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Neopets Poems

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A Safe Bet
by Manforgot

If you want to meet a Nimmo
Who’s best of the best,
Head on down to Krawk Island,
You won’t need to see the rest

He is quite scrawny
And he is quite small,
But he’s got the heart of a champion
Like he stands ten feet tall

Bonnie Pip Culliford is the Nimmo I speak of
He resides at the the one and only Food Club
He’s got a thing for smoothies and candy
So, if you’ve got a piñata, 
He could be quite handy

However, he’s not really a fan of spicy foods
So if they’re in this round he might lose,
But his ability to overcome is great; 
For he has won
Even when his odds were 13:1

He’s a tough Nimmo, after all
The best of the best!
But he’s had a lot to eat today,
So now it’s time for him to rest

Guardian Of The Books
by Timbeaux1

"Ring-a-ling!" goes the doorbell
Above my favorite shop.
The familiar clerk waves me over
To examine his brand new stock.

You see, I stop here everyday,
Home from training school.
The blue Nimmo at the counter knows
What I think is cool.

Without a pause he skips all 
The baking and cookbooks.
As to the horror and tragedies,
They don't get a second look.

"How about Simple Spells?" he asks
Pulling it from a stack.
"Read it last week," I replied,
Immediately handing it back.

Without dismay, however,
He took a great big leap
Toward a dusty, old bookshelf,
The contents he did reap.

Of course I waited patiently,
but was pleasently surprised,
when he returned carrying
Some old Neopian Times.

"Now, most smart Neopians know
That selling books is what I do,
But reading these old newspapers
Increases your intelligence, too!"

So I took the most recent volume, 
With articles abound.
Again my friend has guided me,
A new pasttime I have found.

But every evening I still wander
In to visit an old friend.
As the library is looking good,
With no money left to spend.

Sssidney's Sssplendid Game
by Silver_azalea

Scratchcard vendor with
Slithery voice, entices
You to try your luck.

Sidney is this blue
Nimmo’s name, and his game is
One composed of chance.

Buy a card for just
Twelve hundred Neopoints and
Scratch it for a prize.

Well, maybe; you might
Get nothing in return, if
You scratch the wrong things.

Those who think his cards
Are rigged -- well, everyone can’t
Be lucky and win.

(So they can just stop
Being jealous of those who’ve
Won a Moehog Skull)

Sidney sells several
Types of these cards, Crypt of Chance
To Rotting Riches.

Of course, the rarer
The card, the better the prize
From winning can be.

Even though he makes
His income from these cards, he
Likes peace and quiet.

So, leave him be if
You aren’t interested in
Purchasing a card!

Master Ryshu, The Nimmo
by Superpepe

Hailing from Mystery Island, 
Master Ryshu the Nimmo,
spends all his time in training 
to hone and polish his skills. 

Being one of the four guardians, 
he is entrusted with the task 
to protect the island he loves, 
and which he grew up on. 

Though he was once arrogant, 
he has since learnt to be humble, 
through the profound teachings of 
his teacher, the Techo Master. 

What one may not know is that, 
beneath his fearsome looks, 
is a Neopet that is pure
and harbours no ill intentions. 

He loves to swim among the 
Peophins of Omara Bay, 
and sit along the shore to 
write heartfelt haikus in the sand.

For Woodland Nimmos
by Mamasimios

You know that Nimmo ninjas
Can hide in an empty room,
But there are other sorts of Nimmos
Who blend into forest gloom

Take a walk on Mystery Isle,
Enter into jungle depths,
Find a quiet place for contemplation,
Try to still your noisy breaths

If you're lucky and you're patient
The trees around might come alive,
As a group of woodland Nimmos
Open up their oaken eyes

They sit still as trees in meditation,
A textured woodgrain to their skin,
They sprout green fronds of luscious ferns --
Their expertise is blending in

Woodland Nimmos have achieved
A nearly perfect state of zen,
And spend their lives in the dark forest
Seeking pure enlightenment

After a time they close their eyes
And, like ninjas, they fade from view,
And though you'd search, 
You'd never find them,
For woodland Nimmos -- they find you

Ssidney's Game Of Chance
by Dr_tomoe

Deep in a fairground
that used to be fun,
there are a few game stands left
where prizes can be won.

