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Cheers For Meerca Day!
by Cachorritalinda12

They are small, jumpy, and fast,
Pranksters in present, future, and past.
So proud of their long tail,
If something is missing they are to blame.

Cheers for Meerca Day!
(That’s right, it's today!)
“Are there famous Meercas? I wish I knew!”
If that’s what you’re wondering, 
This poem’s for you!

First there is Chuffer Bob, player of Cheat!
If you don’t know this guy, he does love to eat.

Hermeedjet and Meerouladen, 
They do have weird names,
They stole King Coltzan’s crown, 
Thievery runs through their veins. 

When it comes to the Altador Cup,
A couple of Meercas do come up.
Fannetti from the Haunted Woods
And Gregorio Maille from Meridell.
Doesn’t that ring a bell?

But, of course, what am I thinking?
I can’t forget.
When it comes to evil and being a threat,
Or of slimy, gooey mucus dripping wet,
Meuka the Meerca is as bad as it can get!

by Redeemyourself

There's one Meerca 
I dare not go to see. 
His slime will trap you
And never set you free.

He's green and messy,
A rather horrid thing.
He leaves a trail as he goes,
Dangling on a string.

He goes by Meuka,
A very fitting name. 
He and that goopy slime
Are really all the same.

He turns your items
Into lumps of snot. 
He thinks of them as gifts:
"It cannot be bought!"

He leaves your 'pet sick,
With Sneezles nonetheless. 
During a hectic day, 
It's just an added stress.

So here's to you, Meuka, 
On this slimy Meerca Day, 
Thanks for all you've done... 
Hip hip hooray?

Maggie The Meerca
by Mamasimios

Maggie the Meerca is a chatterbox,
All she ever does is talk and talk,
Whether alone or with her friends,
Maggie's chatter never ends

To some, she is a source of joy:
Welcome, enthusiastic noise,
But others find Maggie a pest
And wish she'd give her jaws a rest

Always a sweet, kind-hearted soul,
Maggie seems to never know
How many friends will disappear
When her approaching voice reaches their ears

She loves to comment on the weather,
Muses why the Meerca Thieves stay together,
She'll tell you all about her dreams,
Never pausing to see if you're listening

Not even eating ends her spiel,
She'll talk throughout her every meal,
Not pausing as she chews her food,
Unaware as bits are spat and spewed

I wonder if she persists in speaking
In bed at night while she is sleeping,
Or if Maggie the Meerca is mute at last,
To rest for the next day's bombast?

A Snotty Situation
by Kuroge

Inside a damp and misty cavern,
where the ceiling leaks snot,
Meuka will steal anything,
letting them decay and rot.

Armed with a nasty temper,
he is quite easily irritated,
if anything does go his way
he will surely get frustrated.

Concerned not for others,
he leaves an odious trail,
damaging the environment,
dragging his slimy tail.

Trapped in his slimy grasp
will not fare well for you,
for you will only end up
a victim covered with goo.

His rotted teeth shown
as he lets out a snicker,
reminding everyone to
avoid his snotty feature.

Meerca Chase II
by Comawhite333

There's a fun game
A particular Meerca plays,
Chasing after Neggs
On a clear course or through a maze

It never matters 
When he hits a wall,
He'll continue collecting Neggs
Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

He's always smiling,
Whether he wins or lose,
He gives others inspiration
A cute Meerca muse

He's always happy,
Even jolly,
Living a Meerca's dream
Of Negg-loving folly

So, on Meerca Day,
I will celebrate his game,
And if you love Meercas, too
You could try doing the same

The Meerca Brothers
by Sc_defleppard

Waiting in the shadows,
Marking now their take,
The Meercas watch silently,
Waiting for a break.

Their eyes see every movement,
Every shadow of the deep,
As they dare to get closer
In a rush, a lone heartbeat.

Enhanced within the moment,
The ears that capture whispers,
The desire of the burglars'
Intentions couldn’t be clearer.

Within the darkened chambers
Where thoughts are now themes,
Entwined within a heartbeat
Of the Meercas' schemes.

A dream to be supreme,
Shadowing their take,
Free for their desire --
Just don't let them escape.

While, elsewhere in the shadows,
Their take still in their sights
They don't see the defender
That ends all their dreams tonight.

An Unpleasant, Snotty Surprise
by Ohgodkillit

Bouncing and hopping on his springy tail,
Lurking mischievously to thieve your wealth,
You'll know he's close when you inhale,
That putrid, malodorous mucus smell.

He's a snotty Meerca who goes by Meuka,
And his personality matches his outer grime.
His smell is similar to that of puke,
And his appearance is like that of slime.

As you wander Neopia harmlessly,
Keep your eyes open and observant.
If not, Meuka will arrive unseen,
And replace your possessions 
With piles of snot!

Your faerie dolls are now goo,
Battledome items -- now slime,
Your paint brushes, now ooze,
And your most prized possession now grime.

If reading of this character makes you uneasy,
Wait for your 'pet to acquire the Sneezles.
Meuka will arrive, his sight making you queasy.
Take all your hostility to the Battledome 
To fight the little weasel!

Chuffer Bob
by Lilahne_aluoki

Chuffer Bob the Meerca, 
He's quite the jolly fellow,
He Cheat!s at cards, but otherwise, 
I hear he's rather mellow
You may just meet, if you play Cheat!,
Chuffer Bob at the table,
You'll likely win, though he will play 
As wisely as he's able

Poor Bob is easily distracted,
Especially 'round lunch,
He'll start accusing, "Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!" 
Because he has a hunch,
But there's a reason Chuffer Bob 
Is well known as a winner,
He tries his best to delay rounds 
'Til after he's had dinner

Chuffer Bob the Meerca, 
He's got some telling tells,
If he's about to obfuscate, 
Pay close heed to his tail,
He will fidget, he will mutter, 
He will sweat like it's too hot...
It means that he's not concentrating 
As he truly ought

It's not Bob's fault, he's hungry,
His stomach's started to growl,
And sure enough, he'll lose the round... 
Whoa, listen to him howl!
But he's not bitter; no, not him,
He's humbled but not cowed,
He's for a game where he can't be beat,
He's joining Food Club for now

Meerca Chase II
by Nedviolet

Lurking in the shadows
Of the Neopian Games Room,
There lies a fun game
Called Meerca Chase II.
It's just like the first game
Called Meerca Chase I,
Except there's many additions,
And it's frankly more fun!

You play as a Meerca
And collect unique Neggs.
Such as yellow, gold, silver,
And the foremost Fish Negg!
As you gain more points
Your tail starts to grow.
Make sure not to touch it,
Or it's the end of the show!

There's also an avatar,
For those who don't know.
Score enough points
And you'll become a pro!
But many have trouble
And don't know the code,
To a very cool secret
Called Gravity Mode!

Maggie The Meerca
by Saqo

Today, my dear Neopians,
I will tell you a tale
of a little girl Meerca.
Maggie, she was named.

Maggie the Meerca was
a kind little Neopet,
who loved to talk to
any passerby 'pet.

She chatted all day
to those who came by.
All day, she talked!
She wasn't at all shy.

It didn't matter if
these 'pets were busy, if 
they had plans of their 
own... not to Maggie. 

She chatted away,
merry as could be.
But some 'pets didn't
find this endearing.

They didn't want to
listen to the Neopet.
This was a problem,
but she couldn't stop.

Maggie sure was cute,
but had a bad habit.
She wouldn't stop
talking or chatting.

But one good thing
came about for Maggie;
she got a book written
about her own story!

Even if you have a bad
habit, so it seems,
if you can write a book,
why, famous you'll be!

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