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Poogle Day Celebrations
by Saqo

Flying high above the land
wings of pink, a flower in hand.

Skin light purple, a shade
of lavender that will never fade.

Eyes are magically bright,
shining eternally; day and night.

The faerie Poogle is this 'pet,
one of the most beautiful Neopets.

And now that Poolge Day is here
we can celebrate them and cheer.

Many Neopians strive for this faerie,
whose wings are so light and airy.

So elegant they look, but don't forget
the personalities of this Neopet!

Poogles can be fierce and strong,
you wouldn't know all along

because they can look so innocent.
As they fly, so cute and elegant.

No matter their personalities
today we celebrate their species!

Happy Poogle Day to one and all!
The party will go on 'til nightfall!

Halloween Poogle
by Sophieninetyfive

His fur is thick against the cold, 
His eyes glow baleful red. 
His claws are wicked sharp to match 
The horns atop his head. 

His face is always twisted in 
A terrifying scowl. 
His wide, fanged mouth can open wide 
To roar and scream and howl. 

He haunts the Terror Mountaintops 
Snarling at passersby; 
He flits about the Ice Caves 
Trying to make baby 'pets cry. 

But, for some reason, he has found 
His fellow Neopets 
Aren't quite as scared 
As his fierce demeanour would suggest. 

The truth, of course, is simple: 
He's no fearsome beast of snow, 
But a young Halloween Poogle 
(Which his fellow 'pets all know). 

He simply likes to dress up 
In his fur and fangs and claws. 
But if you don't believe him, 
Just you wait until he ROARS!

Backup Singer
by Lilahne_aluoki

She was once a backup singer,
A Poogle of pale yellow.
Member of the 2 Gallon Hatz,
Her voice both clear and mellow.

She was a backup singer,
But she knew she could do more.
She could play an instrument
That would bring her to the fore.

She learned to play harmonica
To the Hatz' most popular songs,
And when she got tired of playing
Then she continued to sing along.

She is a backup singer,
But a musician, first of all.
She joined the band the minute that
She first heard country's call.

Before every concert
She grooms herself with care,
And makes sure she uses
A fresh bone in her hair.

She wails on that harmonica,
Plaintive notes fill the place.
And throughout the Concert Hall
There's tears on every face.

She merrily sings the chorus,
Her twang, it fills the air,
And the listeners in the audience
No longer have a care.

She might be a backup singer,
But she's a favorite of the fans.
When she finishes her solo
Cheering echoes from the stands.

She may not be lead singer
Of the Hatz on concert night,
But she's happy just to share the glow
Of the bright limelight.

Rutu, The Negg Guardian
by Dr_tomoe

A long time ago,
years in the past,
there was a secret society
that had to work fast.

For they were aware of
an extremely dangerous Negg,
one that could destroy Neopia
if that idea got in a villain's head.

So, together, they decided to
hide the Clockwork Negg for all time,
by this secret Negg society
whose members numbered five.

The dangerous Negg was given
to the Poogle, Rutu,
Who then hid the Negg away
in this misty hills of Shenkuu.

And, with the Negg hidden away,
decoys were sent out as well,
and only Rutu's journey had
the secrets it would tell.

And now, Rutu's task is done,
the botanist's final task complete,
As the Negg was hidden away
until Zaira wanted to seek.

The Sentient
by Kuroge

A looming shadow in the dark
hours of the gloomy night,
a dark force obscured from sight,
gone before the coming of light.

The Sentient Plushie Poogle,
awake during one's sleep,
infiltrating peaceful dreams
until one starts to weep.

A radiating aura of evil,
filled with intents unseen,
nothing can escape its
vision that is very keen.

A breeze can be felt inside
the once-cosy bedroom,
the window has been opened
and, with it, a rush of gloom.

The Poogle stares out into
the vast unknowns outside,
from its evil presence,
victims everywhere hide.

Poogle Racers Are GO!
by Geneames1

In Faerieland there stands a track
3,000 meters long,
Five Poogles line up at the start
This is where they belong

Bending low, they listen,
The starting gun then sounds,
In a flash the Poogles run --
Which one will win this round?

Over hurdles, down the course,
Running, fit to burst,
Coming down the straightaway
Which one will be first?

The crowd then cheers as, on the course,
The Poogle race is done
Offically results come in
Number Four is number one

So if you visit Faerieland
And have some time to kill,
Head on over to the track,
You're sure to get a thrill

by Dollfacesays

Upon her shelf the plushie sat,
Her stitches soft and worn,
With no idea that shortly
She'd find herself reborn.

She'd seen tea parties and lemonade,
Her fair share of frilly things,
But a maddened lab ray scientist
Had a fresh surprise to bring.

He crept around the corner,
After hours had he schemed:
His ray gun aimed and fired --
Now, suddenly: she dreamed.

The Poogle giggled to herself
With pearly, sharpened teeth;
Malevolence in all her thread,
She peered at the world beneath.

With clever paws and careful steps,
She planned her escape by night,
Mischief sparkled in her face,
Her eyes burned with its light.

So children, close your closet doors,
Make sure your lock's secure...
Perhaps the plushie's harmless
But then, who can be sure?

My Plushie Poogle
by Aldurswolf

Oh, my squishy plushie Poogle,
I think you're oh so charming,
Though sometimes your red eyes
I find a bit alarming

Oh, my cuddly plushie Poogle,
You seem ever oh so sweet,
However, I am a bit afraid
Of your pointy razor teeth

Oh, my fluffy plushie Poogle,
You always smile at me,
What a wonderful place for you
I think this world must be

Oh, my tender plushie Poogle,
You are quite the little darling,
So I never could believe
You'd ever try to harm me

Oh, my fleecy plushie Poogle,
I must say I'm rather hurt,
I can't believe you'd knock me down
And push me in the dirt

Oh, my woolly plushie Poogle
Really, what's gotten into you?
I can't believe that outburst
Or the fit that you just threw

Oh, my cushy plushie Poogle,
Why must you keep being oh-so-creepy?
You're not acting plushie-ish at all.
Wait, what do you mean you're MSP?

(An Overly Flowery) Ode To Alstaf
by Togepi_forever

Lo! Alstaf Poogle,
Poet Laureate Supreme,
Glory shines upon thee
Like golden, sunny beams

Your words flow smooth as silver -- 
Your verses... how sublime!
Truly the great work of a 
Leader in his prime!

You paint elegant pictures
With your perfect chosen words;
Declaiming with more mastery of
Rhythm than the birds

Your moon-kissed fur shines softly;
Your voice rings smooth as silk,
Countless searches could not find
Another of your ilk.

Regale us, regal Alstaf!
We come for you alone!
We promise you're by far the finest
Poet ever known.

Off To The Races!
by Redeemyourself

I’ve only got five minutes
Before the next race!
I need to check my Poogle
And how it came and placed.

I’m hoping it will win,
So I can earn a big return.
But I heard they were ill,
Which is a big concern.

I tried to feed it food
So it would run faster.
I think it ate something rotten --
It’s completely a disaster!

My odds were good
And clearly in my favour.
I tried to cheer him on,
Doing my best as a waver.

I cried for him to go
And hop all the hurdles.
I watched in despair
As he moved like Turdles.

He came in second last,
A dismal finish for me.
Oh, I wish these silly races
Only cost for free!

I’ve lost my wager
And I’m playing once again.
I’m opting for a new Poogle,
One that’s not in pain.

So, on this Poogle Day,
Try your luck at the track.
Have better luck than me,
And win your bet back!

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