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Neopets Poems

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Tyrannian Victory Day
by Agedbeauty

Cheer up Neopets,
For today we rejoice!
Today we celebrate
And give our joys a voice.

On this day so long ago,
Tyrannia celebrated victory
And from dreaded monster
They wrested the right to be free.

So today we’ll reminisce
And we’ll write poetry,
We’ll all share a Bronto Bite
And draw for the Art Gallery.

We’ll admire Tyrannian styles
And long for a Krawk Petpet
We’ll spin that monotonous wheel
And wonder if we’ve won yet.

Maybe we’ll even play 
A quick game of Kacheekers
And grab a slice of omelette
With all of the other freebie seekers.

So, dear Tyrannia,
Today here’s to you
Even though I’ve never won
A game of Tyrannu Evavu.

Celebrating Victory Day
by Silver_azalea

Old Tyrannia
Is celebrating today!
What will be released?

What Petpets or 'pets?
Will they have an earthy brown
Or yellowish hue?

Perhaps a Xweetok,
Bruce, or Buzz? But I digress...
V-Day is the best!

These Neopians
Are older than elderly;
They’re prehistoric!

(Their fashion senses
Are a bit outdated, too.
Mud, leaves, fur, and dung.)

Bargasaurus Steak
Sure hits the spot! Then see a
Band at Concert Hall.

Below the plateau
In the jungle sit some huts;
Village Tyrammet!

Dwellings made of grass.
Fair, wise Kyruggi presides
Over the natives.

Right now they are glad
The Monoceraptor was
Defeated today.

This was long ago
In Year Three; a brave Lupe dealt
The finishing blow.

So now, annually,
They cheer for the vanquishing
Of that evil force.

Today In Tyrammet
by Closemycoffin

On this day in the
Village of Tyrammet,
The citizens gather
And pay their respect.

All of the elders will 
Speak to commemorate,
The trials and triumphs
Of heroes and greats.

Music and dancing
Will then ensue --
That's certainly worth
An ugga or two!

The fall of the Monoceraptor
The youths will reenact,
As many proud Tyrannians
All cheer and clap.

A feast will be held
With foods galore,
To celebrate victory
In the Tyrannian war.

To The Heroes Of Tyrannia
by Mamasimios

There was a time when Sabre-X 
Was called upon for war,
His mastery of strategy 
Defeated the Monoceraptor,
Yet now that Lupe spends his days
On the Tyrannian Plateau,
Guarding naught but an omelette,
His only weapon a stern "No!"

Plesio well remembers
Leading the Sea Division of the troops
As they repelled the vile invaders
In their waves of loose-knit groups.
Yet now, the erstwhile Flotsam leader
Of those brave defenders from the sea
Spends his time in open boredom
In charge of the Wheel of Mediocrity.

Myncha tells the thrilling tale
Of his knack for reconnaissance,
And how in the war his efforts
Led to a surge in confidence.
Yet now, that furtive Mynci
Who was integral against the foes,
Wastes all his craft and cunning
In endless games of Go! Go! Go!

On this day across Tyrannia
We celebrate our victory
With parades and games and speeches
That enhance our comradery.
Although today it is quite obvious
To thank our heroes with claps and cheers,
I hope we'll all remember them
Every day throughout the year.

Visiting Tyrannia
by Mmillslagle

Deep below the icy mountain
Lies a prehistoric land
With ancient Neopets all about
Tyrannia does stand

Try Tyrannia's unique cuisine
From Cactus Leaves to Bud Buds
There's plenty of new food to try
Just tell the shopkeeper "Ugg-ugg!"

Now, let me tell you about a mystery
Of the omelette so big,
Legend says it's from a dinosaur
That left it's giant egg

After you're well fed,
Check out the Concert Hall
See "Sticks n Stones" and "Gruundo"
Or "Chomby and the Fungus Balls"

Well, now you know of Tyrannia
And all that it entails,
We hope that you stop by again
Visiting Tyrannia never fails!

Tyrannia: I Am More Than Mediocre!
by Slayryder

I feel more than mediocre, really yes I do.
But every 40 minutes 
I am lower than Breadoch’s shoe.

The nautilus taunts me and promises glory
Yet every hour on the hour 
It’s just the same old story.

This Wheel of Mediocrity 
Is not good for my self-esteem
It shows me visions of avatars 
But gives me a Phtlygon wing.

My Neopets shiver and they tremble with fear
They have nightmares of fireballs 
And pterodactyls near.

Plesio just watches with his sly, uncaring eyes
As you spin and you spin 
For countless gut-wrenching tries.

