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Wocky Glow On Wocky Day
by Indulgences

I have a glowing Wocky 'pet,
Whose lovely looks I can't forget.
She's constantly inside my mind,
A shining creature so divine!

Her skin's aglow with emerald sheen.
She twinkles, sparkles, brightly gleams.
Her face is blessed with bright black eyes
I really, truly idolize!

So, Wocky Day is here at last!
My darling is of Wocky caste.
She'll get free training on this day.
She lifts her paws and yells, "Hooray!"

So, hug and kiss your Wockies now!
Shout out their names; be glad and proud!
The Wocky's Day comes once a year,
So go ahead and loudly cheer!

Wocky Hero In The Sewers
by Brilliance109p

I am the great and selfless Matt,
there’s not a pipe that I can’t mend,
patrolling sewers, wrench in hand --
the health of all, on me depends.

I may not have a gleaming sword,
or always look and smell my best,
my steed is but a surfboard white,
but I’m a hero nonetheless!

I’ve got these pipes down to the bolt
and know each twist and turn by heart,
and I can fight a Krawk -- no sweat!
Or fix a leakage in the dark.

And it’s not pretty way down here,
it’s cold and damp. Make no mistake,
I don’t enjoy it, but I know
that only I’ve got what it takes.

So, tirelessly day and night
I keep these waters safe and clean,
I didn’t choose the sewer life
my friends... the sewer life chose me.

The Auction Genie
by Fleur_411

Whenever I am in need of help
And don’t know just where to look,
I call upon The Auction Genie,
Who checks in his big book!

I go to the auctions quite a lot
To shop around for different items,
And when I can’t find the things I want
This Wocky tells me where to find ‘em!

He shows me all the paint brushes
And all the colorful Draik eggs, too,
He’ll look for all the weaponry
And he’ll search for all dubloons!

Without his help I could not find
Even half of the things I want,
I would get lost in every aisle
And I’d be always on the hunt!

This Wocky is beyond compare
For he is so helpful and kind,
Remember to go and ask for help
Searching the things you want to find!

A Wocky's Rant
by Sweetiepie044044

Why is it that Wocky Day,
Had to fall near a holiday?
There’s nothing worse than having to hear,
“Oh, your celebration is near?”

For once, it would be grand
To have someone just understand
That Wocky Day has its value, too...
That would be such a breakthrough!

Do we send out greeting cards for us?
No, that would be too much of a fuss!
And let’s not forget that wretched tree;
How about we do something for me?

Stockings hung by the fire?
Maybe that could inspire -- 
Let’s hang something for us, as well... 
Now wouldn’t that be swell?

Perhaps some garland, or a bow? 
Just so that everyone can’t help but know.
Let’s not forget the wrapped presents;
Some for our species would be pleasant.

I’ve finished with my request;
I’m tired of being second best!
So, this year, before your festive cheer,
Remember that Wocky Day is near!

The Auction Genie
by Catglove

Hustle and bustle,
Shouts and yells,
This is the Auction House.

A Faerie Paint Brush
For only 10k,
Soon it's nearly a million.

What's the cheapest
Paint brush there is?
People want to know.

Who can help them?
Who, indeed?

A flash of dark smoke
And he appears,
A mystical Wocky
With a gleaming smile

Some call him magic,
Some call him fake,
Whatever he is,
You'll always know
The prices he finds
Are the lowest in town!

So, on Wocky Day,
If you pass by the 'House,
Walk on in,
Give him a grin,
Because he's the best there is!

The Tale Of MAGAX
by Curlycute_2

The Wocky tradition,
In a fierce rendition,
Is told in the tale 

In his search for the criminal,
Which was then quite typical,
He scoured the woods 
For Hubrid Nox.

His specter floating,
While the other one, gloating,
Over a plot so cunning,
He cackled away.

With his army of ghosts
Deep in shadowy cloaks,
He continued his villainous plots
In a castle hidden away.

Then, one day, the destroyer arrived,
And his electric bolts he fired.
Until the villain was shot,
And the army was freed...

Though today he’s a rumor
And a source of some humor,
The residents of the woods
Still hear him...

In search of bitter revenge,
With a grudge he vows to avenge,
Against the hero MAGAX:
The Destroyer.

The Radical Wocky
by Dortho

The radical Wocky, rockin' in Meridell, 
Near The Rubbish Dump, he did smell,
Counting potatoes and trash 
And everything in sight,
He didn't want to fight, 
And his music took flight.

