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The Same Word To Grarrls
by Dr_tomoe

In the world of Neopia
you know where Grarrls have been,
because there's more destruction
than you have ever seen.

The jungles' and forests'
trees are broken and bent,
leading in the direction
from where the Grarrls went.

The food is all eaten,
not even a scrap remains,
omelette, cake, and even
Gross Food is nommed away.

The rampage of Grarrls
exists all over the globe,
as desert and Halloween Grarrls
do the same in their fancy robes.

But today, let the Grarrls
destroy all that they may,
because this is the one day of the year
that we celebrate Grarrl Day.

Then remember that, as they all
unleash their roars to the sun,
that in the Grarrl language
destruction is the same word as fun.

Mightiest Of Thieves
by Trubiekatie

Leader of the Thieves Guild,
Galem had it all.
He had several enemies
Who caused his downfall.

He wanted the Ice Caves,
And to stop the one Hannah.
There was an epic fight;
A last and final hurrah.

He would have done better,
If not for Masila and Kanrik.
To Galem, they were allies,
But alas, it was a trick.

Galem saw through it,
And befriended someone strong.
The Bringer of the Night;
Again, another wrong.

He betrayed Galem, too,
But was not his end.
Galem’s final fight
Was with a former friend.

It was Kanrik, a thief,
Who defeated Galem!
It is his lone actions
That we do condemn.
On this Grarrl Day,
Let us remember this thief.
It was his ideas, you see,
That caused the Ice Caves' grief.

The Waiting General
by Kuroge

General Galgarroth awaits
in the time-worn shadows,
looking out into the distance,
standing by the old gallows.

Within the cellars underneath
the inescapable castle walls,
the general waits for the time
when the Meridellians will fall.

He waits for his master's orders,
for the time to once again strike,
when once more the ground 
will be slain by a powerful spike.

His resentments for his past, 
failures aggregated with time,
he will make sure to convert
the land with profuse grime.

Ode To Grarrl Keno
by Saqo

Welcome, welcome!
Come one and all!
It's so much fun,
you'll have a ball!

Have a few spare
Neopoints with you?
Then come and play
the Grarrl Keno!

Choose some eggs,
from two to ten,
now watch them
hatch! And then,

if you win you'll
receive a prize.
No one knows, who
wins is a surprise!

There's no better
day, in fact, to play,
for today happens
to be Grarrl Day!

This way you can
show your support
for Grarrls, while
playing for a short

while, until your
pockets are light...
but maybe you'll 
win! What a sight!

Thank you Grarrls,
just for being you,
and for offering
us all Grarrl Keno!

Happy Grarrl Day!

The Fearsome Grarrl
by Colourskape

Grarrls are feared Neopia-wide,
Jagged fanged, gigantic beasts,
In the eyes of these fierce creatures
Even blunt objects could be feasts!

Deep in the land of Tyrannia,
These intimidating Neopets thrive
In the primitive jungle wildlands,
That only the toughest can survive

These huge Neopets stomp about,
Thrashing and barging on their way,
No other predator or opponent
Dares oppose the Grarrl in a fray

Though most see them barbaric,
Their behaviour cannot be blamed,
Through careful patience and attention,
These fierce Grarrls can be tamed!

With lots of training over time,
Some powerful warriors can arise,
And these once-tyrannical monsters
Will become loyal and strong allies

Rosie The Grarrl
by Fleur_411

She dances and she twirls
In the meadows, green,
It’s a bit of a rare sight,
For only in spring can she be seen.

For Rosie loves the springtime
As, of course, all Grarrls do,
If she spots you while she dances,
She will give a prize to you!

It’s part of the celebration
That Rosie loves so much,
You might want to visit her,
She gives out Neggs and such.

But you must remember that
Sometimes she loses a Negg or two,
And if you help her find them
She’ll be very grateful to you.

So grateful that she’ll even
Give you an extra-special prize,
If you help her out each day
Using your sharp eyes.

So, when springtime comes around,
Go seek this Grarrl out,
And offer to help find her Neggs
Be sure to look all about!

Toby Twinkles
by Esses_mom

He wanders all around the town,
Boasting of the fame he's found,
When it comes to cards,
He wears the crown.
He is Toby Twinkles.

He is a card shark, species: Grarrl,
With him there's no such thing as draw.
Disagree you cannot do,
He's vicious, escaped from a zoo.
He is Toby Twinkles.

No matter what the cards may say,
You know there will never come a day.
When the winning pot, you take,
No one dares make this mistake.
He is Toby Twinkles.

Oh, it was many years ago,
A stranger played, he did not know.
He laughed and shouted, "Hip Hip Hooray!"
We have not seen him to this day.
He is Toby Twinkles.

No one dares to set him straight,
On right and wrong, they know their fate.
So he cheats at every turn,
Right through your NP's he will burn.
He is Toby Twinkles.

Then, one day, a chariot came,
A passenger all knew by name.
He never played another hand,
The story told throughout the land.
This was Momma Twinkles.

Grarrl Gobstoppers Galore
by Clockworkchildren

Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour,
Sometimes can take far longer than an hour,
To finish up one of these unusual treats,
A Grarrl Day delicacy, what a feast.

Peering in the Chocolate Factory window I see,
All different gobstoppers tempting me,
Some of the flavours are rather worrying,
But nevertheless, in I go, scurrying.

My eyes search the shelves intently,
The choice will be hard to make, evidently,
Immediately denying the rotten egg flavour,
Should it be one of the citrus fruits I savour?

Luscious lemon? Lovely lime?
The taste of outrageous orange 
Is always sublime.
The recipe for chunky cherry 
Is rather confusing,
But which of the gobstoppers 
Will I be choosing?

Should I be daring and go for fishy delight?
I'm sure that would give 
My taste buds a fright!
How about mustard mayhem? 
Or that fuzzy one,
Furry fury, that sounds like fun!

Fluff n stuff scares me off,
Its tangy taste makes me cough,
Omnipotent onion, brings tears to the eyes,
It's one of the long lasting flavours, 
No surprise!

Last one left for review looks like a winner,
Stupendous strawberry, that'll last 'til dinner,
It even says it tastes like real fruit,
After all those strange flavours, 
I'm sure it's a hoot!

Not All Grarrls Growl
by Biscuitqueen

Not all Grarrls growl:
Some are quite polite.
They'll sip their tea so daintily
And never, ever fight.

Not all Grarrls battle:
Some prefer to dance.
They'll gleefully swirl, and leap, and whirl --
A few will even prance.

Not all Grarrls menace:
Some would rather read.
Adventures are fun, but you have to run,
And books fulfill the need.

The point I'm trying to make, my friend,
From poem's start to poem's end,
Is not all Grarrls are the same:
Some are fierce and some are tame,
And some are even in between,
But don't assume every Grarrl is mean!

The Brightest Face Of Spring
by Lilahne_aluoki

Rosie, how we've missed your brilliant smile.
You've been away for far too long a while.
No one else can dance,
Pirouette and prance,
With your unique exuberance and style.

Rosie, you are the very face of spring.
Did you know the happiness you'd bring?
Handing out small gifts,
Our troubles would lift
As you danced around the flowered clearing.

Rosie, you're the sweetest Grarrl around.
Your sundress suits you better than a gown.
With your Cybunny ears
That you've worn for years;
They fit you far better than any crown.

Rosie, it is obvious that you care,
Giving away treasures beloved and rare.
Remember when we found
A Spring Courtyard Background?
You claimed it was merely another spare.

Rosie, your kindness is remembered still;
Your fashion sense, charisma, and good will.
A Grarrl without compare.
You certainly had flair!
Your return next spring will be a thrill!

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