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Faeries Of Neopia
by Sophieninetyfive

Fire, water, earth, and air, 
Dark as well as light, 
Magical creatures with mystical powers 
Of blessing, healing, and flight. 

The faeries of earth live in forests, 
In the branches of tallest trees, 
While the water faeries stay out of sight 
In the deep, vast oceans and seas. 

The faeries of fire are mischievous, 
Causing havoc wherever they go; 
The faeries of air are a joyous bunch -- 
They can turn invisible, though! 

And lastly, the faeries of dark and light, 
The dichotomy of them all; 
One will bless those pure of heart, 
The other will hold you in thrall. 

But let's not forget the special faeries, 
Negg, tooth, soup, and space, 
Or Aethia, the newest Battle Faerie, 
With her swift yet lethal grace. 

Jhuidah and Mira and Taelia, too, 
And not to forget the poor grey, 
With Fyora, the most important of all, 
Watching over them to this day. 

So, on this year's Faerie Festival, 
Let us cease all worry and stressing, 
For somewhere out there in Neopia 
They're waiting to give you a blessing.

by Beagums

Merity had wings of gold,
No faerie had wings finer.
She kept them oiled every day,
And polished them with shiner.

Of her wings she was quite proud,
And boy, did her friends know it!
She showed them off to every glen,
Every tree, lake, glade, and stone pit.

She bragged of them too much, you see,
One day she went too far.
A young Lupe heard her brags and boasts,
And stuck her in a jar.

“Your wings will glow upon my shelf!”

Said Lupe to faerie light.
“They’ll ward off ghouls and ghostly things;
You’ll keep me safe at night!”

Now Merity lives on a shelf,
Telling tales to dust and mold.
She tells of many happy things,
But never of wings of gold.

The Crafty
by Kuroge

Working with various gems,
The Crafting Faerie tries to design
so many different wares,
of which quality is so very fine.

Bunches of straw combined
with some amber tree sap,
a wonderful creation,
a scarecrow from scrap.

Sewing some quilting squares
using those delicate trim,
Delina decorates a masterpiece,
a spectacular dress in a whim.

From brilliant silk threads
added with some flowers,
a blend of brilliance made,
a beautiful new wig towers.

Glitter at the tip of her fingers,
her dexterity with crafting,
from many years of experience,
is truly wonderfully amazing.

by Redeemyourself

When I play Gormball,
I’m terrified of her.
She’s fiery and fierce,
A game connoisseur.

Ember, that fire faerie,
Has tricks she can use.
She’s cunning and quick
As she forms her ruse.

She may wait a second
Before passing the ball on.
She laughs as it explodes
All over the grassy lawn.

She’s a victor at it, too,
Winning a few times.
In Year 7 and in 8,
That Brian thinks are crimes.

He thinks she cheated,
And used her faerie power.
But he cheated in Year 1,
Which is equally as sour.

Farvin throws to her,
And she to Zargrold.
She watches as he holds it,
To see what will unfold.

Alas, it did explode!
And Zargrold is now out.
This match will go to Ember;
This is without a doubt!

Faerie Festival Craziness
by Marigold_tulips

Faeries flying everywhere,
the hint of celebration is in the air,
Everyone has a job to do,
old and young helping, too.

Hanging streamers and flowery festoon,
"Oh no, we popped a balloon!"
Queen Fyora is here to observe,
and taste the hors d'oeuvres.

A tragedy that once transpired,
to be the end of all that was dire,
Neopians saw to it
that trouble was never conspired.

Let the preparations continue,
and everyone agreed 
that evil would never again
finish their dastardly deeds!

Queen Fyora watches the craziness ensue, 
"Goodness!" she says, 
"This place is like a zoo."
She laughs to herself and continues to take in,
as she keeps a watchful eye 
on the festival from within.

