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Neopets Poems

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The Bruce
by Alagfalaswen

You may prefer Kacheeks or Draiks,
Krawks, Lupes, or Gnorbu,
But the best for me does still remain
The chubby, bubbly Bruce.
What fun they have playing on ice
When allowed to thus run loose,
Why, none are as skilled at ice skating
As the veritable Bruce!
They're social 'pets, they much prefer
To do things in at least twos,
A more companionable friend you'll never find
Than a cheerful, eager Bruce.
Likewise, they're astute little beings
Who know to read the clues,
And know when to joke or give a hug --
Yep, that describes the Bruce.
You can argue for your favorite species
Until your face turns puce,
But you won't shake my conviction
In the adorableness of the Bruce.
So just for today, a day at least,
Let's call a short truce,
And declare that, on this penguin palooza,
The best Neopet's the Bruce!

Wobbly Rink
by Lilahne_aluoki

Who would ever think
To build an ice-skating rink
At the very tip-top
Of a frozen mountaintop?

Yet one entrepreneur
Did, indeed, procure
That very piece of land
For the attraction that he planned.

Bruces love to skate,
And they could hardly wait
For the opening of the rink,
But the wobble made them blink.

So, that savvy businessman
Quickly rethought his plan
And installed a safety net
To defeat the falling threat.

Soon word got around
Of the newest game in town.
It's there that Bruces play
On every snow day.

Bruces slide through colored hoops;
They cheer at loop-the-loops!
Even the fierce Snow Beast
Doesn't faze them in the least.

Watch the Bruces slide;
Hear them giggle, see them glide
Right through the colored hoops.
Listen to their happy whoops!

So, if you're looking for a Bruce,
Check the bouncy nets in use
At the bottom of Terror Mountain Tilt...
The most unstable ice rink ever built!

And, while you're there,
You might hear in the air
The merry, laughing sound
Of the happiest 'pets around!

Terror Tilt Bruce
by Comawhite333

This poor little Bruce
With a big blue bow,
Skating in whichever direction
You want him to go

Back and forth
The ice will tilt,
But this Bruce's motivation
Will never wilt

Sometimes he flies
Straight off the edge,
Sometimes he gets stuck
On the board's very edge

But he keeps coming back
And aiming for the right ring,
When he finally hits it
His little heart sings

Musical notes happily fly
Through the hazy blue winter sky,
Even when the colors start changing
Determination is all he is bringing

So, go celebrate this brave Bruce,
Who keeps us entertained every day,
What are you waiting on?
Go to the Games Room and play!

Boochi Vs. Weltrude
by Biscuitqueen

There's a little baby Bruce,
A huge menace, on the loose.
His crimes are so profuse,
He's just got no excuse.

Boochi is this villain's name,
And he deserves all the blame.
With truly awful aim,
He zaps 'pets baby as a game.

None are safe from his ray gun.
Maraquan, royal -- no one
Can escape Boochi's mean fun.
If you see him, better run!

But there's a rumor around,
That someone in a nearby town,
Made the little guy frown
And forced him to back down.

Weltrude, Petpet protector,
Used a faerie-made reflector;
Turned his ray to its director,
Then gave him a lecture.

She wagged her flipper in his face
Till he felt like a disgrace,
He tried to run; she gave chase
And put him in his place.

Never before had he felt shame
When he played his cruel game,
But the lovely blue dame
And her lecture exclaimed

Made him want to hide away.
Grudgingly, he agreed to stay --
His game not to play --
For one special day.

So, if this Bruce Day your 'pet
Is zapped, go to Weltrude to get
Sweet revenge. Don't you fret --
She'll make the villain sweat!

Baby Boochi The Bruce
by Fleur_411

He is a famous little Bruce
Whom some fear, while
Others love, best be looking out
Because he may soon be here.

Boochi is his name, a little babe
He is, he thinks babies are
The best and he is prone to think
It is how all should live.

He zaps unsuspecting Neopets
While their owners aren’t there,
Some see blessing, others curse...
Unless you want a baby, beware!

He hopes all Neopets will
One day be like him -- 
Live in diapers and play while
Others cater their every whim.