Jammin' that guitar 
And wearing radical glasses,
Always impressing the area by-passers,
Even King Skarl, impressed by his music, 
Let him play daily; that guitar, he could use it! 

The Slorgs attacked Meri Acre Farms, 
But his music had such amazing charms...
They followed him, out of town, 
And sent them to Brightvale, safe and sound. 

King Hagan wasn't too happy about that, 
But what do you expect from 
A king who's a total brat?
Always telling others THEY are too dense, 
While some happy Slorgs danced on his fence. 

The radical Wocky just laughed and yawned, 
While King Hagan was shouting, 

The Wocky replied, "They're on your FENCE!
Don't you see they mean no offense?" 
True as can be. 

Hagan kept yelling, which just upset them
More. Even the Wocky had an uproar!

The fence got battered through, 
And you can probably guess what they'd do! 
They danced on the lawn, day and night, 
How swell can it get? 
And here is the best part yet!

The radical Wocky got out his guitar, 
And played it so loud 
It could be heard from the stars! 

While more Slorgs slimed right on in, 
Brightvalians came out with an ear-to-ear grin! 
Hagan plugged his ears and walked away...
Why not? Happy Wocky Day!

Wocky Professor
by Yukitora_exe

Long ago, more than a decade now,
A strange occurrence happened somehow.
Wild white fur to match his white coat,
Was a Mysterious Wocky of historical note.

"UHHGGG UGG UGDHA," they yelled at the sky,
As a dazzling star fell down nearby.
Crash landing outstanding a time machine,
Landed something nobody 
Could have ever foreseen.

Friendly enough, even though 
A frightening exterior,
All the help he received 
Made him much cheerier.
He couldn't bear say goodbye 
To his new-found friends,
So, back into the stars 
He began to ascend.

We miss you wild Wocky, 
We'll welcome you again
Feel free to crash land, we won't complain.
We hope you've completed 
Whatever mission you had,
Wocky Professor, 
You're an awesome comrade!

Wallace The Wobbling Wocky
by Ktkdk

What most would call junk and throw away,
Wallace calls a treasure and puts it on display.
Neopia is full of goodies 
If you know where to look.
Wallace knows them all, 
Every cranny and nook.
The Money Tree and Rubbish Dump he scours
And goes Underwater Fishing 
Every twelve hours.

He has all he wants, and then a little more.
The weight of all his things is bending the floor!
He has dozens of Serf Lenses and Old Boots,
Hundreds of Breadfish and Tchea Fruits.
He can’t stop himself from collecting it all.
He hunts for bargains at every shop and stall.

One day, while Wallace was out exploring,
He found a tree from which junk was pouring.
Plushies and shells and books galore!
It was a treasure trove he couldn’t ignore.
He caught each item as it fell from the sky
Until he held a tower of items six feet high!

How will he make it back to his abode
Without dropping his precarious load?
He took a few steps and it started to sway,
So he carefully shuffled back the other way.
Slowly but surely he scuffled along
Until, suddenly, everything went wrong!

A Warf walked into Wallace’s wobbling way.
It sat there for a while and wouldn’t go away.
Wallace had to shuffle helplessly 
Back and forth,
Watching as his tower leaned too far north.
Finally the Warf stopped milling around,
But it was too late; 
The tower fell to the ground.

He is still trying to pick up all of his stuff,
But the going has been pretty tough.
On this Wocky Day, I have just one demand:
If you see Wallace, please lend him a hand.
For him, it is the very best way to say:
“Have an excellent Wocky Day!”

The Amazing Auction Genie
by Biscuitqueen

There's a Wocky I'm always glad to see,
Whenever I go on a shopping spree.
He wears a big gold earring;
His legs are disappearing;
Who is he, you ask? The Auction Genie!

This clever fellow really knows his stuff.
He helps me find goods that are up to snuff.
With his mysterious smile
And inimitable style,
He'll search out item sellers, sure enough.

A Faerie Paint Brush, a Mutant Pawkeet,
Or perhaps a hunk of Dargil Meat?
Don't you worry, just a sec:
The Auction Genie will check
And find the thing in an impressive feat!

Like most Wockies, he's honest to a fault,
And more reliable than a bank vault,
So I trust his assessments,
Upon all my investments,
And using his service I'd never halt.

The Trading Post is all right, I suppose,
And The Shop Wizard's decent for the lows.
But when it comes to the best,
There is simply no contest.
The genie takes all -- he's one of the pros!

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