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Neopets Poems

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Ode To Koi
by Saqo

Swimming swiftly,
a ripple in a pond,
a Koi floats by --
regal and proud.

Cutting through
the water without
a sound. This is
the Koi Neopet.

Today we will
celebrate this
species, who so
deserves praise.

Inventive they are,
and intelligent.
Kois are curious
and good friends.

Majestic, swimming
past us with a glance
above, with an air
of pure elegance.

Koi, today we will
celebrate you.
Swimming swiftly
in the ocean blue.

Fanciful Fauna
by Kuroge

Quite an ornamental shop, really,
exotic colors from all around,
what enticing Petpet you might seek,
your curious interests will be found.

The shopkeeper displays shyness,
but her gentleness is quite profound,
her propensity for the wild,
to you, she will surely astound.

A Juma brushes by her mellow fins
and emerges from underneath,
joyful faces from all around
showing their smiling teeth.

She smiles quite peacefully,
her work is always so charming,
amongst the idyllic youthful,
in the early sunny morning.

Kelpbeard: A Different Kind Of King
by Closemycoffin

He's certainly not like Skarl,
Who can be in a grumpy mood,
When he hasn't heard a funny joke
Or his servants are late with his food.

He's not quite like Hagan,
Who desires wisdom and facts.
Yet, when you attempt to impress him,
He replies that he "already knew that!"

Roo was rather bored with
The kingdom that he rules.
Now he's always busy with
Playing games of Dice-A-Roo.

King Kelpbeard minds his temper,
Unless an enemy poses a threat.
He's learned to heed important warnings
And hear new advice that he won't forget.

Who doesn't like to play games?
Surely everyone does --
Kelpbeard knows many different ways
To keep away his boredom.

There is something special and great
About each one of the kings;
Although, from this kingly Koi,
They may stand to learn a few things.

Tonie Plessix
by Slythine

It’s not easy being
The slowest Koi in the sea,
But the taunts and all the teasing
Made a hero out of me.

My mamma said I was big-boned,
The others said “sea cow!”
And what I wouldn’t give
To see their jealous faces now.

I cannot jump a hurdle
And I couldn’t win a race,
But there’s a better sort of sport
That matches my slow pace.

Yooyuball suits me just fine;
I’m the perfect kind of boy
To guard proud Maraqua’s net:
I’m a giant wall of Koi!

They shoot from left, they shoot from right,
They shoot from anywhere,
And in the net they will regret
To see no Yooyu there.

It’s in my fins, my mighty fins,
I’m the hero of the game!
Where they once called me chubby
They’re now all chanting my name!

I’m Tonie Plessix, I’m the one
Putting it all on the line.
Coming down the field you know
That Yooyu in your hand is mine.

So now I’m not concerned at all,
You whisper what you will.
When all is said and done
You see the score and you feel ill.

It’s not easy being
The slowest Koi in the sea,
But far worse off are those
Trying to get a goal from me!

There's A Koi In The Cake!
by Dortho

There's a Koi in the cake, I kid you not!
Right in the middle of the cake we bought!
In the middle of the cake is a large glass bowl, 
Do those bakers even have a soul?

That poor thing just flailing about, 
As if it were just fished up like a Rainbow Trout, 
What should we do? We can't do nothing, 
If we put our heads together, 
We can think of something...

More water in the bowl, just for now,
And something to eat, some kind of fish chow, 
Certainly can't leave him like that forever,
We have to act soon, it's now or never! 

Oh, that's right, there's a pond in the yard!
To get the Koi there, it shant be hard.
Arriving at the pond, it was lovely to witness, 
The Koi swam happily 
As if it was nobody's business!

Still confused and angry at the Bakery, 
There was a card with the cake, 
What a sight to see!
It read, "Dear customer, it's Koi Day, you know, 
And this little fellow needed a home."
"I know you have a pond, 
And like to lend a hand, 
So if you could give him a home, 
That would be grand!"

