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An Ode To Famous Quiggles
by 0llyness

Many in Neopia do not like Quiggles;
To them, they seem not more than squiggles,
But how much do they really know?
Much debt to Quiggles we do owe.

Sit down, Reader, find a chair;
Enter this world -- this Quiggle Lair.
Let me tell you of some Quiggles of fame,
And may you know there is no shame.

Morris the Brave saved Meridell's land,
Lupe ears on head and wooden sword in hand,
While Ealyn Hawkshanks scored the ball,
Earning his place in Altador's Hall.

Leeroy keeps secrets at the Coconut Shy,
The "fairest" game you might ever try,
As Quaglor the Intrepid survives,
Escaping the cave without losing lives.

Quinton sells many healthy foods,
Always being in the most joyous of moods,
And Old Man Withers joins all the clubs --
From staring at stars to trimming shrubs!

So, grab the Quiggle nearest to you,
Give it a hug and thank it, too!
After all, there is only one thing to say...
Happy Quiggle Day!

Plight Of Sponge Quiggles
by Agedbeauty

Even on Quiggle Day
The life of a sponge Quiggle
Isn’t one I will ever envy.

Tossed every which way,
And often accidentally used 
To scrub the floors

Often dripping water
And covered in soap;
Who could fault it for sadness?

No, the life of a sponge
Isn’t one that I would covet,
Or one I would want for friends

And yet, Quiggles,
Even sponge Quiggles, poor things,
Are always grinning, always happy

Though Quiggles have a fan base
As devoted in their own way
As Draiks and Krawks and Kacheeks,

Quiggles still don’t get
The love that they deserve,
And it’s even worse for sponges

Today I will remember their plight,
And do my best to grab 
A real sponge instead.

Ballad Of A Quiggle Ballerina
by Mamasimios

The Quiggle might not have a neck
That's swanlike, graceful to outstretch,
And she might not be lithe and slim:
Her webbed toes suited for the swim

But every Quiggle, deep inside,
Where secret dreams do long abide,
Imagines herself on the stage:
The star dancer in a ballet

Her slippers and her stiff tutu
Are pretty lavender in hue,
And though she might look short and stout,
She can dance without a doubt

She's lissom in her  leotard
As she approaches to the barre,
With deep plies and arabesques,
She twirls and spins in pirouettes

Port de bras and relevé,
Ront de jambe and grand jeté,
The dancing has her mind enthralled
And, as for moves, she knows them all

But, alas, 'tis but a dream,
The Quiggle only dances in the stream,
She'll twirl and hop from bank to stone,
A ballerina all alone

Ode To A Magical Hair Quiguki
by Ktkdk

I know Lawyerbot prefers Usukis,
And many others do, too.
But I think they should like Quigukis.
All the praise belongs to you.

Your hair, purple with green streaks,
Is always well-groomed and brushed.
Usuki hair is not quite as sleek;
Your locks are the most lush.

Your skin is a vibrant shade of green,
Which matches so well with your hair,
Much better than any Usuki I've seen.
Your beauty causes people to stare.

You have such an excellent fashion sense.
Your little pink dress is so cute!
Whereas Usuki fashion 
Sometimes gives offense,
No fault can be found in your suit.

Unlike Usukis, who have a huge tail to tout
(About which they are very smug),
Quigukis go completely without,
Which makes you easier to hug!

As you can see, Quigukis are the best.
In fact, I will even dare to say,
It is a fact that's impossible to contest.
So, as you go about your way,
Remember to praise Quiggles, 
Especially today!!

The Wheelmaster
by Kitokat_mh

Deep into Tyrannia,
In the heart of the Plateau,
There lives a simple Quiggle,
Who I'm sure that you must know.

Standing by for hours on end,
He slowly spins the wheel.
As it drifts by all day long,
Who knows what he must feel?

Is he bored as he stands by?
Does he even care?
When we're waiting for the game,
Does he notice that we're there?

He always turns and greets us,
Nodding with a smile.
Maybe he sometimes does feel joy,
If only for a while.

But as the days keep dragging on
His smile begins to fade,
His eyes turn dull and saddened,
His skin lightens a shade.

It's very clear he must be tired,
But what can be done?
This is his job, here he must stay,
But does he not deserve some fun?

