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Neopets Poems

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A Birthday Wish
by Dr_tomoe

Happy birthday, Neopets!
You're now at year thirteen,
And every birthday party
Has to have a wish or dream.

But what do you want, Neo?
This day is just for you --
Do you want something to celebrate?
Do you want to do some good?

You reopened the Battledome
So fighters have reason to cheer,
And we finally got the Wishing Well avie
After so many years.

Is it a new plot you're after?
(I hear Tyrannia needs an art lift)
Or perhaps something for Lutari Island,
Still lost at sea and adrift.

We now have Scores Galore
To prepare for AAA's challenge,
Did you want to give us gamers
Some sort of advantage?

I see, you want to make it all,
Your birthday wish, we knew,
Is to help all of us achieve
And make our dreams come true.

So, happy birthday Neo!
Let's go into the future together.
For, we will be by your side,
As we stay together forever.

Happy Birthday v. 13.0!
by Ilhs11

Happy birthday, Neopets!
Today you turn thirteen --
The perfect day to reflect
On the good times we’ve seen.

The new Battledome
Is our most recent enterprise,
The fray is quite exciting!
You could even win a prize!

Just a few years back
We defeated Xandra’s plot,
To ruin all the faeries
And bring their plans to naught.

And, let us not forget
(I couldn’t, could you?),
When Neopians fought and won,
Ending Sloth’s evil plans, too.

So many things we’ve done!
Like the yearly Altador Cup...
How is your team doing?
Is their ranking going up?

Then there are those things
We’ve always held near and dear,
Avatars, Neoboards, games, and more
We enjoy them year after year.

So here’s a toast to Neo!
To all the things we’ve done,
And to the coming year,
May it be filled with fun!

The Most Celebrated Day
by Decoyoctopus92

Today is Neopets' birthday,
So all throughout the land,
Every denizen is ready
To give the party a hand!

Fyora is set with streamers
That glow purple and pink,
And a bowl of her famous fruit punch
So there’s something to drink.

Jhudora is bringing balloons
That float in purple-green,
Plus confetti in the same shades
Reflective of her mien.

Skarrl is bringing the fete’s main course,
Turkey and potatoes,
Topped with lots of dark brown gravy
As tempting as it goes.

And King Altador is ready,
With some Yooyu-themed treats,
Yooyu cookies and cupcakes and
Plenty of other sweets.

But Hanso is bringing the best --
A giant ice cream cake,
With lots of delicious frosting
That took forever to make!

It’s going to be a great party
For people everywhere,
Happy birthday, Neopia,
You turn thirteen with flair!

13 Years!
by Honeybee54321

Some say 13 can be bad luck,
But one thing you should know:
Don’t let a number get you stuck
On how the day might go! 

13 years of Neopets
Has been quite the journey.
Filled with laughter and no regrets,
Enjoying the Altador tourney. 

As the years continue on,
New items, events, and plots.
All Neopians have a special bond
And care for their Neopets a lot!

Have some fun, dress up, too!
The day has just begun.
Don’t sit around feelin’ blue,
There’s decorating to be done! 

Cake and treats, fit for a king,
Sit on every table. 
Wearing your party bling,
Eating food until you are not able.

But, what can we give Neopets
As a present to say thank you?
Be kind and share the happiness,
That Neopets has given to you. 

Happy 13th birthday, Neopets!

A Cake For TNT
by Icesmith

The icing froze atop the tip,
Each colour bright and shining,
The patterns weaving in and out
Along the chocolate lining,
Within the surface, a velvet sponge,
A flavour so resounding,
A cake of pure delight and taste,
The dough received a good pounding,
Along the bottom, little stars,
Edible and twinkling brightly,
A star here and there, all around,
Making the base so sightly, 
Sitting upon the top shone the words,
"Happy Birthday, Neopets!" so lightly,
Another year, another memory,
Of a community held so tightly.

