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Neopets Poems

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A Curious Symol
by Kuroge

A curious brown head pokes
out of the mysterious hole,
his eyes blinded by the light,
his brown fur covered in coal.

It's his first time on the surface,
a new, wondrous experience,
so many new colors abound,
so many events to witness.

Sniffing the aromatic flora
by Illusen's warm glade,
he pokes his nose at the green
under the charming shade.

Fascinated by the tiniest
movements in a new place,
he enjoys his time in the
peaceful and mellow place.

Down The Symol Hole
by Dr_tomoe

A mysterious hole in Meridell
Made by those digging Petpets,
What could possibly be down there?
Something that you'll never forget?

Will you take the chance and
Try to go on down and see?
Normal 'pets cannot fit.
Not even the tiny Chia pea.

A different Petpet can fit, though,
(Just avoid the Turmaculus),
But it is a dark and scary hole,
Dare you explore and be adventurous?

There could be nothing inside,
Or perhaps there is some treasure.
Will you send your Petpet down
And finally know for sure?

Yes! Throw caution to the wind!
Cannonball into the abyss!
Perhaps there are a few Neopoints inside
Or some other rare items to get!

A few moments later they pop out,
Maybe with some dirt in their hair or fur,
And to this day, you'll wonder how they found
A book entitled The Founder.

Symol Day Is Here
by Comawhite333

Hey little Symol,
Why are you so sad?
Symol Day is here...
Aren't you glad?

Why be so melancholy
On such a wondrous day?
Don't you want to come out 
Of the Symol Hole and play?

The sky is clear
And the sun is out,
Why hang your head
And continue to pout?

Nothing I say
Is getting through,
What in the world
Has come over you?

You're crying now?
What's wrong?
You should stop all this nonsense
And stand up and be strong

Why don't you just paint me grey
If you're gonna leave me like this?
Since you're ignoring me anyway
I doubt that I'll be missed

Wait! I see the problem now,
How I missed it I don't know,
You're genuinely sad
And not just putting on a show...

I thought you just wanted some attention,
But you really are grey,
That's why you're so very sad 
And can't enjoy your special day.

Symol Hole Theory
by Yukitora_exe

I have a theory
That came from a query
About that odd Meridell daily
That has, lately, been eerie.

For, what goes down there
I have no idea.
Only my Petpets dare,
They have no fear!

They come out with riches,
Sometimes a bit stronger.
Who knows what would happen
If they stayed a bit longer?

There could be a training school
For the Symols to grow big,
For the bigger they get,
The more they can dig...

And, the more they can dig,
The further they can go!
They could be right under us
And we would never know...

They might be listening
To our every step,
And dig their way over
To where our secrets are kept!

And all that NP,
Where could it come from?
They might have a secret
Underground Kingdom!

That might explains why 
We hear of no wrath,
For the Petpets we send,
They have been paid off!

Maybe that's how
They ensure their special day,
Through their secret intellect
They know who to pay.

All that money,
All that digging,
Is just a bit suspect
Please tell me, TNT.
What should we expect?!?

by Fleur_411

It’s cute and brown and fluffy,
Do you know what it could be?
It’s a brand new Symol
Who’s come home to play with me!

I know you must be jealous,
And I can hardly blame you,
Because, if he wasn’t mine,
I would be jealous, too!

One of the best Petpets
Ever to be found,
They’re friendly and sweet
And like to burrow in the ground!

So, if you have a Neopet
That wants a their own little pet,
Be sure to take my advice;
A Symol is what you want to get!

Symol Day!
by Codswobble

Simply kind and,
Yes, quite bumbling,
Miles of tunnels built,
On and on, until, at
Long last, it reaches the
Surface, where your Petpet

Asks you, with a look and with a nod,
Ricochets from soily side to side,
Eventually landing in a slump,

A friendly Symol
Waits at the bottom,
Expresses joy at a visitor,
Shakes their paw,
Oh, even a gift?!?
Meekly points to the ladder back up 
And earnestly shouts, "Come back soon!"

