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Jetsam Day
by Captainfail

I used to own a Jetsam,
He was a kind fellow,
I recently found out
He was actually quite mellow.

They're fabled to be ferocious,
Jaws and claws,
But some just can't
And have to pause.

My Jetsam was Darigan,
Making him scarier,
But he just couldn't try,
He even became merrier.

All in all,
Jetsams are great,
Even those "special ones"
That are worth the wait.

So when you consider,
Jetsam or Eyrie,
Remember that Jetsams
Aren't always eerie.

The Dark Spectre
by Kuroge

Cold and calculating 
is the infamous Spectre,
crushing his opponents
with his mental lie detector.

Faced with the novice,
he relentlessly attacks,
until his weak opponents
leave with empty sacks.

Known and feared
for his callous temper,
when faced with Specrtre, 
it is best to surrender.

A card not gone by
without him knowing,
he controls the direction
the game is flowing.

Laughing at the demise
of his meager competition,
he collects his winnings
from his very keen vision.

Ode To The Magma Jetsam
by Comawhite333

Oh, magma Jetsam,
How miserable you must be,
You're not swimming through the oceans
Or lounging in the seas

What a cruel color you are,
To love water so much,
But knowing it's something
You can no longer touch

If you could cry,
I know you would,
But all your tears evaporate...
I would help you if I could

You used to be so popular,
With tons of nice friends,
But now, when you throw a party,
No one attends

They say it's too hot
Just standing in your presence,
But still none of them send cards,
Candies, or presents

Instead, they invite you
For a day on the beach,
Knowing the water is, to you,
As salt is to a leech

They all now laugh at you,
But it is what it is,
You avoid the water
Because you'll smoke, sizzle, and fizz

Oh, magma Jetsam,
Maybe your owner will take pity,
And paint you another color
Far away from Moltara City

Checking Back With Lady Sharkseas
by Dr_tomoe

For those out in Neopia
Who follow and enjoy my rhymes,
They will remember a Jetsam named Sharkseas
That I spoke of last time.

And now it's Jetsam Day again,
So lend me your ear,
As I show how Sharkseas has changed
Within the past year.

She's still a mean plushie,
So that is still the same,
That not even her owner
Is able to tame.

Now, the first thing she's done
Is acquired a coral trident,
And she's not afraid 
To poke you with it.

Her demands have increased,
And she wants others to serve her,
Which causes a lot of work
For her Personal Wind-Up Butler.

And, to continue her claim
As the prettiest of all,
She wears the sea monster
Costume pack from the NC Mall.

She still wishes to rule
(And thinks she will one day),
But at least the Quiggleton family
Can keep her at bay.

But, today we honor Jetsams,
And Sharkseas is quite the one,
So maybe this one we'll let her
Get away with her mischievous fun.

How The Jetsam Got Its Smile
by Yukitora_exe

Did you know, long ago,
That Jetsams were alone?
Mean little guys, your typical bully,
Which nobody ever understood fully. 
Then, one day, something did change!
The Jetsams, they felt strange...
Their glare became a grin,
Crossed arms into fins,
Yes, we were not prepared
For a new Jetsam to be declared!

It was clothing that did the trick,
Not just for Spectre or Vik,
The passion for fashion --
How they longed to look dashin’
Made them friends with fellow Neopets...
Friends, otherwise never met.
So, there’s a little history
Of how the Jetsam got its smile,
Let’s celebrate this Jetsam jubilee,
Let’s celebrate it with style!

The Robot Jetsam
by Marylouiserosa

Proud is the robot Jetsam;
red and white, the colors of strength;
brave and powerful is he;
trusted friend and feared enemy.

Destiny chose him to lead;
authoritative, just and fair;
like the knights of olden days;
in times of strife, struggle, and peace.

A true warrior at heart;
ever-enduring against all;
he’ll never leave a battle
until victory is achieved.

The strong approach him in fear,
knowing they can never beat him,
but willing to risk it all
for the glory it would bring them.

