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Neopets Poems

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Majestic Moehogs
by Fatefulwings

A six letter name, 
four hooves and two tusks,
a visage of fame 
and hairdo deluxe!
Awesome in colour
and perfect in shape,
Moehogs have splendour
in bibs or in capes!

No 'pet can compare,
although they might try.
Approaching to stare,
now humble and shy!

If they are faeries
they always astound.
So do the zombies
asleep underground!

Amazing creatures,
be they great or small,
with groovy features
each Moehog recalls!

The Moehawks
by Mamasimios

On the 31st of every month 
At the Tyrannian Concert Hall,
The Moehawks, an all Moehog band,
Come to play their rock and roll

The drummer flings and twirls his sticks,
He keeps a steady beat,
The bass drum booms and bounces
Underneath his stomping feet

The Moehawk on keyboard guitar
Brings out the melody,
He grooves to his own music,
Kicking and swaying helplessly

The singer with tattoos and studs
Is the Moehawk's brightest star,
He croons and winks and jams
On his rock and roll guitar

Together they form an awesome band,
A remarkable synergy,
A frenetic expression of teenage angst
Played with ferocious energy

Teens from all Neopia
Can't wait 'til the end of every month,
When they can once more flood Tyrannia
And bang heads with these Moehog punks

One Evil Moehog
by Silver_azalea

He wanted a jewel
Stored away in a mountain
Guarded by Bori.

This Bringer fought them,
But the civilisation
Thwarted his attempt.

The magical gem
Froze all of them, preserving
The Bori. Meanwhile...

Locked in a lost tomb
This Moehog waited in the
Old Lost Desert sands.

His sarcophagus,
Was found by a young Usul
For the thief Kanrik.

Betrayal occurred,
And the Gelert brought him to
Cold Terror Mountain.

Awakening the
Bringer to use his power
Was a grave mistake.

He cared not for the
Gelert’s petty ambitions,
And ignored commands.

He felt the mighty
Jewel’s presence, and went toward this
Heart of the Mountain.

The Night Bringer bumped
Into a camp of thieves and
Summoned skeletons.

These groups battled ‘til
Sunrise the next day. Both the
Leaders joined forces.

Traveling into
The mountain’s depths, they soon clashed,
Fighting for the gem.

During this, Hannah
Attempted to reunite
Her shard with the Heart.

He tried to stop her,
But was too late to do so.
The Bori were free!

Angry, the Bringer
Struck at Hannah, but destroyed
The magic Heart instead.

This act turned him to
An icy statue, which was
Shattered by Armin.

Such was the end of
The Bringer of Night. His reign
Of evil vanquished.

About A Moehog Day Poem
by Agedbeauty

For Moehog Day last year,
I wrote an excellent rhyme,
But sadly I failed
To submit it on time.

It had all the marks
Of a perfect poem
Without any typoes
Or rhymes like “know ‘em.”

I was very careful
To rhyme each word precisely,
And to make sure 
That each line measured nicely.

It was filled with adventure
All about Judge Hog
Filled with dashing heroics
And a good bit of grog.

It was an epic
With Judge Hog the star!
But, oh those deadlines...
You know how they are.

A single day late
And you’re out of luck
So my poem on Judge Hog
May as well have been muck.

So this year I’m taking
The greatest of care
To make sure that my rhyming
I’m able to share!

However, it’s true
That I still reminisce
About my Judge Hog verse
That I’ll always miss.

Judge Hog
by Dr_tomoe

Whenever trouble arises,
Whenever evil rears,
You can count on one Moehog
to chase away those fears.

He's stronger then Chiazilla,
He's tougher then S.M.E.L.T.,
He'll defeat the forces of evil
wherever it has dwelt.

He's Judge Hog,
the Defenders' leader,
who can also correct
bad poetry meter.

Mr. Chuckles can try
with all the traps he can send
to defeat the great Judge Hog
but he'll fail in the end.