Alone again, the
Nutty Symol smiles,
Delighted at the thought of his,

Lovely new friend who,
Open and joyful, bounced down,
Nearly hitting the Symol's new
Elephante statue, made of
Luscious honey and coins...
Yes, Symols love honey,

Just as much as you!

The Dung Symol
by Fluffiehmedic

Symols are cute, but commonly
Can be classified as annoying.
The Dung Symol? Even more so --
His stench is simply cloying!

The Symol Hole in Meridell
Is where Petpets jump in and dive,
But enter the home of a Dung Symol?
No Petpet would have the drive!

The Dung Symol gets lonely sometimes.
Ne'er seen by those who can smell,
But flies make good company --
They socialize very well.

Despite solitude, he's content.
He lives next to Meridell's trash,
Where "treasures" abound. If he's lost
A claw, it grows back in a flash.

The Dung Symol is friendly to most. 
If you see him on Symol Day, 
Be sure to wish him a happy one, 
But preferably from far away.

Simon And The Symol Hole
by Lilahne_aluoki

Simon, here's the Symol Hole;
Down inside you should patrol.
I'm really not sure why you shudder in fear.
There's really nothing all that scary here.
So, in you go with a BELLYFLOP!
Then out of the hole you soon will pop.
Wasn't that fun? You're shaking your head no;
But right here, tomorrow, is where we'll go!

Okay, Simon! Here's the Symol Hole;
It's not like King Skarl is charging a toll.
There's no need to shake so nervously,
You're as safe here as you could possibly be.
It's okay to dive in with your eyes closed,
If that helps keep you brave and composed.
Wasn't that fun? Well, shows what you know;
But right here, tomorrow, is where we'll go!

Yes, Simon, it's the Mysterious Symol Hole;
You really need to get 
Your nerves under control.
Spin in circles if that calms you down.
You know, I've never seen you 
That shade of greenish-brown...
Climb in slowly with a firm, sure grip,
Because inside the hole is no place to trip.
Wasn't that fun? You're a bit dusty, though;
But right here, tomorrow, is where we'll go!

Really Simon, it's just the Symol Hole;
How much more do I need to cajole?
Ah, now you're looking into the hole curiously;
What exactly were you expecting to see?
In you go, dropping like a CANNONBALL!
I knew you'd find it fun, after all...
You're a Symol, Simon. Didn't you know?
And right here, tomorrow, is where we'll go!

Sweet Symol Day
by Hopeandjoy

The 23rd is the big day,
where Symols venture out and play.
This only happens once a year,
Symol Day is finally here.

They live in a mystical hole,  
where they play an important role. 
Only go if you have no fear.
Symol Day is finally here.

They might give you an avatar, 
you did not even go that far.
Meridell is very close home,
Symol Day is finally here.

This is a day to celebrate, 
the cute Petpet that is so great. 
If you have luck one will appear. 
Symol Day is finally here.

Gwyl's Great Escape
by Biscuitqueen

Sparkling gems
hidden deep,
in the soil,
fast asleep.

Buried here,
buried there,
twinkling from
rocky layers.

Little Gwyl
wants to find
these jewels 
yet unmined --

then they'll see!
All his peers
will know Gwyl
has no fears,

and that he,
although small,
digs as well
as them all.

Lightmite bright
at his side,
Gwyl descends
through caves wide

to the place
whispered of
farthest from
safety above,

where the gems
dream so sound,
just waiting
to be found.

For a while,
all is fine --
Gwyl collects
things that shine.

Then, crash! Boom!
Rockslide! No!
Gwyl runs, but
he's too slow.

Trapped within
tunnels deep,
small Symol
wants to weep.

But a plan
strikes him quick.
He's ready
in a tick.

Lightmite wings
will flap fast
to bring him
up the vast

and endless
caves to home!
Gwyl will roam,

till he sees
sunlight bright.
Then he will
be all right.

(But will he?
Play and see:
you control
Gwyl's destiny!)

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