But he has a softer side;
the young and the weak come to him;
trusting in his sound advice,
thankful for the wisdom he shares.

Always giving of himself,
thoughtful of those less fortunate;
genuine, stable, and true...
available to those in need.

He can be relied upon,
no obstacle can hinder him;
not worried for his safety,
he’ll persevere until the end.

It’s a hard life he chooses,
putting the betterment of all
before his own wants and needs...
the fate of the robot Jetsam.

The Jovial Jetsam
by Fleur_411

You’ve all heard of Jetsams,
You’ve heard they're a mean kind,
But reading The Jovial Jetsam
May just change your mind.

This Jetsam is jolly and caring,
Not what you’d usually think,
He’s a very friendly Neopian
And his smile never shrinks.

You may think of them as dangerous,
But he is here to change all that,
They can be very nice at times,
And he says “Thats a fact!”

So, maybe next time you see one
Walking down the street,
Go say hi and hope he’s nice,
Or else you will be mincemeat.

Fearsome Fish
by Swittren

Swimming beneath the water,
A mystery of the deep,
Until all you see is a fin
And then a mouth full of teeth

They’re the most vicious fish in the sea,
A king amongst the waves,
Today is the day to celebrate them
On Jetsam Day

Peophins can’t compete,
Flotsams swim away in fear,
Grarrls dare not be compared
To the fearsome aquatic beast

Their numbers in Neopia are limited,
To help stop the spread of fear
From going into the water,
Hoping to never see that fin appear

But befriend them if you can,
For they will become a powerful ally,
Squashing their foes with a power tail
And you can’t forget those hundreds of teeth

It’s rare to see a Jetsam smile
Except for a day like today!
There will be an army of fins
As all 856,5851 of them come 
To the surface to celebrate!

Jetsam Day Is Here!
by Catglove

Darting, splashing
Through the water,
A single fin emerges

Two beady eyes,
A big white grin,
The Jetsam looks 
Into your eyes

He flips around,
Dives back in,
I think you were
Lucky this time...

He's back again,
Holding a big banner

"Jetsam Day!" 
He exclaims,
Pointing at the banner

The water ripples,
More fins appear,
The Jetsam's family
Is now here!

So, let's 
Have a 
Good time

'Cause Jetsam Day
Is simply sublime!

Wilven And The Cooking Pot
by Lilahne_aluoki

There's a tale told on Mystery Island
That all the locals know,
Of a blue Jetsam known as Wilven,
Who wished to furnish his Neohome. 
A red Zafara -- his friend Sheeli --
Stayed with him in his chateau;
Every day they both would head out
And, on the beaches, they would comb
For bits of driftwood and broken shells
And fruits that nearby would grow;
Strands of seaweed, polished rocks,
And coral rescued from the briny foam.

Wilven wanted Orange Coral Shelves,
Yes, that is what he sought.
Sheeli used to humor him --
But lately she has not.
For, when they first brought their items
To the Island Faerie's Cooking Pot,
Jhuidah brewed up something --
But shelves aren't what they got.
The Great Pango Pango was summoned
And the two 'pets ran off distraught.
They never bothered looking back
To see what else might have been wrought.

But Wilven is a Jetsam,
And Jetsams -- they've got pride.
He couldn't accept the cowardice
His running away implied.
So, every day, he gathers
Ocean treasures at low tide.
He makes his way back through the jungle
To stand at Jhuidah's side
Hoping to create orange coral shelves;
For years now he has tried.
But they remain stubbornly out of reach...
There is, though, an upside.

Every once in a while
The Great Pango Pango comes,
And it's now only occasionally 
That Wilven, from him, runs.
While the Pango tribe chants praises
Punctuated by their drums;
Yes, Wilven does his very best
To stand his ground out in the sun.
And the braver that Wilven grows,
The friendlier Great Pango Pango becomes.
Perhaps, someday, 
Wilven will get the shelves...
Granted only to the courageous ones.

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