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Flavors Of Borovan
by Fleur_411

It’s time once more to celebrate
Neopia’s most favorite drink,
I speak of Borovan, of course,
You’ll like to hear of it, I think!

For there are many different flavors
To suit every Neopian’s taste,
Whether you like sweet or tart,
Each cup of Borovan is great!

For those with delicate taste,
Whose pallet is quite refined,
I’ve got the sweet, light cup of
Vanilla Borovan in mind!

For the adventurers out there,
Super Spicy Borovan, I suggest
For those who like to try things new
The flavor of Borovan is best!

For those who are inclined to drink
Something that’s a bit sour,
Cranberry Borovan will be super,
You’ll want to drink it every hour!

And last, for those who like a bit
Of freshness in their cup,
Mint Borovan will do very well,
You will want to drink it up!

As you all can now plainly see,
This drink is really, really great,
There’s a Borovan for everyone,
So always keep a cup beside your plate!

Delicious Borovan
by Dr_tomoe

On a cold winter's night
there is a need for a treat
made in the kitchen 
and it tastes so sweet.

A hot drink to have,
to bring plenty of cheer.
A famous recipe in Neopia
that we all hold dear.

A hot cup of Borovan
is just the drink tonight
to get everyone happy
and make sure things go right.

A mixture of hot chocolate
to warm up the bones
and delicious asparagus
for reasons well known.

It goes down smooth
and tastes just the best,
and as its description says
it'll put hairs on your chest.

So, on this cold winter season,
raise your glass to celebrate
Borovan in all its forms
because it's just that great.

Quick Pick-Me-Up
by Esses_mom

The Day of Giving
Is drawing near.
Yet, all preparations
Are not done, I fear.

My energy is running low,
So, to the market, I must go.
Aisles and aisles, to my delight,
Of Borovan -- what a lovely sight!

New holiday flavors 
For every taste.
Now sugar free,
If you're watching your waist!

The decorative tins
Are all aglow.
Into my buggy
They all must go.

A Borovan cookbook?
I'll take one of these.
With recipes
That are sure to please.

Back at home
Decorating, you see.
Running on boundless

I've cooked and cleaned,
The table is set.
Cranberry Borovan,
Full of caffeine... you bet!

I'll fill the table
With Borovan.
Mint for cousin Emily,
Super Spicy for Stan.

So, where can you find
This energy?
It is hidden in
Borovan, you see!

Borovan Day Is The Best!
by Chavo_guerrero

B irthdays are just wonderful,
O r Christmas, if you prefer,
R ather have a Halloween Ball?
O r let the year pass in a blur?
V alentines can be some fun,
A nd let's not forget New Year!
N ot to mention all the rest,

D ays both here and there.
A lthough my very favorite,
Y ou probably could guess,

I t's low down on the calendar,
S o don't let me digress,

T he day that I adore, of course,
H appens now! Today!
E veryone is celebrating,

B orovan beverage Day!
E very other day there is,
S o can't compare to this!
T he truth is this, I say; Borovan is bliss!

A Hot Cup Of Borovan
by Bacsojin

In this time of chilly cold,
I want a cup of Borovan.
Perhaps iced or orange, maybe sprout?
That seems like a good game plan.

Did you know there's so many choices?
I was once told by a wise man.
Perhaps chicken, ice cream, or maybe pie?
Either way, I am clearly a fan.

What a good gift it can be,
A wonderful prize for the whole clan.
Perhaps brownies, cake, or even crepes,
It's so easy, just grab a pan.

There is other food to make,
A delicious plate of flan?
Perhaps chocolate, custard, or caramel?
It could be made, just ask Anne.

Because, in this holiday time of year,
There is nothing better than
the mixture of hot chocolate and asparagus.
The delight that is it, a hot Borovan.

Borovan Day
by Igotnoneop3ts

Borovan Day, a time for cheer
A time for relaxation, nobody to leer
So grab your favourite Borovan treat,
Gather 'round the fire and let's all eat!

