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Neopets Poems

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Home For Socialized Slorgs
by Lilahne_aluoki

Out in the slimy
Yard I cried, "Blimey!"
Slorgs covered the ground,
And I could not step down
For fear of a squishy
Misstep. "BeWitchy!"
I cried out, dismayed,
By Slorgs now waylaid.

The plushie Cybunny,
Her voice sweet as honey,
Joined me on the porch;
Her soft fur besmirched
With runny Slorg grime,
Slorg Flakes, and slime.
"Didn't I tell you?"
She asked. "I thought you knew...

It's BeWitchy's Home
For Socialized Slorgs!"

Got Slorgs in your garden?
It's no longer a problem.
Just call on BeWitchy.
She will come for free,
And remove your pests
At your slightest request,
Then bring them back home
Where they're free to roam.

She'll give them a bath
To set them on the path
Of socialization.
It's BeWitchy's vocation!
She feeds them and pets them,
Why, she even lets 'em
Roam free in the yard
While she kindly stands guard...

Over BeWitchy's Home
For Socialized Slorgs!

Slorgs can be sweet
When you first meet,
But they're often snubbed
When they start eating shrubs
And your prize-winning plants.
They might crawl up your pants!
Then it's BeWitchy you call
To come get them all.

I don't seem to recall
Giving permission to install
A gallant Slorg refuge;
But that's not the issue.
It would break my Cybunny's heart,
If, from her, Slorgs she should part.
So, I guess they're here to stay;
Though they're often in the way...

Here at BeWitchy's Home
For Socialized Slorgs!
That I can't feed to Florg.

The Parade Of The Slorgs
by Kuroge

Inch by inch they march
through the wide fields,
the farmers cannot stop
their path with any shield.

Red, blue, and brown,
checkered and pink,
strewn all across the land
like some colorful pen ink.

One after another,
the chain does not end,
so many different Slorgs,
into the land they blend.

A slimy trail covers 
their apparent track,
a loathsome smell
emits from their back.

The parade of the Slorgs
will happen on this day,
so just stand by
and don't get in the way.

by Secant

They line the bushes and weave through crops
Like a trail of slime that never stops.
What should I do? Do I call the cops?
I need those Marrows for my shops.

Like a trail of slime that never pauses,
My sentences come in singular clauses;
If there are no Marrows for the plazas,
Then these Slorgs are the main causes.

My words are brief and come out short.
Farming veggies are my sport.
The Slorgs are on a mission they won't abort,
And I'm stuck with a useless fort.

Slorgs, be gone, you pesky foes!
I'll zap you all into Quiggles' toes.
Anything trespasses, anything goes.
(Although I should probably 
Just get a scarecrow.)

Hungry For Grains
by Fluffiehmedic

Among the Slorgs, there is a beast
Who's not attractive in the least.
In hordes they slowly rise to feast!
They're Zombie Slorgs, hungry for grains.

With bulging eyes and gaping mouth,
They travel east, west, north, and south,
To find what they can't live without --
The Zombie Slorgs all search for grains.

Thankfully, these pests are slow,
But peskier than others, though:
Once they bite, they won't let go!
The Zombie Slorgs, they're after grains.

Their trails of slime are stark and foul,
Rotting flesh, teeth bared in a growl,
The look of them can make 'pets howl,
Putrid Zombie Slorgs near grains...

An undead Slorg is a rare sight,
For they tend to come out at night,
And in the wake of dawn's first light,
It's clear the zombies ate your graaaaiiiiins....

Have You Seen This Slorg?
by Barking__mad

Something has happened!
You have received Neopoints
From what seems to be a rich Slorg...
That was nice of him.

Who is this rich Slorg?
I wonder if anyone in Neopia knows?
What Neopet does he belong to?
What generosity he shows!

Every single day,
No matter how early or late,
He gives out his Neopionts to us,
He is just so great !

But, wait a second...
This he could be a she?
We know so little about the Slorg,
How could this be?

We don't know much about you,
And yet you help us out,
You must be the best Slorg,
without a doubt.

Salty The Mutant Slorg
by Dr_tomoe

Think of a time
Not to long ago...
Earlier this year, actually,
Near the start of it, so

Remember the Neopies
That happened this past year,
And one category that came up,
Which the PPL holds dear.

Their category was to pick,
Out of the group, the best name
That was given, and trust me
Some were quite insane.

There were some like Sherlock, 
A Leeble that likes riddles,
And Patrick the Splime,
Fond of neither spinach nor limes.

