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Neopets Poems

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The Petpet Parade
by Dustymine

From Happy Valley
To Illusen’s Glade,
The ‘Pets are getting ready
For the Petpet Parade!

So wash your Warf
And groom your Kad.
It’s a wonderful day!
There’s no need to be sad.

Every street or square
Or corner you see,
Will be filled with Petpets
Dancing with glee.

There’s Petpets of colors
From spooky to snow,
And hues in the middle,
Like brown or rainbow.

Every shape and size
Is welcome, you know.
(Even Plumpy might do a dance,
To and fro.)

And the ones in the shops
Without a place to stay,
Will come out and groove
With the others this day.

There’s cake and bones,
And flakes for the fish.
Each Petpet will get
A personalized dish.

The Symols will sing,
The Weewoos will, too.
The Flouds will fly PPL banners
In the sky’s blue.

So come one, come all!
Don’t be afraid.
Bring all your Petpets
To the Petpet Parade!

Mmm, Snow...
by Closemycoffin

Dieter the Polarchuck
Just loves to munch snow,
But to this task there
May be more than you know.

This courageous Petpet
Continues on, turn after turn,
Braving the perilous blocks
That are filled with Snow Wurms.

He lets nothing keep him down
Nor slow his adventurous pace.
His spirit remains quite bright,
Along with his enthusiastic face.

Even as he becomes full
He ambitiously marches on,
Hoping to be lucky and find
A bottle of Bloat-B-Gone.

This Petpet stands out
Among the many greats,
For his perseverance --
For he always finds a way.

Pick Up A Spooky Petpet
by Silver_azalea

The Haunted Woods is
Not just a place to go for
A scare or a fright.

Check out the Petpets
A vampire Cybunny
Takes care of right here.

Some are slimy like Slorgs,
Dribblets, and Green Tentacles;
All smiling cutely!

A Ghostkerchief makes
A wonderful Petpet
For your 'pet’s pocket.

More fuzzy critters
Are around here, too, like cute
Schnellys, Drugals, and

Best of all, Meepits!
(Not that I was forced to say
That or anything)

Allergic to fur?
Skellys and Sklydes are quite great
For this dilemma.

So, go on -- get one
Today! There’s plenty to choose
From, so don’t delay!

Life The Weewoo Way
by Agedbeauty

When I ponder Petpets,
Only one comes to mind,
Cooing, warm, and content,
The cutest of her kind.

Perched upon my shoulder, 
The White Weewoo glances,
Proofreading all my work
Since there’s no second chances.

This feathery Petpet
Has always been my muse,
The heart of a genius
Beats ‘neath the guileless ruse.

Yes, inspiration lurks
Amidst her cheeky cheeps,
But as she rests her head,
It’s my reward she reaps.

Today I celebrate
The joy of Petpet Day,
And raise my pen in salute
To life The Weewoo Way!

In Appreciation Of A Meowclops
by Mamasimios

While today Neopia appreciates
Petpets, the Meepits, Warfs, and Wains,
There is one creature oft forgot --
Sophie's long-suffering Meowclops

Deep within the fetid swamp
(No playground for felines to romp),
It paces on paws, claw-tipped and black,
Across the floor of the witch's shack

With one eye illumed like a lamp,
It pierces the air, heavy and damp,
Looking for something fun to do
And hoping that Sophie will make some stew

For, when Sophie is in the mood,
A large cauldron is put on to brew,
And distractedly the witch will toss
Ingredients her familiar loves to stalk

Ghost Marshmallows and fish pops
Are the favourites of the Meowclops,
And it watches, hoping it can catch,
Some treats 'fore they reach 
The bubbling batch

The Meowclops makes a good companion
For the witch, whom society has abandoned,
But it should also be esteemed
For keeping the shack's floor nice and clean

Meepit Demands Appreciation
by Dr_tomoe

Petpet Appreciation Day is here
And I know what you think,
Because of our mind control ray
To make you obey the pink.

You love our soft, pink fur,
And our wide staring eyes,
And you know that those Feepits
Are full of nothing but lies.

You appreciate the fact
That, with our devices in place,
That it's only for fun
That we will bite your face.

