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To Be Chocolate
by Dr_tomoe

It's a color so special,
A color so unique,
That when it happens
You're in for a treat.

Available only by a visit
From the elusive Fountain Faerie,
Or by luck being on your side
While getting zapped by the lab daily.

But once that occurs
You'll never regret it,
Because now you'll have a 'pet
That is made out of chocolate.

Some, like the Korbat, are
Solid chocolate through and through,
While others have whipped cream toppings,
Like the Yurble or Shoyru.

The Aisha is unique
By having licorice ears.
While chocolate Draiks and Lutaris
Have been desired throughout the years.

To be chocolate is to
Be sweet in more than one way.
So, during the Chocolate Ball, remember
The chocolate 'pets, as well, this day.

Crashing The Chocolate Ball
by Ilhs11

There was an uninvited guest
At the Annual Chocolate Ball.
It was plain for all the 'pets to see
That he did not match the rest.

After all, it is out of place
To see a swamp gas Techo
In a ballroom full of chocolate 'pets,
But, indeed, this was the case.

Now, chocolate 'pets are very rich,
And refined in all their tastes.
They were not pleased with the smelly guest
Who made all their noses itch.

The Techo, though, was having a blast
As he danced about the room.
He didn't notice when he entered
How everyone had gasped.

The chocolate 'pets were not happy at all
So they whispered a secret plan --
They would not give any chocolate
To this guest who cast a pall.

So, if the Annual Chocolate Ball
Is something you want to attend,
Be sure you're painted chocolate --
If you want to have fun at all!

That Dreaded Annual Chocolate Ball
by Tormund_rules

Once, the Annual Chocolate Ball
Was my favorite day of all,
I love chocolates big and small,
But the ball now makes me bawl!
And this is why that is...

Each year I'd give Fuchsia a chocolate treat,
And she took this chocolate annually,
But her delight at chocolate things she'd seen
Was taken just too far for me.
It was so disastrous!

At first she wanted more chocolate bars,
And then she wanted a chocolate charm?
A Chocolate Negg, a chocolate pear, 
And even a Chocolate Carousel, not caramel! 
I could go on with this list!

A chocolate room, a chocolate Petpet,
A chocolate furniture set,
She wanted to be a chocolate Neopet!
How much more until her demands are met?
Isn't it incredulous?  

And now I see it drawing near,
Every day I have more to fear,
And from me all that you will hear
Is, "Oh please, no more chocolate, dear!"
What I would do for it not to exist!

The Chocolate Factory
by Nedviolet

The Chocolate Factory 
Is a grand ol' store,
From the Chocolate Flakes
To the candy galore!
The moment you walk
Into this dandy place,
You will find yourself 
Wearing a happy face!

No one ever goes in 
And no one goes out,
But they sell their candy,
This I know without doubt!
The prices are fair,
The service is great.
This is an aspect
You simply can't hate!

Milk chocolate, jelly,
Toffee, and more.
Go buy some candy, 
It isn't a chore!
There are plenty of things
You will want to explore, 
Just don't be surprised
When you walk through that door!

Invitations To The Ball
by Regida

Invitations, hard to come by,
Make their way to special Neopians
So they can enjoy their Chocolate Ball,
The one that happens only once a year

When they arrive, they look with wonder,
Sweet scents fill the air
Chocolates of every type
Line the walls, the floors, the tables

For a long moment nobody dares to speak,
But then, slowly, they begin to eat the sweets,
Gorging themselves on the sugar
That they were invited to feast on

Long after they've gone home,
The leftover chocolates are sold
To the unfortunate Neopians
That sadly weren't invited

As they line up for their share,
Nobody complains,
It's discounted chocolate
To celebrate this wonderful day

Chocolate, Chocolate Galore!
by Saqo

I can't help but admit
my favorite day is here!
No, nothing to do with
Poogles, Skeiths, or faeries.

I have a sweet tooth!
Now, can you guess?
Yes, it's the Chocolate
Ball! Forget all the rest!

White Chocolate Aishas,
Milk Chocolate Skeiths,
And a glass of Chocolate 
Milk cannot be beat!

A Chocolate Milkshake
on a warm, summer day.
A Milk Chocolate Usul, a
Baby Cybunny Chocolate Egg!

There's so much to choose
from, I can't choose just one.
Four Bars of Chocolate and 
a Bookshop Chocolate Charm!

I want Two Chocolate Apples!
And Ten Chocolate Bows.
A Box of Chocolate Chias,
and a Chocolate Cherry Moehog!

Oh, how I love this day!
My favorite day of the year.
I'll take some Chilli Chocolate, 
and a Buzz Chocolate Bar.

You cannot beat chocolate!
Although, perhaps, I fear,
I'll be so full I won't want
chocolate again 'til next year!

Endless Chocolate
by Redeemyourself

There’s this special day,
I look forward to each year.
A day that’s full of eating
And new foods that premiere.

What day is this, you ask?
I’m surprised you do not know.
The Annual Chocolate Ball,
Where treats are the show.