Maybe now, on Quiggle Day,
We'll all choose not to play,
And let the wheel stand still for once,
Just for this one day.

Then see his eyes light up again
And let him have his rest.
Let him laugh or dance or sleep,
Whatever he thinks is best.

For he is the Wheelmaster
And he works hard every day,
And as a thank you for his work,
Let's give him Quiggle Day!

Leirobas, The Green Quiggle
by Superpepe

Leirobas the green Quiggle, 
resides in Swamp Edge City. 
Doomed to a life of solitude, 
he spends his days casting spells. 

His peculiar behaviour, 
coupled with a huge ego, 
have caused people to stay away 
from the boastful enchanter. 

An avid collector of 
fluids from bizarre creatures, 
he uses them as components 
for his various magic spells. 

Bring a giant Spyder's blood, 
a desert cobra's venom, 
crystallized sand from a mummy, 
with some Skeith spit and he'll be pleased. 

Drawing upon dark magic,
he can enchant a new robe 
from these ingredients, and he will 
give you his Sorcerous Robe. 

Though possessing deep knowledge 
of the Jewels of Power, 
he will only share this wisdom 
if you've a living crystal.

Borri The Mighty
by Closemycoffin

No longer in the spotlight,
Though still in mind,
Is one of the mightiest
Quiggles that you may find.

When you meet this wizard,
He will often ask
For your feedback about
The cape in which he's clad.

Should you wish to get
On his good side --
Rumor has it that he'll
Accept a bribe of flies.

The Adventure Generator
Is the game that Borri runs.
It's no longer in the spotlight,
But it's still much fun!

Quinton And The Golden Carrots!
by Jordansteele

Quinton the Quiggle,
Owner of the Health Food Shop,
Noticed sales were down.

Making nutrition
Super exciting would be
A little too hard

While his small garden,
His regular supplier,
Grew somewhat bland fruit.

But weekly, Dervinn --
a salesman -- offered special,
exotic, rare fruits.

After a while,
He wanted to supply his
Own exotic fruits,

So he packed his things,
closed the shop, and quickly left;
searching for good food.

But what he longed for
Were Golden Carrots, hidden
At the Kiko Lake.

After traveling
Far, he at last reached his goal;
A Kiko Lake cove,

But his thirst was strong;
He had to drink from the lake...
But met a surprise!

A Jetsam leaped from
The lake, trying to eat him!
Luckily, he missed...

Then a rock slide came!
It came tumbling down on
Him, he had to hide.

So he jumped in a
Cave, hoping for the best to
Come along his way.

After a close call
With the fierce Jetsams, rock slides,
And scares, he found it;

The Golden Carrots!
Right in front of him, glowing
ever so brightly.

Quiggle Tongue Whip
by Fleur_411

You see it there, just out of reach,
Upon the shelf so high,
You stretch and stretch but just
Can’t seem to get it, though you try.

If only you were like the Quiggle
And had a tongue, stretchy and long,
You’d get that thing you want so bad,
To place where it belongs!

But, luckily, I’ve got right here
The thing perfect for you --
It’s a Quiggle Tongue Whip
And it’s all shiny and new.

Just pick up this little gadget,
Take it in you hand,
Flick it up to the high shelf
Where your object stands.

The sticky whip will latch right on
And bring your prize right down;
The Quiggle Tongue Whip can
Move anything around!

So now you, too, can have
A tongue just like a Quiggle,
It is fun and it is useful,
And it’s cool to watch it wiggle!

So step right up and buy today
Your own Quiggle Tongue Whip,
Your vendor here will give the best;
Please don’t forget the tip!

The Quiggle Runner
by Kadface

Legend of the Quiggle Runner,
One of a gallant soul.
He holds the fate of Meridell
In a modest scroll.

With a message to deliver,
Quiggle Runner his name.
He runs across the fields,
Sprinting through the flame.

Trusty satchell as his side,
It hold all that he needs.
Food that sustains the runner;
Bandages to stem the bleed.

Arrows fly, either side.
Strides with careless ease --
Swiftness is his ephithet,
He leaps between the trees.

The War still rages on;
He flits amongst the troops.
Messages of hope and horror,
Instructions to regroup.

Just one of his messages
Could changes the town's fate.
Strap on shoes, fleet of step,
There is no time to wait.

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