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Neopets Poems

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Land And Water
by Thisisbutterfly

Whether you’re blue or yellow
Maraquan, ghost, or pink,
Acaras have a power
Unlike what most Neopians think.

Whether in oceans dark and deep
Or high on mountaintops,
These creatures keep on going 
And their breathing never stops.

They don’t have gills like Koi,
They have fur like a Lupe or Kau!
But they live in land and water,
And not many know just how.

Are their gills inside their mouths?
Do they hold their breath instead?
Does it have something to do
With those strange horns atop their head?

Amphibious Acara,
Tell us your secrets, please.
So we, too, can enjoy the beauty
Of the land and of the sea.

Masila The Green Acara
by Superpepe

Known by her infamous title, 
Mistress of the double-cross, 
Masila the green Acara 
Is known for being cunning. 

Having an insatiably
Strong desire for power, 
She will do anything that 
Will get her to the very top. 

She manipulates those who love her, 
And uses them to reach her goals, 
But once she finds them of no use, 
She will ruthlessly betray them. 

Being part of the Thieves' Guild, 
She is scheming and devious, 
Pretending to love Galem, 
While her feelings were for Kanrik. 

However, she will let nothing 
Stand in the way of her quest 
For power, even if it means 
Poisoning her lover, Kanrik.

The Birthday Story Of Astrid And Ajay
by Jordansteele

There was two twin Acaras,
Astrid and Ajay,
They had a birthday soon,
Less than a week away.

Ajay was getting Astrid
The final piece of her map.
He'd wrap the present up
In bunches of gift wrap.

Astrid was getting Ajay
Jungle Arrows for his bow.
She knew he would like it,
His face would surely show.

So they set off around Neopia,
To find the other's present,
But things didn't go as planned.
It was truly a turning event.

Ajay browsed from shop to shop,
Looking for the map and a low price,
But he didn't have nearly enough,
The shopkeeper said "No dice."

Meanwhile, a few shops over,
Astrid was getting Ajay's gift,
But the price of Jungle Arrows
Made a doubling price shift.

A few days later their birthday came;
Astrid handed her brother the gift.
"Jungle Arrows! You shouldn't have, sis!"
He pulled them out fleet and swift.

"Okay, now you open mine!" Ajay said.
Astrid opened it and pulled out the piece.
"Now you have the full map! We'll be rich!"
"Er, about that, I have bad news to release."

So, she told him that she sold a piece
So she could buy him the Jungle Arrows.
He didn't get mad, he didn't start to yell,
His eyes didn't even go angry and narrow.

He simply laughed and told his small story
About having to sell his bow for her gift.
So it didn't end bad, it didn't end super swell,
It was good overall and their spirits did lift.

Despite the cruel luck almost ruining their day,
They got a good kick from this ironic day.
They realized they didn't need good, fancy gifts
It was enjoyed, no matter what any might say.

The Brightvale Fruits Acara
by Fleur_411

If you’re in the market for
A Skeem or an Icky Fruit,
Or perhaps a Grenelon,
I know just the place to send you.

Head on over to Brightvale Fruits
And look for the green Acara,
She is very kind and helpful
And will always be glad to see ya!

Her job is a quite tough one
As you will soon see,
She picks the fruits and packages
For them to send out for delivery.

The young Acara is diligent,
Always working very hard,
She only sells the best of fruits
And the bad ones she discards.

She also can make you jam
Or the finest fruit preserves,
If what you want isn’t on the shelf
She’ll check her own reserves.

So, go! Head on over now,
Pay the green Acara a visit,
Purchase a Screlon or Jipple Pear
And you’ll be glad you did it!

Woodland Acara
by Larkspurlane

Join me now in my small grove
Of oak and beech intermingled,
Rich brown earth below
And, above, sun-flecked crowns of trees --

Join me in this stillness,
Chasing stray wisps of sun
As clouds pile slowly over the horizon,
And finally release their rainy burden --

Join me in my dance
In this green place,
Just green, and full of knowledge,
Connected by every splash
Of every drop --

Forest heartbeat and summer kisses,
And the pulse of life as it beats,
Raindrops leaping
From leaf to leaf.

by Xtremecola

There was only one wish 
To come from these lips
Not money, not jewels, 
Or guys that can be mutable
But the one wish from 
This pretty Acara was strict:
"I really want to be beautiful."

