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Bruno's Lament
by Crescendo

You were so handsome a long time ago,
Ev'ry word of this somber story's true,
Neopian history's tale of woe.

You had forever longed to be her beau,
Lily -- the Aisha you just longed to woo,
You were so handsome a long time ago.

Oscar ruined your chances with that one blow,
You were now certain of what you must do,
Neopian history's tale of woe.

A potion from Krawley to help you grow,
Morphing, DISTORTING -- your jaw came askew,
You were so handsome a long time ago.

Now a beast -- into a cave you did go,
Hidden from all 'til discovered by two,
Neopian history's tale of woe.

Sophie and Gilly -- Neovians owe,
But alas, Bruno, there's no cure for you,
You were so handsome a long time ago,
Neopian history's tale of woe.

Baby Gelert Bobblehead
by Mamasimios

Each day when I get out of bed
I seek my Baby Gelert Bobblehead;
I ask if it's time for me to dress
And he will nod a happy yes

I scoop him up into my palm
And carry him through my Neohome,
Put him on the breakfast table
And ask if I can have a bagel

The playful pup always agrees,
And I eat my bagel with cream cheese,
And when my breakfast is all done,
I ask him if it's time for fun

A quick nod yes and we are gone
To laugh and play all the day long;
I treasure my Baby Gelert Bobblehead,
The most acquiescent of all Neopets

Only once did he shake his head at me,
But we were out on stormy seas,
And as our craft rocked side to side,
I did agree it was a nasty ride

Each night as I lay down to sleep,
I ask him, "Will my dreams be sweet?"
And a gentle tap on his small nose
Guarantees my comfortable repose

Ode To The Smug Philosopher
by Dr_tomoe

You decided to challenge me
with your knowledge so grand,
with your hair in your eyes
and a book in your hand.

You said you had some stature
as a Gelert with the Seekers,
As you beat on some Order fellow
who was certainly much weaker.

I wonder why you entered the fray
as it seems so very opposite,
a philosopher in a war who
is looking for a fight.

You speak of Neopian nature
and to think of how we act,
as you crash through a Brute
with a satisfying splat.

And then, we met in battle,
You spoke of style and so,
But the Obelisk must be claimed by
the Awakened, just so you know.

And soon, you find that you wish
that you knew so much faster,
that philosophy and elegance are 
no match for my Ylana's Blaster.

The Gelert Who Remains Unnamed
by Blessed_faerie

A shadow lurks in the Haunted Woods,
It's the Gelert who remains unnamed.
He makes his living spreading sadness,
Wheel of Misfortune is his game.

Pay him one hundred fifty Neopoints to spin,
Around and around his wheel goes.
Close your eyes and hope for the best,
Because where it stops, nobody knows.

You might find sludge in your inventory,
Or your favorite 'pet might get a disease.
None of the outcomes are very good,
But spin his misfortune wheel if you please.

There's a chance you'll win a plushie,
Or maybe some Gummy Rat Stew.
More likely, you'll lose more Neopoints,
Or the Pant Devil will steal an item from you.

An avatar is the only great result,
But after they get it, many Neopians still play.
Although most of us don't like to lose,
Some people can't resist a gamble a day.

Head to the Fairgrounds to take a chance,
Make sure to keep your fingers crossed.
Try to avoid this mysterious Gelert's tricks,
And maybe your Neopoints and items 
Won't be lost.

Bruno's Diary: Page Nightmare
by Brittanyftw

Dear diary,

Today is my day of courage,
Even though I'm a little nervous.
I will talk to Lily with my head high!
Me? Talk to Lily? Oh... *sigh*

I go over to her and say hello!
Only to be interrupted by a rude fellow.
Oscar didn't like me speaking to her.
After a hit, again I will never.

Depressed and saddened, I am going home,
Until a blue Krawk comes from unknown.
"You want to be strong, I see it in your eyes!
Take this potion and look to the sky..."

I drank it fast and without haste!
Though it was lacking in quality of taste.
Give it to your friends and family, too!
With this potion there's nothing we can't do!

Huh? What's this? I feel kinda weird...
My body is morphing?!? What's going on here?!?
Oh no! The town! What about them?!?
That Krawk will know what to do once I find him!

