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Kacheek Seek
by Secant

On a sunny day, clear and bright
I asked my Kacheek what games to play.
Kacheekers? Geos? Perhaps Snow Wars?
He shook his head and darted out of sight.

Oh, where did he go? Did I offend?
I wonder what the others will say.
A lost Kacheek, a Kacheek so meek;
Is this how the friendship will end?

"No, silly," a tiny voice laughed.
"You're supposed to find me, that's the way."
Aha, I see, it's a game! But I've
Searched everywhere, including the raft!

Under the beds, behind the door;
My little Kacheek has blended into the gray.
Perhaps I should give up, but wait!
I haven't checked the ground floor!

I found you, my friend, you little sneak!
And laugh and giggle did we.
Now it's my turn, count to ten,
And remember: don't you dare peek!

White Kacheeks
by Goah

There are many stereotypes of my kind
Not all are unfounded, I’ll give that mind
My closet is a small shopping mall
Choices abound getting ready for a ball

Dresses and wigs of all colors and sizes
My form hidden, I have many guises
Few have seen me sans pretty lace
Golden hues, glitter gloves, freeing grace

My fur is pure white, like fresh snow
Glittering, flawless and aglow
My coat compliments many colors
Endless hues, brightening wonder

That is the reason users covet
White Kacheeks by the hundreds
Especially for those who customize
Having one of me is advised

So now go ahead, adopt a Kacheek
Paint her white, oh so chic!
But have plenty of clothes prepared
Just to show her that you do indeed care

The Breadmaster's Diet
by Blessed_faerie

"Eata loafa breada day"
Is what you always hear the Breadmaster say.
Listen to him and don't fight,
He might just eat you with that big appetite!

He's invented his own diet:
No fruits or veggies, only bread--try it!
Stock up on his food; its not very far,
Head to his bakery in the Neopian Bazaar.

He makes all kinds of pastries;
His shop is the best of all bakeries.
For food that's made fresh each day,
His fee is really a small price to pay.

He stocks all kinds of cakes,
So on your birthday you needn't bake.
He even carries Lupe treats,
So your hungry Lupe will have a Chia to eat.

He's got cookies galore,
They can hardly fit in his store!
And unless you've had his baguettes,
You really haven't seen nothin' yet!

He can make 67 different kinds of pie;
On this new diet, 
they'll still take you weeks to try.
My favorites is his Borovan Cupcake,
All day every day, all he must do is bake.

After you've given his diet a try,
Take a look in the mirror and try not to cry.
Now you know why Kacheeks look so well fed,
It's because they're eating all that bread!

Not So Funny
by Trubiekatie

“Oh help, oh help!”
A young Kacheek cries.
“Judge Hog has been taken,
By that man we all despise!”

Alas, she speaks of one,
Who is feared all around.
He hails from Haunted Woods,
That creepy, creepy clown.

That cunning Mr. Chuckles,
He can cause quite a fright.
He practices his tricks,
Each and every night.

When Theme Parks went away,
Mr. Chuckles went insane.
Something’s not right,
Up inside that brain.

Now he causes havoc,
For Defenders of Neopia.
I wonder how he came,
To this ridiculous idea.

He’s evil to us now,
Not a happy clown.
Judge Hog would agree:
He’s currently pinned down.

So I challenge Neopia,
To save poor Judge Hog.
He’ll miss Kacheek Day,
And I know it will be great!

An Ode to Babolino the Kacheek
by Auraichadora

Every year, in the month of June,
When it's time to pick our Altador Cup team,
I choose the same one every year,
Faerieland – what a dream!

Every year, I cheer on my favorites
Delma, Ciona, Valtonous, and Kakoni
But then when I see Elbin Kroe,
I scoff – what a phony!

He's the odd one out,
And that's a fact,
We're missing another Faerie for the team,
Babolino the Kacheek – ah, that's who we lack!

Shift and powerful,
Babolino brought balance to the team,
Despite being small, he was full of grace
And held such high esteem!

But then came the fall,
The fall of Faerieland, I mean,
Then Babolino retired from the game,
And Elbin replaced him – I find it so mean!

I love Team Faerieland with all my heart,
So please don't get me wrong,
But Faerieland is full of Faeries,
And a Striped Shoyru just doesn't belong!

I'm sure Babolino has his reason,
And of course I hope he's reenlist,
But to this Faerieland fan,
Until then he's sorely missed!