But the one that won Neopia's hearts
Was a scraggy Slorg named Salty.
He looked a mess, nearly at his maker,
Perhaps he lost a fight with a 'shaker.

Neopia loved the Mutant Slorg,
As votes came pouring in
And the winner was announced, it was...
Not Salty, but an Urchull named Winston.

But don't fret, Salty,
Don't shed a tear...
You're still in Neopia's hearts,
So just wait till next year!

Magical Healing Slorgs
by Yukitora_exe

“I don’t feel well...”
He told me, though he didn’t have to
I could see it myself, he had become blue
The days, he could barely get through.

“I will look for help.”
The Hospital’s advice was a Tasty Pie,
A Magic Cookie we would also try,
But all we got back was a quiet sigh... 

“I will keep looking,”
So I read a book to find the cure,
We tried it all, but his illness would endure, 
The very last one was the most obscure

“Magical Healing Slorgs,”
But I couldn’t find one anywhere,
I didn’t realise they would be so rare,
I really did begin to despair.

“I’m sorry dear, here’s all I could find...”
A single Slorg, with a smile so wide
Immediately, it climbed up his side
Atop his head, the Slorg would reside.

A smile began to form on my 'pet
Though covered in slime, he was not upset,
And all his grief he began to forget,
Because his best friend, a Slorg, 
He had just met.

The Aisha Slorgrider
by Biscuitqueen

'Round Neopia she rides,
Following no written guides.
She's strange for just one reason:
She rides a Slorg all season.

They squelch, slide, and slorp along.
Sometimes the Slorg hums a song.
They pass often through my town --
I always see them around.

Once, I asked her why she chose
To ride a Petpet that goes
At a speed so very slow.
I really wanted to know!

The corners of her smile curled.
"Other travelers miss the world.
I take in the scenery,
The hills and the greenery."

She patted her faithful pet.
"Betsy might be a bit wet,
And she's slower than the rest.
But I really love her best."

The Slorgrider is content,
And couldn't ever resent
Her giant, squishy mount's speed.
She thinks it the perfect steed.

Her Slorg leaves a trail of slime
And is late half of the time,
But she gets there in the end
With her purple, spotted friend.

Always Use The Right Weapon
by Esses_mom

Yurble Farmer of Meri Acres, 
Has Slorgs eating all of his veggies and fruits. 
He would like to send them all to their maker, 
As he slogs through them in wader boots.
The Slorgs they just keep coming, 
Leaving slime everywhere they go. 
Their mouths just keep on gumming, 
Eating everything he did grow. 

They march in a colorful rainbow, 
Blue, pink, red, brown, grey, and green, 
He tries to get them all with his hoe, 
What a horrid sight to be seen! 

He thought maybe with his tractor, 
So to his barn he ran, 
But forgetting the Slorg slime factor, 
He slipped and fell on his can! 

An idea struck him like lightning, 
So through the hardware store he did roam, 
What he planned was frightening, 
Yet it just might save his home! 

To the barn he took the supplies, 
He carried in a brown paper sack, 
He worked through bloodshot eyes, 
For tomorrow he planned his attack!
The sunlight fragmented off them, 
As it traced the slime on their backs, 
They laughed and shouted "We've got him!" 
Then he stopped them dead in their tracks! 

Farmer Yurble created the Slorgerizer, 
To be rid of the dreadful pests. 
Now they are an appetizer, 
Farmer Yurble serves to his guests!

Haunted Woods Slorg
by Fleur_411

Deep inside the Haunted Woods,
Lost under the grey sky,
You cannot seem to find escape
So you sit on the ground and cry.

Over yonder behind a tree,
You hear a soft noise,
Could it be a friendly creature
Or the eater of girls and boys?

Either way, the end must be
Better than what is now,
You make your way over
Hoping it’s no beast on the prowl.

You look behind the tree and see
Big eyes looking at you,
What is this thing, small and green,
And covered all in goo?

A Slorg it is, a friendly one
Who may be able to help you,
He knows you’re stuck in the woods
And he’s willing to lead you through!

However, things come with a price,
He asks one favor in return...
Listen closely to what he says
His price you are to learn:

“Take me back home with you,
I’m weary of life here,
It’s cold and grey and creepy
With a huge lack of cheer!”

“All I want is to be given to a ‘pet,
I want to be greatly loved,
To play games and sing
And have lots and lots of fun!”

“Well, of course!” you say,
“You can come on home with me,
I have a ‘pet who wants a Slorg
And you’ll be just the thing!”

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