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An Ode To The Wonderful Acara
by Auraichadora

It's here at long last,
The lovely Acara Day,
I've been anxious since the start of June,
And, between you and me, 
Been planning since May!

You're my absolute favorite,
Although some can't see why,
But I say: look through Neopia's history,
Go on; don't be shy!

Many great Neopians are Acaras,
Such as Roberta, the sorceress princess,
Then there's evil ladies 
Like Ylana Skyfire and Vira,
And finding the statue 
Of protector Fauna isn't hard to miss.

There's the mysterious Hurok, 
And traitorous Masila,
And for those Altador Cup fans, 
I'm sure you've seen
On Moltara, Tulah Kisner's red-hot moves,
And Maraqua's Elon Hughes's ball-stealing; 
So good, yet so mean!

Of course, there's more than just these Acaras;
After all, I could go on and for days
About all those that made 
The pages of the Neopedia,
To the shopkeepers of Neopia 
And how they help in many ways.

Today is your one special day,
For all Acaras to unite and celebrate,
I'll be joining the festivities,
And likely lose my head in it, at this rate!

So, enjoy your Aquatic Festival,
Get enough memories, relax, and feel great
Since, after midnight, the day is over,
And another year is a long time to wait!

Vira The Vain
by Kaddiez

Malice lurks within the shadows,
Whispers touch your heart.
Wishes twisted by the darkness
Break your will apart.

Greed is such a foul thing,
To make the bearer blind.
It bends into a wicked specter
And latches on the mind.

Wants coveted and asked for
Tend to fall upon deaf ears;
But to reach ones with malevolence
Will bring to light your fears.

Beauty lies in the beholder,
But true beauty cannot be seen.
Such an ugly soul
Would not be hidden by anything.

Hollow eyes, wings outgrown --
A monster so despised.
No trace of an Acara left
To reflect what laid inside.

Careful what you wish for, 
For you may never be the same.
Seekers of the trivial 
Need only heed Vira the Vain.

Ode To A Mutant Acara
by Botamius

Curved, menacing horns 
Signal they are much more than
Ornaments -- rather, weapons
Sent through space and time
To warn your enemies that
Being mutant does not mean
Being wrong or worthless,
Since your bright blue eyes
Carry piercing hope sharper 
Than any blade of diamond, 
For your eyes and dark pools of 
Midnight-blue mist were made 
From tears, the cries of all the
Mutant ones who have endured 
Judgments and insults because they
Are not conventionally elegant like
Delicate (but fragile) faeries.
Their sufferings but bravery, to 
Continue walking mighty without shame,
Fuel the energy to forge your armor, 
With which you proudly show 
Neopia that, to look down upon mutants,
Is only a matter of opinion.
But a heavy opinion with consequences.
I believe you fight for all of us --
The creatures forced into shadows and
Forgotten alleys -- and thus, making the
Heart as tough as it is tender.
Is that why you raise a single paw, 
As though either to swiftly strike 
Or to kindly shake my hand?

An Inspiring Acara Nurse
by Sugarypixiestix2

She works non-stop around the clock,
dressed in her white hospital smock.
Tending to her patients with care,
not mattering who they are or where.

The Acara nurse will help cure you,
even if you have a case of Neo Flu.
For her job she needs to be tough;
sometimes a patient can be rough.

But knowing being sick can be awful,
she'll be right there with a waffle.
Breakfast is her favourite to serve,
as it does help you calm your nerve.

The Neopian Hospital gets an uplift,
when the Acara nurse goes on shift.
Other nurses go to her for advice,
which she gives them without vice.

Working tirelessly into the night,
still staying on task and polite.
Greeting you with a sparkly smile,
you'll be okay if she has your file.

Fauna, Hero Of Altador
by Icyowl

The Gatherer of Altador,
the fairest Acara of all.
When a Petpet needs aid,
she is always on call.

No one has a kinder heart,
or a gentler hand.
She is known for her patience,
all throughout the land.

Her eyes are always warm,
her smile is always bright.
In the darkest hours,
she brings the world light.

