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Neopets Poems

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It's Halloween Night
by Icyowl

As the eve closes in,
'pets don their Halloween gear.
Are they going as ghosts,
or perhaps Edna this year?

Trick-or-treat bags hang empty,
clutched in wings, paws, and hands.
Calling to be filled with candy,
from across the Neopian lands.

They all rush away
to enjoy the festive night,
before November’s first day
brushes Halloween from sight.

Some 'pets rush off
to a Halloween party or two.
With dancing and games,
and pumpkin carving, too!

Still, others hurry toward
the exciting Haunted Faire,
where apple-bobbing rewards
spooky treats or blurry glares.

Haunted houses line the streets,
and many 'pets venture here.
Thinking they are brave,
yet racing out in fear.

Shouts ring through the air,
of cheer and of fright.
There can be no doubt,
it’s Halloween night.

by Lilahne_aluoki

What are you going as
This Halloween?
For the new Headless Cape
Appears peachy keen!
Your 'pet could dress up
As some headless guy...
But there's so many options;
Let's give some a try!

Wear the Experimental Monster Outfit
And you'll have a headless peasant.
If they're wearing the Gobbler Costume,
Then you'd have a headless pheasant.

Put your 'pet in the Lawyerbot Top...
They become a headless lawyer;
How unpleasant!

If you use the Valentine Delivery Dress...
They're a headless courier; 
Delivering presents!

Is your 'pet painted Usuki?
They can be a headless Usuki doll.
Or stick your 'pet in the Golden Sequin Dress
To be the headless belle of the ball.
Give your 'pet the Lawyer Briefcase
If they want to be a headless CPA.
Let them wear a Pretty Lace Apron;
'Cause a headless chef is A-OK!

There are so many alterations
That you can do.
Try as many as you like,
Or just one or two.
Really, your customization
Options are endless...
As long as you don't mind
Your 'pet being headless!

A Halloween Scorchio
by Dr_tomoe

On this day of frights
and 'pets who are scary,
there is one 'pet that is
a bit strange, you see.

They aren't a witch, skeleton,
ghoul, Nightsteed, or Lich.
It doesn't seem even as frighting
or horrific as a Meepit.

It's a Scorchio dressed
in a fancy black coat,
a dapper top hat,
and skull cane to boot.

But look in his eyes and
you'll see what's inside,
and then perhaps you'll feel
a growing need to Hyde.

But maybe it will pass
and give a slight chuckle.
He looks just like an old doctor,
perhaps one named Jekyll.

Still, it must be scary if
that's the Halloween color they wear,
And this dapper Scorchio...
perhaps you should beware.

Edolie's At Halloween
by Aldurswolf

Edolie, my dear Elephante,
You need quite a bit of help,
You're looking for an item
That you can't find yourself

It's no big surprise, though,
Why must your room be such a mess?
Where any single item is
Is anybody's guess

If I help you out, though,
A cool new wearable is my reward,
And when it comes to incentives,
Who could ask for more?

You've got creepy staffs and spooky clothes,
A hat and potion table, too,
Will you also add a cauldron
So we can make a wicked brew?

Anyway, I'm here to help,
As long as I get my dues,
And while I'm here, I might as well
Wish a Happy Halloween to you!

The Fearful Fairgrounds
by Too_kule

If you fancy an evening of fright
You should visit the Fairgrounds tonight.
So come on, bring your 'pet.
There’s no reason to fret.
The ghosts’ barks are 
Much worse than their bite.

Give the Wheel of Misfortune a nudge.
Watch it spin with a wee little budge!
You might get a Pofew,
Or some Gummy Rat Stew,
Or your items transformed into sludge.

If you’ve brawn and a good sense of aim,
You should try Test Your Strength -- 
Yes, the game!
If you fail, do not brood:
You could get some cheap food
With your supersized helping of shame.

Then there’sss Sssidney, 
Who talksss jussst like thisss,
In a tone that resssemblesss a hisss.
His cardsss aren’t worth the buy,
But he’ssss sssuch a neat guy,
Though hisss posssture isss ssslightly remisss.

And if cork guns might bring you some glee,
Then I know of a place you should see.
First a target you choose,
There’s just nothing to lose!
(Except all of your precious NP.)

With all of my efforts exerted,
I hope now that I have asserted,
That the Fairgrounds are swell,
And you simply can’t tell
Why people would call them Deserted.

The Bewitching Night
by Kuroge

The darkness settles upon
all that still retains light,
and fills the whole of Neopia
today with the ghostly night.

From the shores of Altador,
to the depths of Moltara,
on this very spooky day
the dark creates a new era.

When the ghosts of the
dark ominous graveyard,
come out into the dark
and play their foul card.

When the evil witches
come out of their cover,
and cast their impish spells,
as you will soon discover.

When the red eyes within
the decaying trees
overrun the darkened lands,
caught in their playful ease.

Tonight will see the disorder,
tonight will see the vicious,
tonight will see the witchcraft,
tonight will see the malicious.

Spooky Foods
by Xxepicwolfyxx

Crawling here and crawling there,
The gummy mice be everywhere!
One blue, one green, and maybe pink,
I thought for sure that one gave me a wink!

Besides those creepily critters,
Think of the ones that give you the shivers!
Like, for instance, the Deviled Steak,
Its menacing stare makes me wanna shriek!

You ask me my favorite drink, 
Oh the Skeith Juice Cocktail, 
What could you possibly think? 
This liquid is quite tasty, 
And perhaps a little tangy,
But somewhere in there 
I can taste some scary!