But its not only supervillains
or those who do evil deeds,
Judge Hog will assist any
Neopian who is in need.

If you need someone
to stand up to a bully,
or if your poor Kadoatie
is stuck in a tree,

Judge Hog will help you
So now we all say,
We celebrate you Judge Hog
Hip hip hooray!

Words From Scrap
by Brittanyftw

Today we hear from a player
Who's on Team Tyrannia, a real game saver.
He's good on his toes 
And keeps his team intact:
The Center Defender Taggert, or Scrap.

He's a a Tyrannian Moehog with a lot of spunk!
Just even glancing at him 
Will give you the bumps.
His job is defending, and by means, he'll do it!
All with muscles! No time for wits.

But enough from me, why not talk to him?
I'm sure he has a few minutes to skim.
"Talk? With me? A few questions you say?
Sure! Why not? I have all day."

My job while playing? Don't read my stats?
Defending and passing, 
That's what I'm good at.
You come at me and you'll get pushed back!
I'll pass in a second, we've got scores to rack!

Though I'm VERY easily hurt, to say.
But sometimes it's easier this way!
You sometimes need a little time off.
So when ya come back, 
The opponent just scoffs!"

Well, there you have it, 
Words from Scrap himself.
Yes, yes, he's gone. Please don't whelp.
We'll see him again playing on the field.
Acting as Tyrannia's Moehog shield.

The Tale Of Baby Moehog's Bibs
by Symbolism

Let me tell you something strange,
it's really not a fib.
It's a story about a box full
of my poor rejected bibs.

Yet some of them are just too big,
others far too tight.
Some suffer from Chia Pop stains,
one from a Meowclops bite.

There's a couple that 
I've dragged through mud,
a few that my tusks caught and snagged,
several labeled "hand me down,"
and several still fresh and tagged.

Mama tells me it's part of growing up,
parting with the stuff we hold close.
But the bibs aren't what I plan to long for,
what I think I will miss the most.

Eating like a pack of Lupes,
it's what I do the best.
But without a bib to guard my fur,
how will I make a mess?

Bringer Of Night
by Kuroge

Dreams into nightmares,
light gone into the dark;
time has been turned over
to the doomsday's arc.

The Bringer of Night,
cast his mighty power,
until the whole of the Bori
are for him to devour.

Mercy to none,
enthrallment to all,
only under the ice
can the Bori crawl.

The shadowy legend,
like a looming monolith,
but the story ended
when he was felled by Hannah's sidekick.

The Cursed Moehog
by Closemycoffin

One poor citizen
Of Kal Panning,
Who was turned
Into a frighting,
Undead thing...

Is a Moehog known
As the Undead Farmer.
Not to be confused
With an undead gardener.

This cursed 
Moehog unfortunate,
Is scarier than a ghost
Or Halloween is.

As far as it is known,
Until this very day
It still roams about
Craving for brains.

A Moehog Potion
by Saqo

One day to Neopia Central I went,
looking for a shop or two
that interested me enough
to spend some points, a few.

One looked extra special
and interested me as well.
There was a Kau inside
showing customers around.

Potions lined the walls,
there was so much to see.
I didn't know where to start
'til I saw a potion close to me.

It was rainbow and striped,
and horns from its sides
sprouted. What could this
do, the potion inside?

I was curious and so I
bought the potion that day.
I brought it home to my
'pet, who in my Neohome lay.

He had been feeling down
and feeling slightly blue.
He had been zapped grey
by the lab... what to do?!?

I handed him the potion
and said it might help.
He took it, opened it, and
emptied it in one gulp!

Suddenly, he shook slightly
and his fur started changing!
Instead of grey, rainbow
colors started appearing!

My little grey Moehog,
so very sad and forlorn,
looked at me with a smile
I hadn't seen for so long.

"Look, I'm rainbow!" he cried,
"I feel so much better now!"
Thank you to Kauvara and her
potions, from me and my Moehog!

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