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Korbat Day Present
by Fleur_411

I see it through the window
It sits just behind the glass
It’s a Striped Korbat Plushie
I’ll get it today, at last!

You see, this is a present
For my own little Korbat,
I can’t wait to watch her open it
And ask “What do you think of that?”

I’m sure that she will love it,
It looks a lot like her,
It’s got her big ears and wings
And just the right amount of fur!

So why, you ask, am I purchasing
A new plushie for my ‘pet?
Because it is Korbat Day, of course,
And it will be the best one yet!

The Wraith Korbat
by Dr_tomoe

Last year, the wraith Korbat arrived.
Quite surprising at the time.
Out of all the 'pets to be wraith,
it was the first of its kind.

Its black shades were twisted,
and the pink highlights would remind all
of the time that was not so long ago,
of the day of Faerieland's fall.

It was greeted with confusion,
amazement, and then wonder.
What was the thought behind
this new Korbat color?

And then, came the reply...
the color was great!
The Korbats were wanted by many,
Pound Chat's appetite was incapable to sate!

Now there are many in wraith,
like the Krawk and the Draik,
but it was the Korbat that was first
to arrive last year, on this date.

And now, this Korbat Day,
if you see one tonight,
thank them for wraith 'pets
out to give a fright.

Haiku For A Korbat Defender
by Aloriality

For the Defenders
One winged hero stands above
Fearless and ready

Korbat Defender
Hidden behind glossy mask
He waits, confident...

For lo, come what may,
Be it Henchman or Meuka --
He will fight, defend

Defender of the
Innocent, the victims, and
All who need his help

This mighty Korbat
May not be the strongest or
The fastest, either

But this defender
Has more heart, more courage, and
Much more bravery

As he wings through night,
Let none forget this Korbat
Or his protection

Alas, Barallus...
by Lilahne_aluoki

What did you do, Barallus?
Exactly who did you offend
To end up in this dreary dungeon,
Without nary a friend?

They've chained you up to a wall;
How long since you last took flight?
You've been kept so long in the dark,
Would you even recognize light?

You play Cellblock on occasion --
Against Master Vex, but you lose.
And to your wall you're returned,
For they say you've not paid your dues.

What crimes were committed, Barallus?
What earned you such a foul dwelling?
There's a chance that Lord Darigan knows...
But unfortunately he is not telling.

You are such a puny yellow Korbat;
You'll likely never escape.
The guards will never take pity,
No matter how you grovel and scrape.

It seems that you are entertaining;
Master Vex certainly laughs
At your attempts at playing Cellblock...
Mostly, he enjoys your gaffes.

What are you thinking, Barallus?
There in the dark all alone...
Are you dreaming of wide open spaces,
Where once you were known to have flown?

The Korbat Warrior
by Kuroge

Sitting above a lofty branch,
Koya swings her radiant sword,
given to her for her courage
by King Skarl as a reward.

Her eyes never cease to falter,
even as she listens to the forest's melody,
her eyes keen to the slightest
movements of a potential enemy.

Her actions full of ingenuity,
no one can hope to outsmart her;
Koya keeps the forests peaceful,
without ruckus, without a stir.

To her many forest friends,
she brings only a smile,
but she will flash her weapon
before those who she deems vile.

Korbat's Lab
by Secant

Down the corridors,
Through the hall;
Hit the deck, but
Don't drop the ball.

Keep it afloat, 
Take in the score.
Beware of potions
And malevolence galore.

You say it's a curse
Meant for the unfortunate;
I say it's worse.

Destroy the lab and
We will win all.
Victory is ours, just
Don't drop the ball.

The Korbat With No Sense Of Humor
by Esses_mom

You paid no heed to the dimming light
As you shopped in the Haunted Woods,
'Twas almost the hour for her to take flight
Whilst you foolishly bartered for goods

Her yellow eyes are glaring
As you carelessly flounder about,
In her heart there is no caring,
She will have you for dinner, no doubt

The swollen orange moon is taunting
As it hangs low in the black inky sky,
Her victory she is flaunting
As, over your head, she flies by

She is not a sweet playful Korbat
Like the weak ones who play Gormball,
Take Kevin the soaking wet doormat,
He gives a bad name to them all

Meruth's soul is filled with thoughts so vile,
If you knew her plans 
You'd be chilled to the bone,
She's been tracking you all the while
A wicked, foul, evil old crone

So, if you should decide to go shopping 
In the Haunted woods after dark,
Remember Meruth will be watching,
And your neck's her intended next mark

Koya, Korbat Huntress
by Biscuitqueen

Koya the Korbat was quick with her sword,
And woe betide any wandering horde
That growled, grumbled, 
Or grouched at her clan!
She'd swing her blade 
And then laugh as they ran.

Her people were safe underneath her watch.
A rescue attempt she would never botch,
And many skirmishes' tides did she turn,
Convincing evildoers to adjourn.

At first, all were not convinced of her might.
Some scoffed at the tales of her, making light.
One was a yellow Draik thief lord who thought 
His team of bandits could never be caught.

"She's tiny and cute! She poses no threat!
I say we fight her. We won't break a sweat."
Thus, he and his thieves 
Went off to the woods,
Daydreaming of soon-to-be-stolen goods.

But Koya caught wind of their dreadful plan.
She ambushed them, yelling, 
Her sword in hand.
Swish! Swash! Clang! Clash! 
The thieves turned tail to run --
Brave Koya drove them all off, one by one.

For Korbats, you see, might look a bit meek,
And sound like no threat 
When their voices squeak,
But if they hear the distress of a friend,
A Korbat will always come to defend.

Loyalty, selflessness, and bravery:
Korbats possess each in great quantity.
Those cowardly thieves 
Learned this the hard way.
They haven't challenged Koya since that day.

That tale spread far and wide 
Till few would dare
To bother Koya's clan, by land or air.
They all had easy peace for countless years,
All thanks to a maiden with Korbat ears.

Lord Darigan
by Yukitora_exe

Dear Lord Darigan,
How have you been?
You look quite well
From what I've seen!

Are you enjoying Korbat Day?
I bet you won't spend it training,
But I hope you get some time off,
Could Galgarath try his hand at reigning?

I know I fought against you,
I'm sorry to say
That I made that decision
Based solely on your display

But you never gave up!
How you fought for your land,
On the verge of death,
We witnessed bravery firsthand!

And, while you won the war,
All was not as it appeared,
As greed consumed you evermore
Until you disappeared.

But you saw your demons,
How they took you to zero,
And you refused to compromise...
That's why you're a hero!

Who would've thought 
It'd be you who'd save Meridell?
We realised then it was peace you desired.
The hearts of many were moved that day,
It was an act of history, forever admired.

The greatest hero,
The greatest villain,
Keep your spirits up, Lord Darigan,
We adore you a billion!

Koya, Korbat Huntress
by Marigold_tulips

She's not just your average bat,
With her orange hair and 
Wit as sharp as a tack

Don't let her fool you
Into thinking she's not able;
Her tale is more than a fable

Swooping in to to save the day, 
On wings of leather with joyous
Shouts like "Hooray!"

Surely she can hold her own,
Trespassing, she does not condone,
Which is why her sword skills are honed

The Forest Clan is where she resides,
So evil-doers be sure to decide, 
Whether or not you wish to abide

Some claim she's a warrior-maiden,
But Koya just laughs and says,
"Just trying to create a safe haven."

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