*Kacheek* Need I say more?
by Esses_mom

Oh isn't she lovely
In her jammies and cap?
So sweet and so sleepy
She lies down for her nap.

As the Undead, he's
Quite easy to find.
You've now met pure Evil,
And hence lost your mind.

Rounding them up,
Day after day.
Escaping from Balthazar
He sure earns his pay.

He's always annoying,
Thrown pies block your view.
Take care to avoid them,
Whatever you do.

Once over the shock,
Of the size of *this* guy,
You'll find him endearing, 
Once bitten, twice shy!

So excited to show momma,
The treasures she'd found,
Yet momma accused her of fibbing,
For two weeks she was ground!

Searching all over
To fulfill Faeries' Quests,
He learned the hard way,
Now he uses GPS!

A Squire more sad,
You shall never see.
The Skeiths keep stuffing,
'Till he's plump as can be!

Flora and fauna,
Were his greatest passion.
Now he gathers for Esophagor,
Hoping for his compassion.

No matter the temperament,
From bold to quite meek,
Yes I love them all,
The glorious Kacheek!

Baby Kacheek
by Comawhite333

So bright and lively
With a small smug grin
With a giant head
And a tiny chin

The baby kacheek 
Grabs on to her feet
Rocking back in forth 
In her little baby seat

With a cute little rattle
and a beautiful crib
Small tiny bonnets
And a delicate bib

A dainty baby she makes
Out of all that is clear
Everyone ooh's and everyone awe's
At this sweet tiny dear

She's cuddable and soft
Squishable and lovable
Happy and energetic
Lady like and huggable

Unless of course you tell her no
Everyone knows that's not
The smartest route to go

That cute little face 
Will begin to turn red
She'll wail and wail
All attempts to calm her
Will ultimately fail

Do whatever she wants
Or else I pity you
For all the screaming
That child will do

Albert's story
by Darling25

If you haven’t heard it yet,
The story of a young kacheek,
Who was once a spotted neopet,
A dedicated gardening freak.

Albert had a dream in mind,
A famous gardener he would be,
Tending gardens of all kind,
Green miracles for all to see.

He found his biggest challenge yet:
He wanted Haunted woods to bloom.
A decision he’d come to regret,
Later in his days of gloom.

On the Albert’s first day in the wood,
He felt something grab his tail,
And he thought “this can’t be good.
My mission it will surely fail”.

The Esophagor had captured him!
A moment later Albert changed.
He’ turned Mutant on a whim,
It made poor Albert quite deranged.

He became the Esophagor’s only friend,
Forced to walk and look for food.
A mission without any end,
And without receiving gratitude.

Now Albert has another dream,
To be changed back again.
A simple request it might seem,
So why hasn’t it happened then? 

The Esophagor is not only cruel,
Full of loneliness and gloom.
He wants somebody to rule,
So Albert stays in his Graveyard of Doom.

Aramaoi, Biscuit Kacheek
by Agedbeauty

As Ara swung her sword,
Another wraith did fall;
A victory of sorts and yet,
She could never fight them all.

Though she fought ever onwards,
Her weapon heaving to and fro,
Only time would win this battle,
But how, she didn’t know.

Bravely the little Kacheek
Fought until her arm felt like lead,
But still, she never faltered,
And just fought on instead.

Wraith after wraith,
The enemies pressed on
Forcing Faerieland’s defenders
To fall back against the dawn

But Ara never waivered
And her sword cut many down
As Neopia’s greatest moment
Showed that courage would abound

Kharlos Kacheek
by Mamasimios

Kharlos Kacheek doesn't care
If he's accused of gluttony;
With joint of ham and turkey leg
He's on a mutton spree

Although he's often known to laugh
Kharlos will rarely speak;
His mouth is stuffed and that's enough
For this plus-sized Kacheek

He never stops to count the carbs,	 
Won't calculate the calories,
Indeed, Kharlos doesn't stress at all;
His life is worry-free

They say he spends most every day
Devouring pizzas and pies,
And now this friendly blue Kacheek
Has grown to enormous size

Kharlos is famous for his strength
But they say he could move faster;
His pace is slow and plodding
When he visits the Breadmaster

You might well ask what drives him,
Why Kharlos eats so much grub,
He'll reply it's simply practise
'Ere he signs up for the Food Club!

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