He's gone! Where does he stay?!?
Little did I know he was very far away.
The town now hates me! What to do?!?
Reginald, get out of here! Sophie, you, too!

This is my mistake I must fix.
With the approaching mob, I'd better do it quick.
I'm all by myself with a town against uno.
All by myself for this Gelert named Bruno.

Graveyard Gelert
by Silver_azalea

I may be old and
Grey with age, my eyesight’s not
How it used to be.

Despite all of this,
Though, I still like many things
Most Gelerts enjoy.

I can chase a ball,
Or fetch a toy, just not as
Quickly as before.

I still love bones and
Meat immensely; perhaps a
Bit more so, even.

My floppy ears and
Spindly tail wag when I am
Very delighted.

Some things I do are
New, like resting more during
The day than the night,

Or producing a
Fragrance of wet dog and some
Decay when I’m soaked.

(All the more reason
For my owner not to give
Me a bath; haha!)

I am still myself;
I just have a few more quirks
Now that I’m undead.

So, this Gelert Day,
Please don’t run; I just want to
Be part of the fun!

Tandrak Shaye
by Chavo_guerrero

The sun glints off his catching mitt
As Tandrak stands in place,
He's watching close a Yooyu
With a smile upon his face.

The little Yooyu tries to feint,
Goes left instead of right,
But Tandrak knows its moves too well
And catches it outright.

With expert grace and timing
He throws toward the net,
The Yooyu rolls straight in, of course,
As fast as any jet!

Tandrak takes the time to grin
And wave up to the crowd,
A sly wink to the opposing team,
Who yell at him out loud.

But Tandrak Shaye just turns away,
His head back in the game,
If he's really wanting to impress,
He must score again.

Darigan Citadel's finest,
A Gelert of such raw skill,
He lives just to play Yooyuball
Because he loves the thrill.

by Dlandwehrs4816

A cunning, clever Gelert,
He’s the leader of the Thieves,
Collecting finest treasures
That his minions do receive

Laired on Terror Mountain,
Where seclusion is a must,
He hears all the latest gossip
And learns who he should mistrust

His thoughts wander to Kreludor,
Where a certain Usul thrives,
On adventures though enemies
Challenge whether she’ll survive

Now Neopia is fighting
For a bizarre obelisk,
And the factions send their minions,
They’re quite heedless of the risk

And so, Kanrik here has gathered
His most worthy thieving band,
For the hopes of glorious treasure
On Tyrannia’s plateau sands

But, although they’re quite determined
To make this landmark their own,
Kanrik spares a thought for Hannah
On adventures of her own

Gelert Of Misfortune
by Flufflepuff

Deep within the Haunted Woods,
Where lonesome ghosts do roam,
Lies a fairground and its goods,
But few would call it home.

A Gelert clad in shadow lurks
Around an eerie wheel.
Revealing nothing has its perks --
Nobody knows who steals.

The patient, crafty Gelert waits
For one with wheel to join.
His eyes gleam with the sealed fate
Of one-fifty coins.

He takes delight in seeing pain,
He chuckles at the robbed.
Gelert cares solely for gain;
He won't regard the sobs.

Where will this poor victim land,
For Gelert's happiness?
Sickness, theft, victim's tin can
Turned to a sludgy mess?

The box! A gift! Gelert must pay
With a Headless Von Roo.
He never guessed that he'd one day
Befall misfortune, too.

Poor Bruno
by Trubiekatie

That poor, poor Gelert,
It wasn’t his fault at all!
It was that sinister Krawk
Who started this whole brawl.

I speak of that dear Bruno,
Who hides in that cave.
That Krawk changed Neovia;
The situation was grave.

They all turned to monsters
From drinking that potion.
What was supposed to be good
Ended up causing a commotion.

Bruno was blamed,
For all the damage caused.
With all the town bickering,
No one stopped and paused.

With Sophie and Gilly,
Bruno helped free Neovia.
But he was left unchanged
With that mutant claw.

Go thank this noble Gelert,
Instead of crying shame.
He helped restore peace --
He’s not the one to blame!

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