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Neopets Poems

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Those Pesky Slorgs!
by Squin

The Slorgeriser X4
Is ready for attack,
It's locked and loaded
New, not corroded,
'Cos those Slorgs keep comin’ back!

The Yurble Farmer’s at the helm --
A worthy pest controller,
His expression fierce,
With eyes that pierce,
He aims like a gourmet bowler!

They advance now, row on row,
And the Slorg-B-Gone is flying,
But, hungry for the crop,
Nigh impossible to stop,
Those Slorgs just keep on trying!

He wipes his orange brow,
Pushes back his Yurble mane,
He must protect the marrow,
The fruit in the wheelbarrow,
So he loads -- and starts again!

Angry-Looking Yurble Wooden Toy
by Mamasimios

Now, I ask you: what girl or boy
Would want an 
Angry-Looking Yurble Wooden Toy?
With menace behind those scribbled eyes
It makes a rather dubious prize

I cannot imagine even one tyke,
While being tucked into bed at night,
Who'd say, "Mom, it would bring me joy
To receive 
An Angry-Looking Yurble Wooden Toy!"

I don't know which is worse, to me,
The arched eyebrows or jagged teeth,
For the way that 
They've been crudely sketched
Seems an odd item for Kari's quest

Consider the plank-like wooden limbs
Hanging from a connective hinge,
And the body, hard and flat,
Who would hug a thing like that?

Perhaps you could devise some game
If only this Yurble had a mane;
For their hair should be thick and long,
Maybe you could just draw some on?

And, while you're at it, take your pen
And curve the lips up at the ends.
Hey now, there's a toy with style,
And all you had to do was make it smile

The Water Yurble
by Heike_vandt

They are born of oceans and rivers;
Some say, quietly, of magic and rain.
Manes crashing and retreating --
Reflections on their face maintain.

Rarely spied, dismissed as fancy;
Water Yurbles live most in legend.
But, I plead, I beg, listen --
My thoughts, to you, I must extend.

Water, whilst being what it is --
Retains the warmth of summer days.
Yet the water Yurble must prove itself!
To those who assert: "Nought, but haze."

True, to melt away, like ice
Is no common day activity;
But inside is a burning heart of flame!
Despite a calling to the sea.

So open your doors, your eyes!
Look out to the lakes, the creeks!
You shall never again find, my friends,
A Neopet as warm and unique.

The Darigan Yurble
by Chavo_guerrero

"Happy Yurble Day!" they say to me,
"Are you having lots of fun?
You should be celebrating,
Until this day is done!"

I look at them with cold red eyes
And shake my big-horned head,
My fangs are long and pointed,
And my claws fill them with dread.

A deep and purple Darigan,
My colour gives them chills,
Sometimes I like to growl awhile
To give myself some thrills.

But, although I pretend indifference,
On Yurble Day this year,
My love for the celebrations
Is really quite sincere.

I might be kind of scary,
But I'm still a Yurble true,
And no matter how I grumble
I love Yurble parties, too!

Happy Yurble Day, Vere Polnicek
by Agedbeauty

Three cheers for Moltara
The AC underdogs,
They may be last in ranks
But their spirit isn’t beat

And so, on Yurble Day,
Let us steal a moment
To sing the praises of
Defender Polnicek

Oh, this purple Yurble
May be of slender frame
And of slighter stature,
But don’t overlook her.

Vere has a core of steel
And strength of character
That few players can match,
However hard they try

For, you see, Moltara
Did not draft this Yurble,
Vere did not get stuck with
This lowly last place team.

No, Vere saw Moltara,
And saw what it could be
If she brought her strength to
A team she can help grow.

And so, three cheers for Vere,
Let’s celebrate her strength
And wish Moltara luck
Today on Yurble Day

An Ode To Yaniq
by Beastburnz

Many years may have passed
Since we last saw this island keeper,
But he lives on in our hearts,
His name we will always remember.

Protecting Mystery Island's goal
With a fierce passion and heart.
He was strong, brave, and resilient,
And was loved by all from the start.

He had quick but strong hands
That stop the enemy team's scores,
And an amazing pass,
The opponents can't take anymore.

Though he may not play much anymore,
he is still a Yooyuball legend.
Yaniq is an outstanding Yurble,
A fierce player, and a wonderful friend.

Yurble Tales
by Closemycoffin

They carefully listen
To every word
That's being read by
Their grandfather.

He tells wild tales
About the land of Meridell
And the dark land of
Darigan Citadel.

He speaks of the Turmaculus
When he was still small.
He describes Illusen's Glade
During the fall.

Two young Yurbles
Are with perked ears,
Absorbing everything
That they hear,

So that when they both grow up,
They can pass on the stories
Told by their grandpa.

