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Neopets Poems

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Fyora's Tower
by Silver_azalea

Rare items clutter
The shelves of Fyora’s secret
And Hidden Tower.

Many can be used
To gain a great advantage
In the Battledome.

Faerie Dust, tridents,
Slingshots, staffs, a plentiful
Pile of unique swords.

Others are brushes
You can use to paint your 'pet
An awesome color.

Cute little baby,
Dark Darigan, proud royal,
Or strong Maractite.

Some are wondrous toys,
Like those faerie dolls and the
Squeezy Tombola.

Still fewer are books
To read to your 'pets so they
Obtain much knowledge.

Hungry 'pets complain?
Get them an Everlasting
Apple to munch on.

For a flowing style,
Try on Amira’s cape for
A mere two million.

Among all these treasures,
Fyora sits, passing the time
By getting new ones;

Waiting for someone
To stumble on in who can
Afford her prices.

The Ixi Chemist
by Dr_tomoe

Deep within the Haunted Woods,
next door to Korbat's Lab,
resides a place where science lives,
both for good and for bad.

Therein resides an Ixi Chemist
working on mysterious chemistry.
His science is soon recorded
for anyone who wants to see.

He works with atoms
to make strange molecules.
Twisting the atoms to make
his various atomic jewels.

The green Neopium,
the most common of atoms.
Combined with blue Tyrannium,
the oldest element known.

Red Slothite, very dangerous,
which hums in an evil way.
Gold Faeryllium, which can only
combine with Neopium he will say.

And the newest element is silver.
Krawkite is its name on the shelf;
a strange atom, as it can only
chemically bond with itself.

But the Ixi's experiments continue,
manipulating the molecules every night,
For what purpose? Who knows,
but hopefully not for fright.

Will his experiments bring peace,
or will they bring about doom?
Just make sure not to combine four Slothite
or there will be a great KABOOM!

In Between Holidays
by Comawhite333

We're in between holidays
What do we do?
Rhyme about things
That are purple or blue?

Stand on our head
Or wiggle our toes?
Eat a Dung Cream Sandwich
While holding our nose?

Do a funny dance
Or play Dice-A-Roo?
Tickle a Kau 
To see if it'll moo?

Do some housework on our Neohomes
Or try to learn CSS or HTML?
Play a prank on Sloth, 
Just to hear him say "You fail!"

Take your 'pet fishing,
Or maybe to the beach?
Scare a Neofriend
With a big pickled leech?

Do a kind deed for new players here,
Or maybe visit Terror Mountain?
Open a faerie fortune cookie in hopes of
Taking a dip in the Rainbow Fountain?

While stuck between holidays
There is so much to do,
If you can't think of nothing,
Just look at this list I just gave you.

Ode To The Biggest Fan
by Redeemyourself

On this special Usuki day, 
I think only of one man. 
A truly devoted person; 
The dolls' biggest fan.

It should be obvious
Who I am alluding to. 
Presenting Lawyerbot, 
Without further ado.

Despite his appearance, 
He's passionate for Usuki. 
If Neoschool existed, 
He'd have the Doll Degree.

There's a Lawyerbot Usuki, 
With a matching costume. 
He must own so many, 
One can only assume.

And, to top it off, 
There's an avatar. 
As if we doubted, 
Usuki's true star.

I bet he's counted down 
To this day in question. 
Here's to you, Lawerybot; 
Enjoy the Usuki convention!

Crumbling Ancient Castle Background
by Sophieninetyfive

Crumbling Ancient Castle Background, 
How much have you seen? 
Often do I pause to reflect 
On all that might have been. 

Perhaps a terrible conflict occurred, 
Enough to make the earth rumble,
Or maybe the owners just moved away 
And left the castle to crumble. 

"Who were these owners?" you might ask. 
I really wish I knew. 
An ancient royal family? 
A king, and his queen too? 

But who they were I do not know. 
I don't know what they did. 
I don't know why they moved away, 
Or what secrets the castle hid. 

Crumbling Ancient Castle Background, 
There's only one thing I know: 
For customisation, you're pretty great! 
As well as expensive, though...

The Brightvale Fruits Acara
by Fleur_411

If you’re in the market for
A Skeem or an Icky Fruit,
Or perhaps a Grenelon,
I know just the place to send you.

Head on over to Brightvale Fruits
And look for the green Acara,
She is very kind and helpful
And will always be glad to see ya!

Her job is a quite tough one
As you will soon see,
She picks the fruits and packages
For them to send out for delivery.

The young Acara is diligent,
Always working very hard,
She only sells the best of fruits
And the bad ones she discards.