By now you must be gettin' scared,
For this rhyme must be going somewhere!
Eyeballs, creeps, ghouls, and guts,
Let's close this poem with a great big SHUT!

Edna's Conundrum
by Icesmith

"No, no, no! Oh, this won't do!
This potion is failed already!
The frog eyes melt, the liquid's a mess,
And the acid is so unsteady!"

The witch paced, each step a thump,
As her brow strained with the stress,
A halt in her plans to create the drink,
Each ingredient far from a success.

She flicked through the book, 
Each page a spell,
Determined to solve the problem,
And at last Edna saw, the problem in front,
The solution sat in a clear emblem.

"At last! Oh yes... finally, it works!"
She squealed it so abruptly,
And the potion began to emit a haze,
The steam proving so gusty. 

She picked up a vial and placed it in,
The green liquid flowing so soft,
As she cackled she drunk, each taste sublime,
When, all of a sudden, the witch coughed.

"No! What is this?!? It cannot be!
The taste, vile to the meter!"
What was she making, you ask? 
A glass of destruction?
No! The perfect treat for the trick or treater!

Sophie's Horrible Halloween Brew
by Biscuitqueen

Deviled Steak and Grundo Stix,
Snorkle Snouts and Mouldy Cheese.
Put some water on to boil
While you start to prepare these.

Steak gets seared with Grundo Stix
While Snorkle Snouts -- only three! --
Are blackened in the fire pit.
The Mouldy Cheese? Wait and see.

Your water should be boiling now.
Add salt. A pinch, not a lot!
Next, you'll need some Droolik drool.
Pour a cup into your pot.

Mound of Grulb (What is that stuff?)
Goes in after the drool does.
Then mix in snouts, steak, and stix.
The brew should crackle and buzz.

Get some Baked Intestines now,
Mash them in at double time.
After that's done, you can add
An Almost Gummy Rat (Lime).

One Clawmatoe, chopped up fine,
Pickled Eyeballs sliced quite thin.
Spyders, Screamed Corn, Spectral Shrimp:
Pick your favorite, toss it in.

If you're feeling decadent,
Spicy Meowclops Whiskers, too.
Don't forget that Mouldy Cheese!
Grate it now over your brew.

Turn it down to simmer low.
Wait an hour to check on it.
Bubble, bubble, it looks done!
Ladle out a little bit.

What do you mean, "What's it do?"
It's not a spell, I promise you --
A little taste you won't rue!
It's just some Halloween stew...

Edna's Halloween
by Gypsychic420

Deep within a dense, dark forest 
Lives Edna, and boy is she a mean old witch.
She demands for us to find her items
So her spells can go off without a hitch.

We've all sat in defeat 
With our shoulder slumped, 
As we help with 
The Rainbow Wand of Jetsam Charming.
We sigh as we gather 
The items for her anyway.
Even though the total cost 
Is ghastly and alarming.

But gather 'round and lean in close.
For I'm going to tell you quite a story
About one group of Neopets
Who, on Halloween, turned the tables on her. To all our delight and glory.

Close your eyes and envision this,
It was a dark and spooky night.
Zombies and mummies roamed the streets
En masse, hoping to cause a fright.

Neopets dressed in frightful costumes
Carried their bags door to door.
They rang the bell, sang "Trick or Treat,"
In hopes of raking in candies galore.

Meanwhile, Edna sat in front of her cauldron,
Oblivious to this special day.
She had no idea it was All Hallows' Eve,
For, deep within the Haunted Woods, she lay.

Ever day in this land was scary!
A holiday? No need for this.
Just ask scratchcard Ssidney,
He'll agree with a hiss.

So, Edna had no clue 
What her night would soon entail
As she walked across her tower 
To answer the knock.
She wondered who could 
Possibly be visiting her,
As she peered through the curtains 
And undid the lock.

To her surprise 
A trio of neopets stood on her doorstep.
Smiling as they held out their three bags.
Edna looked at them in confusion and frowned.
Wondering what could they want 
From this old hag.

First, the reaper Myci stepped forward
And politely said "Tricks or Treats,"
"I would like some Mynci Mallows," 
Then continued,
"And a Bag of Halloween Sweets."

Next to speak up was the Nightseed Uni,
She was sporting quite an eerie look.
"I want some Torpedos, some Strochals,
And an Apple Gummy Book."

Last spoke the greediest of all Neopets --
A Grrarl dressed up as a vamp.
"Bring me Bullseyes, Choccy Corn,
And most important, 
An Orange Gummy Stamp!" 

Edna looked them over with fury and shouted
"How dare you ask of me these lists,
Leave now! Flee my tower! Before I
cast a spell on you three with my fists!"

"No, you must get us the candy," 
Replied the Uni, 
"For those are the Halloween rules."
"If you don't," the Nightseed continued,
"We can have tricks played on you by ghouls."

She sighed in resignation.
The ghouls were a dastardly bunch.
So, off she went to fetch the candy.
Her shoulders drooped in a defeated hunch.

Edna arrived back to the tower 
A few hours later
With the list of Halloween candy in her hands.
She dropped it into their bags 
without enthusiasm.
Furious to have been forced 
To give in to their demands.

The trio walked away from the tower
For them, it was a happy Halloween end.
For Edna, not so much. 
She pouted for the next two weeks
About all the Neopoints she had to spend.

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