Believe me, I know Boochi very well,
For I was visited by him not long ago...
My ‘pet, she was zapped into a baby --
I’m not sure if she’ll stay that way, though!

The Vigil Of The Wraith Bruce
by Maraliejune

He skulks around in shadows,
In alleys, streets, and parks.
The wraith Bruce is an expert
At moving in the dark.
He wears his shroud of twilight
To watch the moon ascend.
He's always rather sorry
To see the evening end.
He has to make a habit
Of staying out of sight;
If anyone should see him,
He'll surely cause them fright.
His features are so twisted,
His face so full of guile,
That even though he means no harm,
He does look rather vile.
The wraith Bruce isn't lonely,
It doesn't cause him pain,
To live the way he does, because,
He knows he must maintain
His solitude. He doesn't mind.
He hates to condescend.
But still, if you encounter him --
Perhaps he'd like a friend.

A Bruce's Ode To The Mountain
by Larkspurlane

I wish I could sing to you
Of colour, of rain,
Of great swathes of life
Growing warm and green
In hill and vale,
But all I have for you
Are my stories of snow.

Here in my white world
Above the polar line,
The skies hang silent
And empty, save for stars --
Distant, cold, and wheeling
In their perpetual glittering dance.

There are moments of colour here,
Moments when this still whiteness
Breaks into something more,
And Terror Mountain breathes
Under skies that are not
Stark and black: the northern lights,
Colours welling up from between stars,
Petal-pink, amethyst, indigo waves --
Songs of colour condensed
Into these ribbons of brightness,
Echoing among themselves 
Without end.

A Very Special Bruce
by Esses_mom

If you seek adventure
In the snow,
Then to Terror Mountain
You must go!

Straight to Rink Runner
To get a good seat.
Where a skater Bruce 
Whizzes 'round on his feet!

The spectators he is
Sure to enthrall;
No one has ever
Seen him fall!

A dashing figure as
he glides by;
Always trying to
Catch Weltrude's eye!

His competition has
To know,
They cannot beat 
His daring show!

The musical notes
Seem drawn to him...
He winks an eye
As he flies past again!

Now has come the
Time to score,
The audience 
Calls out for more!

He turns to the crowd,
He takes a deep bow.
If you wish to see him,
You must do it now.

For, as I
And you all know,
Once Yooyuball starts
Our Brucie will go.

A Bruce's Love
by Icesmith

"Brr!" the Bruce called, his shiver quaint,
Atop the icy hill,
A sneeze, a cold, a frightly breeze,
Losing all the will,
The snow did fall upon the trove,
The Bruce huddled tight,
As icy nights did swarm to him,
Shrouded by slight moonlight,
He tried to warm himself through heat,
A small, dingy fire,
But the flame did fall victim to ice,
And so the Bruce did tire,
The night grew colder, still, upon the tip,
But the Bruce stayed still,
For he will always love Terror Mountain,
And all the snow-covered hills.

Life As A Popsicle
by Yukitora_exe

Icy pole ice cream, a delicious treat,
Was the look of an ice Bruce, one named Pete
Who never left Terror Mountain 
In fear he would melt
But wished for something more, 
A longing heartfelt.

Saying goodbye to teary-eyed friends, 
He wrapped a bag of ice Neggs around chest,
To find a new life, one as happy as the valley,
He ventured out on a Neopia-wide quest.

Tyrannia was first, being so close to home,
He tried learning Tyrannian, to no avail,
And the dust would stick to his creamy skin,
Perhaps somewhere cleaner, 
Perhaps Brightvale?

But they mistook him for food, 
Not in the library!
And everyone seemed just a bit too serious...
He longed for something fun 
And for time to relax,
So he left to go south, to an island mysterious.

The islanders loved him, 
As they loved a cool snack,
But it came to the point where 
They couldn’t stop staring,
And Pete felt strange, a little too different,
All the attention he received 
Was just too overbearing.

Eventually, he got a moment to himself,
And he saw for himself that he was all alone,
This wasn’t the adventure he had expected,
Tired and weary, he decided to go home.

Happy Valley entrance, 
Friends and family waiting,
At the sight of them all, he started to melt
Snow Wars and Cliffhanger, 
Ice cream and skating,
The warmth of his hometown he finally felt.

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