We have lasagne, chicken, crepes, and tarts,
Spend Borovan Day with your family, 
Warm up your hearts
There's three hundred sixty five 
Point two five recipes, 
And you still need to play 
With your Borovan time plushies

So many choices, what will you drink?
Cranberry, apple, I'll have mint, I think...
Not very hungry, why not grab a book?
A Summer of Borovan? I'll take a look

Everybody's at ease this fine day,
It seems like all of Neopia's 
Problems just fly away,
From Terror Mountain to Lost Desert, 
There's something for you
Not fond of warm climate? 
We have frozen Borovan, too!

Try our Borovan Ice Cream Scoop,
Brought to you by our finest culinary Lupe!
Since you're here, a part of the group
We have a new creation, try our Borovan soup!

What are you waiting for, 
Your friends are all here,
Now I'll say it once more, 
It's time for some cheer!

What Is Borovan?
by Dortho

"What is Borovan?" one might ask,
Unsure also, 
A little Weewoo jumped on the task!
Just to ask around a little bit, 
Someone must know what's up with it!

He went to visit the Mystery Island psychic,
Who proclaimed, "You will defend yourself Against countless enraged Techos."
With that, he got scared and fled, 
But nope, he didn't go back to bed.

He tried to talk to King Skarl, 
Who brushed him away, 
While the Turmaculus slept all day. 
Even King Hagan told him to go away! 
Must have stepped on a portal, too, you know. 
Now he didn't know which way to go!

He found himself in a foreign land, 
Mostly covered in dust and sand.
In the distance was spotted something 
Taller than a Fir tree. 

Could it be Coltzan's Shrine he did see?

He waddled on over 
And asked a few questions, 
Coltzan awoke in a matter of seconds! 
Coltzan replied, "It's a blend of tea 
Made by someone with famousness! 
The only kind I know of 
Is made with asparagus!"

"Thank you, THANK YOU!" the little one replied, While he wiped a sentimental 
Tear from his eye.

Coltzan retorted, 
"Thank YOU for visiting, little one... 
Here are some dubloons, 
Now go have some fun!"

Borovan Day
by Mamasimios

I see from my tattered calendar
That the year is nearly up --
That means it's almost Borovan Day,
When that foul liquid is served in cups

Each year, no matter my protests
That I don't care for Borovan,
In the spirit of the season
It is forced into my hands

And, though I do detest the smell,
I always pretend to take a sip,
And hold my breath and shut my eyes
As the cup draws near my lips

This year I hope to escape this fate,
I have a slightly sneaky plan,
For, last year, I went to the NC Mall
And bought a Hot Cup of Borovan

Do not be fooled by this item's name,
It's not a fetid beverage in a cup,
But, rather, a giant Borovan-filled mug costume
In which I intend to get dressed up

I'll be a jolly presence at the parties
In my cumbersome attire,
As I wink and joke that, finally,
I have all the Borovan that I desire

Ode To Borovan
by Marylouiserosa

Borovan, Borovan, the perfect drink;
it's even better than some people think.
Keep your coffee, no thanks to tea;
Borovan is the drink for me.

For others, hot chocolate may be fine,
but Borovan's the drink for which I pine.
Hot and steamy, smooth and creamy;
Borovan tastes oh-so-dreamy.

It's never too tart nor overly sweet.
The great taste of Borovan can't be beat.
Drunk during breakfast or with tea,
my Borovan is just the key.

The next time you're wondering what to drink;
Borovan's the answer is what I think.
Some like it hot and others cold.
To me, it's always good as gold.

Borvan Day comes only once a year,
but drinking it anytime brings good cheer.
Borovan, a wonderful treat;
drink it alone or while you eat.

A Cup Of Hot Borovan On Borovan Day
by Indulgences

I settle down at ten o'clock.
I hold my steaming cup.
I love my daily Borovan!
It lifts my spirits up!

Not everybody loves the taste
Of beverages like this.
It has so much asparagus,
Yet also chocolate's kiss!

A lovely cup of Borovan
Can be yours, guaranteed.
Go to the island Cooking Pot
And mix your recipe!

Asparagus and Chocolate
Create a mixture thick.
It's creamy, frothy, wonderful,
And lifts your spirits quick!

A cup of Borovan today
Will make tomorrow grand.
It helps one go to sleep at night
And wake up calm and glad!

So, celebrate this holiday
By drinking Borovan!
The holiday comes once a year,
So drink what drinks you can!

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