She also can make you jam
Or the finest fruit preserves,
If what you want isn’t on the shelf
She’ll check her own reserves.

So, go! Head on over now,
Pay the green Acara a visit,
Purchase a Screlon or Jipple Pear
And you’ll be glad you did it!

Kelpbeard: A Different Kind Of King
by Closemycoffin

He's certainly not like Skarl,
Who can be in a grumpy mood,
When he hasn't heard a funny joke
Or his servants are late with his food.

He's not quite like Hagan,
Who desires wisdom and facts.
Yet, when you attempt to impress him,
He replies that he "already knew that!"

Roo was rather bored with
The kingdom that he rules.
Now he's always busy with
Playing games of Dice-A-Roo.

King Kelpbeard minds his temper,
Unless an enemy poses a threat.
He's learned to heed important warnings
And hear new advice that he won't forget.

Who doesn't like to play games?
Surely everyone does --
Kelpbeard knows many different ways
To keep away his boredom.

There is something special and great
About each one of the kings;
Although, from this kingly Koi,
They may stand to learn a few things.

History Mystery
by Aldurswolf

There's an adventure going on
Inside the NC Mall,
Some new caps are showing up
Right out of Neopia's past.
Zylphia's out exploring
And bringing them all back,
She'd like to catalog the items
So that will be our task.
Each cap has to do
With a specific Neopian event,
Discovering Tyrannia, Sloth's invasion,
Even Faerieland's decent.
Though all history's important
It seems some is better than the rest,
For in these caps we won't see
Altador's plot or Roxton's quest.
But since she went through all the trouble,
In a chronomobile no less,
We'll help catalog all these items
And do our very best.
There's no ulterior motive,
But I'll let you in on a secret, friend,
If we do a good job
There's a special prize at the end!

Restocking 101
by Nedviolet

Restocking is not
For the faint of heart.
If you're up for the challenge,
You should give it a start.
The first step to this
Is to find the right store.
There's the Magic Shop, Stamp Shop,
The Food Shop, and more!

Step two in this process
Is to follow the trail, 
Walk into the shop
And see what's for sale.
Once you've spotted the item
That you truly want, 
Just follow step three
And you'll be a savant!

So, what is step three?
Have patience, you'll see. 
Step three is to press 
F5 to refresh.
Keep pressing F5
As long as you can,
But restockers beware, 
You might get RS banned!

CocoaDust's First Ball
by Lilahne_aluoki

CocoaDust the chocolate Uni's
Greatest wish of all
Was to one day receive an invite
To the exclusive Chocolate Ball.

She checked her Neomail
Several times each day,
And kept her spirits up
By believing it was on its way.

Until, one early morning,
The house was awakened with a wail,
For CocoaDust had just received
Her invitation in the mail!

She packed her finest clothes
And her Chocolate Perfume for scent;
Got onto the festive ferry,
And to the Neopian Bazaar she went.

The Annual Chocolate Ball
Is held at the Chocolate Factory,
Owned by a dapper Kiko
Who's as mysterious as can be.

He took her elegant invite
And welcomed her inside
With the crème de la crème of Neopia;
CocoaDust entered the ballroom with pride.

She held her Delicate Chocolate Fan
Demurely before her face,
And folded her Chocolate Wings
Against her gown of fine white lace.

She sampled fancy chocolates
That were making their debut,
And sipped at the exotically delicious
Chocolate dessert stew.

Next to CocoaDust there sat
A chocolate Wocky, splendid to behold,
With rainbow sprinkles on her head
And a tiara of gleaming gold.

"What a marvelous party,"
CocoaDust gushed to her new friend.
"It's so truly magical,
I wish it wouldn't end."

The chocolate Wocky, facing forward,
Would not deign to reply.
Feeling slightly slighted,
CocoaDust bit back a sigh.

"Don't you think," CocoaDust asked,
"This is the gala of the year?"
But the Wocky, standing silent,
Acted as if she didn't hear.

"I say!" CocoaDust whispered,
"There's no need to be rude."
But even this gentle admonition
Didn't change the Wocky's attitude.

Bustling forward, the mysterious Kiko
Pulled out a monogrammed tissue.
"My dear," he gently dried her eyes,
"What seems to be the issue?"

"Oh, not your Ball!" CocoaDust sniffled,
"The problem is, you see...
While she looks the epitome of a lady,
This Wocky's snubbing me."

"My dear," the Kiko hugged her close,
"Try to enjoy the feast.
You can't expect much of a response
From the Chocolate Centerpiece."

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