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Neopets Poems

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Gnorbu Reasoning
by Sweetiepie044044

Although we’re not the oldest,
The coolest or the boldest,
Not the easiest to dress,
And we kind of lack finesse.

However, all those reasons,
Go out the window with the season.
Celebrating Gnorbu Day, 
Makes us a wonderful display.

I can say, without a doubt,
Gnorbu are the only species to go this route,
That, on our special day each year,
We end up being completely sheared!

So, maybe we’re kind of silly,
But think of this -- without us you’d be chilly,
Because, think about it for a minute: 
What’s that hat and scarf got in it?

Shyanna The Plushie Maker
by Dr_tomoe

Everyone loves plushies,
and how could one not?
They're soft and cuddly
and not made of snot.

They're so popular that
they have their own shop,
so other toys don't get ignored
and left out to rot.

But where do they come from?
Some would say from tycoons,
or from an evil factory from 
Dr. Sloth on Neopia's moon.

But no, those are mass-produced,
and while still good,
there is no comparison
to the ones by this Gnorbu.

Shyanna is a plushie maker,
the best of her craft,
making her plushies by hand
with just herself on staff.

Her dream is to make sure
that every Neopet out there
gets that one special plushie,
even if it's not rare.

She'll work till she's done,
even if she loses sleep,
to make sure that the plushie
turns out just great.

And once she's done
she starts working again,
as a plushie-maker's work
is never quite done.

The Wise Old Gnorbu
by Chavo_guerrero

Wise beyond my years they said,
When I was just a lad,
The brightest of the students
My teacher had ever had.

I studied hard in Science,
Astronomy, and Math,
Every question I received,
Was answered without wrath.

And as the years flew by,
More wisdom came with age,
I became "The Wise Old Gnorbu,"
Shenkuu's leading sage.

I chart the skies and watch the moon,
And speak what they foretell.
I teach my guests to do it, too,
In the temple where I dwell.

If they can impress me
And get the moon phase right,
I'll often give them a special prize,
To show them my delight.

Come along and visit me,
On Shenkuu's misty peaks,
Where we'll watch the moon together
And I'll teach you my techniques.

Princess Terrana
by Fleur_411

High in the mountains
Of the kingdom of Shenkuu,
Princess Terrana climbs rocks...
It looks as if she flew!

This brave green Gnorbu
Can always be seen,
From the icy peaks
To the hills, green!

If you want to help her out
You can always play her game,
Play Shenkuu Warrior, if you’re good
You can get a trophy and great fame!

So, if you’re looking for adventure
And a good time, too,
Head on over to Shenkuu’s mountains
And find this brave Gnorbu!

Derlyn's Bad Shear Day!
by Brittanyftw

"I'm forgetting something, something important.
What did I forget this fine warm morning.
It'll come back to me at no time at all,"
And she hopped out of bed, standing very tall.

Here at Derlyn's house... boy, what a day!
Little did she expect what's coming her way.
She found out soon when her head wasn't hot.
The deep, deep feeling of what she forgot.

"Today?!? Not now! I have to go practice!
It's hard enough with Zenor's crackups!"
How could I forget Gnorbu Shearing Day?!?
Oh... the end of this is very far away..."

She found out soon her head was bare!
She didn't even look for her lost hair.
But hair or not, practice calls!
It didn't take long before her teammates saw.

"I don't mean to be rude to you at all,
But can I pass out while holding the ball?!?"
Zenor giggled as he fell to the floor.
He was the only one laughing, his lungs wore.

"This shouldn't distract us, let's just play!"
Derlyn huffed as she turned away.
"I'm the barber and you're the customer, eh?!?"

Zenor fell to the floor, 
Once again laughing hard.
The team rolled their eyes 
As they tried to disregard.
"What a long day this will be..."
Derlyn said with no glee.
"Shearing Day... will you just end, please?"

