With time, though, Meekel found, with pride:
He’d gained a bit of fame.

Looking back, he smiled, wry,
Though weakened with neglect.
This kind of prison fame was not
What Meekel did expect.

However, being kept was more
Fortunate for him
Than being eaten. He thought, perhaps,
He’d keep on staying slim...

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