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Neopets Poems

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Peekaboo The Unconverted Faerie Pteri
by Indulgences

My faerie Pteri Peekaboo
Is gorgeous to my eyes.
His unconverted majesty
Can still be customized!

I hung a background on his self,
A sky of bonny blue.
A foreground finished off his look.
I strung some garlands, too!

I thought that trinkets might be nice,
But found them too ornate.
My Peekaboo loves loftier things.
No need to decorate!

So, here's my lovely Peekaboo,
Adorned for all to see!
I love my gorgeous Pteri 'pet,
All people must agree!

Black Pteri
by Dlandwehrs4816

Howling misery to the ear
For each Neopet to hear,
Perched upon a rotted post,
Shadowed like a wraith or ghost,
In darkness and mystery --
Known only as Black Pteri

Small red eyes observe the sky,
Waiting for them he may fly
To perch near Neopians
To warn them of evil plans
Only he would seem to know
What they are, he never shows

Ominous as Meepit's glare
Is his unwavering stare,
As he challenges to fight
Neopets of renowned might,
His aim is not so much fright
As to guard against the night

Pretty Bird Blue
by Comawhite333

Every winter morning,
While gazing out my window,
I would see this beautiful blue Pteri
Frolicking in the freshly-laid snow

I looked forward to her visits,
While sipping hot tea,
If my 'pets tried to disturb her
I'd simply tell them to let her be

In contrast to the snow,
She was quite a sight,
Every day I watched her grow older,
Even saw her very first flight

But when the cherry blossoms bloomed,
She slowly disappeared,
Something had happened to her
Was what I mostly feared

Days turned into months,
I watched for her every day,
But she never showed up,
Much to my dismay

Now, I imagine her being in exotic places,
Full of berries, honey, and lots of new faces,
I imagine her happy and full of life,
No worries, mishaps, or everyday strife

What really happened to her?
I wish every night I knew,
But I will always remember her,
As that pretty bird Blue

Born To Be Bad
by Esses_mom

It's a mystery that boggles me,
As to why Sloth is considered so evil.
When, compared to 
The Down For Maintence Pteri,
He comes in at puny and feeble.

Sloth has never caused my highest score
In games to disappear.
Yet, it seems to happen more and more
When this demon Pteri is near.

Down to the wire, bidding on 
A Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water.
Now, where has the Genie gone?
My computer was saved by my daughter!

Other Pteris fly all day,
Bringing cheer with their happy sound.
Never getting in the way,
While this one belongs in the ground.

Is it just me, or can you see
That smirky little smile?
That look tells me, I guarantee,
We'll see him in a while!

I stumble upon a shoppe 
With codestones cheap,
I buy all I can carry.
When I rush back for another heap,
All I see is that red Pteri!

I'm shaking as I click to buy,
My first restocked morphing potion.
Then, to my surprise, this red wiseguy
Shows up to create a commotion!

You think you're oh-so-funny now,
And free anywhere to roam.
Well, to you now I make this vow,
To take you down in the Battledome!

Not Exactly Chocolate
by Lilahne_aluoki

Last week, when I was visiting
The Chocolate Factory,
Drooling a bit and gaping
At the vast inventory,
I came upon some Chocolate
Banana Pteri Eggs,
That at first I mistook
For some kind of tasty Neggs.
Eagerly, I bought one...
And that begins my story.
(The ending should be happy,
So you have no need to worry!)

I took the chocolate treat
With me to the park,
And sat beneath a chestnut tree,
My back against the bark.
I thought I'd eat the chocolate
Before I fell asleep.
It sounded like a fine plan,
Until I heard it cheep!
My Chocolate Banana Pteri Egg
Wasn't as advertised.
Instead, it was a baby Pteri...
(Boy, was I surprised!)

So, I have a baby Pteri
Hidden inside this fragile shell.
And, occasionally, I hear her peeping,
So I know she's doing well.
She's so sweet and tiny,
I knew I had to keep her.
So sweet, in fact, I'm constantly
Afraid someone will eat her.
I have to wonder how she ended up
For sale at the chocolate shop...
(But I'm thinking there's a Kiko
That needs a warning bop!)