Faerie Gnorbu Glory
by Indulgences

Faerie Gnorbu, float away,
Reach moon and stars above,
You're not a creature bound to earth,
The sky is your true love

Unfurl your wings, they shimmer so,
And open wide your eyes,
You're ready for a moonlit flight,
You're bound to fantasize

With pretty wings cerulean
And eyes of azure sky,
Your faerie self's a gorgeous belle,
One surely can't deny

Oh faerie Gnorbu, you're a dear
Whose coloring is fine,
Your attitude is pure and sweet;
You surely are divine!

From The Point Of View Of A Recently-Sheared Gnorbu
by Outonthehighway

I heard the loudest buzz,
and watched as all my fuzz
fell off of me and down onto the floor!

My thick, luxurious mane
is gone, though I complain
and cry beneath my owner on the floor!

He grabbed my by the scruff
of my exquisite fluff,
and shaved until I shivered in the cold!

It's tradition, yes, I know,
but outside, there is snow!
Why would they pick this month, when 
it's so cold?

My owner says, "Don't fear,
you'll have another year
to grow back all your warm and woolly fur!"

But me, I'm still so scared
here with my skin all bared.
I miss my lovely, snuggly, cuddly fur!

I wish things could be back the way they were!
I want my poofy, puffy, fluffy FUR!

How To Shear A Cloud Gnorbu
by Yukitora_exe

Bounding, bouncing above the clouds,
These fluffy friends are quite the crowd.
But once a year something must be done,
Gnorbu Shearing Day has just begun!

But they're kinda different from the usual crew,
Shearing scissors don't work 
On a cloud Gnorbu.
I'm not sure how, but here's my theory:
You'll have to find a cloud, looking kinda dreary.

Hop onto it and hold on tight,
Get ready for a gloomy flight.
Point the cloud toward a 'pet painted grey,
Then say politely, "Ahoy, this way!"

Soon enough you arrive at your destination,
And it'll start pouring, according to calculations,
Your fluffly mane will join in on the fun,
And that's how cloud Gnorbu shearing is done!

Keep Your Shirt On
by Esses_mom

"Attention all Gnorbu!"
The flyer did say,
"Be bathed and ready, 
Tomorrow's shearing day!

All plushie Gnorbu
Take special note:
Undo your dreadlocks
And comb out your coat!"

Every Gnorbu cringes
At this note because,
It means walking 'round
Dressed in only peach fuzz!

A Gnorbu whose hair
Hangs down to his feet,
Is considered quite lovely
And is among the elite.

For these Gnorbu climb
Up mountains so steep,
Just in an effort
For their coats to keep.

Neopia needs Gnorbu wool,
Everyone knows.
What else would we use
To make all of our clothes?

Then there's Shyanna,
Lovely plushies she makes.
Tons of Gnorbu hair needed
To spin wool that this takes.

So, every Neopian
From near and far,
Come watch the shearing
At the Neopia Bazaar!

Midnight On Gnorbu Day
by _the_spardel_queen_

I look out my window at all the snow falling,
and I listen in the air 
to that familiar sound calling.
The Gnorbu have gathered around the fire,
waiting for me to read them 
the book that they most admire.

"There once was a Gnorbu..." I begin to say,
and they all smiled at me, 
for it was almost their favorite day.
"Gnorbu are proud, strong and tall,
and may be one of the best species of all."

The Gnorbu bundle together 
and looked at the time,
in five minutes the clock would chime!
And all night they will all chant and cheer,
for Gnorbu Day is their favorite time of year.

I go on with the story 
though they are distracted,
and they couldn't hide it 
no matter how hard they acted.
"Gnorbu are friendly, 
from plushie to pink,
who really aren't as good 
at acting as they think."

They all looked and shifted their attention,
but I closed the book 
and I could feel the tension.
They were always like this 
when the day came around,
and a minute before twelve 
no one made a sound.

Then the clock chimed and it started to ring,
and the Gnorbu all jumped and started to sing.
A smile came on my face 
as they started to smile,
and I knew that this year 
we'd ring in Gnorbu Day with style.

And so, fellow Neopians, I wish unto you,
a happy Gnorbu Day 
to you and all of your crew.
From my family to yours we wish you much joy,
and make this the most memorable 
day for all to enjoy!

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