With our new 'pet much joy was found, 
We went and got more 
From the Neopian Pound!
Now in the pond, they swim 
And sing happily along, 
While we all sing a "Happy Koi Day" song!

Karpoh The Treasure Hunting Koi
by Dr_tomoe

Deep under the water
is the wreckage of the city
known now as Old Maraqua,
which truly is a pity.

The underwater domes smashed,
citizens all left,
and now stuck on Mystery Island
is the old kitchen chef.

But, within those old ruins,
treasure can still be found,
and Karpoh the Koi will find
all the treasure around.

Working for the pirates,
he risks life and fin,
finding gold coins and shells
and a strange number ten.

However, not everyone left --
some creatures stayed,
and they don't like being stolen from
no matter how much the pirates paid.

So now, Karpoh must avoid
the remaining denizens
by using bubbles and rocks
to defeat those citizens,

and if he raids enough
he'll be a pirate star,
and perhaps even awarded
an elusive avatar.

You, Camouflage Koi
by Mamasimios

You hover, still, as though on wires
tethered like a light balloon
only swaying, slightest waver,
in time to dancing crystalline
kelp, the forest that you live in,
hiding, perhaps stalking there,
a Koi, painted camouflage,
a riot of dappled purple hues.

On land you might be disadvantaged,
lilac and violet make some noise,
but in the depths of ink,
the ocean, no sun disturbs
to glint or gleam off swishing
tail or waving fin or hapless smile
that might flash unwittingly
as your mind drifts from your shelter.

Oh, would that you could leave
this harbour, Koi were made to
ride the waves, to splash and breach
the borderland between the seas
and searing air, to hold one's breath
and drip the silver drops of brine back
to their own, but no, you, 
camouflaged, are static, hiding, there alone.

Clever Koi
by Chavo_guerrero

My Koi is really clever,
He's smarter by far than me,
He likes to be an inventor
While he dives beneath the sea.

He finds a fish that's swimming
And asks it for its help,
And then he starts to concentrate
In a world that's full of kelp.

He turns the fishy sideways
And looks it up and down,
And sometimes when he's thinking
You can see my Koi will frown.

But then his eyes light up again
As an idea comes at last,
Because, for useful fish ideas,
My Koi is unsurpassed!

A shrimp becomes an anchor, 
A fish becomes a fan,
A toolbox, vacuum, disco ball,
He can handle all demands.

A creator of Utility Fish,
He's really a clever Koi,
And my smarty little Neopet
Fills me up with joy.

Oh Boy, A Koi
by Kendankc

Schools upon schools,
They swim through the sea,
Smiles on their face
and totally care-free!

A perfect 'pet,
Smart, fun, and loyal
You can even paint them plushie,
Darigan, or royal!

But while lurking the Pound boards,
Something occurred to me --
So many Kois up for trade,
They're all UFT!

"That's crazy!" I thought,
This trend that I found.
Users say they all "impulsed"
When surfing the Pound

So I lurked and I lurked,
And let out a sigh
When I saw "Please don't underoffer,
and especially no Kois!"

I could not comprehend,
could not understand why.
For, when I got my Koi,
I was one happy guy!

The Clever Koi's Awesome Creation
by Silver_azalea

One day a Koi was
Pondering what creation
He would invent next.

How would it be used?
For cleaning, playing; perhaps
Even a Petpet?

These questions wracked the
Koi’s mind. Then he came to a

The three practical
Uses could be combined in
One fine invention!

He set out to work
Building this thing, a tool for
Chores around the house.

But how would he make
It a playful Petpet, too?
Being clever, he

Made the tool have the
Ability to convert
To Petpet and back.

Sometimes it was a
Utility, other times
A cute fish Petpet.

What would he call it?
A Utility Fish, of
Course! The item was

An instant winner.
Neopians bought them in
Crowds, cramming the streets.

This cool item did not last.
Old Maraqua was

Destroyed, and the one
Paper with the craft’s blueprints
Was forever lost.

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