You also appreciate our plan
That, now that it's been pulled off,
We have made a janitor
Out of that fool Dr. Sloth.

Now, look into the Meepits' eyes
And then you shall see,
What will happen if you cross us
like that fool Angelpuss Plumpy.

And so, now that we own your mind,
Our demands for appreciation will be met
Let all of Neopia bow down
And appreciate Meepits!

The Petpet Zapper!
by Jordansteele

Far from the coasts of
Any Neopian shore,
There is a small lab.

Hidden in that lab,
A crazed Scorchio zaps 'pets
To his heart's content.

But in the heart of
This secret lab, a little
Kookith zaps as well.

This little Petpet
Works the same zappy wonders,
But with your Petpets.

With his great knowledge
(I mean, great insanity)
He happily zaps.

His ray can do great
Things, like changing 'pet colours
Or Petpet species.

Colours like the great
Glowing gold or frozen ice.
Maybe even a

Yummy colour like
Crunchy chocolate, jelly,
or cool strawberry.

But let's not forget
The species from the zaps, too!
There are so many;

The best having to
Be the neat Pile of Soot,
laying on the floor.

So, next time you zap
Your wonderful Neopet,
Take your Petpet, too!

They might want to get
Zapped with their zappy owner!
So, next time, let them!

I mean, today is
Petpet Appreciation
Day, so zap them up!

Peopatra's Petpets
by Jjquil

A guide to owning a Desert Petpet: 
They are hardy, you need not fret. 
Feed them daily, but keep in mind 
They do not enjoy getting wet. 

Anubis, Kepru, Seti, Nuk:
You can find one with some luck
They are active, popular, fun; 
But with energy to run amok. 

Wadjet, Turtmid, Erisim, Scamander:
If to reptilian types you pander. 
Slithering, sunbathing, shedding scales,
Search the sands -- just take a gander. 

Scarabug, Selket, Lyins, Grackle Bug:
Insects swarming, creeping, snug,
Skittering and chirping, too many legs; 
Their exoskeletons are safe to hug. 

Khnum, Geb, Khonsu, Ettaphant:
Exotic Petpets whose looks enchant. 
Bizarre and strange, magical myths, 
Dreams and wishes they may grant. 

These fine creatures and many more
Can be found inside my store. 
I trust that you will treat them well -- 
Listen to them purr, bark, roar!

Sneaky Snowickle
by Manforgot

Sneaky Snowickle, 
Always stealing my shiny stuff
Slipping and sliding throughout my home
You make everyday living tough
Thank goodness I have a dull looking comb

I wake up in the morning in the mood for toast,
But I can't seem to find my toaster
I start to wonder if I am living with 
A thieving ghost,
But I have a feeling I’m getting closer

Closer to finding the true culprit, that is,
I’ll set up a trap full of shiny items,
And keep going on with my daily biz
Saying to myself, “This time, I’ll get 'em!”

The next day I find you 
In my trap with the silverware
And I think I can now have a normal life to live,
But I think I may let you keep my shiny stuff; 
I can learn to share
Because you’re just too cute not to forgive

Perturbed Pofew
by _Hawii_

Little Pofew, light blue eyes cold,
In the corner with tentacles coiled,
I feel like our relationship has spoiled,
And you are only a few hours old.

I am sorry, Pofew dearest.
Was it the paint brush you disliked?
Was it one that didn't leave you psyched?
Maybe red was the colour you most liked?
My thought was you would like faerie.

Your form reminded me of a balloon;
The shopkeeper informed me you do not float,
But an idea came fast, though I mustn't gloat,
Since you hate me now, I'm a buffoon.

I know you hardly know me, 
It hasn't been long,
I've been attached to you for a small while,
But please, come out of the corner and smile,
Well, perhaps a smile 
On your face doesn't belong.

I must admit, I've never owned 
A Spooky Petpet before,
I've only had plushies, balloons, or Usukis,
My initial fear was that 
You might get stuck in a tree,
Goodness, I didn't think I'd have this in store.

The look you give me fills me with dread,
I guess, when you're mad, 
The floating comes easy,
I've learned my lesson! 
You're making me queasy,
Maybe I should have gotten a Meepit instead.

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