Oh, gentle Fauna,
the fiercest beasts you tame.
Your endless kindness
has brought you great fame.

You shall remain
in our hearts forevermore.
For, there is no kinder
Hero of Altador.

Vira The Vile
by Dr_tomoe

There once was an Acara,
she held great beauty,
and all would say that
she was a sight to see.

But, the thing about looks,
and is true of all beauty,
is that at its darkest it
turns into a sin-like envy.

This fate was hers as well,
the poor, unfortunate Vira;
she wished for so much more,
and tragedy befell the Acara.

Her looks were taken and she
became a horrible, ugly monster.
Her mind lost to evil, and now
she is a terrible, cruel creature.

All that is beautiful,
all that is pretty,
Vira will destroy it
out of sheer petty.

She quests to destroy all
that is more beautiful then she,
which, considering her now,
is quite a lot, you see.

But let this be a lesson
to those who are vain.
Don't be like Vira --
it only causes pain.

You Will Always Be Mine: An Ode To My Acara
by Rielcz

Oh Meka, you're fantastic,
Truly one of a kind,
From happy to sad to sick,
You will always be mine.

Whilst playing in the water
Or just keeping you in line,
You are my eldest "daughter," 
You will always be mine.

Choosing your customization,
Finding clothes so fine,
It fills both of us with elation --
You will always be mine.

I purchase a Green Acara Plushie,
We admire its design.
Like you, it's crafted splendidly... 
You will always be mine.

After an epic day of play,
Perhaps, at kelp, we'll dine.
At this point it's almost needless to say:
You will always be mine.

As we watch the sun set low,
There's one thing left to do, one more.
I hug and tell you -- though you know --
"My Meka, you I'll always adore."

An Acara Named Whirr
by Flufflepuff

The Space Station is not a place
Where all Grundos can be,
Released from labor under Sloth,
Allowed to wander free.

The minions of Sloth, they quarrel not
Regarding endless tasks.
For there is one, without question,
Who does what Grundos ask.

A strange metal arrival helps,
Clinking on red paws.
A bluish sheen runs through its case,
Down to its hingéd jaws.

This alien of metal is
Not hostile to those enslaved.
Rather, it lifts, and jumps unscathed
Through dangers few would brave.

Sloth passes by, ignores the thing,
This trinket without worth.
The Grundos see its friendship, though,
Of which there was a dearth.

At night, the hearts of workers cry out, 
Their wishes unappeased.
The Acara Robot stays close by,
Setting their minds at ease.

The friend of the Grundos beeps happily,
Without disputes or fur.
Life’s better on the Space Station
With the Acara named Whirr.

Mistress Of The Doublecross
by Dragonstorm_75

A crafty wind preys on the night,
It snares her cloak and mind alike.
But sooth -- two shadows take to flight,
She follows both with care and spite.

The shadows touch the Acara’s paws,
Then coalesce into willing pawns.
One is great of girth and claws,
The other a whip of doubtful cause.

Masila laughs and sweeps them tight,
Into her treacherous embrace.
Dear Kanrik sole has her delight,
While thief-lord Galem is her bite.

But, if shadows dare to break
Away from her covert designs, 
Then let them tremble, let them quake,
She’ll leave them ashes in her wake....

Ode To The Mistress Of The Scrollery
by Appajak

Acaras are quite marvelous creatures,
But none can match Roberta's fine features.
With brains and beauty 
She hands out her scrolls,
For words are much wiser 
When they have to unroll.

A scroll of lightning, a scroll of despair;
A scroll of the moon, a scroll of the air;
A scroll of sadness, for to those 'pets pout;
A scroll of nova to bop foes on the snout.

Roberta herself hands out all of these,
They're simply divine (with reasonable fees),
She's never satisfied, she always wants more,
Until she has scrolls rolling 'round on the floor.

She's clever as clever, as cunning as a cat,
She's the smartest in Brightvale 
(Don't tell Hagan that!).
She's generous and wonderful 
And always so pleasing,
Now, surely, this praise deserves 
A free scroll of freezing?


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