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Sonnet By An Alien Aisha
by Secant

I'm an alien, you see; this is no surprise.
I have four green ears, which I don't disguise.
From Planet Xenaphobaca, 20 light years away;
I don't call home often, but who does everyday?

I enjoy Neocolas and Kreludor's treats,
Those lightweight space snacks are good to eat.
My spacesuit makes it easy for me to exercise,
Although I can never resist french fries.

My color may be green, but don't you shrink.
It's caused by the space carbon and zinc.
I laugh and I have fun just like you,
Except I prefer my pancakes blue.

I'm an alien, you see; this is no surprise.
I have four green ears, which I don't disguise.

The Tale Of Hoban The Aisha Navigator
by Rielcz

Hoban's the navigator on
That grand ship, the Gaze;
An Aisha perfectly content
To lie in a disgruntled state

But one morn he was found gone!
The crew was in a daze!
And in their lament
They set forth a trip so great

The crew travelled 'round the world
Looking for the lost mate,
From the islands to the clouds,
They really wished him back

And while the currents whirled
There was floating, there, a crate
From inside, one screamed loud --
It was Hoban, in there packed

The Aisha drifted through the seas
Weeks from his crew, apart
While Neopians everywhere
Joined the Gaze's firm

'Pets seemed to agree
That ship Chef Bonju played a part
Now, so long as Hoban was spared
The Aisha could confirm

Luckily for the 'pet
Some sleuths guessed his whereabouts,
And the Aisha claimed
That Bonju was to blame -- oh, that cuisinier!

These mediocre sleuths would get
Books or food -- some nice hand-outs
And while we'll never forget Hoban's name
His hat we think of specially today!

An Ode To Abigail Avinroo
by Auraichadora

To Abigail Avinroo,
Boy, you sure have a lot on your plate!
Besides dealing with your strange family, 
It's Aisha Day,
So now it's time to celebrate!

Every year, in March and November,
You place aside your Usukis for games,
And with Aristotle's ego running rampant,
It's up to you to bring good 
To the Avinroo name!

You lack the talent for games,
Yet you have spirit and heart,
You help others achieve scores and prizes,
Since there are others like you -- that's smart!

Sure, Lulu has revealed some of your secrets,
We know, she should've knocked,
You're very girly, love art, and crush on Hanso,
Perhaps you'll learn to never 
Leave your door unlocked!

Now, it's the third day of January,
And so soon after celebrating the new year,
We get to celebrate you, and other Aishas,
Since Aisha Day is here!

So take it easy, just relax and enjoy,
Aristotle and Lulu can do what you say,
So play with Usukis or draw a picture of Hanso,
Since, after all, Abigail, it's your special day!

The Protector
by Adrian13_56

There was an Aisha named Jerdana,
who solves problems with brains 
rather than a brawl.
She used her magical powers in stopping the
Darkest Faerie from hurting us all.

She's one of the founders of Altador,
a noble one for sure.
She was a very helpful Aisha,
with her heart, as gold, pure.

She had to stop the Darkest Faerie
from taking over the throne,
so she used sorcery to make an orb
and turned the faerie into stone.

Along with her magical abilities,
she was intelligent, too.
She made challenging puzzles all over Altador,
to make it hard for enemies to get through.

Altador was discovered a thousand years later,
by no one other than us.
It was getting a lot of visitors
and was causing such a buzz.

At the Hall of heroes,
her statue stands erect.
With that, she will be known
as Jerdana, who served to protect.

The Fontaine Sisters
by Comawhite333

Far away from the city smog,
Amid the smells of Fruitmallow Grog,
Or the jars of jelly preserve,
The Fontaine Sisters are ready to serve
Whatever you're hungry for,
These sisters will appease;
Your ravenous desires
They always please

They serve only the best meals
At The Golden Dubloon,
You always leave knowing
You'll be back soon

It's not the gorgeous ocean view,
Or even the food,
It's The Fontaine Sisters
That elevate your mood

The food is great,
The service is the best,
Leaving no room for 
all of the rest

That's kelp included,
They could never compare,
And all those who have visited
Would never ever dare

So, on Aisha Day,
Pay these girls a visit,
And eat to your hearts content
I promise, you will never regret 
That you'd went...

The Court Dancer
by Fleur_411

Spinning and twirling,
Gracefully through the halls,
All those who see her
Under her spell, they fall.

A face that’s beautiful,
Beyond all compare,
This Aisha is as evil
As she is fair.

