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Neopets Poems

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by Redeemyourself

During the Altador Cup,
You can hear him scream.
He does it for everyone
With no favourite team.

How can I scream so long,
And for the entire Cup?
His voice must be sore
When everything wraps up.

You can help him out,
With his own yelling game.
He worked to have it made,
His one claim to fame.

Play Make Some Noise
And cheer as loud as you can.
You’re trying to compete
With the Cup’s biggest fan.

He doesn’t miss a day,
Not a single game or event.
If a match was played,
You know this Techo went.

So, on this Techo Day,
Let’s make some loud cheers.
Yell at the top of your lungs --
Just cover your ears!

Captain Telhan, Space Techo
by Ilhs11

Captain Telhan
Peered over the large rock,
Looking both ways
Before darting out.

Dodging lasers
And all manner of traps
Was nothing new
To this seasoned pro.

Veering slightly,
His back against a wall,
He clutched his gun --
Holding in his breath.

No more firing.
The laser beams had stopped.
He took this chance
And started to run.

Almost hit twice,
But no real damage done.
Finally here,
Mission accomplished.

Knocked on the door
And a small ‘pet answered,
Paid him his fee
As well as a tip.

Captain Telhan
Smiled as he told the lad,
“No matter what,
The intergalactic space pizza
WILL be delivered.”

Sir Edmund Ogletree
by Dr_tomoe

For those who are familiar
with a pirate's favorite pastime
that doesn't involve pillaging
or avoiding scurvy with a lime.

Know that the scourges of the seas
have a tremendous appetite to boot,
and can eat as much as the Turmaculus
(except they won't eat your Whoot).

And this group of pirates comes
from all the swashbuckling classes,
Captains, Admirals, First Mates,
even a deckhand is in the masses.

But one name stands out
like a sore thumb in this crowd
of names like Cutlass, Crossblades,
and Tailhooks abound.

A nobleman Techo also takes part
in the food contests, you see,
that goes by the aristocratic
Sir Edmund Ogletree.

And even with his salty foes
he can eat with the best,
And putting the lesser pirates
like Stuff-A-Roo to rest.

But where did he come from?
And why mingle with pirates?
Only Sir Ed knows for sure
why he hangs with the scurvy rats.

Such a reputation has brought him about
a minor bit of Neopian fame,
so much so that he is almost famous,
although his life is mostly the same.

But, if you want the full truth
of this blueblood Techo's story,
then pick up his book Almost Famous:
The Tale of Sir Edmund Ogletree.

The Swamp Gas Techo
by Hannahcreep

There once was a Swamp Gas Techo,
He lived in the sewer,
Everybody laughed at him,
Maybe because his color was newer.

He tried to make friends,
Folks thought he smelled really bad, 
Nobody would go near him,
That made him really sad.

Then, one day, the Techo said,
“Maybe I should run away!”
But what place would take him?
Everybody would say “no” or “nay.”

The Techo was going to give up,
And stay at The Pound,
He thought he was as useful,
As a dirt mound.

Then a blue Aisha came up to him
And said, “Will you be my friend?”
The Techo became happy with joy,
He really did get a happy end.

You see, kids, it doesn’t matter,
What color you are,
Whether it be swamp gas, blue, or Halloween,
In life, you will go far.

Don’t make fun of ‘pets around you,
Don’t be a bully, don’t be mean, 
If you do, it will be bad,
You’ll have a heart of green.

Zen Master Lunchbox
by Geneames1

Carry your lunch to Neoschool
Whichever way you like,
In your lunchbox or a bag,
Strapped on your mountain bike

Whenever I feel mystical,
Reflective, thoughtful, zen,
The Techo Master Lunchbox
Is the thing that I'll use then

I'll pack a lunch of "Yoga"urt
A sandwich of mystery meat
And meditate upon my day
As I sit down to eat

I'll ponder events of the day
Until the end of lunch draws near,
Then like the food I've just consumed
Will simply... disappear!

Dr_Death's Dilemma
by Hikari2314

The sad little faces 
I see everyday,
the sad little whines 
that echo away.

Each day is the same, 
some days even worse.
One after the other, 
thrown away like a curse.

This is my job,
it's what I do.
Dr_Death they all call me,
A name I didn't choose.

Why would I?
For I have gone mad.
Surrounded by sorrows,
since I was a lad.

The Pound, this place,
filled with 'pets that had dreamed,
of finding a owner,
who'll love them like sweet cream.

If it wasn't for the pink Uni
that everyone called Emma,
I may have gone madder,
from this never ending dilemma!

I am Dr_Death the Techo,
the owner of this Pound.
With each 'pet you leave here,
another cry joins the sound.

