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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Ixi In The Battledome
by Dr_tomoe

Hurray for Ixi!
These 'pets from Meridell
are perfect companions
and are quite swell.

And, for their holiday,
we shall celebrate
Ixi in a special place
where battling is great.

Ixi in the Battledome,
their kind can win a fight,
so let us examine these Ixi
in the place where might makes right.

In the old days back when
Scarblade's crew arrived,
the Petty Crewmate was a challenge
that could prove tough to survive.

Soon, several years later,
two more Ixi would appear,
bringing new challenges
and a battle to fear.

The Roadside Bandit next,
bringing about thieves' tricks,
fighting for the guild, 
for control of the obelisk.

And the force that all
that are Awakened fear most,
a fearsome specter
much tougher than most.

A devilish grin and 
a fight unlike the rest,
going toe-to-toe with
the Ixi spirit, Death.

While their numbers are few,
the fights are quite memorable,
and being able to defeat them
is a skill quite commendable.

So, for Ixi Day, a challenge listed
for fighters far and near.
Remember the Battledome
and the Ixi victory cheer.

Strawberry Ixi
by Flufflepuff

A stately clop of her hooves, split
Down the middle, sings: A bit
About her home, but mostly gloats
Over her seeded crimson coat.
Her slightly furry coat, it glows
With red hues of a summer’s rose.
Her embedded seeds, the norm,
Create a round and juicy form.
She bows and shows her cap of leaves,
Its flowers the envy of thieves.
The same white blossoms grace her neck,
In a scarf that keeps her fur in check.

She, like her kind, maintains her horns,
Shiny, black, meant to adorn.
From these features, someone can see
Her proud Ixi identity.

She grins at her strawberry friends, 
Where she, with other berries, blends, 
Except on Ixi Day, where she
Ripens most ecstatically.

Commander Valka, Ixi Hero!
by Mechanicalwonderland

Commander Valka paves the way
For other 'pets to make Sloth pay
For all the pain and fear that he
Has brought upon the world.

His net is scattered far and wide,
His agents run and fight and hide,
But he's the master of it all
And fights for me and you.

With sharpened horns and armour green,
He scours the sky, an Ixi mean
Enough to lead the Resistance
To victory once more.

The Space Station is big and dark,
It's filled with gizmos, but that mark
Down near the window says "Take heart!"
For Valka's on the way.

One day the battle will be won
And they'll all get to have some fun,
But until then he waits to see
If Sloth will make a move

The Casual Ixi
by Sugarypixiestix2

He spends his time drinking tea,
sitting up against a apple tree.
While others are rushing around,
his days are relaxed and unbound.

A hipster is what he is called,
which always makes him appalled.
His daily tasks and his clothes
are not for others to presuppose.

The casual Ixi has a twin sister,
who annoys him like a blister.
He also has a Meowclops Petpet,
who is funnily named Baguette.

Being popular was not his goal,
but it's just not in his control.
Many try to copy his trendy style,
since it's so cool and versatile.

On Ixi Day he's hosting an affair,
that will be anything but square.
The invitations have been sent,
it's going to be quite an event!

Tarla, The Mysterious Ixi
by Superpepe

Tarla, the mysterious Ixi, 
is the owner of the famous 
Shop of Mystery located 
far high up in Terror Mountain. 

Her friends thought she was best suited 
to life in warm Meridell, 
and not on cold mountaintops, 
but she ignored their advice. 

When she first moved to her shop, 
she climbed up the steep mountains, 
not knowing that there were easy 
mountain stairs that she could take. 

Her shop sells items in blue bags, 
with a question mark on each one. 
She never reveals what's within, 
buy one if you want to find out. 

Try your luck and you might receive 
something that is worth rubbish, 
or if you have excellent luck, 
you could receive something great. 

She has one more important job -- 
that is to run the giveaways 
from the Neopets Toolbar alerts, 
where she gives things from her warehouse.

Shapeshifting Sinsi
by Kitstar1

There once was an Ixi called Sinsi,
She created a game so there'd be
A game of brain power,
That's less than an hour,
And still didn't make you miss tea!

Shapeshifter is the name of the game,
She says sorry for it being plain,
The game is quite fun,
If you don't like to run, 
As you need to use your brain!

The colours are all red,
Sometimes you will feel fed up,
This is because
You feel a great loss
When you have to go up to bed!

There once was an Ixi called Sinsi,
She created a game so there'd be
A game of brain power,
That's less than an hour,
And still didn't make you miss tea!

by Jayo289

He surely cannot be so bad,
So why does everyone look so sad?
He looks quite cute, you do admit,
That grin makes you want to submit.

You're not quite sure why your allies flee,
There's nothing wrong that you can see.
That Ixi might have a ghostly hue,
But with that smile, he can't be 'death,' too.

It isn't until you take a step ahead,
Amid the desperately screaming undead,
That you see just why he is so feared,
And you regret the moment he appeared.

This Ixi is truly a monstrous foe
As, in the smoke, you watch him aglow.
He defeats his enemies with absolute ease,
Crushing hopes of an obelisk seize.

The smirk that you had found so cute
Has left you feeling grim and mute.
What hope do you have of besting this beast,
Without first becoming deceased?

