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Grundo Independence
by Ilhs11

Even the smallest Grundo
Knows this is the day
Grundos fought for independence
And finally found the way.

Their plight was long and painful,
Their master cruel of heart,
But the Grundo slaves fought and dreamed
And dared to make a new start.

Fighting nobly,
Not stopping to rest,
The Grundos soldiered on
Until they passed the test.

So, celebrate today!
Find a Grundo friend
And share your appreciation
For the day that marks "The End."

Cross-Painted And Creepy
by Skizzabella

Cross-painted and creepy,
Haunting eyes that glow deep red, 
My Halloween Grundo is full of dread. 
A sharpened scythe and flowing cloak, 
He’s one creepy looking bloke. 

With his pale skin, something just isn’t right. 
Maybe it is that he looks too light? 
He needs another color 
Underneath his clothes. 
So I’ll go through the other colors’ 
Cons and pros. 

Shadow is dark but still too light. 
White and pink are obviously too bright. 
Woodland and zombie look odd, too. 
So do the regular colors like red and blue. 

Darigan is... perfect! It looks great! 
Finally I found a color that I don’t hate. 
The red is dark and the same color of his eyes. 
He looks more evil, which is a nice surprise. 

And now he has wings, not the angelic kind. 
They even have spikes, another great find! 
With the cross-paint, he is as creepy as can be. 
That makes him the perfect companion for me.

by Kuroge

Unseen above the clouds,
a blue plushie rests alone,
with no companions,
in a place of a desolate tone.

Memories gone with time,
even he cannot recall
the happy memorable time
when he did not feel so small.

Still, he is only selfless
despite his hollow past,
unlike his small appearance,
his heart is very vast.

For those kind visitors
he will bestow a gift,
for any gloomy passers,
their spirits he will lift.

Above a magical place,
he will forever reside,
innocently atop a tree
he is forever tied.

Something’s Missing...
by Redeemyourself

My red plushie is gone! 

Right before my eyes. 

Words that say it fell
Are nothing but mad lies.

It's not on the floor, 

Nor in the finished batch. 

It must have been taken, 

Quite quickly, with a snatch.

I can only guess of one, 

Cunning and disguised, 

His thieving so well known, 

I am not at all surprised.

That crazy Grundo Thief, 

Dressed in all black. 

I hope that my paint dyes 

Will give him quite the smack.

It will attempt to thwart him, 

But he will still succeed. 

He never seems to stop, 

Perhaps it's all that greed.

He loves all plushies, 

But no one knows why. 

He just lurks in the shadow, 

Stealing my supply.

Maybe this Grundo Day, 

He won't take from me. 

But, alas, that's just wishful:

He'll end up stealing three.

Gargarox's Apprentice
by Lilahne_aluoki

The Grundo Chef, so big and strong,
Bulging out with Chef-ly brawn
Stewed and fried,
Diced and cried
Out, "I've been at this much too long!"

The Grundo Chef, surrounded by mess,
Went and hired an Apprentice,
"Slice and chop
All of this slop;
That's the key to famous success!"

The poor Apprentice, getting tired,
Started wishing he'd not been hired,
As he boiled,
Steamed and toiled,
Far less than the Boss Chef required.

The Apprentice, to cooking brand new,
While scorching black the Chicken Cordon Bleu,
Washed and dried,
Stacked and sighed,
"Do we get one day off, or two?"

"Two days off?" the Grundo Chef shouted.
"Just one day off?" the Apprentice pouted.
"Hurry and bake
Squashed Salisbury Steak!"
The Apprentice nodded, momentarily routed.

"It's just -- there is this holiday,
Grundo Independence Day,"
Plate and dish,
Wilted garnish,
"Followed by Mutant Day, they say."

The Grundo Chef, he bit his cheek,
At odds with his grand green physique,
Ponder and brood,
Introspective mood,
"But we stay open eleven days a week."

"We are mutants, and we are Grundos,
Taken for granted, don't you suppose?"
Apprentice raved,
Grundo Chef caved,
"I guess, for the first time, the Cafe will close."

Gargarox put his apron away,
Took his Gormball down to Neopia to play,
On the twenty-fourth
And the twenty-fifth
And made the most of his holiday.

The Apprentice, well, in space he stayed,
His options weighed, his choices made,
Stewed and fried,
Diced and cried
Out, "Hurrah, I'm Grundo Chef today!"

A Chef's Secret
by Guik44

Have you ever had a meal,
So different and bizarre,
That just made you feel so real?
I tell you, it was made by this star.

If you ever tasted his food,
You know he is the real deal.
Always cooking in a good mood,
He knows just how you will feel.

You can find him in Virtupets,
He owns the Grundos Cafe.
Pay him a visit and you will not regret,
Taste his food, I'm sure you will stay.

Besides a cook, he is also a player,
He is really good, do not be such a hater!
It is no wonder he is so tall.
Have you seen him play Gormball?

This incredible Grundo we met,
Who makes wonders when wearing his hat,
Is called Gargarox Isafuhlarg,
Also known as the Grundo Chef.

Lair Of The Spider Grundo
by Silver_azalea

Creature created
By Dr. Frank Sloth, living
In a creepy cave.

He waits and watches
All who approach the entrance,
Licking his green lips.

They draw nearer; close
To the cave’s darkness. Sometimes
Coming inside there.

But if they do, it
May very well be their last
Enterprise ever.

For he crawls across
The ceiling, silently on
His six spider-legs,

Hunting from shadows,
And the many recesses
In the walls and floor.

These explorers wind up in
A strong, sticky web.

There are hundreds here,
And the plentiful tunnels
Disorient 'pets;

Well, except for the
Resourceful, but no matter.
Even if they know,

Which ways lead back out,
They will never escape the
Spider Grundo’s jowls.

A Grundo's Freedom
by Saqo

Please hear my tale.
Many years I was held,
high above Neopia,
on a planet so cold.

Many others and I.
All Grundos, so many
ruled by one Dr.
Sloth, it's funny...

how one could rule
all of us, our species.
Not only that, he's
cruel and mean!

But one day something
happened for us,
and today we celebrate
that day, momentous.

The day we gained
our precious freedom!
None could ask for
anything else or more.

Today, it's different.
Now Grundos like me
live together, and
live rather happily.

Dr. Sloth still rules
and owns much,
but he can't take
the freedom of us!

Happy Grundo Independence Day!

by Ice_k2

Oh, little blue Grundo plushie,
Broken hearted but still kind,
Always offering others toys
When you were left behind.

You hang from a tree,
Stuck by a small thread,
How you wish to be free,
Away from this dread.

All you look forward to
Is Neopians passing by,
Hoping that they’ll talk to you,
Help you pass the time. 

That, maybe in the future,
One will have the heart,
To get you down from that tree
And give you a fresh start.

A start with someone
That will take you in,
Who will keep you close
And make you grin.

But, alas, Grundo plushie,
That day has not come,
So continue to dream,
And not be so glum.

Elderly Grundo
by Comawhite333

An Elderly Grundo,
How cute you would be,
So wise and old fashioned --
A true player's glee

An Elderly Grundo would be timeless,
This is a fact,
But when asking TNT for this color
You would need to use tact

An example of this
I'm about to show,
So hold on to your seats
And tighten your bow

Hello there, TNT!
Have you guys been working out?
You all look so nice...
What do you mean what's this about?

We'd love for your fine artists
To grant us one wish,
And give us an elderly Grundo...
Okay, I was just hit with a fish

I guess they are busy
Planning for this day
I will not try to pressure them
Or get in their way

Since my head is sore,
I guess I'll stop it here,
Overworked TNT members
Are something to fear

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