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Neopets Poems

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Blast Off!
by Trubiekatie

When you visit The Space Station,
Make sure to say hello
To the fastest Zafara out there --
He's, by no means, slow!

He stars in Super Race,
Racing against the clock
And that pesky Race Robot;
You’re in for quite the shock!

His spaceship is small,
There’s not much room to move.
If he falls behind the robot,
Watch him speed up and improve!

And, while he is racing,
Sloth is slowing it all down!
He plants those pesky ads,
Which cause us all to frown.

Sloth wants all the profits,
But I can’t see the race!
On this Zafara Day,
I just want to watch Ace!

Zafara Double Agent Plushie
by Thisisbutterfly

Both far and wide, Neopians
All clamor for the prize:
A demure, cloaked plushie
With beaded, shifty eyes.

A memoir of a mystery
In Meridell's dark past;
And for a price she will be nice;
Who knows if it will last?

Similar to her secrets,
Her plushie sells quite high.
Millions exchanged daily
For this fluffy, cuddly spy.

Perhaps she's for an avatar,
Or a place on a Gallery shelf.
Surely, this Zafara's purpose
Only she can say herself.

Her mystery's a far-off dream
For Neopians far and wide.
Only one thing is certain:
She is better on your side.

An Advert For Space Race
by Dr_tomoe

The great hero flies
Through the depths of space,
He's none other then Ace Zafara!
The great space ace!

Zoom through the stars!
Zip past the moons!
Defeat the Race Robot
Before he causes your doom!

Go! Go! Go! Ace Zafara!
Race through all of space!
He's the star of Virtupets' 
New game, the fun Super Race!

Play the hero Zafara,
Look at him zoom!
Also, please ignore Dr. Sloth's
Pop-ups of doom.

It's the popular game
Everyone wants to play!
Just ignore the Money Tree ad
Saying to donate today.

So play Space Race today!
Don't make Ace Zafara sad!
He can beat monsters and robots!
(Just not pop-up ads.)

Double Agent Retiree?
by Crystallus

Neopia has long wondered
about she who deftly plundered
the secret plans of Meridell,
which the Darigan Citadel
bought for a hefty price, indeed,
allowing our crafty spy to lead
a life of bliss, a life of pleasure,
full of comforts without measure.

What Neopia doesn't know,
where a soft, warm breeze does blow
on the shores of Kiko Lake,
in her hand a Flatfruit Shake,
her feet kicked up, her pose laid-back,
on the sand beside her shack
our Zafara spy reclines,
enjoys the pay-off of her crimes.

Though Meridell suffered defeat,
those Neopoints bought her retreat.
This double agent can't regret,
not a bit was she upset
about her role in its downfall,
because she knows that, after all,
to spy's as good as any way
to make your life and earn your pay.

Thusly does she spend her days,
leaning back upon her chaise.
To gossip she now turns her skill;
she does not need any more thrill
than having friends over for tea,
discussing neighbors with much glee.
Carefree, she now has her fun,
knowing that her hard work's done.

Toss In A Coin
by Esses_mom

There are so many others
Who are well known,
You probably don't know her,
She's often alone.

The Zafara Agent is daring
As she flees in the night.
Yet, she could not be trusted
Come morning light.

Then there is Ace,
Skill is not what he lacks.
Time is his enemy,
In Advert Attack.

We all know of Edna,
Who takes things too far.
Forever questing
To gain her avatar.

Kayla mixes and pours,
Trying to get it just right.
Will the resulting potion
Bring disaster or delight?

Forget about dolls, 
Or dance's Friday Night.
Blowing up bombs
She gets her delight. 

Yes, all of these Zaffies
You recognize by name,
My choice, you see,
Shies away from the fame.

Katara is lovely,
As anyone can tell,
She saved her brother Petro
By wishing at the well.

The Travelling Writer
by Aldurswolf

There once was a small young Zafara,
Her name, I'm afraid, I've forgot,
She did love reading books
'Bout kings, spaceships, or cooks,
And in each new tale her attention was caught

As she grew, our dear little scholar,
All of her studies she did exceed,
But when days would get rough
Or she didn't feel quite up to snuff,
She'd sit in a corner and read

One day she looked up and decided,
"I want to write stories like these.
I'll go through mountains and vales,
And I'll gather up tales,
For there's a new group of readers to please!"