The little baby Pteri
Fits right in with the family.
We eagerly wait for her to hatch,
Though who knows when that'll be.
I tell her bedtime stories
Of fabled Pteris of old;
Of both cold and caring Pteris
In black, and red, and gold.
I can barely wait for her hatching,
When face to face we'll meet...
(But until then, oh, be careful
Of which chocolate treats you eat!)

Pteri Morphing Potion
by Icesmith

I took a breath, I took a sip,
A taste so weird and sticky,
Cherries, Blueberries, no... something more,
To define it would be tricky,

I wiped my brow, a fear did loom,
What if this turned unsightly?
No more time to waste, I deemed,
As I raised the bottle so lightly,

Without a thought I took a gulp
And drank the contents out dry,
I couldn't wait, what would the future hold?
To fulfill my dream, to fly!

A sudden gasp, a sudden scream,
As a feather did sprout from my chest,
A talon, another, a beak and claw,
Oh, truly, I was blessed,

I looked at myself, all shiny and new,
My new coat so alluring,
The yellow feathers 
Gleamed and fluttered away,
The newfound warmth so enduring,

And so, I took flight, throughout the skies,
No fear, oh no, I was not wary,
For the potion had changed me 
Into something new,
A beautiful and magnificent Pteri!

The Baby Pteri
by Jordansteele

Mysterious thoughts
Go through my head when I see
You, baby Pteri.

How do your senses
Work? I mean, you're in a shell!
How do you do it?

You're a small, cute egg
That everyone wants, even
If they don't say it.

Your three orange spots
Collide against the egg's pale
White. So beautiful.

You, baby Pteri,
Are the best 'pet one can have.
The best one can have.

Christmas Pteri
by Fluffiehmedic

The Christmas Pteri needs no fancy
Clothes to keep it warm.
Its fluffy, soft white down protects
From snow or sleet or storm.

The most striking aspect, though,
That makes this Pteri best,
Is the unique patch of red
Splashed on his cheeks and breast.

The jolly Pteri's perched and sings
A festive tune, soft, sweet.
Those who pass him by remark,
"Now that's a charming tweet!"

Clad in rich brown, white, and red,
Who needs wearables or fancy paint?
But compliment him and he might
Turn brighter red, or even faint!

Printing Press Pteri
by Fleur_411

Her day spent at the printing press
In the Haunted Woods,
Over in the Gypsy Camp,
Books are her most popular goods.

The green Pteri spends her days
Stocking full all of the shelves,
She says, “Buy a book for your friends,
And maybe one for yourself.”

Her brown hair is knotted in a bun
To keep out of the way while she toils,
She works very hard every day...
To her books, this Pteri is loyal.

If you’re looking for something special,
Go up and ask her right away,
She knows all about the printing press,
She knows where things stay.

Sometimes she gets lonely 
Over in the Gypsy Camp,
Often she sits by herself,
Reading by a lamp.

So, remember to go to her
For all of your printing needs,
She has lots of books and things
They’re all of the best reads!

Black And Gold, Feathers Bold
by Biscuitqueen

Beyond the window, night draws near,
So come a little closer, dear,
And I'll tell you a tale of old,
Of rivalry 'tween black and gold.

You've seen the Golden Pteri fly,
Dropping Neopoints from on high;
You've heard of the Black Pteri's reign,
His red stare that promises pain.

But did you know these two have fought
With talon, beak, and wing to blot
The other from the world since time
Began with the first clock's great chime?

They define the word "enemy,"
Destined to fight eternally
Over the fate of our home dear.
Because of Golden, we're still here.

The Black Pteri's heart is rotten.
His crimes may have been forgotten
By all but the Golden Pteri,
But he, at least, stays quite wary.

When Black Pteri's glare blights a crop,
Golden flies by to make it stop.
When Black's cackle corrupts a child,
Golden's touch turns them back to mild.

Black Pteri waits for the approach
Of his masters, who would encroach
Upon the peace in this fair land.
But the Golden Pteri's at hand,

And he'll fight for us till the end,
Forever our true, loyal friend.
Pteris never give up, you know,
So I trust him to beat our foe.

Gold tracks Black over hill and dale
While gifting gold to allies hale.
And, though this sounds a far-fetched tale,
Amplified by rumor and mail,

I promise what I say is true,
I swear upon the sky that's blue.
And if over my head Gold flew --
Why, I'd be grateful through and through!

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