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Neopets Poems

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Swordsmaster Talek
by Jjquil

The ruins of old Maraqua lay still 
stagnant water, crumbling stone
the eerie silence casts a chill 
abandoned streets feel so alone 
a glimpse of movement over there
evanescent, muted, swift 
something aquatic, graceful flair 
alabaster scales adrift 
a spectral serpent? No,
a Draik --
clad in armor, Maractite, and gold 
a stream of bubbles form his wake 
as his sword blades flash twofold 
swordsmaster --
gliding through the sea 
rending, slicing, slashing, halt 
practicing control and mastery 
with your weapons' fleet assault,
ah --
such pulchritudinous grace you show 
the silvery sheen of Maraquan scales 
soaring above the ruins below 
encased in armor, from head to tail
there are no warriors like you 
so capable beneath the waves 
and should another war ensue 
you will rout the scurvy knaves!

From Sky To Sea
by Nina355

Such a colorful year for the elegant Draik,
With the season's change, so does their skin.
Upon their wingspan, count the stars,
Or dive into their cool scales for a swim.

A warm streak of color 
Does pass through the sky,
Though it's hard to tell when the sun does rise.
Across their bodies is the setting sun,
Upon their ear tips, the night has come.

The regal harbingers of the Eventide,
No color more glorious than the kiss of day.
As they glide through the air, the Draik smiles,
To begin again and chase the night away.

Across the land, the Eventide's brother sits,
Dipping one talon into the sea,
Though formed from 
That very element themselves,
The water Draik has come to be.

Liquid from head to tail, so graceful and fluid,
This wet Draik can compare to none.
Born of the water we so desperately need,
This stalwart Draik is 
Our most important guardian.

Hand in hand, these two brothers fly,
Eye to eye, they live in harmony.
Watching out over the land of Neopia,
We can feel protected, from the sky to the sea.

Why So Desirable?
by Jordansteele

Why does everyone want one,
An expensive Draik egg?
Everyone seems to want one,
Some will even try to beg.

What makes them so desirable?
Maybe it is their rarity,
Or could it be the items they wear?
I'm confused at this; I can't see.

Everyone loves them so much,
They just want more and more!
But, as soon as they go and get them,
Their other 'pets are thrown out the door!

Please, explain this "Draik Fever" thing
That everyone seems to be getting.
Because having twenty Draiks?
It's just not right; it's not fitting.

Welcome Home
by Lilahne_aluoki

I walk along the beach,
Waves lapping at my feet,
Sand as fine and white as sugar
Clinging to my calves...
Alone on this Forgotten Shore.

Sunlight, a golden cape,
Warm upon my shoulders,
Illuminating the smooth shell
Of a Draik egg
Nestled snugly in the sand.

Who would leave this egg
Along this lonely strand?
There's no one here but me...
And this small life,
Waiting to be set free.

I cradle it in my hand.
Oh, little Draik, mine.
Tomorrow will be your birthday.
Tomorrow you will hatch,
And be loved, forever... 

I promise you. Forever.

You can be a pirate prince.
You can be whatever you wish.
I'll give you the world,
My little lostling Draik.
Tomorrow, I'll give you the world.

I'll sing you a lullaby tonight;
Everything will be all right.
We were meant to be together.
Our family, complete...
Little Draik, we welcome you home.

Pirate Draik Egg, welcome home!
Baby Draik, you're not alone.
We're not alone...
The greatest gift I've ever known:
Welcome home, oh, welcome home!

Escape From Meridell Castle
by Ilhs11

Valrigard the Brave,
A loyal and noble Draik,
Was imprisoned ‘neath the castle
For a bribe he did not take.

For several months he sat
In the gloomy castle jail,
Waiting for his trial
Thinking justice would not fail.

And then the moment came
When he stood before the court,
But on him was placed the blame
Because of a witness’ false report.

He was sent back to his cell
To contemplate his crime
And told he would not leave
‘Til he had done his time.

But twenty years is quite a while
For something you haven’t done,
So Valrigard decided
That he would have to run.

It was harder than he expected
To make his great escape.
All the castle guardians
Proved to be in tip-top shape.

But Valrigard has made it!
(He proved his innocence, too!)
He dodged the dungeons tricks and traps --
He did it... can you?