So, she put on her cloak and her cap,
Threw paper and pens all into a bag,
Setting out for her journey,
She left in a hurry,
Though a few did think her quite mad.

Around Neopia now she does travel,
Recording legends, stories, and myths,
With a smile she writes,
'Bout faeries, pirates, and knights,
And considers each day quite the gift.

The Zafara Double Agent
by Catglove

She seems like
A perfect spy --
Sneaky, intelligent,

But she isn't what she seems;
A dark secret lives
In this Zafara's stone

Meridell was first...
Who knows where she'll strike next,
This cunning double

She sells her loyalty 
To the highest bidder,
One day she's good,
The next day she's

There are many other spies
(Some better than others),
But none can compete
With this master of

She's had to retire
Due to her popularity,
Her plushie is everywhere,
And also quite 

But if you ever
Feel a prickling
Up on your spine,

The Unique Biscuit Zafara
by Flufflepuff

Most biscuits become tough and stale
Soon after they've been made.
Not so the biscuit Zafara --
Her smooth contours have stayed.

Most biscuit 'pets have chocolate eyes,
Their treat-like selves complete.
Not so the biscuit Zafara, 
With eyes too blue to eat.

Most biscuit 'pets have chips throughout,
Or none to call their own.
Not so the biscuit Zafara
With ears and chest of brown.

Most biscuits are delicious, too,
Especially the rookies.
Not so the biscuit Zafara --
In fights she's one tough cookie.

Most biscuits seem to look alike, 
So which kind is the best?
Look to the biscuit Zarara --
She stands out from the rest.

Edna The Zafara And Her (Frustrating) Quests
by Blessed_faerie

Edna the Zafara sits in her tower,
She watches the clock 
And waits for Witching Hour.
It's the only time she leaves her home,
To fight any and all takers in the Battledome.

The rest of the day she's giving quests,
And seeing which Neopians do them the best.
The lucky ones get a special reward:
An Edna avatar to flaunt on the Neoboards.

But her avatar is very difficult to get,
Many questing Neopians don't have it yet.
They think and test and theorize and doubt,
Trying to guess what might 
Give them the result.

They're simply trying to do her a favor,
But one hundred Edna quests later,
There's still no avatar under their username,
And their User Lookup is looking the same.

On the boards, they write angry posts:
"We want to turn Edna into a ghost!"
There's even an "I Hate Edna" Pet Page,
Their anti-Edna rants are full of rage.

I tried for the avatar full of respect;
I even bowed down as I accepted her quest.
As I turned it in, what did I see?
The "Edna - Cackle!" avatar 
Was waiting for me.

She gave me the avatar right away,
So there's nothing bad I can say.
I love Edna and so should you,
Or else she'll turn you into a Zafara, too!

Kayla's Potions
by Pinkcrown123

Kayla's little potion shop
Lies in Meridell,
As you walk inside,
Kayla greets you with a "How-dee-do!"

"Welcome to my store,
I have potions galore!"
The Zafara yells,
"Freezing? Remedies? I've got it all!"

"Hm? Remember? TNT is hinting a plot! 
You'll need some good potions,
And those I've got!"

"Perhaps a Strength Serum
Is your fancy,
It's exactly what it says on the tin
And I brewed it by myself!"

Kayla pauses for a moment
to take a breath, 
and then she continues,

"What about a Sparkle Potion?
It makes you smarter!
It helps you plan out your battling strategies."

"What? Are you still not interested?
Then how about a Potato Potion?
I won't tell you what it does.
Try it for yourself...
Buy one, hun."

Kayla shakes her head,
"Come on,
Now aren't you stubborn!
Just buy something,

"Alright, alright, fine!
I'd like to try a Potato Potion."
You say,
Handing over some Neopoints, 
Curious to see what it does,

Kayla smiles with glee
And chuckles
She hands you
A murky, brown potion
And says,
"Drink it!

You plug your nose
And gulp it down quickly...
There's a loud POP
And Kayla laughs loudly.

"HAHA! Check the mirror,
You're a brown Kiko!"

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