A Birthday Uninvite
by Comawhite333

In the middle of November,
When the weather gets colder,
Neopets becomes another year older

There's a birthday bash
That lasts the whole month through,
With exciting and new activies to do

There are candies and presents,
Even cake and ice cream,
For the rest of the month 
We live a glutton's dream

We can play music as loud as we want
While confetti rains down
We'll even get entertained by Chia clowns

We'll put aside our differences
And light those birthday candles together,
Even if it's not the best kind of weather

When the candles burn out
We'll let loose thousands of balloons,
It'll look like a colorful rainbow typhoon

We'll talk about how far we've come
Over the tropical punch,
Then sit down for a nice big, satisfying lunch

I'd like to send out one uninvite, though,
I have to confess...
Seeing a specific guy there
Is bound to make a mess

Meuka, I'm sorry,
But you're just too gross,
If you sneeze
My stomach will quease,
It'll spread like wildfire
Across the Neopian seas,
An epidemic of nausea
Will spread through the land,
So this is your uninvite
Delivered by hand

Happy Birthday!
by Fleur_411

There was a time long ago,
Back in 1999,
Some people got an idea
They though would work just fine!

It was on that day, years ago,
That Neopets was born,
A brand new world came to be,
One like there never was before!

A world with 'pets and faeries,
And even little Petpets,
With all different kinds of lands
That you never will forget!

A lot has happened in Neopia
Since that first great day:
Sloth invaded, was defeated,
And once again all could be gay!

Then Meridell and Darigan Citadel
Went and waged a great war,
The likes of which had 
Never been seen before!

And, in watery Maraqua,
There was laid a curse,
Captain Scarblade was defeated,
Or things would’ve been much worse!

And then, one day, it happened:
Faerieland fell to the ground,
No longer up in the sky
To be seen floating around!

It has been a grand adventure,
Which is why we say to thee:
Happy birthday, Neopets!
And happy birthday, TNT!

Neopets 13th Birthday Cake
by Biscuitqueen

Each year, on this day, I rise with the sun,
Determined to be the very first one
In line at the Bakery, where I'll get
A delicious cake I'll never forget.

You see, today is a most special day.
You'll constantly hear 'pets' cheers of "Hooray!"
Neopia's 13th birthday is cause
For joy, delight, and the loudest applause.

But what excites me is that thought of cake,
The perfect one they'll be sure to bake!
Throughout the long year, 
I can't help but dream
Of sweet birthday morsels covered in cream.

Will they be shaped like the number 13,
Or tiered, five layers with frosting between?
Dainty cupcakes, a big star, or a bundt --
Whatever the cake's look, I'm on the hunt.

Will they use Juppie Juice for the flavor,
Or Chokato creme, which I so favor?
Fruits from Mystery Island or Brightvale?
Oh, I'm sure they've thought of every detail!

Vanilla, lemon, chocolate, blueberry,
Or sponge cake topped with a big red cherry --
No one knows yet what this year's cake will be,
But I'll know soon! The first bite goes to me.

I guess the presents and streamers are nice,
But I would much rather have a big slice
Of my favorite Neopian baked treat --
The Bakery's birthday cake can't be beat!

Neopets Is Turning Thirteen...
by Lilahne_aluoki

Neopets is turning thirteen,
Though soon it will be Y15;
The math is a tad confusing...
I'm just here for the cake.

Goodie bags appeared for the 4th
Birthday, and have appeared henceforth,
Containing gifts that were surprising,
Leaving joy in their wake.

Neopets has been with us thirteen years;
Seen us through both smiles and tears.
Who knew the place would be addicting?
I play 'til my fingers ache.

There will be a party grand,
Celebrated in all Neopian lands.
It's bound to be quite exciting...
Dr. Sloth's invite was a fake.

So, come join the celebration!
Don't try to resist temptation.
This party you shan't be refusing;
Meet us by Kiko Lake.

A birthday picnic, hip hip hurray!
Neopets is thirteen years old today!
Even TNT can be found delighting
In the birthday cake!
(As long as they're on break...)

Planning A Birthday Party
by Epicgiggle

We’ve reached the month of Storing,
And excitement starts to grow,
Joy spreads across Neopia,
Where did all the time go?

For Neopets has a birthday,
And we’re turning thirteen years old.
Decorations, food, fun and games,
The plans start to unfold.

And while the hosts are busy,
Neopians share their thoughts,
If they’re to attend the party,
Presents must be bought.

Neopets from across the lands
Meet at Terror Mountain cliffs,
They split themselves into species,
And set off to buy some gifts.

Lupes provided clothing,
Skeiths bought the ice cream,
Draiks were in charge of music,
All with a birthday theme.

Balloons were picked up by Chombies,
Candies found by a certain Kiko,
Krawks dealt with risk assessment,
Due to the chance of snow.

Now we’re ready for November fifteenth,
Let celebrations commence!
Happy birthday, Neopets,
We shall spare no expense.

All the lands have gathered
To make it a great day,
Now, let’s all shout together:

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