All the glorious daisy chains 
I made were bland,
My amazing golden eyes streaming with tears
For, what had happened, 
Was not what I had planned
And out came a voice 
That sounded like nasty fears

I was handed a mirror 
Lined with silver and gold
I was stunned; 
This mirror was amazing
I can't believe I was so bold
For, what happened 
Was extremely paining

I gazed into that mirror; that evil devil,
I saw a beautiful version of myself,
But then, lowered my beauty level
And stopped feeling like oneself

I was horrible; a terrible sight,
Everything just dissolved from my heart;
I filled young Neopians with fright,
I then felt prepared to outsmart

I now coddle up to young ones,
Offer them a mirror and give them a smack
They gaze into it, filled up with stun,
I fade away: "There's only one way 
To get your beauty back."

The Acara Nurse
by Ktkdk

Do you think you have the Neoflu?
Is your nose running with green goo?
Does your temperature read 102,
Or are you just feeling a little blue?
Don't you worry, fret, or stew...
The Acara nurse knows what to do!

So, if you are feeling a bit sickly,
Go to her pharmacy really quickly!

The Acara nurse is quite a sight
In her uniform, crisp and white. 
She will work with all of her might --
Even toiling throughout the night --
To rid Neopets of sickness and blight
And to make sure they feel alright.

So, if you are feeling a bit unwell,
She will make you feel so swell!

The Acara nurse works hard all day,
Though she gets little thanks or pay,
But at the pharmacy she will stay.
So, if you see her or other Acaras today,
Please make very sure to say,
"Have an awesome Acara Day!"

Vira’s Lesson
by Impellent

My name is Vira
And I used to be pretty.
I was a beautiful Acara.
Now I’m not; what a pity!

My radiance used to shine
Across the lands.
Now my ugliness is a sign
That really commands.

Wish for things, sure,
That can be delightful --
But be careful your wishing
Does not turn spiteful.

I wished to be more beautiful
Than any Acara alive.
That was inexcusable,
And now my beauty took a dive.

For, it’s one thing to wish
For yourself to be happy,
But it’s an entirely other dish
To wish others unhappy.

If there’s one lesson
For all Neopians to learn,
It’s to please try to deafen
Those feelings of scorn.

Now I am a monster,
But you don’t have to be.
Just remember not to make
The same mistakes as me.

The Princess With A Temper
by Ihaleymc

Princess Fernypoo has eyes that shine,
An Acara with a dress so stylish and pink.
Her crown is always perfectly polished,
But she’ll beat you at Cheat in a blink.

Most folks would say she is spoiled,
Her temper when she loses is awful.
She learned to play Cheat at her castle,
The king said, “To beat her is unlawful.”

Her father did her no favors
By making all lose at her game.
For, now she ran away from home,
To win a competition is her aim.

Her nemesis is Spectre,
Who beats her every time.
But Fernypoo knows what to do,
She screams so loud it’s a crime!

Despite her frightful tantrums,
She learns more and more about Cheat.
Someday she’ll become the champion,
A player no one can beat!

Roberta The Acara
by Kadface

Roberta of Brightvale,
Friend of Solarin,
Saviour of Altador,
A mischevous grin.

Boots on her feet,
Parchment in hand.
Sells every scroll
At her book stand.

A spell to heal
And knowledge to learn.
Enchantments to freeze
And others to burn.

She takes many forms
In various objects.
Enough for a Gallery;
A joy to collect.

A plushie to cherish,
And contacts to wear.
Roberta has it all
With plenty to spare.

See her in your house,
In the stained glass.
Use her as a piece
In a game of chess.

See her in person
Down in Brightvale.
She'll be at her shop,
With every scroll for sale.

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