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The Trials Of Silver Horn
by Kaibeau

Where fickle waters are yet roaming
Through the floodplains of the east,
Where daylight dies in golden gloaming
And wandering beasts succumb to sleep

There, in proud and ancient silence,
Silver Horn still holds his crown,
The Uni who stood to end the violence
Would not submit; would not bow down

The herds still pay him tribute
Across the eastern plains,
When malevolence trailed in pursuit
His fury came down like rain

He led them to peaceful pasture
Through risk and peril untold,
In prosperity he reigned thereafter
Silver Horn -- the adept, the bold. 

In its stillness, the land remembers
The thundering of his hoof,
As evening burns with crackling embers
The living herds are his proof

Where fickle waters are yet roaming
Through the floodplains of the east,
Where daylight dies in golden gloaming
Silver Horn's spirit still runs deep

Uni's Clothing Shop
by Dr_tomoe

There are many great clothes
for every 'pet to desire,
from a simple shirt to a
marshmallow hat on fire.

And today's Neopians have
this Uni to thank,
for the outfits they love
and clothes that are great.

The clothes shop shopkeeper
(Which some call Faboo)
is a Uni with style
and can give you one, too.

From simple clothes and outfits
to full out costumes and more,
you can find anything you need
in the Uni's Clothing Store.

A sheriff badge for a Kau,
a notepad for a Yurble to report,
and for Kiko fans out there
some nice, fancy explorer's rope.

A Werelupe Costume for those
who want to lurk the night,
or a costume of Kass
to cause a great fright.

You can find it all here
and more, don't you see?
At an establishment that's very
popular with fire faeries.

Uni In Wonderland
by Chavo_guerrero

Neopia is a treasure trove
Of story books and such,
So I would like to share with you
One that I like very much.

Uni in Wonderland is the tale,
About a Uni that was blue,
She went out walking late one day,
Because there wasn't much else to do.

Before too long she found she was lost,
And couldn't remember the trail,
But she carried on regardless,
Confident she would prevail.

She happened across a door of sorts
And boldly walked on through,
To find herself in Wonderland...
Whatever could she do?

She looked around in the dim, dusk hue
And wished she had some light,
A lantern appeared beside her,
Giving her quite a fright.

She wanted to know where she was,
And thus spied a map on the wall,
It showed her where she had come from --
Where she was now, and all!

It seemed that what she wished for
Would show up without delay,
And so, she closed her eyes and thought,
"I wish I had stayed home today."

And there our story ends, you see?
Because she had stayed at home all day,
And a lost and frightened Uni
Had never walked this way.

But if you enter Wonderland
Through a pretty wooden door,
Here is just some small advice...
"Be careful what you wish for."

kelp's Best Waitress
by Blessed_faerie

"Welcome to kelp," you hear her say,
"The Fish Special is excellent today.
I am sure you will love the food here,"
The Uni waitress is all smiles and cheer.

If you've never been to kelp, don't worry,
She'll help you order 
And she's never in a  hurry.
And when you've finished, she'll help you pay.
Last time I went to kelp, 
She had so much to say:

Start with a beverage, like Thornberry Brew,
Thornberries can be crushed 
To drink, who knew?
I also recommend the Seaweed Surprise,
Its glass is seaweed; 
You won't believe your eyes!

Next we have appetizers, 
The best is Pate A La Kelp,
If you're not sure what to have, I can help.
Personally, I like the Tropical Fruit Bowl,
But please be aware that it is served cold.

Ready for the main course? 
Go with Filet of Beef,
The meat is tender and easy on your teeth.
If you want to try everything, 
Get the Ocean Platter;
All our main courses are great, 
So it really doesn't matter.

For desert, we have 
Kelps Signature Ice Cream,
Our secret recipe is flavorful and smooth, 
Like a dream.
Chocolate lovers like our Triple Chocolate Shell,
It's so rich! Just a few bites will do you well.

Request the Uni Waitress 
Next time you're at kelp,
Don't bother with the menu, 
Just ask for her help.
Sit in her section and order what she suggests,
I guarantee you'll have your best meal yet.

I Want To Be A Uni!
by Fleur_411

I can’t take it any more,
I’ve wanted this so long, you see,
I’m tired of my current form --
I so want to be a Uni!

Beautiful, they truly are,
And they’ve got that cool horn,
Shimmery in the sunlight,
My head, it could adorn!

Now, I don’t care what color
Of Uni I become,
Green, island, blue, or white...
Or pink, like bubble gum!

Hopefully, Kauvara has it --
That one potion I desire,
A wonderful Uni Morphing Potion
If there, I’ll certainly be the buyer!

Some say that Unis are vain,
But I don’t think it’s true,
If I had that pretty mane
I’d be looking in the mirror, too!

So, maybe on this Uni Day,
My wish will finally be,
A Uni’s form will be my own --
Of these paws, I’ll be set free!

