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Neopets Poems

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JubJub Riddles
by Fleur_411

What’s round and fuzzy,
Shaped like a cotton ball,
He’s soft and he’s cute,
The best 'pet of them all!

It’s the JubJub, of course,
What else could it be?
A few moments with one
Will fill you with glee!

Now, see if you can
Riddle me this:
What’s a cute little creature
You just want to kiss?

You guessed it, you’re right!
It's the JubJub again,
Your cuddly buddy,
Your soft little friend!

One more riddle 
I have got for you now:
Who's always there for you,
Who's your best pal?

Woo wee, that is correct!
It’s a JubJub once more,
Bring one into your home
And you’ll never be bored!

Garlic JubJub
by Agedbeauty

Vile Count Von Roo is a frightening sight,
Evil midnight denizen of the blackest fright.
A simple snap of fangs 
And you might be a ghost,
Fodder to the villain 
That you fear the most.

And yet, the Count is not immune to fear,
In fact, he quivers when his nemesis is near!
His foe might make you laugh a bit,
Yet, I promise you, the count cares not a whit.

For, you see, Von Roo fears a tiny little JubJub,
But not one covered in layers of fur and chub.
No, it’s another JubJub 
That makes the Count shake,
And even being near 
Is enough to make quake.

Yes, the Garlic Jubjub is one Von Roo can’t bite,
And so, is safe from things 
That go bump in the night.
For garlic is what the Count fears the most,
One teeny mouthful and he’d be toast!

The Clay JubJub
by Mamasimios

Not quite dirt and not quite mud
Is the little ball of clay JubJub,
Neither manic nor serene,
He's a JubJub stuck somewhere between

Not quite furry are his sculpted peaks,
Yet bald is not the word you'd speak,
Not unpleasant would he be to hold;
Not too warm, yet not quite cold

Not exactly orange is his hue,
But descriptors like red and brown won't do,
He has no arms, as you can see, 
But is not helpless -- he does have feet

He likes to smile, but get him wet
And you can change his face, make him upset,
Just curve the ends of his smile down
And he'll obligingly sport a trembling frown

In fact, with one swipe you could erase
All of the features on his face,
You could squeeze his body 
With your fingers, too,
But that's not quite a nice thing for you to do

When it comes to the little clay JubJub,
My feelings are clear, my heart feels love,
Mysterious and so unique,
He's the most squishable thing 
On two large feet!

An Ode To The Shop Wizard
by Superpepe

JubJub of the brightest fur, 
with a hat of moons and stars, 
having eyes that seem to pierce, 
of the deepest blue you've seen. 

With a long and flowing cape, 
having intelligence and 
speed that's matchless in Neopia, 
no one does his job better. 

Searching through different sections 
of the market at a time, 
he will bring you the results 
and help you compare prices. 

The Shop Wizard is your guide, 
to help you find the lowest
and cheapest and best bargains 
there are in the Marketplace.

Who Needs Hands?
by Silver_azalea

Many Neopets
Make fun of my lack of arms;
But who really cares?

So what if my feet
Can’t write as well as your hands,
Or clap easily?

They are dexterous
Enough to pick up objects
And then set them down.

Many things hands do
My feet are able to do,
Too, to an extent.

I can fit in small
Spaces, since I don’t have broad
Shoulders like others.

By tucking them up
Into my body, I can
Roll faster than cheese.

I also have some
Of the most expressive eyes
Among all species.

My friends love hugging
Me, since I’m very fuzzy
(Much more than Kacheeks!)

In my woodland form,
I’m a master at hide and
Seek among flora.

I come in several
Rare colors: coconut, clay,
and awesome garlic!

Despite not having
Those two extra limbs, I’d say
JubJubs are brilliant!

The Halloween JubJub
by Closemycoffin

Orange in color
Is this Neopet --
That's round, short,
And has a stem.

Although it doesn't
Have any knees,
It hops along on its
Two enormous feet.

It wears a grin
On its cheerful face.
For this JubJub,
Halloween is everyday.

If a pumpkin is what
You'd like for a Neopet,
A Halloween JubJub
Is what you might get!

The Shop Wizard
by Dr_tomoe

Of all the Neopians
In all of the land,
There is one that is most willing
To offer a helping hand.

Or, in his case, a foot,
Though that works just as well,
For this Neopian is a JubJub
That we all think is swell.

The Shop Wizard is his name,
His job, and his title.
Just ask him for an item
and then, at once, he will

Go through all Neopian shops,
Finding bargains through the land,
And then you can be sure that
it will be the best you ever had.

You can ask him for anything,
No matter what you say,
As long as the item can be found
For under 100k.

And on this JubJub Day,
You can honor him, you see,
By searching for his stamp or book
Or even his Usuki.

So, every day he does his job
And he does it the best,
And the only time he'll ever say no
Is if you're on a faerie quest.

The Power Bouncing JubJub
by Dortho

Oh, little JubJub, high in the sky,
How do you get the power to fly so high?
"In the NC Mall is where the tokens are sold."
"Go ahead and try some, 
If you may be so bold!"

Along came a Gelert with her eye on a dress.
She wanted to look better than all the rest!
No matter how high she reached 
Or how high she jumped, 
She fell to the ground 
And landed with a "thump!"

Several nice items she did acquire, 
But the dress was the only one 
She truly desired. 
Now out of tokens and no NC for the mall, 
She just sat sadly and started to bawl.

The power bouncing JubJub heard her cry,
He rushed right over while wondering why.
She explained why so sad, 
The dress so out of reach, 
The JubJub had an idea 
As bright as a sunny beach!

"Here! I have an extra token, don't you see?"
"Try at this angle 
And press the button to launch me!"
Bouncing about while 
The Gelert was in distress, 
He arrived back to present her 
With her brand new dress!

She danced in delight, as it was a perfect fit! 
She thanked him profusely, 
And swayed off into the sunset wearing it. 

If you hadn't seen already, 
JubJubs can be sweet as can be, 
From up in the sky, 
All the way down to under the sea! 
If you could, and you just may, 
Want to wish all JubJubs a Happy JubJub Day!

Lament Of The Woodland JubJub
by Slythine

All around Neopia
They clamour for the brush,
That turns Elephantes to sycamores
And Skeiths to shapely bush.

But no one thought this through
When they chose that brush for me.
Many woodland JubJubs
Are used as a Christmas tree!

Some tinsel here and garland there,
A pretty star on top...
I’m just a tree-like JubJub,
I wish these carolers would stop!

You think it’s cute and maybe fun,
Using me in your celebration;
But don’t assume my coniferous state
Makes me your decoration!

I’ll celebrate in my own way,
I’ll sing songs and drink hot tea.
I want to open presents,
Don’t just stick them under me!

There is a Christmas Paint Brush
For this specific reason!
Go find that if your JubJub
Wants to match the Yule season!

Please remember my lament
When looking for a tree.
Go find yourself an evergreen
And leave woodland JubJubs be!

The JubJub Engineer
by Kadface

I place my googles on:
Brown, sturdy, light.
Hold the wires steady,
The task ahead in sight.

Inch the welder closer,
The laser flashing fast.
Meld the metal slowly;
Use only short blasts.

A bead of sweat runs down.
The work is nearly through.
Pull it closer in,
Hold it so it won't move.

We need a closer look.
I flick the red lens down.
Concentrating hard,
Push the circuit 'round.

A sigh of relief...
The task is complete.
The object is whole again,
The seam is very neat.

Take a step back.
Put the tools away.
Only ten more like this,
And that is just today.

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