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Petpet Appreciation Day
by Asparagation

I decided to purchase a Petpet,
The first one I had was a Meepit,
All it does is sit and stare,
I decided not to keep it.

I later sold it and bought a pet Rock,
It turns out they're really quite boring,
I tried to have a good talk with it,
But ended up asleep and snoring.

I realised I needed a more interesting Petpet,
One that wasn't creepy or a fool,
I walked out of the store 
With my brand new Bowla,
Repeating to myself that bowties are cool.

I discovered we had no spare light bulbs
When my lights went off again,
I scampered around trying to fix the fault,
I'm lucky my Petpet was a Filamen.

Out for a walk, I wanted a new Petpet.
In the distance I saw a stray Slorg,
I followed it all through the Haunted Woods,
Accidentally chasing it towards Florg.

So, whilst your Petpet might be creepy or weird,
Don't try to sell it, that's a mistake.
Learn to love you Petpet's slimy trail,
For today's the day we appreciate.

The Best Petpet?
by Dr_tomoe

The debate rages on
from sunrise till sunset,
to decide once and for all:
what is the best Petpet?

"Meepits!" some say with
fear in their voice,
knowing those creepy Petpets
will appreciate that choice.

"Candychans!" others protest,
and while quite niche,
they tend to be reserved for only
the super-rich.

"Kadaoties!" some might declare,
and you know they're not lying,
but who could put up with all
of that constant crying?

"Snowickles!" They have their fans,
and they hope that you'll learn
the joy of caring for
a frozen ice worm.

The truth is, there's no right answer
for the best Petpet, you see.
The best Petpet is the one you want,
even if it's a Plumpy.

So, choose for yourself
the color and choice,
and then, to the discussion,
you can add your own voice.

A Sturdy Petpet Cage
by Sugarypixiestix2

I need to buy a Sturdy Petpet Cage,
since my Ixi has gotten in a rage.
Her Petpet Jinjah is running away,
and she's unable to keep him at bay.

He wants to go off to Jelly World,
the land that no one has unfurled.
We tell him it is not a real place,
but it just leads us up to a chase.

Discovering it is his ultimate goal,
even if he has to dig down a hole.
My only option left is to cage him,
so he can't run off on another whim.

It'd only be at night when we sleep,
hopefully, once I do, he doesn't weep.
My Ixi only wants to keep him safe;
also, her hooves are tired and chafe.

Off to Petpet Supplies I walked to,
though I did wish I could have flew.
It's far but it was truly worth it,
now her Jinjah is not able to split.

A Rainbow Of Quetzals
by Dianacat777

See the Petpets celebrate;
Their special day draws nigh!
Yet a certain species, I must praise;
The Quetzal’s caught my eye!

These little snakes are friendly things
That hail from Geraptiku.
They’re happy, cheerful, playful pets --
The perfect friend for you!

Quetzals have beautiful feather crests
That bobble to-and-fro. 
Their dappled hides are stark and bright, 
In all shades of the rainbow!

First off is common, normal red;
A brilliant sunset hue.
Or your Quetzal can roam about in style
In a lovely ocean blue.

Green, to skulk across the grass
And wind through forest vines,
With dappled streaks of lovely yellow
So sunny and divine.

Royal, with her jewels so bright
And lovely braided crest.
Mutant, a certain kind of charm;
Two heads are just the best!

Darigan, a loyal protector for your 'pet,
To stand by in thick and thin.
Maraquan, to swim the seas
And explore by crest and fin.

Quetzals come in many sorts,
All wonderful in their own way.
Adopt one now and make a friend
On this Petpet Appreciation Day!

Dear Pickles
by Comawhite333

Dearest Pickles, 
My Petpet friend,
You've alway been there for me.
Your companionship is uplifting,
As is your loyalty.

Remember the day
When our owner left?
For six hundred days
I silently wept.

But you were always there
To pull me through,
You brought me great joy
When all seemed so blue.

When she came back,
I was untrusting at first,
I just knew my happiness
Would someday burst.

She would leave us one day
And would never return,
I'd become bitter again,
My anger would silently burn.

In time, I've decided
That would not be the case.
For I have you, dear friend,
Not even she can replace.

So, I'm going to use this opportunity
To say I love you.
With Petpet Appreciation Day here,
I owe this to you.

Water Moltenore
by Flufflepuff

The Water Moltenore, he glides
So far away from home.
The rocky depths of Moltara 
Are no longer his own.