For, as she dances,
A fearful curse is set,
As soon as you watch
The dance, you won’t forget.

It is said that, during the war,
Skarl himself fell under her spell,
And if it had not been broken
Things would’ve gone bad for Meridell.

But the dancer was seen 
For what she really was,
So Meridell did not fall
And this was the cause.

Where the Aisha is today,
No one is quite sure...
But if you happen meet --
Beware, do not trust her!

Infamous Aisha Thieves
by Silver_azalea

There is not much known
About the Aisha thieves that
Lurk in the sewers.

At night, they emerge
To steal what valuables
They are able to.

It is unknown if
They work for the Thieves Guild, or
Are competitors.

Two of the twenty
Or so Aishas’ names are known;
Purrow and Meesha.

They are both shadow
In color, young, and come from
The same family;

The two are, in fact,
Twins, though how they became burglars
Is a mystery.

Their closest call came
When they burgled the house of
Wicked Uzarro.

The best prevention
Against them? Lock your doors and
Windows every night.

Aisha Slorgrider
by Chavo_guerrero

"They might be slow," she smiled at me,
"But they get there in the end,
They never give up on you," she said,
"On that you can depend!"

It was a winter's day I saw her,
Riding through the snow,
Upon a giant Purple Slorg
That wobbled to and fro.

She waved and called me over,
And, as I admired her steed,
I asked a simple question:
"What about the speed?"

"Don't you like to go real fast,
Upon a sleigh or such?
Wouldn't it be better,
If it didn't wobble as much?"

"But," she smiled quite happily,
"Why would I need to be fast?
I enjoy riding on my Purple Slorg
And I want the trip to last."

And, with that, I left her,
As I thought of what she'd said,
That a giant Slorg going slowly,
Could be more fun than a sled.

I guessed she must be right, of course,
But later on that day,
When I was walking home again
And the sky was turning grey,

I saw again the Slorgrider,
On the same path as before.
Now, that might be her idea of fun,
But to me it's just a bore!

A Suspicious Ordeal
by Funnybunny277

An acrid smell, the winding trees,
Lingering, chilling mist,
The shiver that runs down her spine
And keeps her in its fist,

Ethereal whispers in the dark,
A flame of blue and white,
She pushes some black moss aside,
Silent in the night.

Sway back and forth, dear Aisha girl,
And listen to the voice
Of your haunted refuge here,
May you not fear your choice.

Her sharp black claws now clutch the torch,
Her red eyes flit around.
The spectres flee her piercing gaze,
Her threat without a sound.

A shovel drags behind her,
Churning up the earth.
Nobody, nothing, knows its use,
But still give her a wide girth.

The foggy air clears away
As she whispers through the trees,
“I have come for you, my dear,”
And with a fateful breeze

She steps into a clearing,
Kreludor hides its light,
Werelupes, Meepits, Chia clowns
Run, fearful at the sight.

A circle marked with codestones,
She halts and slowly grins.
Her fangs glint wickedly, and with
The shovel she begins.

Her purple paws grasp the wood,
Four ears perk, on the prowl
For any fools who would disturb
Her deed, secret and foul.

A sickly smell, the soil is fresh,
The mist hides all from view.
The shiver that runs down her spine
Is one she always knew.

Ethereal whispers conceal the sound
Of a shovel hard at work.
Nobody knows what’s hidden there,
Why she wears that evil smirk,

But what is sure of the ordeal
Is that one would be a fool
To disturb her diligence
With a deadly tool.

Miss Meaux's Busy Day
by Esses_mom

Miss Meaux lives in fantasy,
Head in the clouds, as you will see.
Different Aishes she will be,
Becoming them fills her with glee.

As Isca she dives
For pearls in the sea.
As Lisha she wields 
Her sword masterfully!

As Hoban she 
Takes on Bonju.
Overboard she went,
He shall have his due!

As Caylis she is
Feared by all,
Until pirates come
And duty will call.

Court Dancer hides
her identity.
With her mesmerizing dances,
She will hypnotize thee.

Even in death
There is no peace.
Until her attic is empty,
Her work shall not cease.

She dons her headband 
Of alien ears,
Often winning at Gormball
As Neopia cheers!

Hidden in Faerieland
As a lady of old,
Jerdana's true beauty
The Darkest Faerie will behold.

Miss Meaux yawns
As the long day ends.
This lovely chocolate Aisha
Says good night to her friends.

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