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Tyragh The Tyrannian Buzz
by Chavo_guerrero

Have you ever heard of Tyragh?
He's a Tyrannian Buzz,
I wanted to make a rhyme for him,
But I'm not sure what word does.

It turns out he's a fighter
For the Tyrannian Plateau,
He darts fast into battle --
He's anything but slow!

He spikes the enemy with his tail
And retreats a little way,
But the strangest thing of all, I think,
Is how hard Tyragh is to say!

Does it rhyme with blah or brag,
Perhaps it sounds like Argh...
Do you think that might be right?
Could it really be Tyragh?

I simply can't decide, and so,
I cannot write a rhyme
For this famous Tyrannian Buzz today,
Perhaps another time...

Buzz Dung Cone
by Dr_tomoe

We all know that Buzzes
are fans of tasty, sweet things;
that they can eat on the run
flying with their wings.

Honey is delicious
and not too smelly,
and if it existed
they would love some jelly.

And for the holiday that comes
for when we celebrate the Buzz,
we should feast in their honor
and have Buzz food, because

They have such good taste,
except for this strange one,
a treat they enjoy called
the Buzz Dung Cone.

At first it seems like
a normal icy treat, see
it even is covered in tiny
candy letter B's.

But instead of ice cream,
or even frozen yogurt,
a pile of dung is in the cone
right where it's plopped.

It's truly a nasty treat,
but take my advice, dude --
don't ever eat it, even though
it's considered a gourmet food.

There's much better Buzz food
that we can have today,
so take that Buzz Dung Cone
and quietly throw it away.

Buzz Honey
by Sugarypixiestix2

If you want a treat for your tea,
I suggest buying some Buzz Honey!
Besides this honey being oh so sweet,
You can buy it on every Tyrannian street.

Maybe you don't like tea but that's okay,
It also goes great with any breakfast buffet.
Try it on your toast or your waffle,
This honey cannot ever taste awful!

Buzz Honey can also be given as a gift,
And let me tell you their face will lift.
Because no one can frown from such a scent,
As if Buzz Honey had its own joyful intent.

Its shiny golden colour is almost magical,
Some say it's quite a gourmet botanical.
Stock up if you can, it will never expire,
Setting all your jars in a row to admire.

Honey cravings come more often than you think,
Best be ready for it or your tummy may sink.
It doesn't cost much for what it does,
Which is happy faces and a bountiful Buzz!

Hurry now and go get your own Buzz Honey,
Grab your Ixi, Gelert, and even your Cybunny.
It's Buzz Day, after all, which means celebration,
Afterward, perhaps make your own Buzz creation!

Chocolate Buzz
by Fleur_411

If you want something to eat,
But don’t know just what to get,
I’ve got something in mind, it’s a treat:
How 'bout a nice Buzz chocolate?

If you want something stronger,
For a bit more bitter of a taste,
You may have to wait a little longer,
But the Dark Chocolate Buzz will be great!

If you want to munch something sweet,
So sweet, it tastes just like a dream,
The White Chocolate Buzz you should eat;
It’s the color of new, fresh cream!

And if you want something in between,
Not too bitter, yet not too sweet,
The Milk Chocolate Buzz is what I mean...
This kind of chocolate should be your treat!

And maybe, if you really want to...
Because, again, Buzz Day has come to call,
You could take a box home to your Buzz,
But, first, try not to eat them all!

A Plushie Buzz Giveaway
by Indulgences

I got a Fountain Faerie Quest
A couple weeks ago,
I wondered what to do with it,
I simply did not know

I thought of painting something nice,
I wanted something new,
But then I thought of better things
I knew that I could do

I wanted something badly called
The Buzzin' avatar,
I'd use it on the Neoboards,
I'd flaunt it like a star

The Buzz itself, I'd give away
To someone like a dove,
A person worthy of my trust
Who'd treat my Buzz with love

So, give away the Buzz I did,
And avatar I won,
I'm happy with my lot in life...
My fun has just begun!

Lidel Is In The Game!
by Brittanyftw

Ducking left, ducking right.
Disappearing without a sight!
Making the score, opponents belittled!
By none other than Osielle Lidel.

A blue Buzz that takes flight;
Lidel is the first to the fight.
As the right forward for Terror Mountain,
His skills leak faster than a fountain.