From biscuits to cakes,
There is chocolate all around.
Despite its abundance,
Don’t eat it off the ground!

My personal favourite:
The Chocolate Creme Shell.
How can one resist,
With that appetizing smell?

There’s a Chocolate Man,
And even Chocolate Soap!
Are you tired of it yet?
Try Black Licorice Rope.

And don’t forget white chocolate!
It’s rich and creamy, too.
I imagine the Chocolate Factory
Is a chaotic and wild zoo.

There’s people scrambling
For all the delicious treats.
I’ve never seen so many
Fill the Neopian streets!

I hope you saved room,
For this day filled of food!
To not eat any chocolate,
Would be short of just rude!

The Mystery Of The Chocolate Factory
by Pepper_imp

Nobody comes in, and nobody comes out, 
But the Chocolate Factory is the best -- 
That’s without a doubt.
Their chocolate, thick and succulent, 
As a faerie’s finest dream, 
From decadent white truffles 
To dark chocolates filled with cream.

The shelves are prismatic, 
Brimming with their treats,
Your 'pet can’t help but salivate 
At all the tasty sweets,
But your attention’s captured 
By the Kiko, all in blue,
Cane in hand, top hat on head, 
Purposefully askew.

What mysterious secret lies 
Behind this Kiko’s eyes?
What is it that he’s keeping 
Behind his eccentric disguise?
And why does no one ever see 
A worker leave the gates
Of the Chocolate Factory 
Whose goodies we await?

Strange tales have come to be 
Whispered all around the town,
They say that, in the pots 
Where chocolate has been melted down,
Creatures rise with cocoa for skin 
And cream for hair,
And go about their work 
Without a qualm, without a care.

Indeed, I have myself seen 
Most peculiar events,
From lurking like a shadow 
Behind the Chocolate Factory’s fence,
A Shoyru’s silhouette appeared in the window
And I could swear,
Upon his head, a perfect whirl of cream 
Was balanced there!

A Special Occasion Every Fall
by Esses_mom

"The Chocolate Ball,
Come one come all!"
The flyer said,
But that's not all

A chocolate sale we'll have, indeed,
With items of any kind you need,
Tiaras, hair, a Chocolate blouse,
Perhaps an item for your house

Ice cream, sprinkles, 
Milk, shampoos,
It's all tossed in
For you to choose

Cakes and cookies, oh how bland...
We've traveled far across the land
To bring you treats so very rare,
The sight of some might curl your hair

Does your 'pet desire a dip
In the chocolate fountain? Do not sip
Kacheeks, Draiks, and Myncies, too,
Are lining up... oh, what a zoo!

So, if you've no invite as yet,
Do not worry, sweat, or fret,
There's plenty of time and room for all,
So welcome to the Chocolate Ball!

CocoaDust's First Ball
by Lilahne_aluoki

CocoaDust the chocolate Uni's
Greatest wish of all
Was to one day receive an invite
To the exclusive Chocolate Ball.

She checked her Neomail
Several times each day,
And kept her spirits up
By believing it was on its way.

Until, one early morning,
The house was awakened with a wail,
For CocoaDust had just received
Her invitation in the mail!

She packed her finest clothes
And her Chocolate Perfume for scent;
Got onto the festive ferry,
And to the Neopian Bazaar she went.

The Annual Chocolate Ball
Is held at the Chocolate Factory,
Owned by a dapper Kiko
Who's as mysterious as can be.

He took her elegant invite
And welcomed her inside
With the crème de la crème of Neopia;
CocoaDust entered the ballroom with pride.

She held her Delicate Chocolate Fan
Demurely before her face,
And folded her Chocolate Wings
Against her gown of fine white lace.

She sampled fancy chocolates
That were making their debut,
And sipped at the exotically delicious
Chocolate dessert stew.

Next to CocoaDust there sat
A chocolate Wocky, splendid to behold,
With rainbow sprinkles on her head
And a tiara of gleaming gold.

"What a marvelous party,"
CocoaDust gushed to her new friend.
"It's so truly magical,
I wish it wouldn't end."

The chocolate Wocky, facing forward,
Would not deign to reply.
Feeling slightly slighted,
CocoaDust bit back a sigh.

"Don't you think," CocoaDust asked,
"This is the gala of the year?"
But the Wocky, standing silent,
Acted as if she didn't hear.

"I say!" CocoaDust whispered,
"There's no need to be rude."
But even this gentle admonition
Didn't change the Wocky's attitude.

Bustling forward, the mysterious Kiko
Pulled out a monogrammed tissue.
"My dear," he gently dried her eyes,
"What seems to be the issue?"

"Oh, not your Ball!" CocoaDust sniffled,
"The problem is, you see...
While she looks the epitome of a lady,
This Wocky's snubbing me."

"My dear," the Kiko hugged her close,
"Try to enjoy the feast.
You can't expect much of a response
From the Chocolate Centerpiece."

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