The strangest combination 
Of water and Petpet, 
Who's born and raised in fiery clefts --
It's an intriguing set.

After turning into water,
He leaves for home and beams.
Alas, the Water Moltenore,
With searing heat,  makes steam.

He finds a place that welcomes him,
So foreign to his kind.
In watery Maraqua,
True happiness he'll find.

Among the Dartails and the Noaks
Will he experience 
What just wet Moltenores can:
A color that makes sense.

Peopatra's Petpet Stall
by Chavo_guerrero

Come one, come all, to the Petpet Stall,
In Sakhmet's golden sands,
Gaze in wonder, gaze in awe,
At the best shop in these lands.

Inside you'll find the shopkeep,
Peopatra with her wares,
She always takes in the homeless
And give them all her cares.

No lost Petpet from the sands
Would ever hesitate
To follow Peopatra home,
For many it's their fate.

She gives them love, she gives them care,
And when their health is full,
She finds them all a loving home,
That isn't mean or dull.

So, if you're looking for a Pyon,
Or a Sunutek or Nuk,
A Khamette or a Grackle Bug,
Why don't you take a look?

She'll make sure that you find
The perfect one for you,
It doesn't matter if you're a Xweetok,
A Lupe, or Blumaroo.

So, come on to the Petpet Stall,
And I promise you will see,
The bestest friend you'll ever find,
For just a modest fee!

Seasons Of Petpets
by Tabascosoup

There is a chill in the air,
Snowbunnies hop over snow,
With a dramatic flair
Raindorfs slip and slide on the ice, 
Polarchucks enjoy warm dishes with rice,
Feifs start to look for a spare leaf,
It's truly a cold winter's day.

Months later, the snow melts away
(Courtesy of a Baby Fireball named Ray),
Kaodoaties come out to play,
Turmacs roll and slide down a hill,
While tired Doglefoxes search 
For at least a tiny wind chill...
It's a beautiful day of spring.   

Angelpi begin to use their wings,   
Baby Blu splash around in the sea,
Goldies do the same thing equally.
Krawks begin to hatch,
Symols start to attach to their holes,
Summer is here,
And it's nearing the end of the year.

Spyders love this season dear,
It's truly that time of year,
Feepits and Meepits 
Start to store food for the cold,
While Cyodrakes and Khonsus 
Begin to prepare for holidays of old.
Orange, red, and yellow leaves 
fall on a Meowclops,
And Autumn has begun to start and stop.

Seasons will change;
The Petpets enjoy each one.
It never stops, it will never be done.

Hungry Dieter
by Trubiekatie

Up atop that mountain,
Where it's frigid to us all,
There's a cute Polarchuck
Who is both mighty and so small.
He is known as Dieter,
And his name makes me laugh.
If you know him not,
I'll explain on his behalf.

He stars in Snowmuncher,
A game where he eats!
Chomping down on snow blocks,
Hoping to uncover treats.

They could be extra time,
Or that famed Bloat-B-Gone.
The more he finds of that,
The game will carry on.
When he gets too bloated
He can't eat any more.
Losing all your lives
Will surely end your score.
He dodges those Snow Wurms,
After he's woken them from sleep.
Dieter can stay clear of them,
But only if he can creep. 

So, here's to Dieter,
The Petpet who can eat;
The one who favours snow,
And not that traditional meat.

The Sneaky Schnelly
by Silver_azalea

This shortened story
Begins with a Schnelly, of
Course, who is now lost.

You see, she wandered
Off from the Petpet shop, to
The Brain Tree nearby.

The Tree is napping,
Though, after collecting much
Knowledge this fine day.

So, the Schnelly did
Continue on with her hike
Toward the Fairgrounds.

“Schnelly, Schnelly!” called
A familiar Halloween
Cybunny’s shrill voice.

The Schnelly winced. She
Was not done exploring, and
Didn’t want to go;

Though she knew she would
Have to, otherwise the 'pet
Would involve others.

So, silently she
Climbed a tree and waited for
The keeper’s entrance.

From around the bend
He materialized, with
Paws cupped 'round his lips.

The Schnelly waited
Until he was right below,
Then fell with a *thud*!

The Cybunny, shocked,
Could only scream “Arg!” at this
Successful ambush.

Purring with content,
The Schnelly cuddled up in
His arms, looking cute.

Of course he could not
Remain mad at her for long,
And brought her back home.

And there she would stay,
Until the next time she was
Able to sneak outside...

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