"He must be good with his speedy ways!"
Says Tico Tems, who he replaced.
Since Y7, Lidel has paved the path.
If you don't watch out, you'll feel his wrath. 

Many look up to him as a figure,
Making his fan base even bigger.
It's said he will become a future superstar!
With his skills, believing that isn't hard.

He'll leave you to pick up dust!
And yes, it's his, if we discuss.
He'll score just as quick, too!
And then leave the other team confused.

Though, sad to say, you can get through.
His defense makes the crowd boo.
He's training to get better in games.
Who knows if he'll make it to his fame?

Aside from that, he's ready to go!
Coming in to steal the show.
Stay tuned to his real power!
Making the other team into cowards.

A Lesson Learned
by Blessed_faerie

There was a little Buzz who looked like a wasp
And lived on the fruit called Tigersquash,
Every morning, noon, and night he'd nosh,
Just one small bite and he'd roar out "Gosh!"

One afternoon the Food Shop ran out,
There was no more Tigersquash about,
The little Buzz started to scream and shout,
Then his mouth formed into a pout

After a long, hard cry
His chest heaved out a sigh,
And a twinkle appeared in his eye...
He thought of something he could try!

He walked to the the closest farm
And tiptoed in, so as not to sound the alarm,
He'd found a whole Tigersquash farm!
Suddenly, someone grabbed his arm...

Farmer Kau shouted out "Hello!
I could see you sneaking up, you know..."
The little Buzz stood up slow,
"I'm sorry! I was so hungry, though..."

"I understand, and I do care,
But stealing my Tigersquash isn't fair,
So next time ask and I will share,
Just please don't come and leave my fields bare."

The little Buzz agreed,
There's no sense in enemies,
From a very selfish deed
Sprung a good friendship, indeed.

A Fantastic Light
by Vltava

Cling clang,
Far away comes the sound,
Echoes in the caverns
As hammers pound

Drip drop,
Steam curls and drifts
And outlines the sign,
Bridging magma rifts

Whoosh, rush,
In the darkness, glowing orbs
Become a Buzz’s eyes,
Piercing as swords

Clatter, click,
A lamp for you today?
Beacons in rainbow colours,
A tiny globe to light your way

Glimmer, glitter,
A light for the darkest of places,
A glow for the deepest of caves,
Tiny suns in silver cases

Flicker, sputter,
Watched by Lampwyck,
Out the door you go,
Leaving his lights fantastic

The Buzz Avenger
by Shivvibum

Hiding in the shadows,
Untouched by the moonlight,
He silently looks for crooks,
But never within sight

Clothed in a suit black as charcoal,
With skin the color of beryl,
He will certainly make haste
If there is a whiff of peril 

Who is this baffling Buzz?
What is is name? From where does he hail?
Does it even matter, dear citizen?
He is a hero without fail.

Next time you are alone at night,
Remember, there is no need to be afraid,
Hold your head high if approached,
For the Buzz Avenger will come to your aid.

Lampwyck's Fear
by Sheynacruz

As lights went out at end of day,
Young Lampwyck's father used to say,
"Little Buzz, good night, sleep tight,
And don't let the Veespas bite!"

What seemed but an innocent jest
Put Lampwyck's courage to the test,
For, though the pitch-dark night grew late,
His childish angst would not abate

And ever-growing was his fear,
Of something evil lurking near,
He huddled under his bedspread,
Eyes tightly shut, trembling in dread

He feared the ghosts and the undead,
He dared not peer beneath the bed,
For fear of what might lie in wait --
He wished not to be monster bait

He thought he heard a Werelupe shriek
Not far away; his knees felt weak,
And oh, was that unearthly screech
One of The Drenched upon the beach?

His heart, his nerves were all aflutter,
He stole a quick peek through the shutter,
But a shadowy Usul prowling the streets
Sent the Buzz cowering under his sheets

For many more hours young Lampwyck lay there,
Until his annoyance replaced his despair:
"Oh, Fyora! What Buzz is afraid of the night?!?"
So saying, he got up and flicked on the light.

At once the room looked familiar and bright,
No Meepits could now lurk out of his sight,
And comforted by the smiles of his toys,
Young Lampwyck could doze like all other boys.

Still, up to this day he's frightened of darkness,
But now, in his workshop, he's no longer helpless,
The fight with his childhood fear has been won:
Now Lampwyck can sleep with all his lamps on.

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