The Dual Uni
by Tealnova_dragon

Unis are vain creatures, they say. 
This day is to celebrate their primping ways,
And sleek manes all the way. 

But we forget, sometimes, 
That in our haste, we leave out the other Unis. 
Unis born with a heart for battle, not grooming. 
They choose bottles of faeries, 
Instead of bottles of product. 
They arm themselves with weapons, 
Instead of being armed with purses.  

They have contacts not of pink, or blue, 
But of flaming, dangerous red. Battle red. 
Instead of polishing their horn 
For a night on the streets, 
They sharpen their horns for a night of war.  
Instead of letting their mane 
Grow long and smooth, 
It's kept short and cropped. 

Whereas the normal Uni's hooves are smooth, 
The battle Uni's hooves are chipped and worn. 
Remember, ladies and gentlemen, 
As you walk among the party, 
That of the Unis you see, 
Excited and aflurry, 
Are not all there are. 
Remember the ones not vain and fashionable. 
Neopia's deadliest warriors.

Famous Unis Of Neopia
by Catglove

There may not be many
Famous Unis,
But the ones there are,
They are more notable
Than any other species!

The first would be the kelp waitress,
In her undersea home,
She works at the infamous restaurant
kelp, hence her name!

She gets to have her face on an avvie
(That's more than YOU can say),
She may be the most famous of Unis,
But why don't you be the judge?

The second is the Nightsteed,
The original one, that is!
He was a friend of Jazan's,
But got hit with a nasty curse

By day he looks quite ordinary,
But night is quite a different story!
He turns into a monster,
A mummy Uni, quite creepy!

You might not known of Nightsteed,
But I bet you've heard of her,
She is your friendly Pound Uni!

No one knows her name
(It might just be Rose),
But her face is quite familiar,
Why don't you pay her a visit,
And perhaps bring a new 'pet home!

My personal favorite is coming up,
A certain island Uni,
Her name starts with a "T" 
And ends with an "A,"
It's Tawnia the digger!

She sold a mask to a creepy Techo,
Who turned out not to be nice,
He used it to summon a hurricane
That nearly ripped Mystery Island in two!

But she stopped him just in time,
Saving her fair island,
It almost cost her her own life,
But luckily it didn't!

There are many more famous Unis,
And I'd love to list more,
But I'm out of space, ta-ta, au revoir!

Tyrannian Uni
by Flufflepuff

Graceless, lovely, horrid FLAP
Of pointed, dull brown wings;
The Tyrannian Uni --
Odd beauty, this one brings.

Behold, she sports a mane of cream,
A stiff-looking goatee,
Slightly crooked horn of bone,
Her looks tell cowards, "Flee."

Eyes of bright green survey all,
As cleft hooves strike the ground.
Swift glowing horn (a flash-- attack!)
In battle, makes no sound.

"A little dirt is no big deal."
Others are appalled,
The lack of care for her cream mane,
Not Uni-like at all.

Fearless, hardened, standing strong,
She seems extremely buff.
But is that her at Uni's Spa?
Hey, being tough... is tough.

Dinner Is Served
by Trubiekatie

I’ve come here for dinner,
I hope that you don’t mind.
This Scorchio has seated me,
Now, will you be as kind?

You are the best of waitresses,
And know the menu by heart.
For a first time kelp eater,
Maybe you’ll know where to start?

What sort of appetizer for me,
And the main course or dessert?
You’ve recommended the best,
I worry my belly will hurt!

Oh, kelp waitress, I am so full.
You kept bringing more food!
Your service was excellent;
To say otherwise is rude.

Those Fresh Oysters,
And perfect Filet of Beef,
Paired with Coral Cake,
The best dinner in the reef!

Thank you, dear waitress,
For the service done today.
I enjoyed a great dinner,
So enjoy your Uni Day!

The Best Job In Neopia
by Thisisbutterfly

The best job in Neopia
Is not running a store.
It's not refilling vending machines,
Or winning many wars.

The best job in Neopia
Is one that warms the heart.
It's where new owners and new 'pets
Get a new fresh start.

In the Neopian Pound, of course, 
One Uni heads this post.
When a lonely Neopet needs a home
The pink Pound Uni is our host.

Her bright blue eyes will greet you there,
Candyfloss wings outstretched.
And when you're looking to save a 'pet,
It's like a game of fetch.

She'll bring them all forward,
The lonely and forlorn.
She gently finds just the right match:
The 'pet your home will warm.

A red Lenny, a yellow Grarrl,
Snow Kougra or faerie Kau,
You never know what 'pets she holds
Inside her Pound right now.

One thing you may know for sure
Is the care and love they get,
While they're waiting for forever homes
From this special working 'pet.

Thank you, pink Pound Uni,
For your tireless, loving care.
Remember to thank the Pound keeper
Next time you venture there.

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