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Neopets Poems

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Eyrie Perks
by Aldurswolf

The perks of owning an Eyrie,
There's many of them to share,
They're large and they're fluffy,
Maybe a little bit scruffy,
And don't mind if you muss their hair

Oh, how I love my dear Eyries
With their strength and capable paws,
They're fierce and they're proud,
And stand out in a crowd,
So let's give them a round of applause

The ever-changing Eyrie,
With their twisted tangled history,
As a Cerpull they started,
And as Tatsu restarted,
They've got just a touch of mystery

You can take them to the market
Or ride them to far-off lands,
Have them guard your home,
Or perhaps together you'll roam,
From Haunted Woods to the desert sands

So, go out today and take one in,
I'm sure you won't regret it,
You'll have a playful new friend,
Who'll stick 'round till the end,
There's no way you won't benefit

Thyora's Tear
by Lilahne_aluoki

Are you off to battle
Wielding Thyora's Tear?
You must be feeling bold
Without a single thing to fear.

Yes, you must be feeling bold,
Brandishing that despairing tear
From grief-stricken Thyora,
Forever parted from those held dear.

The striped Eyrie Thyora,
Who'd lost her childhood home,
And her best friend, her brother,
When rampaging Skeiths decided to roam.

Thyora wept next to a river;
Her sorrow drew a water faerie near
And, taking pity upon the Eyrie,
The faerie enchanted a single tear.

That tear of true bereavement
Was turned into a charm,
Which would protect Thyora
And keep her safe from harm.

Her tear upon a necklace,
Reminder and reassurance both;
She promised to never remove it.
At least, that was her oath.

But now you're off to battle,
And you're equipped with Thyora's Tear.
How you ended up with it --
Is just a bit unclear.

Yes, you've told me your story,
But it didn't seem sincere.
I think we should find Thyora...
And give her back her tear.

The Battle Eyrie
by Fleur_411

Powerful wings beat the sky,
His talons sharp and black,
Over Faerieland he does fly
With the Battle Faerie on his back.

His heart is strong, valiant, and true,
His courage never does falter,
Sailing through skies, grey and blue,
His will not to be altered.

He helps Aethia in her quests,
He’s been in all her battles won,
This yellow Eyrie never rests
Until the task is done.

He never lets fear get in the way
Of keeping Neopia well,
Never hesitant to join the fray
If there is danger to quell.

The best and the bravest friend
Aethia could possibly ask for,
He’ll be with her until the end
Together for evermore.

by Dr_tomoe

It was a time long ago,
five thousand years now, you see,
a time in Neopia that even
predates all of the faeries.

In ancient Neopia, the land
into chaos it would delve,
if not for the leadership
of the Circle of Twelve.

They were a select group,
and powerful mages were they all,
with one of them being
an Eyrie named Jahbal.

But then, some time in the past,
Jahbal fell victim to darkness
and used his influence to control,
to rule, and became heartless.

Having to already banish
former member Xantan the Foul,
Jahbal was trapped forever
in the Two Rings Castle, with a scowl.

But, as the years passed,
the seal began to weaken,
and Jahbal sent out his minions
with his darkness as a beacon.

They destroyed the Circle,
and Neopia approached ruin,
although Jahbal was still
inside Two Rings, trapped within.

And then, history states,
in Neopia's darkest history,
a single white Lupe appeared
whose name is lost to history.

Stood up to the monsters,
and fought viciously against all,
before deciding that he must
be the one to stop Jahbal.

Talinia Solo
by Fluffiehmedic

Inside a Terror Mountain inn,
Patient Talinia sits and waits.
When her captain comes around,
She joins him, unaware of their fates.

The wand goes dim; the sword, it droops,
Her party's lost the will to fight!
With Oaken Calm and tireless arms,
Like the Eyrie, she takes flight.

Through blistering desert, precarious clouds,
The skill of arrows she still retains.
Talinia'll seldom miss, less so
With a bow she's destined to obtain.

Near the end, Rohane's revived,
Although Talinia carried the team.
The party could have worked as one,
But what fun would that have been?

Aye Aye, Captain!
by Trubiekatie

Down in Krawk Island,
There’s a special place to go.
Bring your Dubloons,
To pay for what you owe.

The Captain will be there,
To train your 'pet to fight.
You can learn his ways,
If you try with all your might.

On every special pet day,
That species is for free!
Many Neopians flock
For a training spree.

He’ll tell you of his tales
And all those sunken ships.
They may have been bad,
But they were exciting trips!

He used to be a pirate,
But was pardoned for his crimes.
A scoundrel once before,
Now teaching in his times.

There’s one place he fears,
And yet, most people adore.
That silly Tombola game;
The captain does deplore.

So, Cap'n Threelegs,
Happy Eyrie Day!
Enjoy that free training,
Since you don’t have to pay!

The Day Branston's Boasts Came True
by Biscuitqueen

Branston the Eyrie loved to brag.
"I'll win! I've got this in the bag,"
He'd say each time he played a game.
He didn't feel an ounce of shame.

At least until he lost, that is.
You see, he wasn't quite the whiz
He liked to brashly claim, poor guy.
His skill level just wasn't high.