The Terror Of Terask
by Dr_tomoe

He came out of nowhere
and, one day, attacked.
Faerieland was caught off guard
by Terask's hijack.

With the help of his monsters
and several traitorous faeries,
Terask stormed the city
and conquered it easily.

The Faerieland armies in disarray,
the troops lost most of their power,
as the evil Draik then defeated and
locked Fyora away in a tower.

With Fyora unable to help 
those still in the city,
Terask declared himself king
and ruled without pity.

The most loyal soldiers
started to fight back,
from the Northern Watchtower
and inside the castle itself.

But Terask's forces would prove
nearly impossible to overcome,
and soon would control all of
Faerieland if nothing was done.

With Faerieland's doom certain
under Terask's dark reign,
a glimmer of hope would exist
in Velm, Mipsy, Talinia, and Rohane.

These four would come and try
to do the impossible task,
of attempting to overcome 
the terror of Terask.

Would they succeed in their adventure,
or fall like so many others would do?
The only way to find out is to
go out and play Neoquest II.

The Song Of Draiks
by Silverguest

I heard cries from the volcano,
for it was carried by the wind...
it's the sound of newborn Draiks,
the voices of my kin.

Like me, I am them, 
I am small yet I am strong.
I stretch out my little wings,
I return to their songs.

Every year, we all gather, 
to the place we all hatched.
To sing a song of welcome,
to each, cute little Draik.

Then it's songs of goodbyes,
as each little one is homed.
To be 'pets that are cherished,
or fighters of the Battledome.

As the moon rises up 
to the dark night sky,
we Draiks return home,
our song, on high...

Oh, Valrigard
by Redeemyourself

There’s a knight on the prowl
Who is locked up for a crime.
He ducks out from harm’s way
To find the stairs he must climb.

His name is Sir Valrigard,
Once a very noble Draik.
But his punishment is wrong,
It’s a horrible mistake.

He now attempts to flee
At every chance he can.
Ending his sentence early
Is Valrigard’s only plan.

You can help him if you dare,
In a specially-styled game:
Escape From Meridell Castle
(wow, that’s a long name).

Try to avoid the spikes
And collect stars as you go.
Just hurry as you do this,
For guards are in tow!

I will always wonder how
He got his sword inside!
He must have lucked out,
When the guards let it slide.

So, Valrigard, good luck,
On this fine Draik Day.
Quick, the guards are gone!
Now get on your way!

The Brightvale Glazier
by Nut862

Beware of Draiks, dear child,
Beware their dreadful ire,
Beware of fangs and deadly claws,
But most of all of fire.

Their fire ravages and turns
Whole countries black and charred.
Their fire flares and ever burns;
None ‘round them goes unscarred.

So, they say, beware of Draiks,
So all the stories go,
So, they say, beware of flame,
For stories tell them so.

Now here’s a story of my own:
With fire I am skilled,
And in my workshop all alone,
I use my flame to build.

Look at the stories, child,
That light paints in the air;
Look at the colors in the glass
And see the tales told there.

With careful heat and caring hand
I temper history,
And all the stories of the land
Are recorded by me.

So they see battles of old,
And kings of times long past,
And all the stories of the world
All burned into the glass.

Love the stories, child,
But beware of them, too,
For you’ll learn as you grow
Not all of them are true.

Search For A Draik
by Saqo

Oh so coveted, are those
of such a fair species!
Everyone wants a Draik,
but it's not so easy.

First you must come across
a very fragile Draik egg.
But where to search? It's not
an easy task, I have read.

You can buy one from another
or find one around Neopia.
The method does not matter,
and neither is easy, I fear.

Once you have an egg, you
must travel to the Draik Nest.
Not many Neopians have heard
of this place, or visited.

It's a dark and dank cave
far from Neopians' prying eyes.
But if you bring your egg here,
you'll find a welcome surprise.

Your egg will hatch into a
little dragon called a Draik!
From then, the hard part is
over! Then you just have to take

your newborn Draik and choose
a name for the cute little 'pet.
This is the easiest and most
fun part so far, I'll bet.

Now that you have your Draik,
feel free to celebrate today!
Because today we celebrate
this cute species, hooray!

Happy Draik Day!

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