I swear to myself, every single day 
That I will give up the wheel 
And just walk away.

But that nautilus taunts me time and again 
Forgetting the Grarrls 
That roared past my head.

I fool myself thinking that sometimes it's kind,
“It’s only 100 NPs -- that's not hard to find!” 

There’s Petpets for spoils -- 
But even those are mean.
I was awful excited ‘til I was handed a Skree
Those beautiful feathers, 
The colors were magic!
Then it showed me its talons 
And the rest was just tragic...

So for the sake of 
My precious and beautiful 'pets
I’m giving up spinning, 
That’s as good as it gets. 

My avatar list will be lonely, indeed,
I gave up those hopes 
When I got rid of the Skree.

But I know I am more than just mediocre
I would demolish that nautilus 
In Round Table Poker.

Tyrannia Triumph
by Bossbijou

Oh, Tyrannia!
A Chomby paradise,
From the plateau up above,
To the village, out of sight,
All of it is beloved.
Oh, Tyrannia!
Your residents may speak odd,
Your wheel, only for those with time,
Your taste for omelette, broad,
Your fashion, it's actually quite a crime,
Oh, Tyrannia!
The weather, I cannot stand,
The concerts, they really do "rock,"
And the sights are really quite grand,
Though the sun I wish I could block.
Oh, Tyrannia!
I do not wish to complain,
That is not meant for this story,
The holiday is quite a gain,
So happy Tyrannian Victory.

Celebrate Tyrannia's Victory
by Saqo

Today we will celebrate!
So loud we all together cry
so many memories, we're filled
with much strength and pride.

Why you ask, fellow Neopian?
We are celebrating today
the yearly anniversary of
Tyrannian Victory Day.

Today we can freely enjoy
all the things Tyrannia
offers to you and me.
Today, Tyrannia is free.

Want to play keno? We have
it. And how about mini golf?
Or some Tyrannian food?
We have those, too, of course.

Fight in the Tyrannian Arena?
Sure, for it's your choice! 
That's the great thing about
being free. Even the Beast

in it's lair is free to
frighten Neopets, as that 
is the meaning of freedom. 
It's a great thing, that!

It's a historical day for
this very historical land. 
Neopians are free to enjoy
with us; you too, concert fans!

Also players of Kacheekers!
You're all invited to come
and celebrate Tyrannian
Victory Day. To all: welcome!

The Tyrannian Way
by 0llyness

A tremor passed through 
The Ice Caves one fateful day
Only to be explored by 
Brave Neopians without delay.
From this tunnel the Chomby emerged
And thus, the two worlds 
Of Neopia slowly merged.

Not too long after there came a roar --
The infamous Monoceraptor had declared war.
Neopians joined together to fight his might
Until there were no attackers left in sight.

A brave Lupe won the battle
(Alas, his name was lost in all that prattle)
But him we celebrate to this day,
Singing, dancing, cheering -- 
The Tyrannian way.

With an ugg and a grugg the Tyrannians sing,
As this holiday has always 
Been their favorite thing.
Even the Beast is nicer this day,
As his growl sounds almost like a yay!

Visitor, why not join the fun?
Fancy some food, or a game of Volcano Run?
Grarrls and Chombies cannot help but delight...
This is destined to be a wonderful night.

And although the future we know not...
Tyrannians assure you --
The Twelfth Day of Hunting 
Shall never be forgot!

My BFF, A Tyrannian Moehog Plushie
by Sugarypixiestix2

One day I bought a plushie,
his name is Squish E. Klushiie.

He's a Tyrannian Moehog by trade,
whose sleek coat cannot fade.

I bring him along wherever I go,
never caring how old I grow.
At night he protects me from nightmares,
Squish is always showing me he cares.

Each morning he greets me with a smile,
atop my pillow full of delightful guile.

We tell scary stories every weekend,
keeping me brave like a true friend.

I don't know what I'd do without him,
All I know is that my life would be dim.

He has his very own collar and tag,
in case someone mistakes him for a rag.

I may have other Neopet plushies here,
but he's the very best of all, ya hear?

If you have a Tyrannian Moehog Plushie, too,
please let me know since there are so few.

No Moehog has ever been so loyal as he,
if you doubt me just come over and see.

My other plushies get jealous at times,
but then I remind them of their crimes.

Squish supports me when no one else will,
no matter how silly I am or how shrill.

Others may point and laugh at my choice,
it's no worry to me and is heard in my voice.

So no matter who you are or who you hang with,
do know that it is true and certainly no myth.

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