Still, his confidence bounced back fast
Once his embarrassment had passed.
So, when he sat down with his friends
For Cheat! one day, he bragged again.

"I'll beat you this time, just you wait,
My victory will be so great!"
Agent 00 Hog shook his head.
"We'll have to see," Kalora said.

Chuffer Bob then made the first play.
He threw down three threes right away.
"Cheat!" cried Branston. "I caught you, Bob!"
"Argh," Bob muttered. "Oh well, good job."

The game went on; it soon was clear
That boastful Branston was quite near
To winning every single hand,
Proving himself best in the land.

"Hmph!" said Capara with a scowl.
"Curses! I'm through!" came Timmy's howl.
Brucey B just shrugged and then sighed,
But Fernypoo? She almost cried.

When Branston won, he laughed out loud.
"You doubted! Ha!" He was so proud.
The others grudgingly agreed
That Branston had done well, indeed.

The Eyrie glowed with pure delight.
He left the house smiling that night.
"I won't let them forget this tale!
I'll recite it in great detail."

Meanwhile, Spectre gave a rare grin.
"A perfect plan. He got his win.
But careful, or he'll hear us say
We let him win for Eyrie Day!"

The Wandering Eyrie
by Guccisthecoolestdog

The Eyrie flew, post to post,
A friend was what he wanted most.

He searched near and far, high and low,
There really was nowhere else to go.

A friendly Bori crossed his path
As he was washing off, in the bird bath.

The stared, not sure what to say,
'Til the shy baby Eyrie shouted, "Hey!"

They started talking and shared their thoughts,
The Bori was lonely, believe it or not!

They seemed like a perfect match, 
As they skipped along the pumpkin patch!

On the way back home, they said goodbye!
The Bori was still quite shy.

As they walked their separate ways,
They didn't stray too far away

It turns out the two new friends
Both lived down around the bend!

Day after day,
they met and played,

The Eyrie was finally glad...
What a nice friend he had!

Lord Of The Dance
by Esses_mom

What is it you hope to know
About Neopia's feathered foe?
It is of the Eyrie I dare speak,
I'll try to help with what you seek

For the most part you will find
A path of destruction left behind
Wherever Eyries have crossed the land
You can see their work firsthand 

I'm sure you all have heard the tale
Of Lord Kass's descent to, well...
Let's just say he lost his mind
To demons of the invisible kind

Cap'n Threelegs a pirate be
A thief, a scoundrel, a liar he
So when he tells of a giant Krawk,
You know he deserves on three legs to walk

There is Branston, who deserves a shout out,
Though his intentions are of dubious doubt,
When it comes to cards, yes, he's a cheat
When it comes to ego he can't be beat

Out on the dance floor he leaps and prances,
Doing his version of disco dances,
Disco is his choice because, after all,
There are thousands of mirrors 
To each disco ball

His vanity is without compare,
In the mirrors he loves to stare,
He takes his time preening each feather
Before squeezing into his skintight leather

He begins to jump, to slide, to wiggle,
While all in attendance try not to giggle,
Over the new sight they suddenly see
The tight leather split 
While he slides on one knee

The NC Mall is his second home,
Up and down aisles he loves to roam,
So, if you happen to see him 
When out and about,
Be sure to give Branston 
His hard-earned shout out

BD Woes Of A Gold Eyrie
by Morningstarnova

I flew with my owner
To the New Features page,
Wondering all the while
Why she was in such a hurry.

Then I saw why
As I landed with a thud.
Tor and Luperus were
Fighting in front of me.

"New Battledome is coming!"
It read in bold.
"Old one closing soon..."
My golden beak smiled.

"Look," my owner said,
"Beta Testers wanted."
My heart leaped with joy
As we left to sign up.

There were 'pets all around,
For miles perhaps.
My chances were slim,
But a chance I had to grasp.

"Don't worry," said she,
"They'll choose you for sure."
Together we went home
To await that sacred Neomail.

My owner bought me some armour
And an awfully big sword,
To pass the time for now
And at least feel proud.

I finally defeated
The annoying Highland Chia,
But was defeated once more
By the snot monster Meuka

Then I flew home
And waited through the night.
I checked my owner's Neomail inbox,
But empty it remained.

I finally fell asleep,
But woke up with a start.
Nayla had told me
No Neomails had come.

I became rather sad,
For the Battledome was my life.
It was what made
My king proud of me.

I flew to Altador
Just to say hi,
When I discovered he had left
But no one knew why.

Then I realized
Something great, indeed.
The sense of a plot
To the new Battledome arrival.

I later found out
He ran out of prizes.
I got a little more sad,
Hoping there was danger.

I went to Krawk Island
And told the captain my woes,
He said, "Sunny, don't you worry.
Why wouldn't they choose you?"

I flew back to my Neohome
And was greeted warmly,
By who became my family
After so many years in Altador.

I checked the Inbox once more,
Then helped with dailies.
I checked the Inbox again
After I returned home.

That night I climbed into bed
And cried out to the stars,
Where is that Neomail?
Am I not the one?

Here I stay still,
Doing dailies and training,
Hoping I will be chosen,
But my Inbox's still empty.
Those are the woes
Of this gold Eyrie.

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