Where coconuts don't fall
and popguns don't aim,
and a Mootix is a ball,
and your own bad luck is to blame.

You see another game
in the shadow of Castle Nox,
in a yellow and orange kiosk
that looks like a house.

And, within, is a creepy Nimmo
who speaks with a hiss,
and every time he speaks
he drags out the sssssss.

Sidney the Nimmo
has another game,
this one of luck and chance,
so that's all to blame.

So, you take out your Neopoints
and he gives you a card,
Rotting Riches is the name
of this strange scratchcard.

The first two symbols revealed
have Candy Vampires in their rank,
but the next three circles
only show a blank.

One more to scratch
and you feel all right,
until it's revealed
to be nothing but white.

You lose yet again,
your luck wasn't up to it,
and made worse by Ssidney saying
it was a jackpot card and you blew it.

Orrin The Wise
by Kuroge

On the mystical ranges
Orrin gathers herbs,
every morning he hunts
among the melodic birds.

Picking cures from poisons,
the good from the bad,
such extensive knowledge
would surely make one go mad.

But the wise Nimmo is patient,
and from that he is rewarded,
with all the knowledge
that has ever been recorded.

His movements are lethargic
and his attitude apathetic,
but Orrin is truly skillful,
a brilliant medic.

A careful individual
never to make a mistake,
he might seem lazy
but his expertise is not fake.

On the top of Shenkuu
you will find his humble home,
and the many exotic plants
found growing in the mountain loam.

Jazzmosis Nimmo
by Ktkdk

Like all music lovers
I frequent the Tyrannian Concert Hall,
But there is one band that I like most of all.
It is called Jazzmosis 
And it has six 'pets who play.
My favorite is the Nimmo, by the way.

Although his colors are very monotone,
The music is definitely not, 
Which is well known. 
I love the strong and steady thrum
When the Jazzmosis Nimmo 
Pounds on his drum.

Some say the Jazzmosis Elephante is the best,
Because he is more famous than all the rest. 
But the Nimmo provides 
The rhythm and the beat,
Which is certainly a very difficult feat. 

Because I still feel like praising,
The Nimmo's fashion sense is amazing!
I love his off-center black beret,
Which is paired with a crisp white shirt today. 

Best of all, the Nimmo's attitude is so blasé. 
I can imagine him casually 
Sipping borovan in a café. 
His round glasses add a bit of flair,
And serve to strengthen his cool air. 

So, next time you go to a Jazzmosis concert,
I expect that you will be more alert. 
I hope you will do as I humbly request:
Notice the Nimmo playing behind the rest.

The Intellectual Nimmo
by Closemycoffin

At the Magical Bookshop
It would be no surprise,
To see the Nimmo shopkeeper
Reading a new book every time.

As he sits on a stool
In front of the shelves,
He previews all of the
New books that he sells.

He could talk for hours
About all that he has read.
Some stories he can quote
Off the top of his head.

Nimmos enjoy learning,
And this is one Neopet
That is filled with much
Wisdom and intellect!

Ode To A Strawberry Nimmo
by Hufflepuff

What is that in the pond?
It's large, red, and hairy;
I can't believe my eyes --
It's an amphibious strawberry.

Strawberry Nimmo in the pond,
Floating softly on a pad.
It is the most peaceful sight
That could ever be had.

Ducking into the water,
Only your head can be seen.
You look like a strawberry
Colored ever-so-slightly green.

So graceful and fluid,
This Nimmo is a charmer.
Just don't get picked
By a Meridellian farmer!

Though they look delicious,
Strawberry Nimmos have no fear,
Because they've learned from Ryshu,
In self-defense they persevere.

So, if you have a basic Nimmo,
I have a specific request:
Paint him strawberry
If you get a Fountain Faerie Quest!

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