The Fall Of Faerieland
by Ilhs11

Fyora sits in her chamber,
Inside the tower wall,
And there she remembers
How Faerieland had its fall

On that day when all the faeries
Were turned to lifeless stone,
Because Xandra the Evil
Wanted to steal Fyora’s throne

All the faeries’ magic powers
Were suddenly put to an end,
Because of Xandra the Xweetok,
Who had claimed to be their friend

But thanks to Hanso and Brynn
And several others, too,
We found out that Xandra
Was too good to be true

Poor Hubrid Nox
Was a victim of Xandra’s wile,
She killed that evil Chia
Proving she was even more vile

But Xandra finally met her end
Because of the magic she used,
Hanso fought her bravely,
Her evil plot he defused

So, if you see an ancient artifact
Just sitting around someday,
Just leave it where it is...
Don’t get in its way!

The Unappreciated Faerie, Cronjobbia
by Dr_tomoe

This Faerie Festival we celebrate,
All the faeries of the world,
The biggest and the small
That make Balthazar's fur curl.

And while we all love Fyora,
Naia, Mira, and Bree.
We're also fans of The Darkest Faerie
Marina, Aethia, and even Ilere.

There is one faerie out there
That never gets to shine.
One faerie out there who
Commands all of Neopia's time.

For all those who like to shop,
For all those who like to snipe,
It's Cronjobbia you need to thank
Using her cron-powered might.

But she never gets appreciation
For all the work that she'll do,
Even during the Faerie Festival
She works the entire day through.

She gets no special day of her own,
No items bare her name,
The only time she gets noticed is
When someone needs to be 
Assigned the blame.

So now, when you appreciate the faeries
Include this air faerie, too,
The overseer of all things automated,
Today, we also celebrate you.

No Stone Flavored Pie
by Comawhite333

What a grand occasion
That comes around once a year,
Filling the whole of Neopia
With laughter, fun, and cheer

Sweet faeries will dance,
Music will fill the air,
The weather will be perfect,
Not too humid but fair

This celebration will last
For days on end,
It's a deserved commemoration
For our past needs to mend

For many days we'll forget
All the things bad,
And forget all the troubles
We all once had

We'll forget why Faerieland
Is no longer up high,
And rejoice while playing
Under the sky

Neopians who have a fear of heights
Will be there, too!
For once, they'll get to join us,
Not feeling left out and blue

But there is one new rule,
Everyone must abide by,
Do not bring to this event
A stone flavored pie

The Tooth Faerie's Reminder
by Saqo

If you're a little Neopet,
growing slowly but surely,
perhaps you find yourself
waking up bright and early.

Then on your pillow, you
look down and then you see
one single, lone tooth that 
during the night came free!

Who is it that will step
up and reward you for it?
One of the nine faeries
is responsible for this!

For just this tiny lost tooth
you will be lucky to receive
a few Neopoints (and perhaps
a dentist appointment, eek!).

However, if you are an older
Neopet who doesn't loose teeth,
when she says "Remember to brush
and floss!" you may feel angry.

The truth is, fellow Neopians,
The Tooth Faerie only means good.
She'll remind you of good habits,
to brush twice daily as we should!

As now it's "The Faerie Festival,"
perhaps The Tooth Faerie won't hear
so many cheers, but she'll still do
her job well, today and all year!

Happy Faerie Festival!
(And please remember to brush!)

In Meridell There Dwells A Faerie...
by Lilahne_aluoki

In Meridell there dwells a faerie,
Soft of voice and bright of eye.
With wings a modest, dusty brown...
You may have missed her, for she's shy.

While questing for fair Illusen
You pass right by Meri Acres Farm,
Where the humblest of all faeries waits...
Her head resting on a dirt-streaked arm.

She's The Dung Faerie, and she lives
Just across the road from the Rubbish Dump.
And though she yearns to make new friends...
Her gifts are spurned; her feelings slumped.

A Packet of Gravel, or a Soggy Old Box;
A Pile of Dung isn't sought after much.
But those are the gifts she has to give...
And it pains her to see them ignored as such.

To the Rubbish Dump she takes the gifts
That picky 'pets flat-out refused.
She places them carefully along the ground...
They blend right in, and she sighs, confused.

Then when she's about to leave
'Pets crowd around and pick up her gifts,
Crowing about the treasures they'd found...
And her spirits begin to lift.

So, the Rubbish Dump is the only place
You might find a trace of her, it's true.
It's to Meri Acres you must go...
For the Dung Faerie's too shy to come to you.

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