Lessons Of The Techo Master
by Saqo

Deep in Mystery Island
lives the Techo Master.
He can teach you to be
stronger and run faster.

His building hides in
the mists of the Isle,
and Neopets come with
their own ideas and style.

But the Techo Master
has his own customs.
If you can't sit still,
you won't learn his wisdom.

The Master can help you
improve your skills,
but only if you are
sensitive to his will.

Be strong, little Neopet!
It won't be easy for you,
but so many lesson's you'll
learn! Here's what to do:

Listen to the Techo Master
in all he says and does.
Listen to his ACTIONS
as well as his words.

So much lies in actions,
words between the lines.
If you can master this,
it will be divine!

You could become a protege
of the Techo Master.
But above all, you'll be
smarter, stronger, faster!

A Different Kind Of Birthday
by Esses_mom

He jumped from bed,
He yelled hooray,
He had waited all year --
This was Techo Day

He ran outside
To laugh and play,
To tell his friends
This was Techo Day

Neopets don't have birthdays
The human way,
Each species celebrates and
This was Techo Day

Their colors matter not,
Baby, Christmas, or grey,
They laugh and pull pranks
This was Techo Day

Momma called him for supper,
Dessert, she did say,
Is ice cream and cake, for 
This was Techo Day

Brushed his teeth, had a bath,
Washed the germs all away,
For he had played hardy...
This was Techo Day

Climbed into bed, 
On his pillow he lay,
Exhausted and sleepy --
Goodbye, Techo Day

The Amazing Techo Master
by Kaylynn33333

If you deem yourself a Battledomer,
Mystery Island has a first-class lure
To keep you visiting every day:
The wise old Techo Master!

He may not give free training
Like that Eyrie pirate offers,
But it's worth each single Neopoint
You see draining from your coffers

To pay for all the codestones that
This Zennish teacher asks.
After all, your weakest Neopet
Can grow mighty from his tasks!

The Training School this fellow runs
Lies in Mystery Island's heart,
Between palm trees the building stands,
With Techo Mountain not far apart.

Dwelling near a peak that's marked
With a huge carving of his kin
Hasn't given him a swelled head --
The Master's humble, kind, and fits in,

Sharing wisdom with the Neopets
Who visit him in masses,
Craving the fresh new inspiration
They'll gather from his classes.

A Neopet who takes the time
To visit the Techo's sanctuary,
Increases in strength and endurance
And no longer must be wary.

Since, now, they can defeat the worst
Evil threats they'll ever meet!
The Ghost Lupe flees, the Drenched swim off
When faced with sure defeat.

The Techo Master knows of this,
And smiles quietly at times --
Thinking of the countless Neopets
He's saved from countless crimes.

He isn't a member of the Defenders;
He hasn't defeated Sloth.
He doesn't wear shiny metal armor,
Just simple robes of cloth.

But sitting in his island school,
Surrounded by Neopets learning,
The Techo Master, in a way,
Keeps our Neopia turning!

The small runed rocks he seeks from you
Are really just a token.
Miniscule compared to the power that,
In your Neopet, has awoken.

So, let the Techo Master know you care!
Offer gratitude, not just pay.
And be sure to wish him a very very

Dr_Death's Door
by Lilahne_aluoki

He was once a kindly vet,
The sweetest Techo most had met.
He would smile through the day,
Even if you could not pay.

...Then, it started with a stray,
That he charitably let stay.
Then others started leaving their 'pets,
Instead of owning up to debts.

He found that he needed more room
For these poor 'pets left to their doom.
And though he built a lovely compound,
People sneered and dubbed it a Pound.

Before the Techo could catch a breath,
People started calling him Dr_Death.
It filled him with painful regret,
That he was seen as such a threat.

The Neopian Pound was filled to the brim
With 'pets both terrified and grim;
Mouths turned down and eyes grown dim,
Left by their owners on a whim.

Dr_Death began to plot...
To save the 'pets their owners brought...

And now wearing a tight, bright smile,
He went to visit the Master on his Isle.
The Techo Master at the Training School,
Where students learn, and spar, and duel.

And Dr_Death trained through the night,
Mindful of the poor 'pets' plight.
Then, he returned to the Pound
As dawn's first light glimmered on the ground.

He stood in front of the opened door,
And, upon his honor, swore
That from this day on, things would change,
Though some might find 
The new rules strange...

If anyone wanted to leave a 'pet...
They must DEFEAT the black-belt vet!

And that is why, if you go today,
You'll find the Neopets hard at play.
And if you take the time to look around...
No one's leaving their 'pets 
At the Neopian Pound!

And what about that grim Techo, Dr_Death?
Why, he's laughing quietly under his breath!

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