Instead you turn tail and run from the scene;
You'd much rather escape alive and clean.
You can't even stop to catch your breath,
As you admit defeat to an Ixi named Death.

Tarla The Ixi, Of The Shop Of Mystery
by Dortho

At the top of Terror Mountain, 
Tarla waits while business is slow, 
It's like that a lot, 
Since there is so much snow. 

From the window she watches
As the snow keeps falling, 
Neopets seeking fetches
and they just keep calling! 

Asking to open a surprise bag, 
with ties on them that do not snag,
Some are nicely surprised; 
Others cannot believe their eyes!

A packet of gravel may not be what they want, 
It's sort of like a random taunt, 
However, it may contain a "You Did It" card 
To welcome those traveling from afar. 

Neggitus Injection? Sounds like an OUCH!
But it might really help if you're sick on a couch.
Or just to take with you, whereever you roam, 
You could also set it up 
In the cupboard in your Neohome. 

A Broken Blue Fuzzle may look sad, you know, 
But if you take it to the Toy Repair Shop, 
Your avvie count has a chance to glow...
AND a new toy to play with and show! 

Tarla's Shop of Mystery isn't free, you see, 
But is a place to risk if you're hoping for glee, 
The mystery bags may unveil a hunk o' junk, 
Or something that just might be a clunk.

Some of the prizes MIGHT be nice as can be, 
From this certain Terror Mountain dwelling Ixi.

Dear Hanso
by Sheynacruz

It pains me so deeply to write
To thankless Ixi scum like you.
You're the last guy I care to see --
I'm sure the feeling's mutual, too.

How many times have I told you
To leave your thieving ways behind?
Believe me, with your current fame
Much better jobs aren't hard to find.

But you'll obey yourself alone,
My counsel falls upon deaf ears,
It seems that your shenanigans
Have gotten worse the past few years.

How many priceless relics have you
Snatched from each Qasalan road?
How many crowns and jewelled staffs
Have you stolen from my abode?

And, as of late, your antics have me
Torn between disdain and rage,
As we exchange verbal assault
On the Editorial page.

Time after time I run into you,
And each encounter gives me grief,
Sometimes I wonder what ill fate
Keeps me at the mercy of this Ixi thief!

Recall that Faerie Festival where
Our lives crossed for the first time?
Even then you were up to no good
Robbing those faeries -- what a crime!

It's hard to juxtapose this scoundrel
With the hero who saved the day.
Without you, all those petrified
Surely would have stayed that way.

Between our petty arguments
And getting on each others' nerves,
Perhaps, up until now, I've yet
To give the credit you deserve.

This better not get to your head:
Rascal you may be, it's true,
But under that saucy façade
I must admit there's good in you.

At any rate, Nabile and I
Send Brynn our very best regards.
And Hanso, if you don't behave,
I'll gladly send my palace guards.

Although I'm loathe to wish you well,
I do suppose it's only right,
To wish you happy Ixi Day...
So long as you STAY OUT OF MY SIGHT.

(Or at least till next we meet --
To hope for more would be absurd.)

With all due respect,
King Jazan III

The Inside Secret
by Phadalusfish

She stopped on the steep, snowy ledge
Between the Ice Caves and the mountain,
And surveyed the scene. Most everything
Looked exactly the same: white and cold.

Tarla tried to catch her breath,
But her Meridellian Ixi form found itself
VERY unaccustomed to the rarefied air
Of these spiraling altitudes.

To distract herself from the biting wind
She began to think. She knew her goal:
Open a shop, but she still had to decide
What kind of items it would hold.

More importantly than that, though,
She had to create a VERY compelling reason
For the other inhabitants of Neopia
To make the same journey 
That she was making.

Petpets. Neopets love Petpets. She would
Hand pick some Petpets, only the funnest,
And set up a little playpen for them
In the back corner of her store.

Rainbows. Neopets love rainbows.
Some furniture, to brighten the stark whites
Of the Terror Mountain landscape,
And maybe a Battledome weapon to match.

Slushies. A local treat. But, Tarla thought,
She didn’t want to stock too many.
There was already a Slushie Shop. She
Didn’t want to step on any toes.

Some of her favorite things, too.
If they didn’t sell well, Tarla thought,
She could just take them home with her
And enjoy them herself. Not so bad.

But what else? What could make the shop
Truly Tarla’s? And then it occurred to her.
Suddenly, as if it had fallen from the sky
With the snow into the Ixi’s mind:

She would make her merchandise VERY
Random. Bags. She would need velvet bags.
To make things interesting, she would
Need items that no one wanted.

She would also need items that EVERYONE
Wanted. A paint brush. That was it.
She would add the Speckled Paint Brush
To her inventory list. But what else?

There were plenty of places Neopians could
Pay a little and hope to get a lot:
The Wishing Well. The Alien Aishas'
Vending Machine. Why come here?

Because, Tarla thought, I will have
A few items of my own produced!
Things you have a random chance
To get when you buy from my shop!

In demand things, of course.
A gourmet meal prepared by me.
A plushie version of me.
A few toys in my likeness.

Oh, and a book. Of course, a book.
And then the whole trip, up the mountain,
To the shop, the risk of getting junk...
It could all be like a grand adventure.

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