Observation Of An Orange Yurble Gnome
by Jjquil

Beneath dappled shadows 
Of stems and leaves,
Beside the Golden Negg Fountain,  
Lurks a tiny denizen so small 
Symol hills must be mountains. 
A little gardener with orange fur 
Clad in leather boots and green gloves, 
A long snowy beard flows from his chin
And a flowerpot hoisted above. 
He is the Orange Yurble Gnome, 
Pulling weeds, playing Wingoball, 
But when you turn to look at him,
He doesn't move at all. 
Is he a real Yurble, born pocket-sized? 
Is he just a sculpture or toy? 
Between Chick-a-Daisy and Dandelions, 
His smile is that of joy. 
Gnome, your shiny eyes follow me
When I meander through your garden, 
If you are real, I've never fed you once
And I must beg your pardon.

Yurble Scholar
by Sophieninetyfive

With pristine robes of green and white 
This Yurble is a wondrous sight. 
His glasses perched before his eyes, 
He's so distinguished, and so wise! 

A book is held beneath his arm -- 
He'd never let it come to harm. 
So precious is this treasured tome 
It's usually kept safe at home. 

But not today. Today, you'll find
There's something on this Yurble's mind. 
He's so excited he could sing. 
He's off to see the Wise Old King! 

This Yurble fellow's bright, it's true, 
A fair sight more than me or you. 
It's been a dream of his for years 
To visit Hagan and his peers. 

And yet, he's nervous. Why? Because 
The wisest king there ever was 
Might not agree with what he states. 
What if it's something Hagan hates? 

As he ascends the castle stairs 
He frets and worries and prepares 
And all too soon he's left alone,
But for the King on his great throne. 

The poor scared Yurble stammers, "Sir --
My King, that is -- Wise Hagan, er... 
I must express my gladness to 
The wise and estimable you." 

The King thinks over this a while 
Then stands, with – shockingly – a smile! 
"Why, good sir, do you stutter so? 
I'm quite a friendly king, you know! 

"There's something I've noticed as king. 
It's really quite a curious thing. 
My subjects all seem scared of me 
When, honestly, they shouldn't be! 

"I'll tell you once, so listen here: 
Yours is an irrational fear! 
Whenever you would like to chat 
Just let me know, and that is that." 

The Yurble gaped in shock and awe. 
He'd never seen a king before. 
And then he smiled and looked relieved. 
"This I would never have believed!" 

Wise Hagan rolled his clever eyes. 
"Aren't scholars supposed to be wise? 
Now come and sit. Is that a book? 
I hope you'll let me take a look!"

One Big Angry Family
by Dr_tomoe

From many years ago
to also a recent plot,
there have been figures
that are easy to spot.

Starting in the desert,
lost in the sand,
we were introduced
to the orange Yurble Foreman.

He ran the workers
with his loud bellows,
and everyone knew
that he was an angry fellow.

But when the work of moving
sand and furniture was complete,
he needed a new job, and became a chef --
after all, a Neopet's gotta eat.

And then, a time later,
another Yurble arrived, 
this one blue and working
in a place where no one survived.

Caretaker of the graveyard
within the Haunted Woods,
who helped Gilly, Sophie, and Bruno
once they found his goods.

Of course, he didn't like
all his books being defaced,
and if angry, would yell and rant
until he was orange in the face.

Soon still came another,
this one with a familiar face
Another orange Yurble, this one
A janitor to clean up the place.

Working in Altador,
he wouldn't move from his spot,
and when he was angry
he would flair around his mop.

Now, his days are spent
cleaning up debris
from the explosion of the statue
of the Darkest Faerie.

Soon after that, Neopians had
a grand adventure in space,
And another Yurble, this one a robot
could be found in this place.

He was maintenance robot
named YRB-X1, or Yurbot,
this robotic Yurble
works for Dr Sloth.

He was the boss of the labs,
to test the tokens daily
that were copied from the one
that was taken from the Space Faerie.

And then, in Brightvale kingdom,
another orange Yurble was living
in King Hagan's castle working
as head of the royal library.

Of course it was a mess
and Neopians were on the case,
to clean up the mess of books
to save the pie... I mean faeries.

And now, most recently, there was
another orange Yurble to see,
trying to draw attention from Kari
acting as the Real Negg Faerie.

He hid miniature Neggs all around
and Neopians found them all,
and those who wanted got themselves
a lovely Fyora Voodoo Doll.

And when the next event comes,
another Yurble will show up,
in fact, it's a surprise
one isn't at the Altador Cup.

So now we wait for
another big scene,
to await the next Yurble
from that big angry family.

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